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									College of Business and

    California State University

                 About CSUN
 33,000 students
 1900 faculty members
 2100 staff members
 Degrees offered:
    – 64 bachelor’s
    – 50 master’s

College of Business and Economics
 6000 students
 12 undergraduate areas of study
 2 graduate programs
 One of the top ten largest Business
  Schools in the country.
 Has a great reputation with area

   Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
   Student Associations:
    – Accounting Association (AA)
    – Beta Alpha Psi (BAY)
    – Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA)
   Careers:
    – Certified Public Accountant, Tax Accountant, Certified
      Management Accountant, Auditor, IRS Agent,
      Controller, Bank Examiner
   Program is Impacted
   Double Major with Information Systems

               Business Law
 Bachelor of Science in Business
  Administration option in Business Law
 Student Association:
    – Business Law Association
   Careers:
    – Legal Support Services, Contract
      Management, Labor Negotiation, Employment
      Relations, Preparation for Law School


 Bachelor of Arts in Economics
 Careers:
    – Financial Services, Consumer Affairs,
      International Affairs, Business Consulting,
      Government Regulatory Agencies, Public
      Policy, Journalism

    Finance, Real Estate & Insurance
   Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
    with options in:
    – Finance
        consulting, financial management analysis, financial budget
         analysis, and investments
    – Real Estate
        brokerage, appraisal, finance, investment, development and
         asset management
    – Financial Services
        banking, insurance, investments, personal financial planning,
         securities, and mutual fund sales
   Student Association:
    – Student Finance Association

           Information Systems
   Bachelor of Science in Information Systems with
    options in:
    – Information Technology
    – Business Systems
   Student Association:
    – Management Information Systems Association
   Careers:
    – Database Administrator, Network Administrator,
      Systems Analyst, Information Security Specialist, End-
      user Consultant, Web Interface Designer,
      E-commerce Specialist

   Bachelor of Science in Business
    Administration with options in:
    – Management
        Management Consultant, Supervisory
         Management, Strategic and Operational Planning,
         Project Management
    – Human Resources
        HR Management, Training and Development,
         Team Management
   Student Internship Requirement

 Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  option in Marketing
 Student Associations:
    – American Marketing Association (AMA)
    – American Advertising Federation (AAF)
    – Pi Sigma Epsilon
   Careers:
    – Advertising, Marketing Management, International
      Marketing, Marketing Research, Retailing, Sales &
      Sales Management

Systems & Operations Management
 Bachelor of Science in Business
  Administration option in SOM
 Student Associations:
    – American Society for Quality
   Careers:
    – Supply Chain & Logistics Management,
      Operations Planning and Scheduling, Quality
      Management, Inventory and Materials

        Graduate Programs
 Master of Business Administration (MBA)
 Master of Science in Taxation

      Business Internship Program
   Our new Internship Program focuses on...
    – A quality experience for our students and the
      organizations they intern for.
    – Adding value to businesses by providing hard-
      working, dedicated students and helping students
      use their experience to better understand the
      business world.
    – Building connections between students and
      businesses to assist our graduates with career

Academic Advisement

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