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 Welcome to The Assurance Group’s Recruiting Compendium. For those who may
 be unfamiliar with what a compendium is, Webster’s Dictionary comes to the
 [kuh m-pen-dee-uh m]

 –noun,plural-di·ums, -di·a[-dee-uh]

 1. a brief treatment or account of a subject, esp. an extensive subject; concise
 treatise: a compendium of medicine.

 2. a summary, epitome, or abridgment.

 3. a full list or inventory

 4. a complete listing of all TAG’s recruiting resources

 While this won’t exactly be a treatise, it is designed to be quick and complete
 reference guide to use as you ramp up your recruiting efforts. Everything in our
 business begins and ends with recruiting. We can never stop recruiting and
 building. It’s been said many a time, ‘recruit or die’.
 Use the resources in the pages that follow to add and expand your recruiting efforts
 and increase your opportunity for success. As you begin to utilize these tools and
 resources, take a moment to provide feedback and share recruiting ideas of your
 own as well. I am a firm believer that the best ideas come from the field and in fact
 many of the ideas in this compendium came from you and your fellow agents. So,
 keep the ideas coming and together we can achieve great things!

 To your continued recruiting success,

 Paul Straubel
 Chief Marketing Officer
25 Ways to Recruit
Recruiting is all about activity. To get started here’s a quick list of
25 ways to jumpstart your recruiting activity and results. Many of
these ideas are explained in depth on the pages that follow:
                  Idea                   Cost              Passive   Active
 3 Foot Rule                             FREE                          X
 Friends                                 FREE                          X
 Immediate Family                        FREE                          X
 Relatives                               FREE                          X
 Neighbors                               FREE                          x
 Community Job Board                     FREE                X
 Social Group/Hobby Club                 FREE                          X
 K-12 schools (summer job)               FREE                          X
 Coaches                                 FREE                          X
 Mall (great retail sales people)        FREE                          X

 Restaurant (great wait staff)           FREE                          x
 Church/Synagogue                        FREE                X         X
 Unemployment Office                     FREE                X         X
 People who knock on your door           FREE                X         X
 (service people/door-to-door sales)

 Business that is closing                FREE                X         X
 Facebook                                FREE                X         X
 MySpace                                 FREE                X         X
 College Alumni Center                 FREE/$                X
 Craigslist                            FREE/$                X
 4 year college Career Center          FREE/$                X         X
 Community College                     FREE / $              X         X
 Licensed Agent List                    $ - $$$                        X
 Job Fair (vendor or walking around)      $$+                          X

 Internet Job Board (Monster, Hot      $$ - $$$$             X         X
 Jobs, Career Builder, etc)
 Newspaper Ad                          $$ - $$$$              x
 BONUS idea: Customers                   FREE                          x

   Active – requires your involvement; action to achieve results
   Passive – works on your behalf without direct participation
   $ Least expensive - $$$$ Most expensive

How do I request a resume name list?
• Our resume name lists are generated through our agreement
  with Career Builder. Once you decide to recruit to a certain
  geographic area, you will simply fill out the TAG Resume
  Recruiting Names Order Form (see Appendix A).
     It is important to specify the state, city/market, and radius (in
      miles) of the area you are targeting. This helps to narrow down
      the results to the people you are truly seeking.

How do I use the list once I receive it?
• The resume list will be provided in an Excel spreadsheet
  format which will include Location, Name, Phone Number, &
  E-mail address.
     With this format, you should be able to know exactly where the
      candidate is located and have the ability to call them or e-mail
      them. You may even want to use a reverse phone search online
      and get their address.

What are the expectations/expected return by using this
  resume request system?
• You can typically expect to get one coded agent per 100
  resumes contacted.
     Remember, a coded agent is one who has completed the
      contracting process and has submitted their first piece of
      business into the web portal.
Licensed Agent Lists

  While some managers find the most success recruiting
  neophyte or unlicensed agents, others like to have a mix of
  both neophyte and currently licensed recruits. The Assurance
  Group has access to licensed agent lists from most states, and
  are ready to assist in compiling a recruiting campaign for you.
  There is a nominal cost of $0.11 per name. The cost is $0.11
  per name. The list can be requested by using the form in
  Appendix B. Requests can be made by those at the Agency
  Director and Regional Sales Director level. Be sure to include
  the state, City/Market, and radius in miles.
Recruiting Ads
How do I request that an ad be placed on one of the internet job boards?

