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									     Prepare a completely defined 3d model of the plastic
    component along with specifying the draft angles,
    surface textures and maximum allowable flash.

    Buying the products in China or Korea would be
    much cheaper but the delay in getting the product
    would be more.
     How long they have been on business and what
    industries do they work for?

     If you need to manufacture a product that requires
    tight tolerances, it would be better to choose a plastic
    molding company that deals with health or
    aeronautics industry than a company that molds toys.

     Find their capabilities, specialties, the presses they
    use and how old they are?
     Find if they would be able to handle the volume you

     Lower molding costs wouldn't be an overall savings
    for you always if there is a high delay in delivery and
    the product is of lower quality.

     Check if they are a certified company and they do
    control charting?
     The location of the supplier and how will this
    impact on your working relationship?

     Choosing an injection molding company near your
    location would be much better than choosing a
    company overseas .

    Because you can just visit your supplier any time
    when issues arise instead of spending thousands of
    dollars per visit.
 Molding companies available around your location but
 selecting the best plastic injection molding company is
 always a difficult task. So we hope these steps helps
 you to find the best plastic molding company.

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