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									PNWA Staff Update

      Glenn Vanselow
     Executive Director

       Kristin Meira
Government Relations Director

     Heather Kenneson
  Communications Manager
PNWA is delivering on policy
 WRDA success in 2007: dredge fleet and Section 214
 Navigation protected in the FCRPS BiOp
 Channel deepening, jetty repairs, and inland project priorities
 Snake River dredging lawsuit settled, channel maintenance
 Making progress on regulatory challenges in our region
 Performed studies on the dredge fleet, regional transportation
 Working to resolve deep draft and inland navigation trust fund

         PNWA: Successfully advocating for transportation,
            trade, energy, tourism and the environment
PNWA is delivering on appropriations
 Total funding secured: over $645 million in last six years
 Total funding increase: over $92 million in last six years
 Annual funding increase: average $15.3 million per year
 Number of projects increased: average 13 projects per year
 Number of projects increased from zero: average 7 projects per year

    PNWA is the only regional group that consistently delivers
       significant funding increases for Northwest navigation
    projects – even when national Corps budgets are constrained
President’s FY2009 budget had some bright spots
 Columbia River channel deepening
    Project received $36M in the budget
    More than double the highest amount ever included in previous budgets
    Will be a challenge to preserve this funding in the appropriations
    process, especially in the House bill
President’s FY2009 budget had some bright spots
 Columbia River jetty rehab project
     $675K included in the “Columbia River at the Mouth” O&M account
     Funding is designated for plans and specs for the eventual rehab
     Major rehab report due out this fall
     Three-year interim repairs completed last fall
President’s FY2009 budget had some bright spots
 Lower Monumental lock rehab project
    Budget has $1.56M for plans and specs for an eventual downstream lock
    gate replacement
    If the project continues moving forward, replacement of the lock gate
    could take place in 2011
    Project will be coordinated with other major work on the inland system
    Project will be scheduled for a time of year when impacts to the system
    can be minimized
President’s FY2009 budget had some bright spots
 Critical inland infrastructure needs addressed
     $1M for pintle bearings and $3M for tainter valves at The Dalles lock
     $2.5M for tainter valves at John Day lock
     $6.7M for the Programmatic Sediment Management Plan for the Lower
     Snake River
Additional funding needs on the PNWA agenda
 PNWA has made these appropriations requests to our Northwest
 delegation, and House & Senate appropriations committee staff
    Friction drum crack repair at John Day navlock
    Shallow draft coastal port channels and jetties
    Cargo ports of Coos Bay and Newport
    All PNWA requests can be found in our FY2009 document at
Completion of FY2009 approps bills will be delayed
 Highly unlikely bills will be completed when 2009 fiscal year begins
 October 1st
 Federal gov’t will begin operating under a continuing resolution (CR)
 Presidential election in November adds another wrinkle
 Many are already whispering of a year-long CR, similar to how the
 government operated in FY2007
 This could have detrimental funding impact on the Corps of
 Engineers and PNWA projects
Another WRDA so soon?
 PNWA was very successful in WRDA 2007
    Operating restrictions were lifted from the Essayons and Yaquina
    Section 214 regulatory funding authority was extended to 12/31/09
    Deed and flowage restrictions were lifted from certain port properties

           Essayon                          Yaquina
Preparations begin for a new WRDA
 WRDA 2007 was limited to items in earlier versions
 House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee (T&I) has
 requested submissions for a new WRDA
 PNWA staff polled membership for project and policy needs
     Section 214 permanence is high priority policy request
     PNWA is working with Corps and Congress to address improvements to
     the authority
     Two ports have project submissions

 Highly unlikely WRDA will be enacted this year
 PNWA is laying foundation for success when a new WRDA is passed
 WRDA is one potential vehicle for new user fees, or changes to
 existing user fees
Harbor Maintenance Tax revenue is not fully spent
 Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund (HMTF) was designed to collect
 funds to pay for 100% of navigation O&M
 Administrations have used some of those funds to balance the
 Current tally of unexpended receipts is over $4 billion
     It is expected to grow to $8 billion by 2011
     Approximately $500M per year is unexpended

 Fund grows while O&M remains underfunded
 PNWA has long advocated for increased HMTF expenditures for
 navigation maintenance
Several proposals to address the HMTF “surplus”
 RAMP proposal would legislate spending all HMT receipts collected
 on navigation maintenance
 CMANC proposal would guarantee a percentage of HMT revenue
 back to the states for navigation and non-navigation uses
 Other proposals would create a new Freight Trust Fund (FTF)
     FTF would be partially funded with HMT revenue
     FTF would be available for landside projects around the country

       PNWA Board of Directors will discuss these proposals
                on 6/20/08 and recommend action
            All PNWA members are encouraged to attend
Proposed inland users lockage fee
 Administration is looking for more revenue
     Towboaters currently pay a 20 cent/gallon tax that goes into the Inland
     Waterways Trust Fund
     IWTF pays for 50% of Corps construction and major rehab projects on
     the inland waterways
     About $90 million is generated annually, which is insufficient to keep
     pace with current and expected project costs
     Administration proposed legislation to implement a lock user fee to
     replace the existing diesel fuel tax
Proposed inland users lockage fee
 PNWA opposes these proposed lockage fees
 Higher fees are counter to other Administration policies:
     More fees on barging could result in modal shifts
     Modal shifts would result in greater fuel use and air emissions
     Higher transportation costs will reduce the competitiveness of American
     products in international markets

                PNWA Board of Directors will discuss
             the IWTF on 6/20/08 and recommend action

            All PNWA members are encouraged to attend
Federal Columbia River Power System (FCRPS) Biological
 Opinion (BiOp) Lawsuit
 PNWA represents navigation interests (IPNG)
 Navigation has been successfully protected as fish passage has
 Final BiOp has been issued by NOAA Fisheries
     PNWA and IPNG support the Columbia Basin Fish Accords
     We expect more legal challenges
     We expect to have to fight to protect ourselves over the long term
     We expect navigation to remain fully functioning in the long run
     We expect much more focus and research on ocean conditions
PNWA is actively working to be the #1 resource for
reporters with questions regarding navigation,
transportation, salmon, trade and policy for the Pacific
 How are we doing this?
     Increasing frequency of media contact
     Reducing response time for press releases
     Looking ahead
     Developing relationships
     Maintaining accurate and detailed press lists
     Creating a more dynamic website
We are seeing results!
 PNWA has seen increased press coverage
 Quotes in 12 articles
 Coverage in 9 different media outlets
PNWA’s 2008 Agenda:
 Work to meet appropriations goals
 Fight new/increased user fees
 Continue to improve permitting process
 Continue fight to protect navigation, hydropower and salmon
 Help our members meet their needs

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