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                HUTT HOUSING FORUM
                   April 17th, 2009

           Housing New Zealand – Lower Hutt office
              Cnr Rutherford and Margaret Streets
                          Lower Hutt

Welcome & Karakia          Chair: Iris Pahau


Annette Baker              Housing New Zealand Corporation
Cheryl Davies              Tu Kotahi Maori Asthma Trust (TKMAT)
Kevin Edmunds              Housing New Zealand Corporation
Chris Fernie               Housing New Zealand Corporation
Lou Haddock                Regional Public Health
Grenville Hendricks        EnergySmart
Fara Leasuasu              Pacific Health Service – Hutt Valley
Tracey Moore               Housing New Zealand Corporation
Iris Pahau                 Community Taskforce (chair)
Pauline Prentice           Ministry of Social Development
Terry Quirke               Regional Public Health
Lynda Ryan                 Tu Kotahi Maori Asthma Trust
Neil Smiler                Te Puni Kokiri
Helen Viggers              He Kainga Oranga, University of Otago - Wellington
Julie Williamson           Regional Public Health

Rosalind Barry             Dept of Internal Affairs
Melanie Chadwick           Ministry of Social Development
Leanne Campbell            Hutt City Council
Shirley Cressy             Earthlink
Graham Sewell              Hutt City Council
Alan Sanders               Ministry of Social Development
Shayne Nahu                Hutt Valley DHB
Lisa Tukuroa               Ministry of Social Development

1. Matters arising/actions outstanding from previous Minutes 20/02/09

           COMPLETE: Action points complete
           Forum minutes uploaded to wiki                                                             TKMAT
           Contact Joy Cooper WDHB: landlord successes                                                Julie
           Volunteer as hosting locations for Forum meetings in 2009                                  ALL
           EnergySmart to provide contract files to Julie at RPH                                      Grenville
           Iris to provide interim coordination files to Julie at RPH                                 Iris
           Revise all operational procedures to achieve the new target and criteria                   TKMAT/ESL
           Discontinue any landlord recruitment, use of landlord panui etc                            TKMAT/ESL
           Suspend DHB landlord letter mail out                                                       Julie
           Those responsible undertake reports for P&F meeting                                        TKMAT/ Iris
           Clarify accountability around report requirements and inform Forum                         P&F group
           Clarify governance and responsibilities of other HHHP functions, contracts etc             P&F group

           STILL TO DO: Action points outstanding
           EnergySmart to provide contract files to Julie at RPH                                      Grenville
           Iris to provide interim coordination files to Julie at RPH                                 Iris
           Evaluation group minutes to Julie for circulation                                          Iris
           – Notes from meeting not available. Date of next meeting to be set

           Look at linking hospitalisation data to HHHP – for evaluation                              Helen
           -   this requires HHHP consent form to include permission to access to hospital records.
           To be included on Operational Group agenda - review of all consent documents.              TKMAT

-   Other matters arising:
       The presentation by Helen Viggers at February‟s Forum on Hutt Valley health and social data,
       entitled „Profile of Community, Place and Education‟ can obtained by contacting:

2. Healthy Homes Healthy People

    a. Operations Group (key items arising from Operations Group minutes: 27/3/09)
       HSA visits to houses can't be insulated
       Concern was raised that nurses are not funded to do HSA visits unless houses complete
       insulation phase of the programme. To clarify this, Shayne Nahu responded by email:

                 HVDHB fund the nurses to undertake the H and S Assessments for the HHHP, this is
               related to but separate to the house assessments. It is a point of the difference and is key
               to the programme.
                 The number of houses insulated is a target to meet re the funding from HVDHB and
               EECA for insulation costs. This is separate from funding the nurse positions.
                  The nurses are able to visit all houses referred, however the limiting factor is their time
               and we need to keep talking about that.

       Nurses were pleased to get this clarification; with aim to accommodate visits to the extra 20-25
       clients affected, by end of June.

       Case studies
       Need to develop stories about cases where insulation made a difference to health and social
       outcomes. To be included in the Annual Report (see below).

       Referral sources
       80% coming from word-of-mouth, not service providers. TKMAT is assisting clientele in
       connecting them with a service provider, perhaps PHO community worker, where necessary.
       Some instances reported of GPs charging for a separate appointment to sign the application form,
       or saying clients are „not sick enough‟. Need to reduce barriers to whanau getting involved in the

       Pauline reported she has been visiting all PHOs – giving out pamphlets.

       Issue discussed around possible misrepresentation by referring agency around boarder/landlord
       related parties. Tracey noted that this is a work issue to raise with the referring service provider to
       ensure it is not obtaining public funds by deception. HHF need to clarify policy on this to referring

       Nurses continuing development of separate database for any health information to address
       privacy concerns.

       DBH / landlord strategy
       Following the suspension of any mail out to landlords as earlier discussed, there is potential to
       promote HHHP at DBH new landlord seminar Lower Hutt 11 June. Dahna Bond confirmed by
       email that:
               The landlord presentation is structured in a way that there is no formal opportunity through
               the presentation for someone to present information on this initiative.

