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									                    Scarborough Christian School
                Scarborough Christian Academy & Scarborough Christian High School
                95 Jonesville Crescent                                                  Email:
                North York, Ontario                                                           Tel: 416-750-7515
                Canada M4A 1H2                                                               Fax: 416-750-7720

                                   TUITION FEES SCHEDULE
                                          2009- 2010
                                                   Grades 9 - 12
                                              International Students

FULL DAY PROGRAM                                                                                               COSTS
                                                                                                      IN CANADIAN FUNDS

1.      Tuition Fee                                                                                            $8,160.00
        (2 sem esters, or 10 m onths for 8 credit courses,
         including ESL classes which m ay be required as part of the studies
         according to the ability in English.)

2.      Individual credit course                                                                               $1,020.00

3.      Textbooks                                                                                                  $300.00
        Students order their own textbooks through our online school book store;                                   (approx.)
        gently used textbooks can be sold back to the book store.

4.      Uniforms                                                                                                   $250.00
        (Halperns Uniform Shop, 336 Consum ers Road, North York                                                    (approx.)

5.      Health Insurance                                                                                           $600.00
        (m ust purchase through the school at registration)                                                        (per year)

6.      Miscellaneous
        (agenda, general school supplies, specific course consum able item s,
        school field trips, sports wear and supplies, etc.)

Note:   The school reserves the right to change tuition, fees, requirements, and regulations without notice.

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