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Taufiqullah August 16, 2011
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In recent years, some people
questioned whether the concept of marketing is a philosophy that
appropriate in this era of environmental destruction, resource limitations
resources, population explosion, world hunger and poverty, and
neglect of social services. Should companies that have
carry out tasks with a very satisfying consumer desires
good to operate for the long term interests of consumers and
community? Marketing concepts aside opposition
potential between consumer desire and long-term social welfare.

This situation requires a new concept that expands
marketing concept. Some of the proposed concept is
“Marketing human one” and “environmentally conscious marketing
life “. Then the last is the marketing concept
social minded.

The marketing concept states that the social vision
organization’s task is to determine the needs, desires, and
interests of target markets and to give satisfaction
desired more effectively and efficiently than competitors with

maintain and improve the welfare of consumers and society.

The concept of social vision invites marketers build
social and ethical considerations in their marketing practices.
They have to balance and harmonize the three factors
often the contention that corporate profits, satisfying the desire
consumers, the public interest. A number of companies have achieved
impressive sales and profits by accepting and
apply marketing concepts with social insights.

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