Keyboard Shortcuts by fdh56iuoui


									To save yourself some time, try using these handy keyboard shortcuts,
which should work in most Windows programs. Hold down the keys at the
same time to achieve the desired effect!

  CTRL and O                         CTRL and S                       CTRL and P
    Open a                             Save a                           Print a
   document                           document                         document

      CTRL and X                      CTRL and C                        CTRL and V
   “ Cut” something                “ Copy” something                  Paste something
        you have                        you have                      you have cut or
       highlighted                     highlighted                         copied

     CTRL and A                     CTRL and Z                       CTRL and Y
    everything in a
                                   Undo your last                   Redo your last
      document                        action                           ‘undo’

      Home                              End                                F1
   Jump to the                      Jump to the
 start of the line                 end of the line                        Help!
CTRL and Home                     CTRL and End                             F5
Jump to the start                Jump to the end                    Reload a page (in
of the document                                                     Internet Explorer)
                                 of the document

If your computer appears to crash, hold down CTRL, ALT and DEL. This will bring up a list of the
programs running. If one of them is not responding, click on it and then on End Task. This will
(usually) shut down the program so you can continue using the machine. If it still isn’ working
after about 30 seconds, hold down CTRL, ALT and DEL twice to restart the computer.

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