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Richardson Local History Books
 3.50      Avro Manchester Aircraft Company
 3.50      Bailey Wall Memories - Growing up in
           Walkden 1934-1947
 5.25      Barton Bridges. Glen Atkinson.              The story of the bridges and aqueducts at the ancient
                                                       crossing point at Barton-upon-Irwell, Lancashire. Stone
                                                       road bridges, stone aqueduct, iron swing bridge and
                                                       aqueduct and finally a high level steel road bridge
 5.25      Belle Vue. R Nicholls                       Detailed account of the zoo and the amusement park
 3.75      For Better or Worse. Emily                   Her life from her marriage, in 1938, to 1945 when her
           Glencross.                                  husband returned home after being prisoner of war for
                                                       three years.
 4.75      Blackleach & North Walkden
                                                       Glen Atkinson , P.Hagerty, Annie Surtees
 3.25      Breakfast at Windsor
 5.00      Broughton and Cheetham
 5.25      The Canal Duke's Colleries. G               Story of Duke of Bridgewater's collieries and
           Atkinson                                    underground canal system over 200 years. Illustrated
                                                       with maps and photographs.
 4.75      Church Street, Eccles - from village        The story of a street from earliest times to the present
           lane to high street. H. Wickham.            day.
 3.00      Coal Cotton and Canal
 5.75      Cross Lane by Tony Flynn
 4.25      Dance Band Days around                      Stories of dance bands from 1920s to 1980s. The
           Manchester. F Pritchard.                    music of the times
 4.00      The Duke's Other Village. Bert              The Roe Green Story. Early days, the first schools, the
           Tyldesley                                   Methodists, the Victorian age, the village at work, the
                                                       Co-op, village worthies, the Tydesleys, wartime,
                                                       football and cricket on the Green, politics,
                                                       entertainments, the Temperance movement, modern
 3.75      Eccles Cinema
 4.25      An Excellent Dish                           Tales of the Lancashire Tripe Trade.
 5.00      Fallen in Flight
                                                       N & S Richardson. Record of over 700 Farnworth and
                                                       Kearsley men who died in the Great War. Illustrated
                                                       with maps, photographs and portraits of the men.
 5.25      Flying Bombs over the Pennines. P J         Story of the V-1 attack aimed at Manchester 24th
           C Smith                                     December 1944. Carried out by KG53 Bomber Unit.
 3.50      The German Prisoner of War Camp
           at Leigh, 1914-1919 by L Smith.
                                                       Lilford Mill was new in 1914 and converted into a camp
                                                       for 1800 German POWs. This is a record of the camp
                                                       until their release in 1919. Illustrated. A5 84pp.

 5.25      Hanky Park by Tony Flynn
 6.25      Hell Let Loose                              Neil Drum and Roger Dowson. The story of the 7th
                                                       Lancashire Fusiliers. It deals with the battalion's
                                                       service from August 1914 and covers its time in Egypt
                                                       and then fighting at Gallipoli from May until December
                                                       1915. Well illustrated. Shows battles and trenches.
                                                       Lists casualties
 4.50      Home to Stay by J G Atherton                . Stretford in the Second World War: authentic record
                                                       of the time by a Stretford teenager.
5.25    Industrial Revolution & Social Reform
4.50    Irlam O' Height
4.25    It's All Different Now

4.25    Tales of Manchester Jewry and           M Dobkin. Collection of articles covering many aspects
        Manchester in the Thirties              of Manchester Jewish history.
4.75    More Tales of Jewry                     M Dobkin. Collection of articles covering many aspects
                                                of Manchester Jewish history.
5.25    Manchester's Little Italy
2.00    For the Love of Ada
5.75    Luftwaffe Over Manchester 1940-         Peter J C Smith. The story of the air raids which have
        1944                                    passed into Manchester's history as 'The Blitz'.
                                                Includes lists of casualties in Manchester, Stretford
                                                and Salford.
5.25    Lower Broughton

