GP8 Roulette by yaofenji


									                  GP8 Roulette
   top-notch components
   attractive design
   excellent ergonomics
   modularity
   easy maintenance
   secured access
GP8 Roulette   Playful and charming. Popular and funny. Always the centre of attention. This is GP8

               GP8 roulette is an automated roulette that is based on the latest technologies and made
               from quality materials. Its RFID technology allows complete access control and various
               access restriction levels, whilst its modern software ensures maximum adaptability to
               your existing programming environment. Integrating GP8 roulette into your casino, and
               maintaining it subsequently, will thus be very simple.

               As regards your customers, GP8 roulette’s ergonomic design will ensure that they stay
               comfortable even after several hours spent playing. And playing they will enjoy, thanks
               to the roulette’s attractive user interface graphics and user-friendly software. They
               will also be able to choose among several languages, as well as consult the rules of the
               game, the last winning numbers, the maximum and French bets offered, and the payout

               GP8 roulette is a stand-alone slot machine, which gives players confidence as it allows
               them complete control of the game.

               What is there for you?
                  you will require less employees because GP8 roulette is fully automated
                  you will be able to rely on the durable GP8 roulette 24 hours a day throughout the year
                  you will have a visually attractive device that can easily be adapted to suit your existing
                   interior design
                  you will be guaranteed a high level of security for the access to service menus and settings
                  you will be able to monitor statistics and thus have complete control over the game
                  you will nd GP8 roulette’s maintenance simple

               Last but not least, GP8 roulette shows above-average pro ts from player positions. Each such player position
               has its own personal computer, which gives it all the characteristics and functions of a stand-alone slot ma-
               chine. This also means that if the game is interrupted at one position, it will nevertheless continue at others.
               Player positions – up to 32 of them – can also be connected into a system.

                                What is there for your customers?
                                   a gaming device that is comfortable to play and is attractively designed
                                   the feeling of complete privacy
                                   various languages to choose among
                                   a very good view of the wheel from any player position
                                   complete overview of the game

                                The perfect software o ers those players who sit down at the GP8 roulette automat-
                                ed roulette four languages to choose among (Slovenian, English, German and Italian),
                                as well as an overview of the rules of the game, the last 100 winning numbers and
                                the maximum bets allowed, a description of French bets (such as big and small series,
                                orphans, neighbours) and the payout table. Players can also switch on/o the audio.

                                How does GP8 roulette look like?
                                GP8 roulette is an automated roulette that comprises a centre and 5, 8 or 12 player
                                The centre comprises a central unit, a Vertigo single-zero wheel, and a server. The wheel
                                is the same as the classic American roulette wheel. Recognition of the winning number is
                                both fast and reliable.
Each player station comprises a cabinet, a per-          The RFID master card allows an administrator
sonal computer, a touch screen monitor and a             to access all service menu functions. Chang-
bill acceptor.                                           ing the settings, an administrator can also give
                                                         and restrict employee access to the roulette’s
The 17-inch monitor, which is bigger than moni-
                                                         service menus.
tors of competitive models, o ers very precise
images and incorporates the SAW (surface                 Materials used for GP8 roulette
acoustic wave) technology. This means that it is         The outside of the roulette is wooden, whilst the
resistant to mechanical damage caused by keys,           chairs can be upholstered in leather or micro ber of
lighters, glasses or nails. Its cleaning, too, is very   the colour of your choice.
                                                         Ticketing (optional)
The bill acceptor is both fast and reliable, as well
                                                         The automated roulette can be connected to the IGT’s EZ
as error-free.
                                                         Pay ticketing system.
speci cations
       measures (length, width, height)
        of an eight-seat roulette:
       octagonal design:
        3070 mm x 950 mm
       square design:
        2950 mm x 2950 mm x 950 mm
       weight:
        4.5 [KN]; 450 kg
       rated voltage:
        230 V ± 10 %, 50 Hz ± 5 %,
        single phase
       main cable fuses rated current:
        10 A, operating range: C
       maximum continuous power:
        1380 VA
       maximum number of games
        per hour: 60
       raPted control voltage:
        24V, 12 V DC

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           Polje 12
           SI-5290 Šempeter pri Gorici, Slovenija
           t +386 (0)5 330 92 91
           f +386 (0)5 330 92 58

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