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					               A modern solution for
The ever present issues of Telworking
   Reduced cost of Travel expenses
    ◦ Visual interaction with other employees capable without being
      face to face
    ◦ Allow strategic meetings and updates without costly transatlantic
    ◦ Very easy to use and set up
   Use on mobile devices
    ◦ Receive updates on the fly, and allows conferencing outside of
      business premises. Many employees already have phones capable
      of video conferencing, and are requesting Iphones for work
      (Robinson, 2009)
    ◦ More eco-friendly than flying: “say you make an hour's worth of
      calls every day for a year: that's the same amount of CO2 as flying
      from London to New York” (Solomon, 2010)
   Can use existing infrastructure
    ◦ Current premises already have enterprise speed broadband
    ◦ Needs very little in the way of hardware capability to run: existing
    ◦ Mobile phone network infrastructure already in place
    Webcams cost very
    little, and several video
    conferencing packages
    are open source ie
    Skype & Bigbluebutton
    (pictured left)
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