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European FORUM of Insurances against Accidents at Work and Occupational Diseases

                                               N° 31 – 06/2009

                                            members in order to change certain
                                            practices where necessary. We want
                                            to learn the opinion of all the mem-             Editorial ��������������������� 1
                                            bers - both old members and the
                                            most recent members - concerning                 Insurance
                                            not only fundamental issues, such as             France: The 2009-2012 road map of the
                                            subjects to be dealt with, actions to            Occupational Injuries and Diseases Branch     2
                                            be undertaken, etc., but also more               Denmark: Recognition of three claims regar-
                                            practical aspects such as the fre-               ding depression after stress ���������� 4
                                            quency of meetings, communication                Legislative News in Spain ������������        4
                                            media to be put in place, etc. It is             Prevention
                                            based on the results of the current
                                                                                             Switzerland: Nanoparticles must not become
                                            survey that the General Meeting
                                                                                             tomorrow’s asbestos ��������������� 6
                                            will give a decision on follow-up ac-
                                                                                             Occupational health and safety without
                                            tion. This initiative will enable each
                                                                                             words but with a lot of humour ��������       7
                                            of the members to express their
                                                                                             Germany: Skin Diseases Prevention
                                            expectations, and we hope that it
                                                                                             Campaign Successfully Completed      ����� 8
                                            will be followed by proposals that
                                            could give a new momentum to the                 Europe
                                            Forum‘s activities.                              Cross-national Comparisons of Contribution
Stéphane Seiller,
President of the European Forum                                                              Rates in the Accident Insurance – only
                                            On 23 June, the day after the Ge-
                                                                                             Possible with Caution ������������� 10

                                            neral Meeting, we shall hold a con-
      ince 1st January 2009, the                                                             EU Commission wants to Permit Medical
                                            ference on a subject that currently
      French national health in-                                                             Treatment Abroad ���������������            13
                                            concerns us in France: how is the
      surance fund for employees                                                             Statutory Accident Insurance Monopoly
                                            occupational damage sustained by
(CNAMTS) has held the presidency                                                             Consistent with European Law �������        14
                                            the victim of an occupational injury
of the European Forum of Insuran-
                                            or disease taken into account in the             Life of the Forum
ces Against Accidents at Work
                                            compensation paid by the organisa-               Suva receives the highest award for Business
and Occupational Diseases. With
                                            tion in charge of occupational injury            Excellence��������������������� 16
Marie-Chantal Blandin, my assi-
                                            and disease insurance? The answer                Publications
stant responsible in particular for
                                            to this question varies greatly from             EUROGIP has launched a new collection:
European and international issues,
                                            one country to another; moreover,                “Statistical review of occupational injuries” 17
we plan, throughout 2009, to con-
                                            we have come to realise that this                International Symposium „Expertise after
tinue the work of deepening and
                                            is also a topical question in other              Trauma“ - Vienna, 19 - 21 March 2009 ���    17
broadening the Forum undertaken
                                            countries. The great advantage of
by our predecessors, and in parti-                                                           A playful way to learn prevention with
                                            the Forum is to be able to compare               Upsi�������������������������               18
cular by Willi Morger in 2007 and
                                            without ulterior motives and based
Anne Lind Madsen in 2008.                                                                    The word first, then the medicine, then the
                                            on practical case studies the legisla-           scalpel – linguistic and cultural problems in
Accordingly, at the General Meeting         tion in force in each of the member              inpatient rehabilitation ������������ 19
of the Forum, which will be held in         countries, and discuss the advan-
                                                                                             Spain: Labour Guide 2008   ���������� 20
Paris on 22 June, we plan to present        tages and disadvantages of each of
                                                                                             Publications of European Forum member
the results of the survey started in        the formulas adopted. We shall re-
                                                                                             institutions ��������������������           21
March concerning members‘ ex-               port the results of this conference to
pectations of the European Forum.           you in the next Forum News.                      Ad Personam
Held at the initiative of the extended                                                       New Chairman of the AUVA     ��������� 23
                                            We greatly look forward to welco-
executive committee, the aim of this                                                         Felix Weber joins Suva’s executive manage-
                                            ming you in Paris in June.n
survey, more than 15 years after                                                             ment ������������������������ 23
the European Forum was founded,                                                              New Chair of the DGUV Board ��������        24
is to gain a better understanding of                                     Stéphane Seiller,
                                                                                             A well deserved retirement for
the expectations and needs of the                        President of the European Forum
                                                                                             Jean-Luc Marié �����������������            24
                                                                                             Meetings ������������������� 25
Forum News   Insurance

             France: the 2009-2012 road map of the
             occupational injuries and diseases Branch

                   he second agreement on the        their general principles, but differ   Dynamic management accompa-
                   objectives and management         according to the strategic areas of      nied by competencies and re-
                   of the Occupational Injuries      operation that are specific to each      sources for improved efficiency
             and Diseases Branch of the social       Branch or regime.                        of the Branch, while stepping
             security system, signed in Decem-                                                up synergies with the Health
             ber 2008, lays down the road map                                                 Insurance Branch.
             for the next four years, via five ac-
             tion priorities, broken down into       Five priorities                        The „COG“ also foresees that the
                                                                                            Occupational Injuries and Diseases
             18 operational programmes.
                                                     For the actions to be conducted        Branch will contribute to the po-
             The 2009-2012 objectives and            over the period 2009-2012, the         licies developed by the public au-
             management agreement („COG“)            government and the Occupational        thorities, in particular to promote
             was signed on 29 December 2008          Injuries and Diseases Branch defi-     the employability of workers, no-
             by the Minister of Labour, Social       ned five priorities.                   tably senior citizens.
             Relations, the Family and Solida-
                                                     A targeted prevention policy,
             rity, the Minister of the Budget,
                                                       based on increased coordination
             the Public Finances and the Civil
                                                       within the Branch and closer         Clearly defined pro-
             Service, the chairperson of the
             occupational health and safety
                                                       partnerships with the other          cedures for moni-
             commission („CAT-MP“) and the
                                                       OH&S players, in particular oc-
                                                       cupational health departments,
                                                                                            toring and evaluati-
             Managing Director of the French
                                                       the objective being to increase      on of actions
             national health insurance fund
                                                       the number of actions aimed at
             for employees („CNAMTS“). It                                                   These action priorities are bro-
             was drafted following consultati-                                              ken down into 18 operational
             on organised in the form of four        A reparation policy harmonised         programmes (see box) which
             seminars between members of               throughout the country, taking       specify the objectives to be attai-
             the CAT-MP, which enabled a               into account personal situati-       ned, the mutual commitments of
             guideline text to be adopted un-          ons, attentive to the victims‘       the Branch and government, the
             animously on 10 July 2008. This           expectations and promoting the       monitoring and result indicators,
             text, which is chiefly based on the       prevention of occupational de-       and the timetable to be complied
             agreements signed by the social           integration.                         with. All the organisations in the
             partners in February 2006 and                                                  Branch thus have a clear view of
                                                     A simplified risk premium rating
             March 2007, served as an essenti-                                              the work to be carried out to per-
                                                       system, more legible and in-
             al reference base for negotiations                                             petuate the momentum created by
                                                       centivising for occupational risk
             between the CNAMTS and the                                                     the adoption of the text.
                                                       prevention. At the same time,
             government on the content of the
                                                       the financial incentive schemes
                                                       granted to enterprises will be
                                                       renovated to promote occupa-
                                                       tional risk prevention.
                                                                                            Resources to match
             What is a „COG“?                                                               the objectives
                                                     An Occupational Injuries and
                                                       Diseases Branch contributing
             Instituted by an order of 1996, the                                            An appendix to the „COG“ is de-
                                                       efficiently to the general objec-
             objectives and management agree-                                               voted to budget aspects; in parti-
                                                       tives of the social security sy-
             ments („COG“) are designed to                                                  cular, it specifies for the coming
                                                       stem, in particular through the
             drive modernisation and to impro-                                              four years the resources that will
                                                       expansion of teleservices, to the
             ve the performance of the social                                               be allocated to the national fund
                                                       establishment of a renovated
             security system. Signed between                                                for prevention of occupational
                                                       statistical information system
             the government and the national                                                injuries (FNPAT). Over the period
                                                       and to the definition of a policy
             funds of the main social securi-                                               in question, these resources will
                                                       of risk management and fraud
             ty regimes, they are identical in                                              maintain the Branch‘s capacity for
                                                                                            action in the area of occupational

             FORUM NEWS N° 31 – 06/2009

                                                                                                                 Forum News
risk prevention. They will, in par-      The full texts of the „COG AT-MP
ticular, enable it to expand its ac-     2009-2012“ (objectives and ma-
tion on new priority issues such as      nagement agreement) and of the
psychosocial risk prevention and         Orientations (guidelines) are avai-
help small enterprises implement         lable (in French) at www.risque-
effective occupational risk preven-
tion measures.

