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06 January 2010 12:00                                                             

Service Announcement 001/06012010

Order book for Retail Bonds: Revised Service & Technical                                Exchange(s):
Description and amendment to the trading schedule on
Customer Development Service (CDS)                                                         London Stock Exchange

The purpose of this announcement is to inform customers that the Service &
Technical Description for the Order book for Retail Bonds has been updated to           Environment(s):
reflect the following amendments to the market structure:
                                                                                           Customer Development
- Removal of the mandatory requirement for all order book trades to be                      Service
processed via Direct Input into CREST.
- Amendment of the trading schedule to increase the period of continuous trading        Type:
by shortening the opening auction call period.
- Confirmation that the minimum tradable lot size for electronic executions in gilt-       Product Update
edged securities in segment UKGT will be £1.
The revised Service & Technical description is available at:
                                                                                           Customer Testing Services
                                                                                        Additional Information:
The Order book for Retail Bonds is currently available for testing on the Customer
Development Service (CDS). CDS will be amended to reflect the revised trading           If you have any queries about
                              th                                                        this announcement please
schedule, effective Thursday 7 January 2010.
                                                                                        contact your Technical Account
The Order book for Retail Bonds trading service is scheduled to go live in              Manager or the Technical
production in February 2010 – confirmation of the changes required for                  Information Desk on 020 7797
production will be published via a further Service Announcement in due course.          3939 (STX 33939).

Direct Input
                                                                                        An archive of previously issued
It will no longer be a mandatory requirement for customers to support settlement        service announcements is
via Direct Input in order to access to the new service. Customers who do not            available in the technical library
opt-in to Direct Input will be required to input and match settlement instructions in   section of the Exchange's
CREST manually.                                                                         Internet site
Straight-through-processing from trading to settlement will remain available for        .com/techlib
customers who opt-in to this functionality on the Static Data Form.

Trading schedule changes

In response to market feedback, the trading schedule in operation for the Order
book for Retail Bonds (segments UKGT and UKCP) will be amended to extend
the period of continuous trading by shortening the opening auction call period.

                  London Stock Exchange Group plc. Registered in England & Wales No 2075721
The uncrossing will be amended to take place at 08:45 (currently 09:30). At this
time trading will move into a continuous execution phase and will retain the
current closing time of 16:30.

The market configuration Matrix (TIS105) will be updated with the new structure
changes and is available at:

Customers are advised to take either the Reference Data Changes service for
CDS or the Full Reference Data Download CDS Channels on Thursday 7
January 2010.

Static Data Form

To access the Order Book for Retail Bonds customers are required to submit the
relevant Static Data Form to

A copy of the Static Data Form and guidance notes are available at:

Customers who wish to access the new service are reminded to submit their
Static Data Form as soon as possible.

Additional Information

If you have any technical queries or require further information please contact
your Technical Account Manager or the Technical Information Desk on 020 7797
3939 (STX 33939).

If you require further information on the new electronic order book for bonds
please contact Gillian Walmsley on 020 7797 3679 or Kara Hyne on 020 7797

                 London Stock Exchange Group plc. Registered in England & Wales No 2075721