•  We kindly request that you go through your Agency Director or
   Regional Director for ad creation and approval. The form labeled
   Appendix C should be filled out in its entirety and requires an AD or
   RSD approval signature.
Ads can also be posted for free on your local Craigslist.

What should I include when creating my job posting?

•   Please consider the following criteria when creating your ad:
      Job title – be sure to use a professional job title that you might find on a
       business card; avoid being gimmicky or trying to catch attention, as that is not
       how job seekers search
      Job Category & Industry – listing one category and industry is a requirement of
       Career Builder, but including 3 of each optimizes your visibility
      Job Description – remember to reiterate your selected job title, give some
       background information on the company and its culture, describe the work
       environment and job duties
      Requirements – if you are looking for any specifics (i.e. sales experience,
       college degree) please make sure to include those

NOTE: All recruiting ads, whether placed through TAG or on your own,
  must be reviewed and approved by TAG’s compliance department
  before posting.

*see sample ads (Appendix D)
In today's fast-paced environment, job candidates are quickly surfing the Internet for the next big wave, or in this case, job
       opportunities. Here are some tips to help you capture their attention and optimize your online recruiting investment:

Organize your content
      Present your content (job description, company info, etc.) in an easy to read format, one that you would find appealing to read.

Be specific
      Provide job seekers with enough information so they can decide if this position is appropriate for them. Include job title, brief
      overview of the position, job requirements, necessary education, key employee benefits, and contact information in your

Use traditional titles
      The title "Computer Geek" might stand out in a field of job postings but your posting might not come up when candidates
      search with traditional job titles. Stick to established job titles. This way you know you won't get missed.

Tell job seekers what's in it for them
      Tell jobseekers upfront what's in it for them. Describe your culture using terms that appeal to the type of candidates you are
      trying to attract. For example, if you are a hip California based-technology company looking for an outside sales rep, consider
      starting your posting off by asking candidates to envision themselves cruising the California Coast in their convertible as they
      follow up on established leads.

Use important keywords
      Candidates search online job databases using keywords. Include keywords that are unique to the job so your job posting is
      easily found.

Be concise
      Less is better. Focus primarily on what job seekers need to know. Direct them to your website for the details.

Provide the company URL
      Make it easy for readers to find your website. Include a direct link to your website in your posting.

Include preferred method of contact
      Let candidates know the method of contact you prefer.

Proof your posting
      It's important to avoid typos, particularly when posting jobs online. If the job title is misspelled, your job
      opportunity might be missed entirely.

Be creative
      Take some chances and measure success based on the number of quality hires you make as a direct result of your online

      Roberta Chinsky Matuson is the principal of Human Resource Solutions and is also a NEHRA member.
      She can be reached at or 617-566-8978.
Social Media

  Social media is rapidly becoming one of the best
  ways to recruit new agents. With many people
  having Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter accounts
  – to name a few – sending messages through
  these outlets is not only far-reaching, but FREE!
  Creating an account with a social media company
  is fast and easy. Just select the company of your
  choosing and create an account. It is possible to
  create a business account along with a personal
  account. Please make sure that if you are going to
  use your personal Facebook account, for example,
  that you can maintain a proper professional
  impression and that you are only making visible
  what you feel is up to those standards.