3.75    Manchester Bolton Bury Canal
4.75    The Manchester Fighters by D            A celebration of the famous fighters of the 1920s and
        Fleming                                 1930s. Boxing booths, the Collyhurst Stable, Belle
                                                Vue. Managers and money.
5.50    Manchester Ship Canal
5.50    The Manchester Village
2.50    Patients are People
3.50    Radical Salford by R & E. Frow
4.25    Rothchild in Manchester
5.75    Salford Pubs 1 - Chapel Street,
        Greengate & Adelphi
5.75    Salford Pubs 2 - Islington, Ordsall,
        Oldfield Rd, Regent Rd, Broughton,
        Cross Lane, Broad St, Hanky Park,
        Brindleheath, Charlestown
5.75    Salford Pubs 3 - Weaste
17.50   Salford Pubs Set
5.00    Salford in the 1900 by Roy Bullock
5.50    Salford in the 1914 by Roy Bullock
5.75    Salford in the 1920's by Roy Bullock
5.00    Salford in the 1940 by Roy Bullock
4.75    Salford in the 1966 by Roy Bullock
4.00    Memories of the Salford Blitz,          Recollections of people who lived through the 22nd-
        Christmas 1940 by S Wright              23rd December 1940 bombing of Salford. Includes Roll
                                                of Honour. Illustrated with photographs.
3.00    Salford Boy Goes to War -
                                                Account of author's wartime experiences from his
        W Brereton.
                                                enlistment in 1939 in the Royal Artillery and the 81st
                                                Welsh Field Regiment. The book is a series of
                                                descriptions of incidents he experienced.
2.75    Salford Boy
3.50    Salford Cinema
2.75    Salford in Print
5.75    Gods Own' Salford 1st Pals
                                                Intended as a memorial to the original volunteers of
                                                the 15th (Service) Battalion, Lancashire Fusiliers. It
                                                tells the story of the men of the 'First Salfords', from
                                                raising of the battalion in September 1914 to its virtual
                                                destruction on 1 July 1916. A4, 83pp.
4.75    Spark on Salford
4.50    True Romance Manchester Dances
5.00    Tugs, Barges and Me
5.00    Under the Smoke
3.75    Where's Mi Chunks Mam
4.75    Waterways
5.25     Worsley in the Eighteenth Century by    Using the Duke of Bridgewater's 18th century estate
         Helen Wickham.                          maps, the author describes the evolution of the
                                                 Worsley landscape. Includes 1764 Manor Map.
                                                 Revised edition, 2004, with additional information on
                                                 such things as agriculture and other industries,
                                                 villages, hamlets & halls
4.75     Working Class Housing in Mcr.           John St, Irk Town 1826-1936
5.75     Worsley Textile Mills
4.25     Visitors to Manchester                  L. D. Bradshaw. A Selection of British and Foreign
                                                 Visitors' Descriptions of Manchester from c1538 to
4.50     Zeppelin Over Lancashire. P J C
                                                 The story of air raids on Lancashire in 1916 and 1918.
                                                 All known sites where bombs landed have been
                                                 charted and interviews with surviving eyewitnesses are
                                                 included. Illustrated with maps
5.25     Industrial Revolution & Social Reform   Concise and readable account of Manchester during
         in the Manchester Region. M Bee.        the Industrial Revolution. Well illustrated with
                                                 engravings, posters, documents,
Maps & Censuses
2.255   Alan Godfrey Maps – Salford & selected surrounding areas
4.50    Bancks' Plan of Manchester & Salford 1831
5.50    Green's Map
3.50    Manchester & Salford Directories

Local History Books
9.99      Around Manchester
9.99      Greater Manchester
6.95      Hobson’s Choice
2.50      Blundell’s Collieries 1766-1966
2.50      Bridging the Years
5.00      A Civic History of Salford
4.00      Give my regards to Broad St
6.95      Greetings from Old Salford by Ted Gray
1.50      Guiltless Feast by Derek Antrobus - The rise of the modern vegetarian Movement
1.50      Journeys on the Underground Canal 1765-1998
3.50      Manchester Buses
8.99      Manchester over the last hundred Years
7.50      Manchester Trams & Buses by Ted Gray
4.95      My Salford - Poems by Albert Armstrong
2.00      Olden Days - Golden Days - Memories of Seedley and Langworthy
4.25      Paupers Venture, Children’s Fortune
5.95      Recollections of Salford
3.50      Salford Buses
9.95      Salford By The Sea (Salford Children's Holiday Camp)
6.99      Salford in Old Photographs
2.50      Salford - My Home Town
7.50      Salford Quays - The Story of Manchester Docks by Ted Gray
3.00      Swinton and Pendlebury Remembered
4.75      The Belle Vue Story
9.95      The Changing Face of Salford
18.00     The Making of Victorian Salford
6.95      The Manchester Man
2.99      The Samuel L Coulthurst Photographs (Victorian Salford & Manchester)
5.99      The Victorian Craft Book
5.99      The Victorians in Britain
4.95      Trafford Park Tramways, 1897-1946 Ted Gray
9.95      Underground Britain
1.50      Worsley and The Bridgewater Canal
3.50      A Glimpse of Walkden by Ann Monaghan
15.95     Underground Manchester by K.Warrender
12.99     Salford Past - published by Manchester Evening News
Hobbies & Interests Books
5.99     My Victorian Home
         A civic History
7.6      Salford Choral Society
8.99     Capital Punishment
7.99     Lancashire Lassies, Their Lives and Crimes
8.99     Manchester - The Sinister Side
7.99     Police News
7.99     Through the Keyhole
7.99     When the Light Go Down
13.50    Theodore Major Catalogue
35.00    Adolph Valette by Celine Lyons
13.49    Scrapbook 1960s by Robert Opie
13.49    Scrapbook 1970s by Robert Opie
13.49    Scrapbook Royal by Robert Opie
13.49    Scrapbook 1950s by Robert Opie
13.49    Scrapbook Victorian by Robert Opie
9.00     Chimney Pot Park by Harold Riley
9.99     Street Dogs by Harold Riley

