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					ClearPath MCP Software
Technology Overview and Software Update
ClearPath MCP Release 12.0

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ClearPath MCP Release 12.0
Focus and Benefits

    Focus Areas                                Key Benefits
• Service-Oriented            • Point-and-click SOA enablement for
  Architecture                  entry/midrange users
                              • Reduce dependence on ClearPath-specific skills

• Real-time Infrastructure    • Increase IT’s ability to satisfy service-level
                              • Reduce the time, skill level and risk of human
                                error associated with ensuring continuous
                                availability of data and applications
                              • Increased network scalability and throughput

• Security                    • Comprehensive security reporting for
                                administrators, auditors, and regulators
                              • Additional protection for sensitive data backed up
                                to tape and transferred between computers
                              • Stronger and more flexible user identification and
                                access control

                             Available April 2008                                Page 2
Page 3
MCP 12.0 New SOA Products/Features
Business Problem                    New Product/Capability
Secure, automated deployment of     ClearPath ePortal Business for
applications in Web, mobile, and    entry/midrange MCP clients. New
Web Services environments           Product

Tool to develop and deploy rich high JBoss Application Server 4.2.0
performance Java applications in a provides a new release of this market-
secure environment                   leading open source enterprise Java

Reduce dependence on DMSII          Database Operations Center
design skills                       integration with Embarcadero ER/Studio
                                    provides the ability to manage DMSII
                                    database schemas rather than having to
                                    learn the proprietary DASDL language.

                                                                            Page 4
  ClearPath SOA
  ClearPath Java opportunities
• Develop composite applications
  (Composite = Existing applications + packages + new Java or
  .Net components)

• Integrate existing ClearPath applications and
  Java applications
• Develop new ClearPath–based Java
  applications or components
• Integrate ClearPath-based applications and
  data with Java applications on any platform
• Access external databases and applications on
  any platform from ClearPath applications
• SOA-enable your applications
• Use industry standard skills and tools to
  develop ClearPath Java solutions

                                                                Page 5
   ClearPath MCP
   JProcessor Java Run-Time

  All access,
                           MCP Environment
 and recovery
   via MCP
                            Java Environment (J2SE 5.0, JBoss, Tomcat)
Transparent Migration
User Access                                  Java Applications
• Web browser
                                DTP         COMS                           Hibernate
• Java clients
                              Resource    Resource
                               Adapter     Adapter                JDBC Driver
Tools available
• Administration
• Development tools          COMS Transaction Server       SQL Query Processor
• Monitoring tools
                               DTP         COMS
  Intel-based JProcessor        TP
  appliance                                 TP

  MCP CMOS                     DMSII       DMSII          DMSII                 DMSII

                                                                                    Page 6
    ClearPath MCPvm
    Java Run-Time
  All access,
                        MCP Environment
 and recovery
   via MCP
                         Java Environment (J2SE 5.0, JBoss, Tomcat)
Transparent Migration
User Access                               Java Applications
• Web browser
                             DTP         COMS                           Hibernate
• Java clients
                           Resource    Resource
                            Adapter     Adapter                JDBC Driver
Tools available
• Administration
• Development tools       COMS Transaction Server       SQL Query Processor
• Monitoring tools
                            DTP         COMS
    Intel-based Java         TP          TP
    Intel-based MCP         DMSII       DMSII          DMSII                 DMSII

                                                                                 Page 7
 Java Environment

• Java J2SE 5.0 (Java Virtual Machine) new                    MCP 11.1 & 12.0
  –   Metadata
  –   Generic types
  –   Concurrency utilities
  –   Monitoring and management instrumentation
• JBoss J2EE application server
  – Makes it easy to develop, deploy, and manage
    enterprise Java applications
  – A professional open source software product with no
    software license fees
  – Unisys / JBoss Inc. partnership offers JBoss Enterprise
    Application Platform Subscriptions:
       • Support (9x5 or 24x7) and bug fixes
       • New versions

                                                                         Page 8
 Integrated Development Environment
• Standard platform for application development tools
                                                          Java      Web
   – Open source (no software license charges)            Tools     Tools
   – Runs on a wide range of operating systems
• Open, extensible architecture, based on plug-ins
• Attracting a community of tool developers
• Use to develop composite applications
   – Java components
   – Existing MCP-based applications and data                Platform
• All-in-One Package integrates
   –   Open source Eclipse IDE
   –   Recommended/tested open source Eclipse plug-ins
   –   Eclipse extensions provided by Unisys               SQL      Other
   –   Eclipse Web Enabler plug-in                       Explorer   Tools
• Availability: download on eCommunity

                                                                    Page 9
DMSII Database
Design and Maintenance

 • Current DMS II Database environment
   – Describe the physical and logical characteristics of
     the database, via DASDL
   – Challenge for new staff
 • A new alternative
   – Edit on a PC using Database Operations Center and
     Embarcadero ER/Studio
   – Visualize and edit DMSII schemas
   – Deploy on a ClearPath MCP Server
 • Create new DMSII database schemas
 • Import relational database schemas to DMSII
 • Maintain and update existing DMSII database