  Career Builder created some guidelines
  surrounding the use of social media. The
  following slides contain some excerpts from their
Community Bulletin Boards
 Throughout every community are bulletin boards where
 individuals and businesses can post notices about their
 products and services. They can be found in libraries, local
 restaurants and fast food establishments, gas stations etc…
 Typically what most people do is tack several copies of their
 business card to the board and let people take them.
 Here’s an idea to put you ‘above’ the rest of the crowd. The
 sample banner below can be printed with your personal
 contact information then posted at the top of, or above the
 board so you will stand out. Between the bright color and 5”
 x 18” size your message will be seen… and read by most
 everyone looking at the board.
 To order your own custom recruiting banners contact Amy
 Cromer at
Logging on: What is Social Media?
Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. MySpace. YouTube. Flickr.
Wikipedia. These are all social networking sites – and they’re
all part of what is now known as social media.
What differentiates a social networking site from
the typical Web site? Where the typical Web site
might be controlled by one person or organization,
 with the purpose of simply pushing out information; social
networking sites, on the other hand, invite users to actually
respond. In fact, the vast majority of content on social
networking sites (or social media) comes from the public itself.
            Web users have the most control over what content
            goes on the site, with free reign to log on and post
            comments, links, photos, videos or responses to
            other users’ posts.
By encouraging interaction among users, these sites create an
interactive experience that users do not get from a typical
Web site. Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff, in their book
Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social
Technologies, describe social networking as a “social trend in
which people use technologies to get the things they need
from each other, rather than                from traditional
institutions like corporations.”
Over the past few years, however, social
networking has evolved from a personal
interest to a professional one. Increasingly,
businesses are finding ways to promote
products and services, connect with customers,
generate new ones and drive revenue – all
through social media. Even more recently,
organizations are using social media not only to
generate new customers, but to recruit new
employees as well. After all, social media offers
the opportunity to engage in two-way
conversations with job candidates. What better
way to know how to attract top talent than to
hear directly from them?

There’s one problem with Charlene Li and Josh
Bernoff’s definition of social media: To refer to
social media as a “trend” is to insinuate that it
will go away, but social media is in fact, here to
stay. And if you let it, it can be one of the
greatest assets to your recruitment process.
 Time spent on social networks accounts for 10% of all
  internet time2
 4 out of 5 online Americans use social technology1
 2/3 of the global internet populations visit social
 93% of social media users believe a company should
  have a presence in social media.4

No, this is not a trend.

 100,000,000 YouTube videos are viewed per day
 77% of the Fortune 500 are using some sort of social
  media tool3
 Visiting social sites is now the 4th most popular online
  activity – ahead of personal e-mail2
 85% of social media users believe that a company
  should go further than just having a presence on social
  sites and should also interact with its customers.4

1 Forrester Research, 2009
2 Nielsen, Global Face & Networked Places, 2009
3 University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and Financial Institution, Inc., December 2008
4 Cone, Business in Social Media Study, September 2008
From Business Tool to Recruitment Tool: Using
Social Media to Update Your Employer Status
  These days, it’s no longer unusual to receive an
  email or visit a Web site and be directed to
  “connect with us!” through Facebook, Twitter,
  LinkedIn or any number of social networking sites.
  From your favorite grocery store to your college’s
  alumni chapter to the place where you get your
  hair cut, nearly every type of organization today is
  finding a way to market its business, products and
  services using social media.

  If you take only one thing away from this eBook, it
  should be this: People are central to social media
  and its success. They are the creators and the
  drivers of this platform, and the businesses and
  organizations that recruit successfully through
  social media do so because they use this space to
  interact with users on a personal level.

  While social networks aren’t a replacement for
  more traditional recruitment methods, with the
  high level of engagement they command, social
  networks have become more and more
  fundamental to the overall recruitment strategy.
Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn: What To
Know Before You Go Viral
    It’s nearly impossible to talk about social media
    without talking about Facebook, Twitter and
    LinkedIn. These three sites are among the fastest
    growing social networking sites – and among the
    most popular sites recruiters and hiring managers
    are utilizing to build their talent pipelines. The
    following is an overview of these sites, and how
    they provide resources that enable you to find and
    recruit your next agents.

    Facebook is a social networking service that lets
    you connect with friends, co-workers, and others
    who share similar interests or who have common
    backgrounds. As the second most trafficked Web
    site in the world, Facebook has over 400 million
    active users worldwide.1 The average user spends
    over 55 minutes on Facebook each day – giving the
    companies who advertise on Facebook plenty of
    time to engage them.

1 Source: Facebook statistics, February 2010
So you’ve set up a Facebook page.
Now what?
1 Tell a Story with Photos – Give visitors a virtual tour of
  the opportunity, or a snapshot into your team’s culture,
  by posting photos from company and team events or
  contributed by your agents.

2 Highlight Team/Agent Achievements, sales success,
  earning bonuses, or trip qualifications with status
  updates on your Facebook wall or writing “notes” that
  users can read.

