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Metal(Commodity) Report 30th August 2011 By Mansukh Investment and Trading Solution


30-Aug-11 Mcx Gold-October Sideways Sell around 27,000 with s/l above 27,070 for the tgt 26,630/26,500

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									Metal and Energy Watch                                             30.08.2011

Date         Exchange Commodity                     Trend           Recommendation
30-Aug-11 Mcx             Gold-October              Sideways        Sell around 27,000 with s/l above 27,070 for the tgt 26,630/26,500
30-Aug-11 Mcx             Silver-Sep                Sideways        Sell around 62,300.00 with s/l above 62,600.00 for the tgt 61,400/60,800
30-Aug-11 Mcx             Copper-Aug                Sideways        Buy around 410 with s/l below 407 for the tgt 415.00/418.00
30-Aug-11 Mcx             Natural-Gas Sep           Sideways        Sell around 180.00 with s/l above 182.00 for the tgt 177.00/175.00
30-Aug-11 Mcx             Crude Oil- Sep            Sideways        Buy around 4000.00 with s/l below 3970.00 for the tgt 4060.00/4080.00
30-Aug-11 Mcx             Nickle-Aug                Sideways        Sell around 1000.00 with s/l above 1013.00 for the tgt 980.00/972.00
30-Aug-11 Mcx             Zinc-Aug                  Sideways        Sell around 103.50 with s/l above 104.30 for the tgt 101.00/100
30-Aug-11 Mcx             Lead-Aug                  Sideways        Sell around 115.50 with s/l above 116.30 for the tgt 113.40/112.00
30-Aug-11 Mcx             Mentha -Aug               Sideways        Sell around 1150.00 with s/l above 1165.00 for the tgt 1130.00/1120.00

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 This report is for the personal information of the authorized recipient and does not construe to be any investment, legal or taxation advice to you.
 Mansukh Securities and Finance Ltd (hereinafter referred as MSFL) is not soliciting any action based on it. This report is not for public distribution and
 has been furnished to you solely for your information and should not be reproduced or redistributed to any person in any form.
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 information is subject to change without any prior notice. MSFL reserves the right to make modifications and alterations to this statement as may be
 required from time to time. Nevertheless, MSFL is committed to providing independent and transparent recommendations to its clients, and would
 be happy to provide information in response to specific client queries.

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