Children’s Books
5.99    Katie and the Mona Lisa
5.99    Katie and the Sunflowers
5.99    Katie's Picture Show by James Mayhew
3.95    The Mare's Tale
3.99    Pedro the Pirate, by M.Gower & R.Walker
3.99    The Princess and the Porcupines by D.Harvey & A.Catling
3.99    A Busy Week by S.Graves & M.Sharp
3.99    Percy the Postman S.Graves & M. Philips

Lowry Gifts
15.95    Lowry Lexicon by Shelly Rohde
14.95    L.S.Lowry, A Biography by Shelly Rohde
14.95    Lowry's City
5.95     Lowry's People
5.95     Lowry's Places
15.00    Harold Riley Photographs 1947 - 2007
7.50     A Day with Lowry by H.Riley
2.50     L.S.Lowry - The Man and his Art (German Language)
4.95     L.S.Lowry Catalogue, by Leber & Sandling
         L.S.Lowry Catalogue free when you
         spend over £50.00 on Lowry China or
         £30.00 on Lowry Prints.

         Prints - unframed
0.25     Bandstand, Peel Park 1927                                34.5 x 23.5
4.00     Coming Home from the Mill                                76.0 x 62.0
4.00     Ferry Boats                                              30.0 x 40.0
4.00     Going to Work                                            44.0 x 32.0
4.00     Hawkers Cart                                             62.0 x 43.5
0.50     Head of a Man                                            21.0 x 30.0
0.25    Houses in Broughton (Black & White)                            34.5 x 23.5
4.00    Industrial Landscape 1950                                      25.0 x 22.0
4.00    Industrial Landscape 1953                                      34.0 x 23.5
6.00    Industrial Landscape 1953                                      68.0 x 61.0
0.50    Lake 1937                                                      34.5 x 22.0
0.50    Landmark                                                       34.5 x 23.5
4.00    Landscape with Farm Building                                   30.0 x 40.0
0.50    Level Crossing                                                 34.5 x 23.5
0.50    Lodging House                                                  21.0 x 30.0
0.50    Portrait of a Young Man                                        20.0 x 30.0
6.00    Sailing Boats                                                  50.0 x 60.0
4.00    Street Scene, George Street, Pendlebury                        30.0 x 40.0
6.00    Street Scene, George Street, Pendlebury                        62.0 x 51.0
0.50    Street Scene, St Simon's Church                                23.5 x 34.5
4.00    The Harbour                                                    30.0 x 40.0
4.00    V E Day Celebrations (Medium)                                  44.0 x 35.0
6.00    V E Day Celebrations (Large)                                   68.0 x 55.0
0.25    View from Window of Royal Technician College (Black & White)   23.5 x 34.5
        Lowry Colour Postcards
0.30    A Ship
0.30    Blitzed Site
0.30    Coming from the Mill 1930
0.30    Coming from the Mill 1917-1918
0.30    Cripples
0.30    The Fight
0.30    Funeral Party
0.30    Gentleman Looking at Something
0.30    Going to Work
0.30    Head of a Boy
0.30    Landmark
0.30    Level Crossing
0.30    Man Lying on a Wall
0.30    Market Scene - Northern Town
0.30    Peel Park
0.30    St Simon's Church
0.30    Yachts 1959
        Lowry Greeting Cards
0.45    Bargoed greeting card
0.45    Going to Work card
        Lowry Black & White Postcards
0.20    Bandstand
0.20    Christ Church, Salford
0.20    Lowry in Costume Life Class
0.20    Newtown Mill and Bowling Green
0.20    Pendlebury Scene
0.20    St. Peters Church, Monkwearmouth, 1961
0.20    View from Technical College to Manchester
0.20    View from Technical College to Salford
0.20    Wreck at South Shields
        Bone China Gifts
7.95    LS Lowry Coming from the Mill Mug
7.95    LS Lowry Market Scene Mug

