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									                                        Knob Hill Junior Public School, adjacent to Knob Hill Park, opened in 1955 with eight
       25 Seminole Avenue               portable classrooms. Since the brick building was erected in 1956, several additions have
                                        been made. The school's population peaked in 1965 at 1,268 students and is currently about
      Scarborough, M1J1M8
                                        500 in grades Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6.
       Tel: (416) 396-6415
       Fax: (416) 396-6033              Knob Hill is a culturally diverse junior school that is committed to providing every student with
                                        a high standard of education and personal and social responsibility. through excellence in
                                        teaching and the promotion of strong community partnerships.
           Sharon White                 Our committed staff works together to support student learning to ensure that each student
                                        achieves maximum potential.

             Lisa Allison

                                        o     strive for consistent improvement in grade 3 and 6 EQAO scores in reading, writing and
                                        o     integration of mathematics across the curriculum
                                        o     through Tribes and the Future Aces philosophy, provide a positive model for student
                                              behaviour based on responsibility and respect
           Teresa Walsh
         Linda Bollenback

            Tom Rogers

                                         o   Total number of students:                                                       483
                                                    Junior Kindergarten - Grade 3                                            306
                                                    Grade 4 - Grade 6                                                        177
           Scott Harrison                o   Gender:
                                                    Female                                                                   229   47%
          (416) 397-3104                            Male                                                                     254   53%
                                         o   Primary language other than English:                                            171   36%*
        Kerry-Lynn Stadnyk               o   Students born outside of Canada:
                                                   Students living in Canada for 2 years or less                             63    13%
          (416) 396-9188
                                                   Students living in Canada for 3 - 5 years                                 21    4%

                                         * Calculation does not include students for whom language information is missing.
           Chris Spence

Knob Hill Junior Public School School Year: 2009-2010
             The Toronto District School                o   Languages - English, English as a Second Language, and French
             Board (TDSB), in                           o   Mathematics, Science and Technology
             partnership with students,                 o   Arts - Music, Visual Arts, Drama and Dance
             parents, teachers and all                  o   Social Studies, Health and Physical Education
             our communities, is
             committed to taking
             responsibility for continuous              A variety of special education programs and services are offered to meet the
             improvement of schools.                    needs of all students, including students with exceptionalities, such as
             This is achieved through:                  behavioural, communication, intellectual, physical and multiple learning
                                                        disabilities. Students' exceptionalities are identified through a formal review
             o                                          process undertaken by an Identification, Placement and Review Committee
             o                                          (IPRC).

                                                                                 o   Scrapbook Club
                                                                                 o   Storytelling Club

                                                                                 o   Library Helpers Club
             o   Folk Dancing
                                                                                 o   Reading Club - Blue Spruce
                                                                                 o   Reading Club - Silver Birch
             o   Talent Show

                                                                                 o   Fitness Club
             o   Band                                                            o   Games Club
             o   Choir                                                           o   Knitting Club
             o   Itinerant Music Teachers
             o   Music Concerts / Performances
                                                                                 o   Recycling Club
             o   Orff Program

             o   In-School Performances By Professional Artists
                                                                                 o   Spelling Bee
             o   Prologue to the Performing Arts

                                                                                 o   Balanced Literacy Program:
             o   Basketball Team                                                     Primary/Junior
             o   Co ed Volleyball Team                                           o   Borrow a Book Program
             o   Cross Country Team                                              o   Daily Independent Reading
             o   Soccer Team                                                     o   Developmental Reading Assessment
             o   Track and Field Team
             o   Volleyball Team
                                                                                 o   Reptilia
                                                                                 o   Science Kits
             o   Dodgeball                                                       o   Scientists in the School
             o   Kilometer Club

                                                                                 o   Door Monitors
             o   French Club                                                     o   Office Helpers

Knob Hill Junior Public School School Year: 2009-2010
                                                       o   English as a Second Language (ESL)
o   Prefects:
    Grade 6 Prefect Council
o   Student Announcers                                 o   Model Schools for Inner Cities
                                                       o   Parenting and Family Literacy Centre

o   Residential Outdoor Education                      o   Learning Disability (LD)
                                                       o   Mild Intellectual Disability (MID)
o   Settlement Education Partnership Toronto (SEPT)
                                                       o   Home School Program (HSP)
o   Apple program                                      o   Resource (Res)
o   Milk Program
o   Pizza Lunches
o   Snack Program

