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Taufiqullah August 16, 2011
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If all the departments work together to serve the company
interests of customers, the result is integrated marketing.
Unfortunately, not all employees are trained and motivated to work
for the customer. An engineer complained that the salesperson “always
protect customers and do not think corporate interests. ”
He sprayed the customer because “asking too much.”

Integrated Marketing runs in two stages. First,
diverse functions such as sales force marketing, advertising, product management, marketing
research and others must work together.
Very often, the salesperson was angry at the product managers
because it set a “price too high” or “target volume
that is too high “; or director of advertising and brand managers are not
reached an agreement regarding the ad campaign. All functions
This marketing should be coordinated from the standpoint of the customer.

Second, marketing must be well coordinated with
Another part of the company. Marketing will not run if he only
form one department, he will run only if all employees
realize their impact on customer satisfaction.
To support teamwork within a department,
besides applying external marketing, the company must also
implement internal marketing. External marketing is
marketing directed at people outside the company.

Internal marketing is an activity of success in
recruit, train and motivate employees who have the ability
and want to serve customers well. Indeed,
internal marketing must first exist before marketing
external. It makes no sense if the company promises service
outstanding before the employee is ready to provide such services.

Many managers who believe that the customer is key

for profit, therefore, are now widely
company uses a modern organizational structure
customer-oriented but also still exist that use
traditional organizational structure. They consider the structure / chart
traditional organizations (figure 2.5) is a pyramid with
president at the top, middle managers and line employees
front (the sales and service, telephone receiver,
receptionist) and customers below. It is already obsolete.
A reliable marketing companies better understand this problem, they flipped the chart. At the
top of the organization is
customer. Next is the front-line employees who meet,
serve, and satisfy customers. Below them is
middle managers, in charge of supporting frontline staff
to serve customers well. Finally, at the most basic
is the duty of top management support middle managers.
It also added customers in the side for
showed that all managers in the company directly
involved in identifying, meeting, and serve customers.

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