                                                             Marie-Chantal Blandin

The 18 action programmes
12 operational risk management programmes
  5 „Prevention“ programmes
     Implementation and management of prevention programmes focused on priority targets and risks
     Development of CRAM/CGSS partnerships and occupational health services
     Implementation of the national project in „occupational risk prevention training“
     Stronger financial incentives for occupational risk prevention
     Experiments relating to the implementation of an occupational exposure traceability system
  4 „Reparation“ programmes
     Prevention of occupational deintegration
     Standardisation of the funds‘ practices in the area of reparation
     Offer of personalised services for victims
     Renovation of the system of reparation for permanent disability
  2 „Risk premium rating“ programmes
     Optimisation of risk premium rating management
     Simplification of risk premium rating rules
  1 „Fraud“ programme
     Prevention and suppression of occupational health and safety system fraud

6 „Support activities“ programmes
  Development of new teleservices
  Overhaul of the Occupational Injuries and Diseases Branch online information system
  Expansion of communication actions
  Development and dissemination of statistical studies
  Convergence with the European statistics system
  Modernisation of management systems

Forum News   I isu          ce
             L n f e roaf n t h e F o r u m

              denmark: recognition of three claims regarding
              depression after stress
                     ine months ago, hosting            re has been severe work pressure        medical consultant, Bo
                     the annual Forum Con-              with short and difficult deadlines      Netterstrøm, and trainee specialist,
                     ference, Denmark facili-           and lacking support from col-  Nicole Conrad, from the
              tated a debate on work-related            leagues and bosses. On the other        Clinic of Occupational Medicine in
              mental injuries.                          hand, those involved in the cases       Hillerod, Denmark.
                                                        come from very different trades
              The debate was both interesting                                                   The review showed that stress
                                                        and jobs. One is a service mana-
              and fruitful with regard to the ex-                                               after a long time of mental pres-
                                                        ger, another a pharmaconomist,
              change of experience and know-                                                    sure in the workplace can lead
                                                        whereas the third recognised claim
              ledge, but like our European col-                                                 to depression. The stress needs to
                                                        pertains to a medical consultant.
              leagues we have to acknowledge                                                    have involved high demands or
              that, in relation to work-related         These decisions are the first small     lack of social support at work, for
              mental injuries, we need more             step towards a practice for how to      instance in the form of frequent
              knowledge.                                process claims on the Committee         and very hard deadlines, constant
                                                        in future. But the Committee is in      pressure from very demanding
              Since then, however, Denmark
                                                        unknown territory, so before we         clients or inmates, and/or lack of
              has continued the work in this
                                                        can announce a practice, it is ne-      support from colleagues or ma-
              field. Already in February 2008
                                                        cessary that the Committee should       nagement.
              we decided that claims regarding
                                                        be given a chance of assessing
              stress and depression should be                                                   Their findings have subsequently
                                                        another series of claims.
              submitted to our Occupational                                                     been backed up by a review from
              Diseases Committee. One of the            Therefore the National Board of         an expert of occupational medi-
              Committee’s tasks is to assess            Industrial Injuries is at the mo-       cine, Dr. Jens Peter Bonde from
              concrete workers’ compensation            ment preparing more claims on           Aarhus University Hospital, and
              claims where a disease is not co-         depression and stress, which will       a Swedish report written by Peter
              vered by the list of occupational         be submitted to the Committee           Westerholm, Gothenburg Univer-
              diseases but it is likely that the di-    later this year.                        sity.n
              sease has been caused by work.
                                                                                                                             Anne Lind Madsen
              So on 31st March 2009 the Com-                                                                                    Director General
              mittee processed nine claims per-         Latest knowledge                          National Board of Industrial Injuries Denmark
              taining to depression after stress.                                                                          
                                                        The background for the
              Three claims were recognised.
                                                        Committee’s handling of the
              A common feature of the three re-         claims is a review in the field ma-
              cognised claims is that constantly,       de last year for the National Board
              and for a long period of time, the-       of Industrial Injuries by executive

              legislative News in Spain
                  n the last months, several legis-     Between the main aspects of inte-         (CNAE), and has suffered an
                  lative reforms have taken place       rest in the Social Security area this     adjustment in the rate of sever-
                  in Spain`s Social Security area. It   Act have approved the following           al epigraphs.
              is necessary to emphasize the fol-        changes:
                                                                                                  Bonus in the employers Social
              lowing ones carried out between
                                                          New contribution rate for acci-         Security rate when a pregnant
              December 2008 and the beginning
                                                          dents at work and occupational          worker in risk is destined to a
              of 2009:
                                                          diseases. The rate has been ad-         new working place or to do a
              2008 Financial Act (2/2008 Act)1.           apted to the new National Clas-         different task compatible with
                                                          sification of Economic Activities       her pregnancy state. This bonus

              FORUM NEWS N° 31 – 06/2009

                                                                                                                                      Forum News
  is also effective in the cases is     nancial Act.                             employer worker who is a self-
  because of an exceptional will                                                 employer worker that perceives
                                      The Royal Decree 295/2009, 6
  be changed the working place.                                                  at least the 75 % of his incomes
                                      March2, regulates the economic
                                                                                 from only one company or cli-
  The figure of the reinsurance       benefits of Social Security System
                                                                                 ent. The regulation also establis-
  will be applied to periodical be-   in case of maternity, paternity,
                                                                                 hes the procedure for the regi-
  nefits derived from occupatio-      risk during the pregnancy and risk
                                                                                 stration of this contracts and the
  nal diseases, as already happens    during breastfeeding.
                                                                                 regulation of the Registry Office
  with the periodical benefits
                                        This regulation supposes the             for professional associations of
  derived from accident of work.
                                        adequacy of the management               self-employers workers.
  This measure is still pendant for
                                        of these benefits that the Mu-
  a development for its applica-                                              The Order TIN/971/2009, 16 April 4,
                                        tuas realize since 2007, as
  tion.                                                                       establishes the compensation for
                                        consequence of the entry into
                                                                              expenses of transport in cases of
  Suppression of the possibility        force of the effective Equality
                                                                              sanitary assistance derived from
  of collaborating in the manage-       of women and men Act which
                                                                              professional risks.
  ment of the sanitary assistance       established that both benefits
  in case of common contingen-          would have the condition of              The publication of this regula-
  cies for the self-insurance com-      professional contingencies. We           tion has been valued positively
  panies ,in excepting the profes-      must say that this Royal De-             and gives normative range to
  sional contingencies cases.           cree modifies the Regulation             an interpretation supported
                                        of Collaboration of the Mutuas           by AMAT making possible the
Between the main issues of in-
                                        (Royal Decree 1993/1995, 7               compensation of these expenses
terest that concern the juridical
                                        December), adding a new Ad-              of transport to the beneficiaries
regime of the Mutual insurance
                                        ditional Regulation that lay             of the sanitary assistance deri-
entities covering accidents at work
                                        down the contain of the colla-           ved from professional risks by
and occupational diseases (Mu-
                                        boration in the management of            the Mutua, if the utilization of
tuas) it is necessary to underline
                                        this benefit for risk during the         the transports has been prescri-
the following:
                                        pregnancy and for risk during            bed by a Doctor or authorized
  New draft of the article 76.4 of      breastfeeding attributed to the          by the correspondent Mutua.
  the Social Security Act, which        Mutuas that include specifically
                                                                              New Collective Agreement of the
  limits the costs of the caution       the Mutua’s faculty of declare
                                                                              Sector for the next years (2008
  or guarantee that the Mutuas          the right to the benefit and the
                                                                              – 2011).
  must constitute in the previous       refusal, suspension, cancellation
  claims and appeals in the Ad-         and declaration of extinction           The new Collective Agreement
  ministrative or Judicial Procee-      of this benefit, and, in general,       applicable to the Sector, as the
  dings against the resolutions         includes all actions tending to         instrument of regulation of the
  of the Secretariat of State, Ma-      verify the facts, conditions and        collective labour relationships,
  naging Entities and Common            requirements necessaries for the        has been published in the Of-
  Services of the Social Security       access to this right and its main-      ficial Gazette December 2008
  that would be financed with the       tenance.                                10th.n
  Social Security
                                      The Royal Decree 197/2009 3
  The fees of the managerial staff    develops the Statute of the self-                                     Further Information:
  of the Mutuas (relative to the      employers workers, the specific         1 Official Gazette nº 309, of the 24th December 2009,
  quantities perceived in the year    contract of the economically de-         2 Official Gazette nº 69, of the 21st March 2009,
  2008), could not be increa-         pendent self-employer worker and         3 Official Gazette nº 54, of the 4th March 2009,
  se during the year 2009. The        its registry, and the Registry Office      4 Official Gazette nº 97, of the 21st April 2009
  staff’s salary remains submitted    for professional associations of
  to the same limitations than        self-employers workers.
  Public Sector the civil service
                                        This Royal Decree establishes                                         Vanesa Rodriguez
  and labour staff State regulated
                                        a model of contract for the                                                     AMAT
  in the article 25 of the 2008 Fi-                                                        
                                        economically dependent self-

Forum News   Prevention

             Switzerland: Nanoparticles must not become
             tomorrow’s asbestos
             T                                       Swiss nanoinventory
                    he effects of nanoparticles                                             This is 0.8 per thousand or one
                    on human health are still lar-                                          in every 1,250 employees in the
                    gely unexplored. Neverthe-                                              Swiss industrial sector. Of all the
                                                     Against this backdrop, Suva,
             less, Suva is already doing every-                                             companies in the industrial sector,
                                                     Switzerland’s largest accident insu-
             thing it can to provide employees                                              0.6 percent have a nanoparticle
                                                     rer, is supporting several research
             with the appropriate protection                                                application, which corresponds to
                                                     projects, including a study by the
             and to avoid long-term effects. A                                              almost 600 companies.
                                                     Institute for Work and Health in
             study conducted by the Institute
                                                     Lausanne (IST) for the compila-        The highest proportion of com-
             for Work and Health (IST) has now
                                                     tion of a nanoinventory. In close      panies processing nanoparticles
             shown for the first time just how
                                                     cooperation with research and in-      was found to be in the chemicals
             many employees in Switzerland
                                                     dustry, Suva has set itself the goal   industry. Nanoparticle applications
             come into contact with nanoparti-
                                                     of developing effective measures       are also encountered in the follo-
             cles in the workplace. In addition,
                                                     for the protection of the health of    wing branches of industry: general
             a newly developed nanoparticle
                                                     workers exposed to nanoparticles.      trade, electrotechnology, auto-
             measuring device permits mobile
                                                                                            motive suppliers, surface treat-
             checks on workplace exposure.           For the first time in Switzerland,
                                                                                            ments, stone treatment as well as
             These two global innovations are        a scientific survey has now been
                                                                                            ceramics/glass. In general, storage
             important milestones for health         conducted, which shows how
                                                                                            quantities for nanoparticles are
             and safety in the workplace.            many employees potentially come
                                                                                            small. Only a few companies are
                                                     into contact with nanoparticles
             Nanoparticles – particles that are                                             using nanoparticles on a major
                                                     and which protective measures
             between one and 100 millionth                                                  scale.
                                                     will be set in place for these wor-
             of a millimetre in size, i.e. a thou-
                                                     kers. The study is based on a          In terms of employee protection,
             sand times thinner than a human
                                                     representative survey among            the survey revealed that com-
             hair – can penetrate tissue due to
                                                     1,626 companies, of which 947          panies primarily concentrate on
             their small dimensions. There is
                                                     completed the questionnaire,           protecting people and mainly rely
             therefore a risk that the particles
                                                     corresponding to a response rate       on personal protective equipment.
             will lead to negative changes in
                                                     of 58.3%. The sample represents        However, experience has shown
             the body. However, no occupatio-
                                                     78,000 companies in the produc-        that technological-organizational
             nal diseases have been identified
                                                     tion sector, which have the poten-     measures – as demonstrated by
             so far that are attributable to syn-
                                                     tial to use nanoparticles.             the Ilford company in Marly/can-
             thetic nanoparticles. In contrast,
                                                                                            ton of Fribourg – guarantee better
             it has been proved in animal trials     An extrapolation of the study re-
                                                                                            protection and are more economi-
             that certain nanotubes – particles      veals the following picture: in the
                                                                                            cal in the long term.
             in tube form – might trigger off        Swiss production sector, around
             malignant tumours in animals’           1,300 employees work directly          With its nanoinventory, Suva now
             abdominal cavity.                       with a nanoparticle application.       has better information on business
                                                                                            branches that use nanoparticles.
                                                                                            This permits active and targeted
                                                                                            procedures in employee protec-

