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Taufiqullah August 16, 2011
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No company can operate in all markets
and centralize all the needs. Also, no one can
operate well within the broad market. Companies can
successful if they define their target market with
carefully and prepare marketing programs that match customer needs.

Customer Needs
Companies can define the target market but failed
understand customers’ needs. Although marketing is
meet needs profitably, to understand the needs of
customer wants and is not necessarily a task
simple. Some customers have needs that are not
they realize. Or they can not express kebutuhankebutuhan
this. Or they use language that requires
interpretation. What does it mean if a customer asked for a car that “no
expensive “, lawn mowers are” strong “, the lathe
“Fast”, swimsuit that “interesting”, or hotels that “quiet”?

We can distinguish five types of needs:
Expressed needs (the customer wants a
cars are not expensive)

      Real needs (customers want a car with
       low operating costs, rather than buying a cheap price)
      Needs that are not expressed (customers expect
       good service from the dealer)
      Needs joy / delight (the customer buys a car and
       get a gift in a country road map)
      Secret needs (customers want to be perceived friends
       as a smart consumer-oriented values)

In general, companies can handle demand
providing customers with what they want, or what
they need, or what they really need.

Key professional marketing is to understand the real needs
customers and filled with better than
performed its competitors.
Some marketers distinguish between marketing
quick response with a creative marketing. Marketers are quick to find a need expressed and
fill it. Creative marketers to find and produce
solutions that are not required but welcome customers.

Why it is important to satisfy customers
target? Because the company’s sales come from every period of two
group of new customers and loyal customers. Company Forum
estimates that new customers who are interested can
incurs a cost five times the cost of delight customers
existing. And the cost of customer kehilanggan probably sixteen times
fold the cost of attracting new customers to the same level of profit. Because
it, keeping customers is more important than attracting customers.

The key to maintaining customer satisfaction
customer. A very satisfied customer is able to make
customers more loyal, buy more if the company
introduce new products and improvements to existing products,
favorable comments about the company and
products, lack of attention to the brand and advertising
competitors as well as less price sensitive, Giving ideas
products / services companies, and service costs
smaller than new customers because the transaction

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