               However the facilitator can mention this initiative, and refer people to brochures available
               as well as someone there to discuss this initiative over the cup of tea break at the end of
               the seminar. I found that people stayed for about half and hour for questions and

     b. Planning & Funding Group
     Minutes from 6/3/09 as reported and distributed. No matters arising.
     Contract between TKMAT and EnergySmart November 08 – Jun 09 signed and filed.

     c. Evaluation Group
     What do we want to know? This will drive Evaluation needs.
     We already know insulation improves health. Do we need to know more about the processes of
     the health intervention.
     What is different about this programme? Community involvement makes it differ from others.
     Iris requested that Andrea (UHCC) is chairing this pending someone to run this committee with
     evaluation expertise. She requested support from members of the Forum who had this expertise
     to assist in the scoping and definition of the Research agenda.

      HSAs for 20-25 non-insulated “closed” clients                                           PHNs
      Prepare case study stories                                                              TKMAT
      RPH database – in progress                                                              PHNs
      P& F group – make policy on problem referral – on agenda for next meeting               P&F
      Decide on involvement in DBH landlord event                                             Iris/Cheryl
      Evaluation group chair; seek expertise from partner agencies                            All

3. HCNZ National Healthy Housing Programme
     Tracey Moore reported on progress of the programme in Hutt Valley. With a target of 130 homes
     in the current year, 137 are completed with a quarter of the year still to run.
     As a result of the $3m extra funding announced by the Govt in February, upgrades to approx 40
     bathrooms in the Hutt Valley is now being implemented.
     Lou reported the HNZC PHN workload was manageable.

4. Draft Annual Report
     a. Review
     General discussion about progress and content. Agreed that full financial disclosure of retrofitting
     income and expenditure is not required in the report. Any feedback to be sent to Iris as track
     b. Printing
     RPH to print 100 reports at HVDHB facility. Explore possibility of folders to include pamphlets etc.
     c. Distribution
     Report to be „launched‟ at 19 June forum. (planned to be held at Great Start)

      Rework financial to focus on operational coordination not retrofitting.                 Cheryl
      Include case study stories                                                              Lynda/Lou
      Feedback on any content to be sent by mid May                                           All
      Plan hui around report launch and Forum at Great Start, catering by Kokiri              TKMAT
      Source folders, organise printing                                                       Julie

5. Co-Chairs
     Nominations for Co-Chairs to be provided on nominations form (attached at end of these
     minutes). The TOR calls for two chairs. Both positions are vacant. Pia Searancke resigned
     effective 9 April as her secondment came to an end. Election to be held at Forum on 19 June if
     more than two nominations. It was noted that HNZC does not have a default position as co-chair.

      Send nominations to Iris                                                                All
      Remind Forum participants of election if required                                       Julie

6. Curtain Bank
       Iris summarised the proposal to establish a region-wide curtain bank (outlined in detail in
       Operations Group minutes 27/3). Initial progress on this is underway with stakeholders from
       CCDHB and Sustainability Trust, together with Earthlink – an Upper Hutt based agency who will
       be the location.
             Some discussion on whether there are risks to bring this under the umbrella of HHF.
                Members present were largely supportive of the programme as part of HHF. Iris proposed
                to invite both CCDHB and Sustainability Trust to become HHF participants.
             Proposal to talk to other housing Forums in greater Wellington to join in with the curtain
             TKMAT plan to visit Bay of Plenty to assess the operation of a curtain bank there.
             Suggestions for possibility of MSD funding for coordination or installers.
             Need to consider curtain tracks.
             Possibility to mention in HCC rates demand newsletter.
             Kevin raised a concern that having a „selling arm‟ might compete with retailers who might
                be partnering the programme.
             HNZC to become involved as HNZC clients could be high users.

        All Forum members to action how they can contribute to the development of the            All
        Curtain bank.
        Visit established curtain bank for research                                              Cheryl

7. General Business
     a. DIA Review
       Iris participated in a DIA-led review on lessons learned in different „Healthy Housing‟ collaboration
       models. Will report back on questions to Evaluation group.

       b. 2009/10 contracts
       In May / June EnergySmart apply for more contracts with EECA.
       Need to consider 2009/10 targets. 150 completed in 2008/09 looks likely to be comfortably
       achieved. (As at 21/4/09 83 homes completed, with a further 60 in process)
       Lynda expressed hope that paying landlords would not be reinstated in the new year‟s criteria.

        P & F next meeting prioritises planning and funding sources                              P&F
        DHB to indicate how it might support for targeted high health needs                      Cheryl

       c. EnergySmart Memorandum of Understanding
       Grenville tabled a draft MoU to explain the relationship between HHF and EnergySmart.

        HHF members review and comment on MoU draft (attached to these minutes)                  All

Karakia: Neil Smiler

Next meeting: 9.00am – 12.00pm 19 June 2009
        Confirm Taita/Pomare location. Great Start premises?                                     Pauline


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