                                                                                            New type of measu-
                                                                                            ring device for nano-
                                                                                            Complex measuring instruments
                                                                                            are needed to gauge the extent
                                                                                            to which employees are exposed
                                                                                            to nanoparticles and to check on

             FORUM NEWS N° 31 – 06/2009

                                                                                                                      Forum News
the effect of protective measures.
Measuring devices so far have             occupational health and
                                          safety without words but
been large, dependent on a power
supply and therefore only suitable
for mobile use in the workplace to
a limited degree. In conjunction
with the Institute for Aerosol und        with a lot of humour
Sensor Technology at the Univer-
sity of Applied Sciences, North-
western Switzerland (IAST), Suva
has therefore developed a new
nanoparticle measuring device.
This permits an assessment of the
efficacy of protective measures
taken and, for the first time, sup-
plies specific data on individual

Occupational safety
of tomorrow
As one of the first occupational in-
surers in Europe, Suva published
specific recommendations on the
handling of nanoparticles in the
workplace as early as 2006. It will
continue to intensively pursue the
findings from scientific investigati-
ons on the effect of nanoparticles
and also cooperate at international

level. Manufacturers and suppliers                apo is the hero of a compu-   has to handle emergency situations
of products containing nanop-                     ter-animated cartoon series   as the employees might have to
articles are to be made aware of                  which addresses important     do. The film series therefore makes
the problems and information for          occupational health and safety        the risks of everyday working life
users be made more easily acces-          subjects without words but with a     clear and helps to assess the risks
sible. In this way, the risk of con-      lot of humour.                        correctly. The films can be down-
tamination from nanoparticles is                                                loaded from the www.napofilm.
                                          Napo films merely make use of
to be reduced as far as possible by                                             net website free of charge. Napo is
                                          gestures and facial expressions and
means of technical, organizatio-                                                a joint venture of the four Forum
                                          can therefore be easily understood
nal and person-related protective                                               members DGUV, AUVA, SUVA and
                                          by all of the non-native speakers
measures.                                                                       INAIL, in addition to the English
                                          among the employees. Napo expe-
                                                                                accident insurance institution HSE
Further documentation can be              riences the same dangerous situa-
                                                                                and the French occupational health
downloaded from            tions when working, dealing with
                                                                                and safety institution INRS.n                      noise or toxic chemicals and even

                            Roland Hügi

Forum News   Prevention

             Germany: Skin diseases Prevention Campaign
             Successfully Completed
             “Your skin: the most important        percent of the total number of all      where the actual prevention work
             2m² of your life.“ This was the       confirmed occupational diseases.        was carried out. The bodies made
             motto of the joint skin diseases      For their part, the health insurers     direct contact with their target
             prevention campaign organised         mainly concerned themselves             groups in the working world: in
             by the statutory accident insu-       with skin care and skin protection      kindergartens, schools, companies
             rance and the health insurance in     during leisure activities. After all,   and in public institutions.
             Germany.                              around one million people in Ger-
                                                                                           One objective of the umbrella
                                                   many are currently being treated
             They dedicated themselves to                                                  campaign was to achieve a lasting
                                                   for skin cancer.
             the prevention of skin diseases                                               media presence for the subject
             at work and in leisure time over                                              skin. The basis for this was conti-
             a period of two years (2007 and                                               nuous public relations. The press,
             2008). More than 100 bodies           Initial surveys                         television and radio received regu-
             including occupational accident                                               lar reports on the most interesting
             insurances, public sector accident    There is no lack of knowledge           aspects of the most important
             insurers and health insurance         on the correct skin protection. A       2m². Towards the end of the skin
             companies organised numerous          representative survey conducted         disease prevention campaign, the
             campaigns and events which fo-        among 2,000 members of the              bodies counted more than 3000
             cused on the skin. The evaluation     general public prior to the cam-        publications in the German press,
             has now shown: the achieved           paign showed that most people           online media and on the radio.
             results are heading in the right      known how they can protect
             direction.                            and care for their skin but only
                                                   a few people put this knowledge
                                                   into practise on a daily basis. For     Evaluation
                                                   example, just over 85 percent of
             Initial situation                     those asked were convinced that
                                                                                           It was possible to obtain more ex-
                                                                                           act statements on changes within
                                                   most skin diseases can be avoided
             The skin of an adult which on                                                 the addressed target groups from
                                                   by prevention. However, only 30
             average covers an area of around                                              the evaluations made by the bo-
                                                   percent then stated that they wore
             two square meters has a lot to co-                                            dies. Their measurements were
                                                   gloves to protect their skin when
             pe with: permanent contact with                                               aimed at targeted measures. The
                                                   this was necessary and only just
             moisture, chemicals, mechanical                                               initial results determined clear
                                                   over half of those asked said that
             loads and UV radiation afflict the                                            changes.
                                                   they almost always used a form of
             skin. A behaviour which affects
                                                   skin protection when they were          The measurements indicate that
             the skin does not normally co-
                                                   outdoors.                               the prevention campaign has for
             me to a halt before the gates of a
                                                                                           example proven to have a positive
             company nor is it dispensed with
                                                                                           effect on numerous companies, es-
             in leisure time. This was the re-
                                                                                           pecially as regards the knowledge
             ason why the German statutory         Concept                                 of the skin and skin protection,
             accident insurance and the health
                                                                                           in addition to risk assessments. At
             insurance joined forces in order to   The activities of the bodies which
                                                                                           the same time, a sensitisation of
             organise this skin diseases preven-   were responsible for the preven-
                                                                                           the employees and companies to
             tion campaign.                        tion campaign were based on a
                                                                                           the subject skin could be observed
                                                   joint specialised concept. In addi-
             The statutory accident insurance                                              from 2007 to 2008. The number
                                                   tion to a media-oriented umbrella
             especially focussed its activities                                            of companies in which the pro-
                                                   campaign, the focus was especially
             on occupationally-related skin                                                blem of the skin had been a sub-
                                                   on dialogue-oriented body cam-
             diseases. Every year, the occu-                                               ject for instruction has increased
                                                   paigns, these being campaigns
             pational accident insurances and                                              last year.
                                                   which each of the social insurance
             public sector accident insurers
                                                   bodies conducted individually or        A very positive effect of the cam-
             confirm around 10,000 cases of
                                                   together with other bodies on be-       paign is a clear increase in the
             so-called occupational dermatoses
                                                   half of the insured people. This is     existence of skin protection plans.
             – these account for more than 40

             FORUM NEWS N° 31 – 06/2009

                                                                                                                                   Forum News
There was a very pronounced use       Summary and out-                       Additional informa-
of the dermatic agents which had
been provided by the employers        look                                   tion:
and of suitable protective gloves
                                      “A healthy skin – fewer skin           The initial evaluation results and
in many of the participating com-
                                      diseases!“ – this was the objecti-     descriptions of the umbrella cam-
panies in the two years. The con-
                                      ve which the German statutory          paign and bodies campaign are
tinuous presence of the subject
                                      health and accident insurances         to be found in the brochure “Die
“skin“ at diverse events or in pu-
                                      had dedicate themselves to in          Präventionskampagne Haut“ (in
blications has proven to contribute
                                      their skin diseases prevention         German). It can be ordered from
to an increased sensitisation. More
                                      campaign. An actual reduction in
notice is being taken of skin ble-
                                      the number of skin diseases can
mishes, enabling measures to be
                                      only be expected in a few years
taken to improve the appearance
                                      time and only if the prevention
of the skin at an earlier stage.                                                                                 Sanja Zec
                                      efforts are kept up with. After all,
                                                                                       German Statutory Accident Insurance
                                      skin diseases develop over a long                       
                                      period of time. The campaign laid
                                      the foundation stone for this long-    The original version of this article was written in
                                      term objective however                                                          German.