                                                       o   Early Reading Intervention
o   Book Fair                                          o   Early Reading Intervention Program
o   Dance-A-Thon                                       o   Kindergarten Early Language Intervention (KELI)
o   Food Drives                                            Program
o   Pizza Days                                         o   Reading Recovery
o   Terry Fox Run                                      o   Remedial Literacy Program
o   Unicef                                             o   Remedial Numeracy Programs
o   United Way

o   Bully Prevention Program                           o   Parent Information Nights
o   ECO Schools
o   Future Aces
                                                       o   Welcome to Kindergarten
o   Recognition Assemblies
o   Safe Arrival Program
o   Safety Education Lessons
o   Toronto Police Services - School Liaison Officer

o   Tribes

o   African Heritage Month Activities
o   Asian Heritage Month Activities

o   Assemblies

o   Homework Clubs
                                            The primary purpose of student assessment is to improve learning.
     Information about the                  Assessment has the greatest potential to improve learning when it is an
     success of our programs                integral part of classroom activities. Teachers assess student progress
     comes from a wide variety              towards achieving the expectations on an ongoing basis by using
     of student assessments.                strategies such as projects, class presentations, homework assignments,
     These assessments are                  classroom observations, portfolios of student work, and tests.
     based on clear
     expectations for all                   Schools use assessment information and information from other sources
     learners, consistent with              to make informed decisions for school improvement planning. Schools
     those described in The                 identify areas of strength as well as areas that require improvement. Input
     Ontario Curriculum.                    is obtained from a variety of sources such as student assessments,
                                            teacher feedback, parent feedback, and community surveys. In this way,
                                            schools monitor, celebrate and improve their efforts in providing a
                                            supportive and challenging learning environment for all their students.

 We have developed the following plans for this year                 o   integrate mathematics expectations into all
 based on our school improvement plan, as well as                        curriculum areas
 feedback received from recent student assessments.                  o   make greater use of manipulatives in the
                                                                         mathematics program
 To promote an improved level of literacy for all                    o   implement the Three-Part Lesson in Mathematics
 students and to address EQAO results in reading                     o   integrate computer technology and calculators
 and writing, we will:                                                   into the mathematics program
                                                                     o   coordinate long and short range planning by
 o    continue to provide Reading Recovery for Grade                     grade to address all strands of the curriculum in a
      1 at-risk students                                                 spiral approach
 o    provide Early Reading Intervention for Grade 1                 o   update teacher resources to supplement existing
      at-risk students                                                   documents
 o    provide daily small group uninterrupted literacy               o   apply the teaching of higher level thinking skills to
      instruction for all students in Grades SK to 6                     problem solving in all strands of the program
 o    use student mentoring methods such as Reading
      Buddies in all grades                                          To promote leadership and development of effective
 o    use the First Steps and Lucy Caulkins writing                  conflict resolution skills among students, our plans
      programs in all grades in conjunction with the                 for this year include:
      Ontario Writing Exemplars
                                                                     o   continue the Student Leadership program
 o    establish a school-wide letter writing/mail
                                                                         encompassing the roles of Playground Leader,
      program (Letters for Literacy)
                                                                         Snack Program Helper, and Student Prefect
 o    encourage parents to read and write with
                                                                     o   consolidate the Tribes philosophy school-wide
      students at home through the Borrow-A-Book
                                                                     o   continue promotion of the Future Aces philosophy
                                                                     o   provide ongoing recognition of positive behaviour
 o    update literacy resources to include a wide
                                                                         using a variety of methods, e.g., Future Ace
      variety of genres of interest to both genders
                                                                         Assemblies, Mini-Alerts
 o    encourage teachers to attend staff development
                                                                     o   continue service roles as a component of the
      workshops in reading and writing
                                                                         co-curricular program. eg. Office helpers,
 o    sustain Early Years Literacy Project philosophy
                                                                         Recycling Club
      and strategies
 o    use the Observational Survey, Developmental
      Reading Assessment and CASI as programming
 o    provide extensive in-school staff development in
 o    train students in the development of rubrics as an
      assessment tool for self-reflection
 o    train staff in differentiated instruction
 o    provide consistent programming by grade through
      weekly team planning
 o    provide exemplary teaching through teacher
 To improve student achievement in mathematics, we
 will focus on the following strategies:
Knob Hill Junior Public School School Year: 2009-2010
              o    School Council
              o    Regular parent volunteers who assist in many areas
              o    Agendas and Borrow-A-Book Programs
              o    Fundraising Initiatives
              o    Snack Program

              o    Settlement and Education Partnerships in Toronto (SEPT) site with an assigned settlement worker to assist
                   newcomers to Canada
              o    Parenting and Family Literacy Centre to support our youngest community members (babies to 6 years old)
                   and their parents
              o    Community Volunteers
              o    Placement opportunities provided for Teacher Candidates, Co-operative Education Students, and Internship
              o    Community Charity fundraising

Knob Hill Junior Public School School Year: 2009-2010

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