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Real-Time Infrastructure

                           Page 11
 MCP 12.0 New RTI Products/Features
Business Problem                        New Product/Capability
Reduce the time, skill level and risk   Business Continuity Accelerator
of human error associated with          automates the process of moving an
ensuring continuous availability of     application workload to a alternate server
data and applications                   and getting it running. New Product
Satisfy service-level agreements        Workload Management enhancements
with business units                      – Runaway program detection
                                         – Batch job elapsed time completion goals
Reduce dependence on scarce
MCP tuning skills                        – Throttles for I/O, COMS and DMSII usage
                                         – Conflicts and bottleneck report
Increased network scalability           TCP/IP support for IPv6 increases the
                                        number of network addresses available
Improved TCP/IP network                 TCP/IP high-performance data transfer
throughput                              (aka window scale factor)
Reduce the amount of time               Software License Management
managing software license keys          enhancements: Improved reporting

                                                                                 Page 12
   Business Continuity Accelerator

• Enables continuous availability of applications and data
                                                                    MCP 12.0
• Accelerates and automates
   – Relocating workload and data from a primary to an alternate
   – Restarting a workload on an alternate server.
• Reduces
   – Downtime
   – Required skill level
   – Risk of human error
• Makes the process repeatable and predictable
• Can help reduce the number of dedicated BC servers by
  repurposing servers (e.g. Development/test to BC)
• No distance limitations (aligned with data replication product)
• Introduced on MCP 12.0 as an optional software product

                                                                          Page 13
    Business Continuity Accelerator
    Complete Solution
Works with a data replication product (one is
•   EMC Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF)
•   EMC MirrorView
•   SafeGuard Duplex
•   Host-based mirrored disk (MCP OS feature)
Can be used with
• SMA OpCon/xps
• Remote Database Backup
• Mirrored disk enhancement products
     – SAN Mirror Disk Manager
     – SAN StoreSafe Manager
     – SAN Spare Disk Manager

                                                Page 14
Unisys Business Continuity Accelerator
     Primary Site                              Alternate Site

  Business                                              Business
 Continuity                                            Continuity
 Accelerator               Network                     Accelerator

  Operating                                             Operating
 Environment                                           Environment
    Image                                                 Image
   Enabler          Data Replication Product             Enabler

Available on all ClearPath MCP servers that support MCP 12.0

                                                                     Page 15
    Automation Avoids Manual Steps

Uses automation to                      Avoid manual steps - multiple utilities
• Transfer resources                    • Halt both systems (Server Control)
   –   Storage subsystem                • Make the disk drives available to the
   –   Software license keys              alternate server (EMC Navisphere or
                                          Control Center)
   –   Halt/Load parameters
                                        • Make partition configuration changes
   –   USERDATA file contents             (LOADER)
   –   Network addresses
                                        • Change Halt/Load units and load a
   –   HOSTNAME                           partition (Server Control)
• Activate image enabler                • Deal with the DEAD 431 system stops
• Halt/Load alternate server            • Copy the SYSTEM/KEYSFILE (Native
                                          File Transfer, tape or CD-ROM)
• Restart jobs – even if servers have
  different e-mode levels               • Activate Image Enablers (system

                                                                               Page 16
   Workload Management

• Simplifies management of ClearPath MCP
• Maintains Service Level Agreements
• Improves performance of critical
• Specifies operations policy in
  business terms
• Reduces the need for MCP-specific
  performance-tuning skills
• Included in the operating environment
• Available on all ClearPath MCP servers
  that support MCP 12.0
• Significant MCP 12.0 enhancements

                                           Page 17
Resource management
• Runaway Program protection
  – Each performance goal for a workload group in any policy can
    optionally specify conditions that determine when an individual
    program in the group is considered a runaway program
  – The specified conditions fall into two categories:
      • Resource consumption rate limits: Sustained CPU, IO, or DMS
        rates over a time period
      • Resource consumption maximums
          – Total Elapsed or CPU time
          – Total IO or Database operations
  – Automatic responses to detected events are provided
  – Useful on metered servers
• Elapsed time goal
  – Useful for batch jobs with completion deadlines
  – Specifies a desired completion time for tasks within a Workload
  – Based on “baseline statistic” data of previous runs

                                                                      Page 18
Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)
• The successor to the current Internet Protocol version 4 for
  use on the global Internet
• More addresses – IPv4 provided 232. IPv6 provides 2128
• Improved authentication and privacy: IPsec mandatory
• Automatic configuration of host IP addresses
  – Stateless Autoconfiguration Protocol
• Neighbor Discovery Protocol
  – Replaces ARP, ICMP Router Discovery, ICMP Redirect
• Subject to US Government export control (packaged in the
 operating environment encryption option)