3 Post Links to Stories and Press Releases about exciting
  news from the company and carrier partners.

4 Listen to and Recognize Fans by responding to wall posts
  and participating in discussion boards.

5 Promote Upcoming Career Fairs and job events you will
  be involved in with the “events” feature.

6 Promote Specific Hiring Opportunities by sending a
  message to fans or via status updates.
Here is an example of how Chris Jones, VP of Sales –
TAG Health Career has used social media to
promote additions to his team:

“I recently announced on my Facebook page the
following message:

‘It’s official! We have rolled Insuranti Career into a
new division at The Assurance Group called TAG
HEALTH Career. As VP of SALES I will be in charge of
opening up offices nationwide and finding sales
reps/mgrs immediately. Pls pass me along to any of
your friends who have been in sales and are looking
for a wonderful company to join. Thanks!’

I received 4 leads in my inbox from people who
wanted to interview. I have two interviews this
week an already have hired a great spirited leader
this week from that one post!
It’s not the sole answer for building a sales team,
but if you aren’t doing it, you’ll be missing out on a
big piece of the puzzle.”
    Twitter is a free micro-blogging site
    that enables users to send and receive
    messages – or “tweets” – of up to 140
    characters. With 17 million registered
    users1, Twitter’s popularity has grown
    exponentially since it launched in
    2008; however, regular engagement is
    relatively low: 90 percent of the
    activity on the site is generated from
    only 10 percent of users.2

2 Forrester
So you’ve set up a Twitter page.
Now what?
1 Introduce Yourself to the Community.
2 Promote Specific Hiring Opportunities by sending
  out a link to your careers page or the job posting.
3 Post Links to Stories and Press Releases about
  exciting company news.
4 Listen to and Recognize Fans by replying to them
  (either publicly on your own wall or with a Direct
5 Make Your Agents Brand Advocates by retweeting
  any time they mention how great it is to work on
  your team or with TAG.
6 Promote Upcoming Career Fairs or Hiring Events
  you will be attending by linking to a place where job
  seekers can register or get more information.

  Twitter’s benefits lie in its simplicity: the 140
  character limit helps keep messages concise while
  its real-time feature makes it easy to push out hiring
  opportunities. The challenge with Twitter, however,
  is that it offers little to no ability to target
  candidates, has no ad platform, and offers minimal
  reach, as it has yet to adopt a mainstream audience.
    With over 53 million members in over
    200 countries and territories around
    the world1, LinkedIn is a free
    professional networking site that
    enables members to post their
    resumes, recommendations from
    friends and connect with other
    industry professionals. One in 20 U.S.
    users is a recruiter, headhunter, or HR

2 LinkedIn site search conducted July 29, 2009
So you’ve set up a LinkedIn profile page.
Now what?
  Unlike with Facebook and Twitter, users can’t
  ‘fan’ or follow your company’s page, but you –
  and your employees – can utilize your
  connections to make new ones and source

1 Post links to hiring opportunities to your profile
  or to exciting TAG/Carrier Partner news.

2 Source Potential Candidates by responding to
  or messaging professional contact through

3 Request an Introduction to a potential
  candidate through a mutual connection.
Top 10 Best Practices for Using Social Media to Recruit

1  SET AGOAL: Like any business initiative, setting a strategy before delving into
   social media is critical to success. Defining your goal for using social media is
   step one.
2 MASTER ONE MEDIUM: Social media can be overwhelming, so aim to master
   one medium – a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a blog – before expanding
   to other platforms.
3 MANAGEYOUR ONLINE REPUTATION: Social media is about word-of-mouth
   marketing. Use your online profile to discuss the unique benefits of working at
   your company, promote recognition the company has received and publish
   agent success stories.
4 CREATE A USER EXPERIENCE: Social media is about creating an open dialogue
   and building relationships with others. Create a space where current and
   potential recruits can interact – sharing success stories about working with
   your team – and responding to job seekers’ questions.
5 LISTEN, LEARN AND ENGAGE: The most important thing you can do on any
   site is to listen to your audience – both what they are saying to you and what
   they are saying about you. Don’t be afraid to respond: There is no better way
   to build trust with your community.
6 HIGHLIGHT SPECIFIC JOBS: Go beyond posting all
   your job openings: Provide talent unique information about the company
   itself. Help candidates understand why your company is the right place for
7 VISUALLY STIMULATE: Incorporate photos and videos on your site to get your
   audience’s attention. The visual stimulation will make your company stand
8 BOOST YOUR RANKINGS: Having a presence on social media sites will
   organically boost your online profile in search rankings.
9 PREPARE TO CHANGE: Be flexible to change. Social media is constantly
   evolving. Be on the lookout for new sites cropping up, and don’t be afraid to
   test the waters.
10 PROMOTE YOUR BRAND: Promote your presence once you are up and
   running on the social media platforms of your choice. Put them in your email
   signature, highlight them in marketing campaigns, and even send links to
   become fans, friends, or followers in application confirmation emails.
TAG Social Media Posting Policy