Forum News   Europe

             Cross-national comparisons of contribution
             rates in the accident insurance – only pos-
             sible with caution

                      ne repeatedly finds com-       is made to the contribution rate in      of the countries which are being
                      parisons of the contributi-    the following. In those cases whe-       compared. This could result in
                      on rates for the statutory     re there is not a risk-based scaling     one country having a nominally
             accident insurance in various           of contribution, but a flat-rate         lower contribution rate but the
             countries in the specialised ac-        contribution, as is the case in Au-      burden placed on the economy in
             cident insurance literature. On         stria, this is taken as the criterion.   another country is greater due to
             the one hand, they can serve to                                                  it having a higher assessment limit
                                                     The following should be taken
             compare the burden on the eco-                                                   or perhaps none at all. Minimum
                                                     into account however: the ave-
             nomy which is applied by these                                                   limits, i.e. when the contribution
                                                     rage rate is not an absolute quan-
             systems in each of the countries,                                                is calculated on the basis of a mi-
                                                     tity but is qualified upwards and
             but on the other also keep an eye                                                nimum wage or salary which is
                                                     downwards by assessment limits.
             on the productivity and commer-                                                  higher than that which is actually
                                                     These effects are considered in the
             cial efficiency. However, both of                                                paid, also increase the contributi-
                                                     following section as they make a
             these comparisons easily lead one                                                on burden.
                                                     fundamental contribution to the
             astray when made directly.
                                                     burden placed on the economy.
             The figures alone are not
             meaningful because they conceal
             fundamental differences. The-                                                    Benefits assessment
             re now follows some important           What does the acci-                      limits and contributi-
             aspects which have to take a com-
             parison into account in a metho-
                                                     dent insurance cost                      on rates
             dical manner. These aspects are         the economy?                             In as far as contribution assess-
             not intended to be exhaustive ho-
                                                                                              ment limits are in line with the
             wever. The author asks the reader       I will first of all deal with the bur-
                                                                                              assessment limits for benefits, i.e.
             to bear with him should he have         den placed on the economy by the
                                                                                              the maximum amount of remu-
             misunderstood the law of some of        accident insurance contributions.
                                                                                              neration which is taken as the ba-
             the countries which are referred        When one reads that the average
                                                                                              sis; this is admittedly structurally
             to by way of example.                   contribution in Germany was
                                                                                              neutral as far as the contribution
                                                     1.28 percent of the remuneration
                                                                                              rate is concerned. As however
                                                     which were subject to compul-
                                                                                              employment which attracts a
                                                     sory contributions in 2007, but
                                                                                              higher remuneration normally
             Average contribution                    that contrary to this, the flat-rate
                                                                                              attracts lower risks (such as with
                                                     which was payable in Austria was
             rate: a common de-                      equivalent to an average con-
                                                                                              executives), there is an inherent
             nominator for com-                      tribution of 1.4 percent, then at
                                                                                              burden relief factor, they subsidise
                                                                                              the contribution rate so to speak.
             parisons                                a first glance, one would think
                                                                                              Countries without assessment
                                                     that the Austrian economy is un-
                                                                                              limits or with high assessment
             A comparison of contributions           der a greater burden. The fact is
                                                                                              limits with regard to the contribu-
             requires a common denominator.          however that the remuneration
                                                                                              tions profit from these, in addition
             In those cases where the contribu-      in Germany which are subject
                                                                                              to reinforcing countries, whose
             tions are scaled, this is the average   to compulsory contributions are
                                                                                              benefits limits are lower than tho-
             contribution rate, calculated as a      uniformly higher that in Austria,
                                                                                              se for contributions.
             percentage of the sum of the re-        so that the first impression is
             muneration in a country which           deceiving. We therefore have to          The benefits assessment limits are
             is subject to accident insurance        base this comparison on the re-          only applicable to cash benefits
             contributions. This average rate is     muneration which are subject to          and not to benefits in kind and
             being referred to when reference        compulsory contributions in each         services such as rehabilitation as

             FORUM NEWS N° 31 – 06/2009

                                                                                                                        Forum News
these are not related to the remu-      The disparities bet-                    Effect of benefits
neration. It is therefore the case
in connection with these that the       ween the insured                        The higher the benefits are, the
higher a contribution assessment        events and the group                    earlier they commence, the longer
limit is, the lower the contribution    of insured people                       they are provided and the wider
rate. The overall effect therefore                                              the range, the more they increase
depends on the ratio of the cash        Although the insured events             the contribution rate, a fact which
benefits to the others. The higher      (occupational accidents and oc-         one does not have to point out.
the share of the benefits which are     cupational diseases) are defined        The diversity between the coun-
not related to the remuneration,        in a similar manner in all of the       tries is obviously the greatest here.
the greater the relief provided by a    countries, they do have individual      Some examples should serve to
higher assessment limit – and vice      variations, be it by virtue of the      make this clear:
versa.                                  law or a narrower or wider inter-
                                                                                In some countries such as Belgium
                                        pretation by the courts, this ob-
A reduced average rate for examp-                                               or France, a pension is paid even
                                        viously also playing a role with re-
le, results in a system not only no                                             if the earning capacity or health
                                        gard to the number of cases which
longer offering certain benefits or                                             impairment is only reduced by
                                        have to be compensated and the
only doing so within a restricted                                               one percent, in others the reduc-
                                        expenditure. Not all countries in-
scope, but also leaving them to                                                 tion has to be at least 20 percent
                                        sure commuting accidents or only
other branches, such as with me-                                                (in Germany and Austria for
                                        subject to certain conditions (in
dical treatment and rehabilitation                                              example) or even 33 percent (in
                                        the case of transportation by the
for example (Austria, Spain, Por-                                               Spain). Their duration also differs.
                                        employer for example). The list of
tugal, Italy) or with cash benefits                                             it is normally payable for life (as-
                                        occupational diseases also differs
during an incapacity to work (in                                                suming that the impairment also
Austria and other countries). It                                                lasts for such a long period), but
admittedly reduces the contributi-      There is not even a uniform ans-        can be shorter with an age limit
on rate for the accident insurance      wer to the question as to whether       (as in Belgium) or be completely
but is reflected in the other bran-     health impairment really is acci-       vice versa in that it even increases
ches, thereby being included in         dent-related and caused by the          with age, as is the case in Finland.
the costs for the economy through       employment. It is for example ea-
                                                                                Systems which not only pay a
these branches.                         sier to have a cardiac infarction at-
                                                                                pension which should first and fo-
                                        tributed to occupational events in
                                                                                remost, compensate for a possible
                                        Spain than is the case in Germany.
                                                                                loss of earnings, but also an inte-
                                        The size of the group of insured        grity compensation for intangible
Frequency and                           people also differs. Admittingly,       damages, result in contribution
severity of insured                     the employees who are in gain-          rate increases. Such systems exist
events?                                 ful employment are at the centre
                                        everywhere, the group even being
                                                                                in Finland and Italy with the so-
                                                                                called “danno biologico“, for ex-
                                        restricted to them (in Belgium          ample.
The frequency and severity of the
                                        and Portugal for example) but in
insured events which occur also                                                 Cash benefits which are paid
                                        numerous countries, this group
play a role in the contribution                                                 during an incapacity to work
                                        also includes a whole number
rate. It is to a great extent related                                           (sickness benefit), which generally
                                        of strongly differentiating other
to industrial structures for examp-                                             precede pension payments, are so-
                                        people. Its scope appears to be es-
le. The higher the proportion of                                                lely paid by the accident insurance
                                        pecially extensive in Germany: for
high-risk trade branches (such as                                               right from the start in some coun-
                                        example, many voluntary workers
mining, traffic), the greater the                                               tries (in Germany and Italy for ex-
                                        are insured, as are people who
tendency in the direction of higher                                             ample); the health insurance pa-
                                        provide unpaid nursing care and
contribution rates – and vice ver-                                              ying these partially or temporarily
                                        even hospital patients and those
sa. The reporting behaviour (high                                               in some countries (as in Austria
                                        receiving medical rehabilitation in
or low “reporting morale“) also                                                 and Belgium). These benefits also
                                        some cases, which really achieves
has an influence however. After                                                 differ as far as the payment is con-
                                        almost questionable proportions.
all, if an accident is not reported,                                            cerned, this amounting to 80 per-
it does not cause the accident in-                                              cent of the regular remuneration
surance any costs.                                                              in Germany for example, but only

Forum News   Europe

             60 percent in France or 50 percent      Different administra-                 events which occurred under their
             in Austria for a restricted period at                                         control. Contrary to this, all of the
             the beginning. A relatively unique      tive costs                            West European systems have bur-
             situation in Germany is that the                                              densome inheritances, especially
                                                     There is a tendency to measure
             accident insurance has to make                                                the pensions which are paid for
                                                     the efficiency of a system against
             contributions to the other social                                             long durations and which are for
                                                     its administrative costs. Great
             insurance branches from the cash                                              events which occurred decades
                                                     caution should however also be
             benefits it pays for an incapacity to                                         ago. With the exception of dif-
                                                     taken when comparing countries.
             work, this obviously increasing the                                           ferences in benefits for example,
                                                     After all, administrative costs are
             contribution rate.                                                            this is one of the reasons why
                                                     also related to the benefits struc-
                                                                                           the contribution rates in the East
             The continuation of wage pay-           ture. Where rehabilitation, which
                                                                                           European countries are generally
             ments during an accident-related        is generally speaking quite cost-
                                                                                           speaking lower.
             incapacity to work is a duty of the     ly with its case management, is
             employer which does not exist in        the responsibility of other social
             all countries or only to a restricted   insurance bodies, the accident
             extent. It does not exist in Portu-     insurance experiences some reli-
             gal for example, and is restricted      ef as far as the contributions are    In total
             to three days in Italy, resulting in    concerned. In those cases where
                                                                                           It will hardly be possible to com-
             a greater burdening of their sy-        the accident insurance even has to
                                                                                           pare one country with another
             stems than is the case in Germany       pay a pension for a reduction in
                                                                                           one in such a way that conclusi-
             where the employer normally has         the earning capacity of one degree
                                                                                           ons can be drawn in a benchmar-
             a duty to pay the salary for a peri-    or pay an additional amount as
                                                                                           king sense. The reasons for higher
             od of six weeks.                        integrity compensation, the sy-
                                                                                           posts there and lower costs there
                                                     stem is subjected to cost-effective
                                                                                           are too fragmented, the indivi-
                                                     working steps for the calculation
                                                                                           dual expenditure-increasing or
                                                     and payment, which do not exist
                                                                                           expenditure-decreasing factors can
             Contribution burden                     in systems with a higher commen-
                                                                                           counteract each other and can also
                                                     cement threshold or without inte-
             caused by prevention                    grity compensation.
                                                                                           hardly be sufficiently presented
                                                                                           in an analytical form. Rough ten-
             The competencies and duties with                                              dencies can be recognised at most.
             regard to the preventing of occu-                                             What is especially important: each
             pational accidents, occupational                                              of the systems reflects a country’s
             diseases and job-related health         Old accident insuran-                 idea of what is a required level of
             risks are distributed differently in    ce –young accident                    social security – and this eminent-
             the respective countries. They are
             either the sole responsibility of the
                                                     insurance                             ly affects political decisions which
                                                                                           especially do not lend themselves
             state authorities (as in Belgium                                              to a simple benchmarking.
                                                     On page 7 of Forum News No.
             and Finland, where two percent
                                                     30 (01/2009), one could read
             of the contribution earnings are
                                                     that the contribution rate is only
             to be transferred to the state ho-
                                                     0.24 percent in Latvia, which is
             wever, or they are more or less
                                                     astonishing when one considers                                      Dr. Wolfgang Ricke
             the responsibility of the accident                                                            
                                                     all of that which has been said
             insurance bodies (as in Germany,
                                                     up to now, especially when com-
             Austria and France). This obvious-
                                                     paring the contribution rates in
             ly results in contribution burdens                                            An unabridged version of this
                                                     Western Europe which are all          article can be downloaded from
             which deviate from each other
                                                     higher than one percent and can
             and which can also be significant
                                                     be as much as three percent. This
             when one considers the afore-
                                                     shows something which is typical
             mentioned two percent in Finland                                              The original version of this article was written in
                                                     for East European countries: their
             when compared with the around                                                                                          German.
                                                     intrinsic accident insurance which
             seven percent in Germany and fi-
                                                     followed the former standard sta-
             ve percent in Austria.
                                                     te systems is a young system and
                                                     normally only pays for insured

