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Researching Employers - Santa Clara Law


									Researching Employers
 Getting Your Job Search Started
How Does This Fit Into the Job
      Search Process?

                   Job Offer


            Execution of Job Search

             Market Assessment:
         Research in Print and in Person

            External Communication:
            Resume and Cover Letter

             What to Research
   Industry Trends in Business
   Trends in the Legal Profession
   Salaries
   Employers
   Types of Legal Specialties
   People
   Employment Opportunities within a Particular
   Recruitment Methods for Particular Legal
    Workplace Settings
    Researching Legal Specialties
   “A hidden connection is stronger than an obvious one.”
    Heraclitus of Ephesus
    – Resources:
         Santa Clara Law LinkedIn 1,459 members
         For SCU Undergrads: InCircle
         Faculty
         LCS social media outlets
         Programs and networking events at the school
         Print or on-line: NALP Guide to Legal Specialties,
          Career Pathways Wikis
       Asking for An Informational
Dear Mr./Ms. _____:

I am a first-year law student at Santa Clara Law. I enjoyed
reading your profile on LinkedIn and noticed that you are
engaged in ____________. I am researching legal
specialties as I prepare for the first time to enter the legal
marketplace, and would appreciate your insight regarding
___________. I realize how demanding your schedule
must be, but would appreciate it if you could find 30
minutes to spend with me. Would you be available
sometime in the next three weeks for us to get together? I
am willing to come to your office or another location that
would be convenient for you. Please let me know the
location that is most convenient to you.
     Careers in Public Interest (non-
   Primary Resource:             Organizations of
    –                 Interest:
   Secondary Resources:           – Equal Justice Works
    –, Yale Law
      School Public Service
      Careers Guide,              For More Assistance
      Harvard Law School           in the Law School:
      Public Interest              – PILCS
      Specialty Guides,
      Internships USA              – Center for Social
      (claranet)                     Justice and Public
           Careers in Small Firms
   Primary Resource:                Organizations of Interest:
    – Martindale Hubbell (not         – County Bar Associations
      exhaustive)                     – ABA General Practice Solo,
   Secondary Resources:                Small Firm Division
    – (IP)            – Specialty Bar Associations
    – Kate Patterson Quickie         Resources within the Law
      Lists (IP)                      School:
    – Bay Area Minority Summer        – Katherine and George
      Clerkship Program                 Alexander Community Law
    – Externship Past Employers         Center
                                      – High Tech Law Center
           Careers in Big Firms
   Primary Resource:           Organizations of
    – NALP Directory of          Interest:
      Employers                  – NALP or the         Association of Legal
      m                            Career Professionals
   Secondary Resources:        Resources within the
    – Individual Law Firm        Law School:
      websites                   – Fall on-campus
    – Above the Law                interviewing program
    – National Law Journal       – High Tech Law Center
         Careers in Government
   Primary Resource:                Organizations of Interest:
    – Government Honors               – National Black Prosecutors
      Handbook                        – Women Defenders
   Secondary Resources:              – California District Attorneys
    – Public Policy Internship          Association
      Handbook, Internships          Resources in the Law
      USA, CA DA and PD Hiring        School:
      Practices, PSLawNet,
      NALP’s Federal Legal            – Katherine and George
      Employment Opportunities          Alexander Community Law
      Guide, Working on Capital         Center
      Hill, Guide to Criminal         – NCIP
      Prosecution Careers, USA        – Center for Social Justice
      Jobs                              and Public Interest
Careers in a Business (Legal Dept.)
   Primary Resource:           Organizations of
    – Martindale Hubbell         Interest:
   Secondary Resources:         – American Corporate
                                   Counsel Association
    – Internships USA, Bay
      Area in-house              – Minority Corporate
      opportunities on             Counsel Association
      Claranet, externship      Resources in the Law
      database of past           School:
      employers, CalBar
      website (advanced          – Law and Business Club
      search), USPTO,
      Careers in the Courthouse
   Primary Resource:             Organizations of
    – OSCAR (post-                 Interest:
      graduate)                    – NALP
    – Court Websites               – ABA Judicial Internship
   Secondary Resources:             Opportunities Program
    – Judicial Yellow Book,       Resources within the
      Vermont State Judicial       Law School:
      Clerkship Guide, NALP        – Individual Faculty
      website                        Members
          Opportunities Abroad
   Primary Resource:            Organizations of
    – Center for Global Law       Interest:
      and Policy                  – ABA International Law
   Seconday Resources:             Section
                                      Section of International
    – PSLawNet, Finding and            Law Internships
      Funding International           Pathways to
      Public Interest                  Employment
      Intergovernmental          Resources in the Law
      Organizations,              School:
      Martindale-Hubbell          – Center for Global Law
                                    and Policy
Opportunities in the Law School
   Primary Resource:         Organizations of
    – Individual Faculty       Interest:
      Members and              – AALS
      Administrators           – ABA
   Secondary Resource:       Resources in the Law
    – SCU Law Jobs             School:
                               – Everyone!

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