•Consider your persona: If you are blogging about TAG or the work you do at TAG,
    make that clear and identify yourself. If you identify yourself as a TAG agent or
    employee on a personal blog or social media page, whatever you say will be
    associated to you as a representative of the company. What you write about
    can be read by anyone and will be perceived as a reflection on the company,
    its agents, its employees, its leadership, its owners and its clients. This
    includes blind/anonymous posts using name such as “TAG person,”
    “TAGconsultant,” “TAGemp,” etc.

• Play in your sandbox: Write what you know; be current and be relevant. This is
    the best way to be interesting and garner followers. Don’t speak about an area
    outside of your expertise; you risk being challenged, posting redundant
    content and negating the other TAG messaging out there.

• Respect others: Do not use personal insults, obscenities or engage in conduct
    that would not be acceptable in the workplace or anywhere else. Be
    considerate of other people’s sensitivities to certain topics like politics or

• Don’t pick fights: If you see TAG represented in an unfavorable light, disagree
    with someone’s opinion or think a member of the media, analyst or blogger
    has misrepresented TAG, do not make unnecessary or unproductive
    comments. Check with Leadership or Corporate Marketing/Compliance teams
    to see what their response is, if any. If they choose not to respond, but give
    you the ok to do so, be factual and respectful in your response.

• Don’t talk about the competition: Period. Again, leave that to the Leadership or
    Corporate Marketing/Compliance teams.

• Internet vs. Intranet: Remember that public blogs are just that: public. Don’t use
     a public forum as an intranet.
About CareerBuilder®
  CareerBuilder is the global leader in human
  capital solutions, helping companies target and
  attract their most important asset – their people.
  Its online career site,®, is the
  largest in the United States with more than 23
  million unique visitors, 1 million jobs and 32
  million resumes. CareerBuilder works with the
  world’s top employers, providing resources for
  everything from employment branding and data
  analysis to HR consulting. More than 9,000 Web
  sites, including 140 newspapers and broadband
  portals such as MSN and AOL, feature
  CareerBuilder’s proprietary job search technology
  on their career sites.
  Owned by Gannett Co., Inc. (NYSE:GCI), Tribune
  Company, The McClatchy Company (NYSE:MNI)
  and Microsoft Corp.(Nasdaq: MSFT),
  CareerBuilder and its subsidiaries operate in the
  United States, Europe, Canada and Asia.
Career Fairs

   The Assurance Group supports its managers participating in local
   career fairs. Career fairs, or job fairs, provide a wonderful opportunity
   to screen many candidates at one time without having to commit on
   the spot. One technique that has worked well for our managers has
   been to screen the candidates and then invite those you wish to get
   to know better to a separate, more focused, recruiting event – your
   office or local venue with a meeting room. Another way to effectively
   recruit candidates long distance is through an online opportunity
   meeting using Go To Meeting, or similar webinar services. You can
   offer candidates an invitation to attend when they met at the job
   One company that does career fairs annually is Employment Guide.
   They sponsor 10 events a year in North Carolina alone and welcome
   our participation.
   To explore their career fairs in your area, visit their web site at and click the job fairs tab at the top of
   the page.
   Another similar resource is National Career Fairs. To find out more
   about their regional career fairs and details on participation, visit
   their web site at

*An example of an opportunity flyer used in recruiting neophyte agents
   is located in Appendix E.
Local & Federal Government

  Unemployment in our nation is at record levels
  resulting in local and federal government agencies
  having an increased number of job seekers coming
  to them for assistance.
  The local unemployment offices in your area are a
  great resource for recruits. Drop by and visit to
  make it known to them that you are looking to hire.
  The career counselors in these offices truly
  appreciate the chance to offer an opportunity to
  those seeking employment. Many displaced
  workers have been in sales in the past and may be
  the perfect candidate. Others may never have
  considered sales but find themselves in a place
  they’ve never been, trying to support a family on
  only unemployment benefits. Those candidates can
  often be the most motivated and dedicated recruits.
  To help you get started, the state employment
  websites as well as the Department of Labor site for
  its career resources are listed along with their web
  site in Appendix F.
TAG Materials/Resources