             FORUM NEWS N° 31 – 06/2009

                                                                                                                                  Forum News
EU Commission wants to permit medical
treatment abroad

        fter the health services and     conditions, entitlement criteria or      which is certain to have something
        social services have been        regulatory and administrative pro-       to do with the language.
        removed from the scope of        cedures for the availing oneself of
                                                                                  In addition to this aspect which
the regulations in the European          healthcare but these are neverthe-
                                                                                  is all in all to be pursued with a
Service Directive, the European          less not to result in the impairing
                                                                                  certain amount of criticism, the
Commission has now published             of a free movement of people. In
                                                                                  draft Directive also provides the
the “Proposal for a Directive            this respect, the procedure which
                                                                                  statutory accident insurance sy-
on the application of patients´          exists in Germany for example,
                                                                                  stems with the opportunity of
rights in cross-border healthcare“       that an especially trained physician
                                                                                  being able to network on a pan-
[COM(2008)414] on 2 July 2008.           who has been authorised by the
                                                                                  European scale with the quality
                                         accident insurance body can be
The objective of this draft is to                                                 of their medical treatment to a
                                         consulted, could conflict with the
enable patients to avail themsel-                                                 greater extent as was the case up
                                         free choice of physicians which the
ves of health services in other EU                                                to now. These possibilities can es-
                                         Commission is aiming at. The Bel-
countries more easily. It concerns                                                pecially arise from the setting up of
                                         gian, Romanian and Spanish regu-
itself with the fact that patients can                                            European reference centres which
                                         lations also stipulate similar medi-
independently go to another mem-                                                  the Commission is aiming for. The
                                         cal treatment provisions. In other
ber state in the scope of their so-                                               Commission plans to simplify the
                                         words, it could not be held against
called freedom to provide services                                                setting up of European reference
                                         an accident insurance patient that
and receive medical treatment                                                     networks for healthcare providers.
                                         he has received medical treatment
there. Those statutory accident in-                                               Especially the intensive coope-
                                         in another European country on
surances in Europe which provide                                                  ration in the highly specialised
                                         his own initiative if the treatment
benefits in the case of an occupa-                                                healthcare of patients is intended.
                                         is of the same quality. In this case,
tional accident or occupational di-                                               Especially hospitals and facilities
                                         a service provider abroad would
sease being suffered are affected by                                              belonging to the diverse accident
                                         also be able to provide treatment
the draft Directive. The European                                                 insurance bodies in Europe could
                                         as long as the care is of the same
Commission as made this clear in                                                  contribute their accident medicine
numerous discussions.                                                             expertise to this network.
                                         In practice, and this is also referred
This means that accident insurance                                                The legislative procedure has not
                                         to in the draft directive, the arbi-
systems such as those in Belgium,                                                 been concluded yet. In a first
                                         trary receiving of medical treat-
Spain, Germany and Romania will                                                   reading on 23 April 2009, the
                                         ment in other European countries
presumably have to adhere to the                                                  European Parliament approved
                                         should remain an exception. On
provisions of this Directive in the                                               the Directive proposal with nu-
                                         the other hand, the latest experi-
future.                                                                           merous motions for amendments.
                                         ence in Germany has shown that
                                                                                  The Council negotiations which
What is of special interest is the       the general increasing in the mo-
                                                                                  are in some cases controversial
free choice of physicians which          bility of employees in Europe also
                                                                                  are proving to be very difficult. If
the Commission is aiming at and          has an effect on the independent
                                                                                  the member states were to reach
which the patients are to be able        recourse to medical treatment
                                                                                  agreement on a joint political will
to avail themselves of when they         after occupational accidents. In-
                                                                                  to act and a continuation with the
receive treatment abroad. Espe-          terestingly enough, these are not
                                                                                  legislative procedure, the Euro-
cially those accident insurance sy-      only cases in which treatment is
                                                                                  pean Parliament will concern itself
stems which place special demands        obtained abroad at the patient’s
                                                                                  with the draft Directive in a second
on the physicians or hospitals           own expense for different reasons,
                                                                                  reading in the coming parliamen-
which participate in the provision       e.g. in areas which are close to the
                                                                                  tary term.n
of therapy will have to determine        border, but also cases in which
whether the Directive is consistent      a person who works in a diffe-                                      Eva-Marie Höffer
with the existing national stipu-        rent country and is insured there                German Statutory Accident Insurance
lations. Admittedly, the EU Com-         travels to the native country “on              
mission also wishes to continue to       their own initiative“ and receives
provide the member states with           treatment there because they place                                   Ilka Wölfle LL.M.
                                                                                          German Statutory Accident Insurance
the possibility of stipulating certain   more trust in the local physicians,                  

Forum News   Europe

             Statutory accident insurance monopoly
             consistent with European law

                   he statutory accident in-
                                                     the Cisal litigation (C-218/00) and    necessary in order to ensure the
                   surance monopoly against
                                                     pointed out that the German sta-       financial equilibrium within the
                   occupational accidents and
                                                     tutory accident insurance system       social security system. The revie-
             occupational diseases is consi-
                                                     was financed by contributions,         wing of this is the responsibility of
             stent with European Law. This was
                                                     the amount of which is not strict-     the national judge, whereby the
             ruled by the European Court of
                                                     ly proportional to the insured         Court of Justice again provided
             Justice (ECJ) on 5 March in the liti-
                                                     risk. Furthermore, the benefits        the Land Social Security Tribunal
             gation Kattner Stahlbau GmbH (C-
                                                     paid by the MMBG are also not          with relatively exact stipulations
             350/07) versus the Occupational
                                                     necessarily proportional to the        for the justification.
             Accident Insurance for Mechanical
                                                     employment remuneration paid
             Engineering and Metalworking                                                   With the judgement in the Katt-
                                                     to the insured person. Finally, the
             (MMBG).                                                                        ner litigation, the ECJ has now
                                                     activities of the occupational acci-
                                                                                            for the second time especially
             The reason for this preliminary         dent insurances are also subjected
                                                                                            commented on a statutory acci-
             ruling was a referral made by the       to a sufficient state control which
                                                                                            dent insurance system in Europe.
             Saxony Land Social Security Tri-        already contributed to the exclusi-
                                                                                            The ECJ has expressly confirmed
             bunal (LSG). The LSG wanted to          on of a commercial activity in the
                                                                                            the principles which were alrea-
             know whether the compulsory             Cisal litigation. Furthermore, the
                                                                                            dy stipulated with regard to the
             membership in an institution such       compulsory membership of the
                                                                                            Italian accident insurance insti-
             as the MMBG is consistent with          occupational accident insurances
                                                                                            tution INAIL, in this respect, this
             European competition law and the        which is provided for in Germany
                                                                                            judgement can all in all be seen to
             freedom to provide services.            does not constitute a violation of
                                                                                            be a reinforcement of those acci-
                                                     the freedom to provide services.
             Referring to its previous juris-                                               dent insurance systems in Europe
                                                     In this respect, the ECJ initially
             diction in the Cisal litigation (C-                                            which provide for a compulsory
                                                     referred to its theory which has
             218/00) concerning INAIL, the                                                  membership, similar to the Ger-
                                                     been addressed on numerous oc-
             ECJ refused to conduct a review                                                man and Italian systems. In this
                                                     casions, that in view of the lack of
             of EC competition law and poin-                                                judgement, the ECJ has also con-
                                                     an harmonisation at a community
             ted out that Community Law has                                                 firmed the principles of subsidia-
                                                     level, the national legislation of
             no effect on the responsibility                                                rity (the Forum already referred
                                                     each member state determines
             of the member states as regards                                                to the relevance of the principle
                                                     the requirements subject to which
             the organisation of their social                                               of subsidiarity for the accident in-
                                                     there is a right to join a social
             security system. Furthermore,                                                  surance in its declaration from 1
                                                     security system or to which the-
             competition law is only applicable                                             December 2007). An aspect which
                                                     re is an obligation to do so. The
             to commercially operating com-                                                 should be seen to be critical and
                                                     Judges emphasised however that
             panies. An institution such as the                                             which should be observed in fu-
                                                     the member states have to adhere
             MMBG however, has a purely                                                     ture judgements is the opinion of
                                                     to Community law nevertheless.
             social responsibility in as far as                                             the ECJ that the member states
                                                     It is generally conceivable that a
             it is active within a system with                                              have to adhere to Community
                                                     compulsory membership could
             which the solidarity principles                                                law (even if they are free with
                                                     result in a restriction of the free-
             are implemented and it is subject                                              regards to the organisation of
                                                     dom to provide services as the
             to state supervision. Admittedly,                                              their national systems). This could
                                                     offering of insurance contracts in
             the ECJ left the ultimate determi-                                             create a gateway through which
                                                     order to insure occupational ac-
             nation of the existence of such a                                              it is possible to directly intervene
                                                     cidents in Germany by insurance
             system to the referring Court but                                              in the organisation of the national
                                                     countries in another country is
             the judges stipulated sufficient                                               systems, this not being intrinsi-
                                                     unappealing and furthermore,
             requirements in its grounds. With                                              cally permitted by the principle of
                                                     companies which are registered
             regard to the implementation of                                                subsidiarity. The fact that the ECJ
                                                     in Germany are prevented from
             the solidarity principles, the ECJ                                             has expressly recognised the sta-
                                                     obtaining insurance abroad. The
             reviewed the matter on the basis                                               tutory accident insurance system
                                                     judges pointed out however that
             of the judgement referred to in                                                has being a constituent part of the
                                                     the compulsory membership is