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           Page 20
MCP 12.0 New Security Products/Features
Business Problem                       New Product/Capability
Security administrators, auditors,     Locum Secure Audit provides a solution with
and regulators need reports on         reports that are relevant, non-technical, readable
security events and violations         and concise New Product
Protect     When in databases          Tape Encryption enhancements: DMSII dump to
sensitive   backed-up to tape          disk, and incremental/accumulated dumps
            While being transferred    TCP/IP support for IPsec provides a mechanism
            between computers          for encrypting and/or authenticating data at the
                                       packet level when using IPv6
            When in files being        FTP support for explicit TLS/SSL (Transport
            transferred between        Layer Security and its predecessor, Secure
            computers                  Sockets Layer)
Improved security on development       Permanent directory databases enable common
systems                                database access without having to use common
                                       usercodes or chargecodes
Enhance identification and access      Case-sensitive passwords increase the number
control with stronger, more flexible   of possible passwords

                                                                                      Page 21
Locum SecureAudit

• Security reporting is required by many organizations
   – Security officers, administrators and managers
   – Internal and external auditors
   – Government examiners and regulators
• SecureAudit delivers security reports for MCP servers
   –   Security events extracted from the SUMLOG file
   –   Relevant - each targets a specific security issue
   –   Non-technical - technical jargon is avoided
   –   Readable - layouts are clear and friendly
   –   Concise - extraneous information is omitted
   –   Fast-executing - efficient processing
   –   One or more log files per report
   –   Reports for specific time intervals
• Optional software product

                                                           Page 22
Protection of Sensitive Data

• Public concern about data privacy is at an all time high
  – Legislation requiring notification of people impacted by suspected
  – Several well-publicized recent events where sensitive personal or
    financial data was compromised

• Security of offsite data is a key issue
• Need to use sensitive data at disaster recovery
• MCP 12.0 introduces new features to help protect
  sensitive data -- all require the Operating Environment
 Encryption Option and encryption-capable hardware

                                                                         Page 23
 Tape Encryption

Software tape encryption capabilities in a single
optional software product
• Encrypt/decrypt library maintenance tapes and CDs
• Make an encrypted/decrypted copy of an existing tape
• Encrypt data while stacking several tapes onto a
  single stacked tape
• Decrypt data while unstacking a stacked tape onto
  several tapes
• Encrypt/decrypt DMSII database data on audit
  and dump tapes
• Encrypt/decrypt DMSII database data in dumps
  copied to tape: disk dumps, accumulated dumps,
  and incremental dumps

                                                         Page 24
IP Security (IPsec)

• Protect sensitive data while it is being transferred between
• Authenticates and/or encrypts each IP packet in a data
• Includes protocols for cryptographic key establishment
• Uses policies to define security at the MCP-to-network
  boundary. IP packets can be:
   – Forbidden from being transmitted unencrypted (DISCARD)
   – Allowed to be transmitted unencrypted (BYPASS)
   – Encrypted prior to transmission (PROTECT)
• Provided for IPv6 only
• Subject to US Government export control (packaged in the
  operating environment encryption option)

                                                                 Page 25
Securing FTP with Explicit SSL/TLS

• Can protect sensitive data in files being
  transferred between computers
• Use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport
  Layer Security (TLS) protocols is dynamically
  negotiated so that only the sensitive portions of an
  FTP session are secured
• Defined in RFC 4217
• Included in the operating environment

                                                         Page 26
Databases in Permanent Directories

         • Can improve security on development and
           test systems
         • Removes the dependence on the use of
           shared usercodes or chargecodes
         • Enables administrators to monitor access by
         • Provides the ability to move between
           logically identical databases by simply
           changing the DATAPATH task attribute
         • Does not affect existing databases unless
           explicitly invoked
                                                     Page 27
 Case-Sensitive Passwords
• Enhance identification and access control with
  stronger, more flexible passwords
• Increases the number of possible passwords
  to make hacking more difficult
• Controlled by a new security option
  CASESENSITIVEPW. When this option is set:
  – Passwords containing lowercase characters /
    some special characters do not need to be
    enclosed in quotation marks (“”) to retain case
  – Password characters are not automatically

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ClearPath MCP Software
Release Strategy

                         Page 29
ClearPath Software Release Strategy

What’s Changing            Old          New         When
Major (x.0) release        30           42          MCP 11.0
support duration           months       months      OS2200 11.0
Time between major         12-15        18-24       MCP 11.0 to 12.0
(x.0) releases             months       months      OS2200 11.0 to 12.0

What’s not changing
• Unisys will continue to support interim (x.1, x.2, and so on) software
  releases for as long as the underlying major (x.0) release is supported.
• Unisys will continuously deliver new software products and features each
  year between major releases via
   – Interim (x.1, x.2) releases
   – Independent releases
   – Downloadable interim corrections

                                                                             Page 30
ClearPath MCP Releases

   Release          Release Date            End of Support
  MCP 10.0             April 2005             October 2007
  MCP 10.1           October 2005             October 2007
  MCP 11.0             April 2006             October 2009
  MCP 11.1             April 2007             October 2009
  MCP 12.0             April 2008             October 2011

             Future dates are subject to change

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