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					Questionnaire: Website Design

Please complete the following questionnaire. This will give us the necessary
information to start designing your website template. The more detail you can
provide, the better. In the areas where you are asked to make selections, place
an “x” between the brackets like this: [x]


What is your site url or domain name. Describe your organization. What industry
are you in, and what is the nature of your business? What sets you apart from
the rest? Recognizable website with the Jerry Whittaker brand.
Website has been around for over 9 years.

What is the goal of your website? Check all that apply:
[ ] I want to establish a professional web presence, strengthen my corporate
     image or increase brand awareness.
[ x ] I want to get more customers and increase sales.
[ ] I want to share information about my organization – background, news and
     events, contact information, driving directions, hours of operation, etc.
[ ] I want to display an online catalog, gallery or portfolio.
[ ] I want to create a personal website for family and friends, a wedding, etc.
[ x ] Other (please describe):
Want to entice users to visit online casinos that we recommend and sign up for

What is the most desired action a visitor can take on your website – click on a
link, call a phone number, fill out a form, purchase a product, subscribe to a
newsletter, etc.?
Click on a recommended casino link and submit their email for future emailing.
Target Audience:
Who is your target audience? If possible, please indicate geographic orientation
(local, regional, national, global) and demographic information (gender, age,
income, profession).
[ x ] Customers (please describe):
All global users over 18 years of age.
[ ] Partners (please describe):

[ ] Investors (please describe):

[ ] Employees (please describe):
[ ] Employers (please describe):

[ ] Family and Friends (please describe):

[ ] Other (please describe):

Project Details:

What is name or domain name of your site?

If you have an existing website template design, what would you like to keep and
what would you like to change about it?
Mock-up design submitted with GAF projects.

Please provide links name or navigation links of the site like about us, contact us,
services etc and other section you need in home page like login section
,newsletter subscription section , banners etc.


Do you have existing marketing materials (logo, brochure, images, etc.) that you
would like us to leverage for the design of this site? If so, please list them here.

Which websites would you like us to refer to for the design of this one? Please
describe the elements you like (or dislike) about each one – e.g. design, layout,
navigational scheme, colors, fonts, graphics, images, etc.

Reference Site #1:
Check one:        [ x ] This is a competitor.    [ ] This is an admired site.
Website URL
Elements you      Clean look – focus on a short list of casinos
like (or dislike)
about this site:
Reference Site #2:
Check one:        [ x ] This is a competitor.    [ ] This is an admired site.
Website URL
Elements you      Clean look. Efficient use of web space.
like (or dislike)
about this site:

Reference Site #3:
Check one:        [ ] This is a competitor.      [ ] This is an admired site.
Website URL
Elements you
like (or dislike)
about this site:

What is your desired look-and-feel for this site? Check all that apply:
[ ] Personal                [ ] Professional            [ ] Corporate
[ ] Informal                [ ] Conservative            [ ] Formal
[ ] Warm                    [ ] Neutral                 [ ] Cool
[ ] Simple                  [ ] Sleek                   [ ] Sophisticated
[ ] Elegant                 [ ] Expensive               [ ] Upscale
[ ] Fun                     [ ] Friendly                [ x ] Modern
[ ] Off Beat                [ ] Trendy                  [ ] High Tech
[ ] Colorful                [ ] Creative                [ ] Artistic
[ ] Feminine                [ ] Masculine               [ ] Spiritual
[ x ] Other (please describe):
Clean modern home page that is easy to navigate and easy to look at visually.

What is your desired screen resolution for this site?
[ x] 1024x768 – current standard resolution (recommended for most clients)
[ ] 800x600 – older standard resolution that can be viewed on all monitors
What is your preferred layout or navigational scheme?
I do not want to change the logo or general design but only the home page.

What are your color preferences?
Same as current.

What are your font preferences?
Same as

What type of graphics or images would you like to see on your template?
Would like to work in live people – new images of Samantha.

What text (if any) should be included in your template?
See mock-up design submitted with GAF projects.

What additional information would you like us to know so we can bring your
vision to life?
Possibly add a free flash game to let potential players play for free with the hopes
of converting to a real player.
Also incorporate images of real person “Samantha” in the design.

Who will be making the final decision on your website template design?

What is your target launch date?
10 -14 days