             FORUM NEWS N° 31 – 06/2009

                                                                            Forum News
(respective) social security system
should be seen to be positive. In
this respect, the judgment (as was
also the case with Cisal) should
be evaluated as being a reinforce-
ment of the statutory systems
against occupational accidents and
occupational diseases in Europe.n

                          Eva-Marie Höffer
       German Statutory Accident Insurance

                           Ilka Wölfle LL.M.
       German Statutory Accident Insurance

Forum News   Life of the Forum

             Suva receives the highest award for
             Business Excellence

                   uva, Switzerland’s leading       government. This revealed that,                       industry for whom the conclusion
                   accident insurance com-          for every franc invested with                         of accident insurance with Suva
                   pany, received the ESPRIX        Suva, 95 percent came back to                         is compulsory. Suva thus has no
             Award 2009, the Swiss quality          customers in the form of benefits.                    direct competitors in the business
             prize for Business Excellence on       In contrast, the figure is only 80                    branches that tend to have a high-
             5 March 2009. For Ulrich Fricker,      percent among private insurance                       er risk of accidents. Ulrich Fricker
             Chairman of Suva’s business            companies.                                            is convinced that it is therefore
             management, Suva’s Excellence                                                                all the more important for the
                                                    This award comes at an important
             approach is making a considerab-                                                             company to have, with its EFQM
                                                    stage for Suva, which is now in
             le contribution to the successful                                                            model for Business Excellence, a
                                                    its 90th year, since the Accident
             development of new products                                                                  system that can measure perfor-
                                                    Insurance Law (UVG) is currently
             and services.                                                                                mance and can be improved upon
                                                    being revised in Switzerland. This
                                                                                                          as required.n
             With the ESPRIX Award 2009, Su-        might result in a disadvantageous
             va has received the highest Swiss      weakening of Suva for its custo-
             award for Business Excellence. It      mers since it is continuously losing
             had already entered for the 2004       market shares due to the changes                                                         Roland Hügi
             ESPRIX company award and was           in economic structures. Suva insu-                                    
             an award winner in the category        res Swiss companies in trade and
             “major closeness to the customer”.
             For Suva, this was not a reason
             to rest on its laurels. According to
             Ulrich Fricker: “We are convinced
             that the adage, Anyone who stops
             wanting to improve stops wanting
             to be good, hits the nail on the
             head. The Business Excellence ap-
             proach is a decisive driving force
             for the successful development of
             new products and services. With
             our innovations, we aim to con-
             tribute towards optimizing Swiss
             healthcare. Our pioneering role
             in New Case Management (rein-
             tegration of accident victims) and
             Suva’s Internet-based customer
             solutions are prime examples of

             The ESPRIX Award is given for
             entrepreneurial excellence. The
             fact that Suva works extremely
             efficiently had already been con-
             firmed in a study conducted back
             in 2004 by the University of St.          Federal Councillor Ueli Maurer (right) hands over the 2009 ESPRIX Award, the Swiss Quality Prize for
             Gallen on behalf of the Swiss                                Business Excellence, to Ulrich Fricker, Chairman of Suva’s Board of Management.

             FORUM NEWS N° 31 – 06/2009

                                                                                                                                      Forum News
EUroGiP has launched a new collection:
“Statistical review of occupational injuries”

      he “Statistical review of        Eurogip exploits the countries‘       the system, to allow the reader to
      occupational injuries” pre-      official data, putting them in per-   analyse them better.
      sents the main statistical       spective based on its knowledge of
                                                                             The “Statistical reviews of occu-
data relating to accidents at work,    the occupational injury and disea-
                                                                             pational injuries” are available in
commuting accidents and occupa-        se insurance system in force. The
                                                                             French and English. They are onli-
tional diseases in EU countries.       data undergo no reprocessing. The
                                                                             ne at n
                                       comments do not aim to look for
The first three issues published in
                                       explanatory factors for the figures
2008 covered Germany, Italy and                                                                                      Isabelle Leleu
                                       presented, but merely to describe
Spain.                                                                                                                    Eurogip
                                       the underlying characteristics of                               

international Symposium „Expertise after
trauma“ - Vienna, 19 - 21 March 2009

      n International Symposium        as terminology aspects. The legal
      on „Expertise after Trau-        framework for the social insuran-
      ma“ took place in Vienna         ce against occupational risks and         Internationales Symposium
from March 19 – 21, 2009.              for the private insurance both in         Grundlagen der Begutachtung
                                       Austria and Germany constituted           nach Trauma
The Symposium was organised by
                                       one important aspect of the Sym-
the Austrian Workers’ Compensa-
tion Board (AUVA) and offered a
platform for the discussion of me-     Workshops served to present
dical expertises after traumatic in-   selected case studies; these case
juries within the insurance against    studies served to illustrate and
occupational risks. The growing        discuss the way of proceeding in
number of expertises in that field     medical expertise and the evalua-         19. - 21. März 2009
                                                                                 Vienna Marriott Hotel | Wien | Österreich
for both the social insurance          tion criteria. Vivid discussions of
against occupational risks and the     these case studies showed the im-
private insurance in that sector       pact of this question.          

has for some time now made the
                                       The particular interest of the Sym-
need for such a meeting felt.                                                The papers presented and the
                                       posium lay in the fact that the
                                                                             workshop discussions are available
Among the topics discussed we-         discussions did not only involve
                                                                             on a CD (in German only). n
re general questions relating to       physicians, but also legal experts
medical expertise, such as the         and experts in compensation. This
position and liability of the ex-      interdisciplinary approach made                                 Dr. Michael Janotka
pert, the structure, content and       the Symposium particularly inte-              Allgemeine Unfallversicherungsanstalt
aim of a medical expertise as well     resting and close to real life.                 

Forum News   Publications

             a playful way to learn prevention with Upsi

                   he responsibilities of the        centres. Parents will also have fun
                   German public sector acci-        reading out the childrens´ books
                   dent insurers include safety      which have been very attractively,
             in kindergartens and primary            lovingly and educationally skil-
             schools. Children have to know          fully written. “The anxious cactus
             what they are capable of and li-        does this with Upsi by the way.
             mits if they are going to be able to    He is a very important person. It
             determine risks correctly.              is his task to stand around and
                                                     know everything better“. and he
             Upsi, the hero of a series of books
                                                     obviously says sentences such as
             which has been published by
                                                     “only go into the water up to your
             the Berlin public sector accident
                                                     belly!“ or ”that was only a story
             insurance and the “safe house“
                                                     about pirates“.
             campaign, helps them to do so.
             In the latest story “Upsi und das       The five books in the Upsi series
             Seepferdchen“ (Upsi and the             which have been published to
             Seahorse), Upsi overcomes his hy-       date can be ordered from www.
             drophobia and encourages child-
             ren between the ages of four and        kinder for a token charge (only
             seven to also obtain confidence in      available in German). “Upsi for
             water. The previous stories con-        painting in“ can be downloaded
             cerned themselves with skin pro-        as a PDF free of charge. The Web
             tection or the safe handling of fire,   address of the public sector acci-
             movement and falling over, in           dent insurer is www.unfallkasse-
             addition to noise. The aim of the n
             colourfully illustrated books for
             reading out to children is to rein-
             force the development of children                                  Bernhard Pabst
             in that they are encouraged to re-             German Statutory Accident Insurance
             enact the stories in their day care            