7.95    LS Lowry Going to Work Mug
7.95    LS Lowry Gentleman Looking At Something Mug
7.95    LS Lowry Yachts 1959 Mug

        L.S.Lowry (Market Scene, coming from the Mill, Yachts 1959)
1.00    L.S.Lowry Fridge Magnet Notepad
1.00    L.S.Lowry Man on Wall Enamel Metal Badge
Unframed Prints                                                      size
4.00      A Fancy Dress Ball by Arthur Perigal                              51.0 x 38.0
2.00      Albert Square by Adolphe Valette                                  29.0 x 21.5
4.00      Bailey Bridge by Adolphe Valette                                  29.0 x 21.5
0.75      Famine by J.C.Dolman                                              42.0 x 30.0
4.00      Hansom Cab at All Saint by Adolphe Valette                        29.0 x 21.5
2.00      India House by Adolphe Valette                                    45.0 x 32.0
4.00      Opening of Manchester Ship Canal by A. Dunington                  30.0 x 21.0
2.00      Oxford Road by Adolphe Valette                                    29.0 x 21.5
4.00      Ship on Fire by Alfred Montague                                   42.0 x 30.0
4.00      Still Waters Run Deep by Edward Henry Fahey                       42.0 x 30.0
4.00      Volunteer for the Lifeboat by M.Webb.Robinson                     42.0 x 30.0
2.00      Windsor Bridge by Adolphe Valette                                 45.0 x 32.0
2.00      York Street by Adolphe Valette                                    29.0 x 21.5

DVDs & CDs
5.00     Compact Disc - Music from Ballet 'A Simple Man'
3.95     CD Childhood in Salford (Memories of rhymes and street games)
4.00     Halls of Worsley
12.99    Bygone Salford (Also available in VHS)
12.99    Bygone Manchester (Also available in VHS)
6.00     Hanky Park by Harold Riley (Also available in VHS)

City Of Salford Gifts
2.50      Porcelain Mugs depicting the shops in Lark Hill Place
0.40      Lark Hill Place Pencil
2.65      Lark Hill Place Tea Towels
9.99      Colliery Plaques Agecroft, Western Area, Old Boston
1.35      City of Salford China Bell
1.85      City of Salford China Thimble
12.50     City of Salford Boxed Pen Set
1.35      Boxed City of Salford Pen
0.70      City of Salford Coat of Arms
0.40      Rainbow Striped Lark Hill Place
0.40      Rainbow Striped Ordsall Hall
1.99      City of Salford Spoons

Coloured Postcards
0.30    Boneshaker Bicycle
0.30    Control Room by William Roberts
0.30    Cottage - Lark Hill Place
0.30    Famine by J.Dolman
0.30    Peel Park from Crescent by Evelyn Stott
0.30    Queen Victoria in Peel Park by George Hayes
0.30    Scene on the Irwell by Day Jackson
0.30    Still Life With Bread by Kathleen Walne
0.30    Still Waters Run Deep by E.H.Fahey
0.30    The Farm by Rachel Reckitt
0.30    Victorian Carriage
0.30    View from Manchester and Salford 1859 by J.R. Isaac
0.30    Volunteer for the Lifeboat and M.D Webb Robinson
Black & White Postcards
 16.00   Limited Ed signed Postcard set of 16 by Harold Riley

Under £2:     60 pence
£2 -£4.99:    £1.50
£5 - £7.99:   £2.00
£8 - £9.99:   £2.50
£10 - £20     £3.00
£20 and over: £4.00

Overseas postage rates on request
Please make cheques payable to Salford City Council and send to Salford Museum and Art Gallery, Peel Park,
Crescent, Salford, M5 4WU

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caused by mis-handling by the post office. Unframed prints will be
dispatched in board-backed envelopes or cardboard tubes depending on
size and are non-returnable.

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