The Assurance Group has several resources that can be utilized in your recruiting
• TAG’s Recruiting Brochure is available for purchase on the Sales Materials
    Order Form (Appendix G). Orders are placed in quantities of 25 @ $0.44 each.
     – Also available as a compliment to the brochures, and to enable you to put
         together well-polished presentations, are the TAG Pocket Folders. These
         are also available through the Sales Materials Order Form, and can be
         ordered in quantities of 25 @ $0.25 each.
• An online resource that is available to our agents is This presentation, created by Regional Sales
    Director Rich Andrews, is an amazing tool that captivates your recruits and
    then drives them back to you to join the company.
• Another TAG online resource that is available to you is the website. This site gives you a great place to direct
    potential recruits for more information on TAG and both the career and broker
    opportunities available.

•   One of the simplest inexpensive and effective recruiting tools is your business
    card. Leverage your card as a powerful, personal recruiting tool to give to
    anyone you would want to join your team. They will now have your e-mail
    address and phone number in hand with a recruiting message reminder on
    the back. You have the option to print “Are You Earning What You Are Worth?
    Ask me about Part-time & Full-time Career Opportunities.” See the Business
    Card tab located under the My Account tab on the agent web portal for order
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D
TAG HEALTH CAREER is a national life/health agency which uses
"web-based selling tools" to present solutions to your clients. You can
do your sales presentation ONLINE or IN-PERSON! Some agents never
leave their home or office. Others prefer to sell face to face using
paper applications. Have it your way! Your choice! TAG Health Career
presents a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to achieve
significant income levels and personal lifestyle goals. TAG Health
Career has made this possible by creating smart Web applications
which utilize the power and immediacy of the Internet to automate
the sales and distribution of core insurance products. Whether you
prefer to use the phone, the internet, meet customers face to face ,
or all of the above, TAG HEALTH CAREER innovative sales and support
platform will help you achieve your dreams. .
TAG HEALTH CAREER offers agents a level of benefits and services
that comes second to none. Exclusive leads! Vested Residuals,
Management Opportunities (District and Regional Management
Opportunities) , Direct Deposit Weekly, TOP ADVANCE
COMMISSIONS; 24/7/365 Agent Resource Center; Personal Web Site
Provided by Agency; Spectacular Training including Live Webinars, On
Demand /On -line Video/Audio Library as well as Group Training at
Regional Office.TAG Health Career represents the TOP Health and Life
Carriers Nationwide. And a RICH rewards program that includes
exotic trips, monthly and quarterly gift cards, and other monthly
recognition programs.
Once promoted to management, you can qualify for GROUP HEALTH
BENEFITS, Monthly AND Quarterly Bonuses, and an OFFICE EXPENSE.
This is a career division because we give you the tools to build a team
that will want to stay their entire career.
Appendix E
Appendix F
State Labor Market Information Offices - Web Resources

·   AK -
·   AL -
·   AR -
·   AZ -
·   CA -
·   CO -
·   CT -
·   DC -|32064|, District of Columbia, Department of Employment Services
·   DE -
·   FL -
·   GA -
·   HI - Hawaii Workforce Informer (HIWI)
·   IA -
·   ID -
·   IL -
·   IN -
·   KS -
·   KY -
·   LA -
·   MA -, Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development
·   MD -, Maryland Career and Workforce Information, Office of Workforce Information and Performance
·   ME -
·   MI -
·   MN -
·   MO -
·   MS -
·   MT -
·   NC -
·   ND -, North Dakota Labor Market Information Center
·   NE -
·   NH -
·   NJ -
·   NM -
·   NV -
·   NY -
·   OH -
·   OK -
·   OR -
·   PA -, Pennsylvania Center for Workforce Information & Analysis
·   RI -
·   SC -
·   SD -
·   TN -
·   TX -
·   UT -
·   VA -
·   VI -
·   VT -
·   WA -
·   WI -
·   WV -
·   WY -
Appendix G

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