             FORUM NEWS N° 31 – 06/2009

                                                                                                                                            Forum News
the word first, then the medicine, then the
scalpel – linguistic and cultural problems in
inpatient rehabilitation
                               Dressler, Dominique.    language frequently only enables        An additional focus was on socio-
        Interkulturelle Kommunikation in der stati-    them to work in jobs with a com-        cultural aspects, e.g. the different
      onären Rehabilitation nach Unfällen. Erfah-
       rungen und Ansichten der MitarbeiterInnen
                                                       paratively high accident risk (e.g.     expressions of pain, religious die-
       eines Rehabilitationszentrums zur Kommu-        construction industry, agriculture,     tary rules, customs and worship,
     nikation mit PatientInnen mit Migrationshin-      etc.) so that they account for a        the behavioural role of men and
    tergrund [Intercultural Communication in the       large proportion of those under-        women and the role of the family.
   Inpatient Rehabilitation after Accidents. Expe-     going rehabilitation. On the other      Shame and activities which are
  rience in and Views of Employees in a Rehabili-
 tation Centre on Communication with Patients
                                                       hand, rehabilitation especially has     not culturally acceptable, finally
                    with a Migration Background].      to rely on active cooperation by        the handling of sickness and disab-
                   Göttingen: Cuvillier 2009, 114 p.   the person concerned and takes          lement which each impair the
                                 ISBN 3-86727907-1.    his wishes and plans into account.      active participation of the patients
      Print version 16 euros, download 6.40 euros.     This necessitates numerous weeks        when receiving therapies, thereby
   Contents and extract:
                                                       or months of successful linguistic      possibly reducing the success of
                                                       and intercultural communication         the rehabilitation or even place it
                                                       between the facility and person         at risk.
                                                       undergoing rehabilitation along
                                                                                               The actual state which was de-
                                                       the entire rehabilitation chain.
                                                                                               scribed by the rehabilitation
                                                       The field study by Dressler, which      practitioners who were also is
                                                       was also her Master Thesis at the       then discussed and evaluated,
                                                       Danube University Krems, looked         in addition to recommendations
                                                       into which linguistic and intercul-     being summarised for putting into
                                                       tural communication problems the        practice.
                                                       Rehabilitation Centre staff has to
                                                                                               As is shown by the comprehensi-
                                                       contend with and how they solve
                                                                                               ve bibliography, a whole series of
                                                       them or – as is mainly the case
                                                                                               comparative international studies
                                                       – how they get by. 28 standar-
                                                                                               exist on language barriers and in-
                                                       dised interviews with employees
                                                                                               tercultural (mis)understanding in
                                                       along the patient path, from the
                                                                                               hospitals. As far as can be discer-
                                                       letters requesting the patient’s
                                                                                               ned, the section on rehabilitation
                                                       presence from the administration,
                                                                                               after an accident breaks ground.
                                                       to the desk officer and nursing
                                                                                               Therefore, not only the author
                                                       department, physiotherapist and
                                                                                               and publisher deserve special reco-
At the end of 2006, just under                         the doctor’s rounds form the basis
                                                                                               gnition, but especially the AUVA
one-third of the population of Vi-                     for this. The result is a flowing and
                                                                                               due to it enabling and supporting
enna were “persons with a migra-                       descriptively written vivid picture
                                                                                               the study at the Vienna Rehabili-
tion background“, most of them                         of the everyday difficulties or si-
                                                                                               tation Centre. Only the clear view
coming from former Yugoslavia,                         milar ones which can be expected
                                                                                               of reality enables consideration
Turkey and Poland. Non-native                          to be encountered in comparable
                                                                                               to be given to ways of improving
speakers account for up to 41                          facilities. The solutions are likely
                                                                                               the rehabilitation of patients with
percent of all patients in Viennese                    to be similar: they extend from
                                                                                               language and cultural barriers
healthcare facilities and hospitals.                   the kitchen assistant or the child
                                                                                               – not only in Vienna, but also in
About half of them, i.e. every fifth                   of the person undergoing rehabili-
                                                                                               numerous European metropolises.
patient in Vienna only speaks a                        tation acting as a “substitute inter-
                                                                                               Hippocrates was right when he
small amount of German or none                         preter“ to information leaflets in
                                                                                               said “the word first, then the me-
at all. The tendency in an Austrian                    foreign languages, group appoint-
accident insurance rehabilitation                      ments with an interpreter and me-
centre in the vicinity of Vienna is                    dical personnel with a knowledge                                   Bernhard Pabst
even more pronounced due to the                        of Turkish or Serbo-Croatian.                  German Statutory Accident Insurance
fact that a poor knowledge of the                                                                     

Forum News   Publications

             Spain: labour Guide 2008
             Ministry of Labour and Immigration (ed.) Labour   Guía Laboral y de Asuntos Sociales    their legal basis explained, bene-
                             Guide 2008. Madrid 2008, 496 p.   2008. This is already the 20th edi-   fits requirements and restrictions
                         ISBN 978-84-8417-310-6, 19.80 euros
                                                               tion of the standard information      listed. These obviously include
                                                               manual with information as of 11      the benefits to which there is an
                                                               April 2008 which is edited and        entitlement after an occupational
                                                               published by the Spanish Ministry     accident or occupational disease.
                                                               of Labour and Immigration. It is      Separate subsections describe the
                                                               aimed both at institutions and per-   requirements which foreign em-
                                                               sons who are professionally con-      ployees have in Spain and Spanish
                                                               cerned with Spanish labour law        employees in other EU and EEA
                                                               and social security law and the ge-   countries. As is customary in gui-
                                                               neral public. All areas of working    des of this kind, this is rounded off
                                                               life, e.g. searching for employ-      by addresses for the obtaining of
                                                               ment, trade union rights and coll-    advanced information on informa-
                                                               ective bargaining, in addition to     tion in this manual, a “systematic
                                                               the Spanish social insurance bran-    index” (i.e. a detailed table of con-
                                                               ches are dealt with in 14 chapters.   tents) simplify the orientation. The
                                                               Chapter X describes the occupatio-    Guide can be obtained from the
                                                               nal health and health and safety      social welfare attachés at the Spa-
                                                               system, Chapter XIII describing       nish embassies. n
                                                               the rights and obligations towards
                                                               the social security system. In a                                  Bernhard Pabst
             The Labour Guide 2008 is the                      standardised structure, the va-               German Statutory Accident Insurance
             English translation of the Spanish                rious benefits are enumerated,                

             FORUM NEWS N° 31 – 06/2009

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Forum News
Publications of European Forum member
(to be continued)

DGUV Publications
DGUV Kompakt                                                                                                                                              DGUV Forum                              DGUV newsletter
News from the German statutory                                                                                                                            Trade magazine for prevention, re-      Provides short and concise infor-
accident insurance                                                                                                                                        habilitation and compensation           mation on the work of the statu-
                                                                                                                                                                                                  tory accident insurance once per
It provides compact information                                                                                                                           The official journal of the Ger-
on the work of the German sta-                                                                                                                            man statutory accident insurance
tutory accident insurance. The                                                                                                                            (DGUV). It supplies information         Target group: persons interested
reader is provided with the most                                                                                                                          on the accident insurance body’s        in the German statutory accident
important background informati-                                                                                                                           organisation from an authorised         insurance
on on the latest discussions in the                                                                                                                       source. It especially includes pro-     Online, free of charge
statutory accident insurance at                                                                                                                           fessionally prepared themes on          Registration and additional infor-
first hand in the form of announ-                                                                                                                         prevention, rehabilitation and          mation:, Navigation
cements, short interviews and                                                                                                                             compensation in addition to up-         Presse > Newsletter
statements.                                                                                                                                               to-date DGUV announcements.
Target group: readers from politics                                                                                                                       Target group: specialists from com-
and business, multipliers, inte-                                                                                                                          panies, schools, universities, social
rested persons,                                                                                                                                           security tribunals, ministries or       DGUV prevention
4 pages, 10x per year, free of char-                                                                                                                      occupational health and safety au-      magazines
ge, print or online                                                                                                                                       thorities, interested persons,
Registration and additional infor-                                                                                                                        around 44 pages, 10x per year,          Will be replaced with new titles as
mation:, Navigati-                                                                                                                            annual subscription: 96 euros net       from January 2010:
on: Presse > DGUV Kompakt                                                                                                                                 of shipping
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Arbeit und Gesundheit
                                                                                                                                                          Further information: www.dguv-
                                                                                                                                                                                   Trade magazine for health and
                                                                                                                                                                                                     safety and work
   Ausgabe 3 · März 2009                                                                Deutsche Gesetzliche
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Additional information: www.


                                                                                                                          der Deutschen
                                                                                                                                                                                                  faktor arbeitsschutz
          Gewalt an Schulen                                                                                   ZUR SACHE
          Tatort                                                                                                                                                                                     Occupational health and safety
          Klassenzimmer                                                                                                            Dr. Joachim Breuer,
                                                                                                                                                                                                     information for specialists and
          Gewalt an Schulen hat viele Gesichter.
          Ein Extrembeispiel ist der Amoklauf
                                                                    sie eine psychologische Erstbetreuung
                                                                    und übernehmen die Kosten für die
                                                                                                              Ein gutes Urteil
                                                                                                                                   der DGUV
          von Winnenden, bei dem kürzlich                           weitere psychologische Betreuung.
          16 Menschen getötet wurden. Die Un-                       Bei verletzten Schülern kümmern sich      Anfang dieses Monats hat es der
          fallkassen kümmern sich um die Opfer                      die Unfallkassen um die medizinische      Europäische Gerichtshof (EuGH) nun
          von Gewalt an Schulen. Das reicht von
          psychologischer Betreuung bis hin zu
          medizinischen Leistungen und even-
                                                                    Rehabilitation und zahlen bei bleiben-
                                                                    den Körperschäden eine Rente.
                                                                    „Prävention gegen einen Amoklauf ist
                                                                                                              endgültig bestätigt: Das Monopol
                                                                                                              der Berufsgenossenschaften und
                                                                                                              Unfallkassen ist mit dem Europarecht
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Additional information: www.
          tuellen Rentenzahlungen.                                  nicht unmittelbar möglich, wohl aber      vereinbar. Auch wenn einige Kritiker
                                                                    gegen die vielen, kleinen alltäglichen    es nicht wahrhaben wollen, für den
             „Wenn es um Gewalt an Schulen                          Gewaltattacken, die ihm vielleicht vor-   Standort Deutschland ist das ein
          geht, ist ein Amoklauf die Spitze des                     angehen. Eine solche Präventionskultur    gutes Urteil. Eine gerichtlich erzwun-
          Eisbergs – wenn auch eine extreme“,                       und ein faires Miteinander können         gene Aufhebung des Monopols für
          sagt der Psychologe Dr. Dirk Winde-                       dazu beitragen, Amokläufen vorzubeu-      Versicherungen gegen Arbeitsunfälle

                                                                                                                                                                                                  kinder kinder
          muth vom BGAG – Institut Arbeit und                       gen“, so Windemuth. Daher bieten die      und Berufskrankheiten hätte für viele
          Gesundheit der DGUV. Die Spannweite                       Unfallkassen verschiedene Projekte an,    der drei Millionen Betriebe in
          der Problematik reiche vom Amoklauf                       die sich mit dem Thema Gewalt an          Deutschland vor allem eines be-
                                                                                                              deutet: höhere Beiträge. Das zeigt
                                                                    „Ein Amoklauf ist die                     eine einfache Rechnung: Derzeit
                                                                    Spitze des Eisbergs“                      fließen über 90 Prozent der Beiträge

