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					            GF8 Roulette
                           A first-class gaming
gf8 roulette                         Style and splendor converge to form a new

               A touch of prestige
                                     de nition of gaming experience
                                     The design of GF8 roulette is perfectly proportioned, with elegant clean lines and
                                     spacious exterior. The detailing is exquisite – from the leather padded armrests and
                                     wooden surfaces to distinctive touch-screen frames.

                                     GF8 roulette’s style, luxury, the materials used and relentless attention to detail
                                     balance out the “futuristic” attributes. The resulting roulette still exudes the taste
                                     of traditional gaming, and her beauty is destined to last.

                                     The space designed around the player is tailored to players’ demands. GF8 roulette
                                     features a host of intelligent features, such as rotating displays to enhance the pleasure
                                     of gaming.

padded armrests

wooden surfaces

metal framework

spacious seating
                       Ergonomic design for a joyful and
Sensation of comfort   lasting game
                       Designed with the players’ comfort in mind the GF8 roulette integrates
                       all the latest ergonomic standards. Not only did we enlarge sitting space
                       by moving the components inwards, but also made sure that the player
                       has plenty of room for drinks, notes and other necessities. Adjust-
                       able touch-screen displays allow the player to customize his
                       space to suit his individual sitting style.

                       The wheel is lit from the inside the dome, which ensures
                       that the reflected light does not blind the players – or
                       the surveillance as the light is directed downwards.

                                                                                    adjustable high resolution

                                                                                             non-invasive wheel

                                                                                              plenty of space for
                                                                                                notes and drinks
                                                   Bringing the peace-of-mind to casino
                     Excelling through precision
gf8 roulette
                                                   operators and players
                                                   GF8 roulette is an electronic roulette that guarantees accurate reading
                                                   of winning numbers. Incorrect payouts and unjustified reductions
                                                   of credits will become history in your casino.

                                                   The GF8 roulette wheel guarantees reliable functioning and
                                                   requires no maintenance. This is ensured through a combination
                                                   of mutually-compatible and top-quality materials that protect
                                                   the most vulnerable parts of the wheel against expansion
                                                   and wearing out, thus enabling the appropriate randomness
                                                   even after long use.

                                                   State-of-the-art software alongside the renowned
                                                   GF8 roulette wheel ensures ideal distribution of
                                                   winning numbers – in this respect, GF8 roulette
                                                   was awarded the GLI-11 certificate.

Technical speci cations:
   8 betting positions
   dimensions: diameter - 2370 mm, height - 930 mm
   weight: 890 kg
   rated voltage: 230 V +/- 10%, 50 Hz +/- 5%
   rated control voltage: 24 V, 12 V DC
   maximum number of games per hour: 60

                                                                                                The information contained in this brochure is subject to change without notice.

               Proizbira d.o.o.
               Polje 12
               SI-5290 Šempeter pri Gorici, Slovenija
               t +386 (0)5 330 92 91
               f +386 (0)5 330 92 58

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