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Magazine for educators in day
                                                                    Dr. Dirk Windemuth, BGAG
                                                                                                              in gesetzlich festgeschriebene Leis-
                                                                                                              tungen. Sie müsste auch ein privater
                                                                    Schulen beschäftigen. Sie fördern         Anbieter erbringen. Gleichzeitig hätte
                                                                    Konzepte, die das Selbstvertrauen von     er hohe zusätzliche Kosten für Finan-

                                                                                                                                                                                                     care centres
                                                                    Schülern stärken, das Schulklima          zierung und Marketing und soll
                                                                    verbessern und so Gewalt vorbeugen.       Gewinne erwirtschaften. Wie dies
                                                                    Denn allein im Jahr 2007 zählte die       ohne massive Leistungseinschränkun-
                                                                    gesetzliche Unfallversicherung etwa       gen erreicht werden soll, konnte bis-
                                                                    88.700 Unfälle, die auf aggressives       her kein Befürworter erklären. Daher
                                                       Foto: DGUV

                                                                    Verhalten von Schülern zurückgehen.       bleibt zu hoffen: Wo Sachargumente

          Die Wanderausstellung „8ung in der Schule“
          widmet sich dem Thema Gewalt an Schulen
                                                                         Eine Wanderausstellung der Initia-
                                                                    tive Gesundheit & Arbeit und der Un-
                                                                    fallkassen widmet sich nun dem Thema
                                                                    „Gewalt an Schulen“. Unter dem Titel
                                                                                                              bisher nicht gefruchtet haben, führt
                                                                                                              vielleicht das Urteil des EuGH zu
                                                                                                              einem Umdenken.
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Additional information: www.
          bis zur Prügelattacke, von der Erpres-
          sung bis zum Mobbing. Schüler, die
          Opfer von Gewaltattacken wurden,
                                                                    „8ung in der Schule“ sensibilisiert sie
                                                                    für das Problem und weist Wege auf,
                                                                    wie Schüler, Lehrkräfte und Eltern ein
          erhalten Unterstützung von den Unfall-                    gewaltfreies Klima in der Schule schaf-
          kassen. Traumatisierten Schülern bieten                   fen können.                               Dr. Joachim Breuer

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Health and safety at school (for
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Additional information: www.

Forum News   Publications

             Benefit – Suva’s customer magazine

             “benefit” is the magazine for         “benefit” provides information        issue as well as back numbers are
             customers published by Suva,          on important aspects of accident      available in PDF format from the
             Switzerland’s largest accident        insurance. It also presents all the   May 2003 issue on
             insurer. The magazine contains        new printed matter available, aids    benefit. “benefit” will also be avai-
             information of current interest       and campaigns. The magazine is        lable in an E-paper version from
             and well-researched articles tailo-   published quarterly in German,        issue no. 2/2009 on. n
             red to a wide-ranging readership.     French and Italian. The current

             AUVA Publications

             Österreichisches                      Sichere Arbeit
                                                   „Sichere Arbeit“ (Safe Work) is
             The „Österreichische Sicherheits-     the specialised magazine of the
             magazin“ (Austrian Safety Maga-       AUVA. It contains expert contri-
             zine) ist the client publication of   butions from the different disci-
             the AUVA. Its aim is to reach as      plines of occupational health and
             many clients (i.e. insured persons    safety and is primarily to serve as
             and contribution payers) to pro-      information for technical experts,
             mote a safe and healthy life style    physicians, legal experts, econo-
             and in particular safety and health   mists etc.
             at work and in education/trai-
                                                   Target groups: Safety experts, oc-
             ning. The magazine also provides
                                                   cupational physicians, employers,
             information in general about the
                                                   managers, safety inspectors and
                                                   medical inspectors, politicians and
             Target group: Large public            opinion leaders
             24 pages                              52 pages
             Print run: about 180.000              Print run: about 13.500
             Frequency: monthly, except Janu-      Frequency: bi-monthly
             ary and August                        Free of charge
             Free of charge              

             FORUM NEWS N° 31 – 06/2009
                                                                    Ad Personam

                                                                                              Forum News
New Chairman of the aUVa
                  Renate Römer became president of
                  the board of the AUVA in January
                  2009. Ms Römer is the vice-presi-
                  dent of the Austrian Federal Eco-
                  nomic Chamber and runs a road
                  tanker and specialist haulage com-
                  pany in Vienna.n

KR Renate Römer

                  Felix Weber joins Suva’s
                  executive management
                                                       Willi Morger. Willi Morger was
                                                       President of the European Forum
                                                       twice. Felix Weber was previous-
                                                       ly a member of the executive
                                                       management of a major private
                                                       health and accident insurance
                                                       company. At Suva, he is respon-
                                                       sible for the insurance services and
                                                       rehabilitation department. One
                                                       of the key concerns for the years
                                                       ahead will be the continuation
                                                       of the successful rehabilitation of
                                                       accident victims as part of New
                                                       Case Management (NCM). Since
                  Felix Weber, 43, took up his du-
                                                       2003, this has contributed towards
                  ties at Suva on 1st January 2009.
                                                       a considerable reduction in the
                  He was elected to Suva’s execu-
                                                       number of new pension awards as
                  tive management by the Swiss
                                                       well as in pension costs at Suva.n
                  government to succeed Dr. iur.

Forum News   Ad Personam

             New Chair of the dGUV Board
                                                   Ms Marina Schröder has been one        ging Director and his deputy. The
                                                   of four chairs of the German sta-      board has the same number of vo-
                                                   tutory accident insurance (DGUV)       luntary representatives from em-
                                                   board since 1 January 2009. The        ployers as it does from employees.
                                                   board of the central association of
                                                                                          Ms Marina Schröder works for
                                                   the occupational accident insuran-
                                                                                          the Federation of German Trade
                                                   ces and public sector accident
                                                                                          Unions, where she is responsible
                                                   insurers elected the 49 year-old
                                                                                          for health and safety protection.
                                                   trade union member as the suc-
                                                                                          She represents the employees
                                                   cessor of Klaus Hinne. The 67
                                                                                          as the chair of the DGUV board.
                                                   year-old retired from the office
                                                                                          Other members of the board are
                                                   which he had held for around 20
                                                                                          Dr. Hans Joachim-Wolff, Hans-
                                                                                          Gerd von Lennep (both employer
                                                   The board conducts the business        representatives) und Lothar Szych
                                                   of the DGUV and elects the Mana-       (employee representative).n

             a well deserved retirement
             for Jean-luc Marié
                                                   French national health insurance
                                                   fund for employees (CNAMTS)
                                                   and was one of the founding
                                                   members of the European Forum.
                                                   That was in June 1992. Ten coun-
                                                   tries - Germany, Austria, Belgium,
                                                   Denmark, Finland, France, Italy,
                                                   Luxembourg, Portugal and Swit-
                                                   zerland - signed the Articles of As-
                                                   sociation of the European Forum
                                                   in Florence (Italy). The CNAMTS
                                                   held a conference in October 1993
                                                   on innovative occupational risk
                                                   prevention measures, and Mr
                                                   Marié was then president of the
                                                   European Forum from June 1994
                                                   to June 1995, following Mr To-
             After thirteen years as head of the
                                                   massini for INAIL (Italy) and Mr
             French national research and safe-
                                                   Svarrer for the Arbejdsskadesty-
             ty institute INRS for occupational
                                                   relsen (Denmark). “The European
             injury and disease prevention,
                                                   Forum has enriched thinking on
             Jean-Luc Marié is retiring in June
                                                   the reparation and prevention of
             2009. The members of the Euro-
                                                   occupational injuries and diseases
             pean Forum of Insurances Against
                                                   in Europe, by showing how fun-
             Accidents at Work and Occupa-
                                                   damentally important it is to keep
             tional Diseases have known him
                                                   a specific occupational injury and
             well, because he was formerly Di-
                                                   disease insurance system”, re-
             rector of Occupational Risks at the
                                                   cently states Mr Marié.n

             FORUM NEWS N° 31 – 06/2009

                                                                                                                     Forum News
the health and safety of                                                          Meetings
posted and migrant wor-                                                           International Conference of
                                                                                  the European Forum

kers in Europe                                                                    Theme: Compensation of
                                                                                  permanent impairment re-
                                                                                  sulting from work accidents
                                                                                  and occupational diseases

      he Eurogip Discussions, to      and communication are also a
      be held in Paris on Friday 13   problem.                                               22nd-23rd June 2009
      November 2009, will cover                                                                     Paris, France
                                      What occupational health and
the as yet little discussed subject                                           
                                      safety measures should be deve-
of the health and safety of posted
                                      loped for a foreign public? What
and migrant workers in Europe.
                                      cooperation is needed between
The free circulation of workers,      public authorities and the various          36. International ISSA Collo-
included in Community legislation     protagonists? What recognition of           quium on Safety and Health
since the opening of the Euro-        a worker‘s skills and training ap-          in Agriculture
pean market, has become a reality     plies from one EU Member State
                                                                                         9th-11th September 2009
over the years. At present, EU        to another? The Eurogip Discus-
countries use migrant workers in      sions will address these questions.                          Gdansk, Poland
response to ageing of the working                                                   
                                      Programme and enrolment form
population and the late entry of
                                      at (simultaneous
young people into the labour mar-
                                      French/English translation). n              International Colloquium of
ket. From the health and safety
viewpoint, migrant workers are                                                    the ISSA International Section
over-represented in high-risk sec-                                                for Research on Prevention -
tors and in „3D“ jobs: degrading,                                Isabelle Leleu   Research on the effectiveness
dangerous and difficult. Linguistic                                   Eurogip     of prevention measures at
and cultural barriers to training                  
                                                                                  the workplace
                                                                                          14th-16th October 2009
                                                                                               Dresden, Germany

                                                                                  Healthy Workplaces -
                                                                                  A Benefit for Everybody
                                                                                  A European campaign for
                                                                                  risk assessment
                                                                                               19th October 2009
                                                                                              Dresden, Germany

                                                                                  Eurogip Discussions 2009
                                                                                  The health and safety of
                                                                                  posted and migrant workers
                                                                                  in Europe
                                                                                            13th November 2009
                                                                                                    Paris, France


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