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					City of Barrie Circulation List
To:         Council Members
            Department Heads

From:       Dawn A. McAlpine
            City Clerk

Date:       July 16, 2009


 Item #    Description                                                        Proposed Action
      A1   Memo from D. McAlpine, City Clerk dated July 16, 2009 regarding    Receive for information
           the Barrie Hydro Holdings Inc. Dividend Financial Summary.
      A2   Memo from W. McArthur, Director of Engineering dated July 16,      Receive for information
           2009 concerning Park Place Development – Mitigation of Wind
      A3   Memo from C. Herbert, Director of Operations dated July 16, 2009   Receive for information
           concerning the 2008 Landfill Annual Report.
           Media Release from the City of Barrie dated July 14, 2009           Receive for information
      C1   entitled “The City of Barrie Young People Centre’s is Hosting
           Annual Paint the Park Event”.
           Correspondence addressed to the Honourable George                   Receive for information
           Smitherman, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure dated July 6,
           2009 from Councillor Jeff Lehman regarding the Prince of Wales
           Elementary School, Barrie and the Province’s Growth Plan.
           Correspondence from Paul J. Ecker dated July 15, 2009               Receive for information
      C3   concerning Barrie’s Historic Neighbourhoods Strategy – What’s
           In a Name?
           Health Matters dated June 2009 from the Simcoe Muskoka              Receive for information
           District Health Unit.
           Board Brief dated June 2009 from the Ontario Good Roads             Receive for information
           Association entitled “Highlights from the Board of Directors”.
           Member Communication from the Association of Municipalities         Receive for information
           of Ontario dated July 9, 2009 entitled “Planning Act Survey”.
           Member Communication from the Association of Municipalities
           of Ontario dated July 15, 2009 entitled “Government Releases        Receive for information
           Draft Built Environment Standard Under the AODA for Public
The purpose of this memorandum is to forward information received from the Board of Barrie Hydro
Holdings Inc. concerning the Dividend Financial Summary.

On June 24, 2009, the Board of Barrie Hydro Holdings Inc. received a Staff Report entitled "Dividend
Financial Summary" dated June 24, 2009. Resolution Number 2009-H-27 indicated that the report was to
be forwarded to the Shareholder for their information. A copy of the Resolution and Staff Report are
attached to this memorandum as Appendix "A".

The Staff Report indicates that as a result of the merger between Barrie Hydro Distribution Inc. and
PowerStream Inc., approximately 40 million dollars in dividend payments will be made to the City of Barrie
by the end of July 2009. A Post Closing Final Adjustment payment in the amount of $1 1.7 million was
received by Barrie Hydro Holdings Inc on July 9, 2009 and it was been subsequently paid to the City of
Barrie as sole shareholder during the week of July 13, 2009.

                                                     Daw NcAlpine, City Clerk

The Gity of                  CITY CLERK'S OFFICE
BIRJ E                             MEMORANDUM

              Appendix "A"


RESOLUTION FORM                                                              Resolution Number

BARRIE HYDRO HOLDINGS INC.                                                      2009-R-27

                                                                                      June 24, 2009

Moved by:

Seconded by:

Dividend Financial Summary

Resolved, that the Board of Barrie Hydro Holdings Inc. receive the Staff Report entitled "Dividend
Financiai Summary" dated June 24, 2009, and forward it to the Shareholder for their information.

Carried   /     Defeated         LI      Withdrawn       U        Referred        0
  BarrieHydro Inc.

                                                                                              June 24, 2009

                                      Dividend Financial Summary


The Board of BHHI receive the following Staff Report and forward to the Shareholder for their information:


As a result of the recent merger between Barrie Hydro Distribution Inc. and PowerStream nc, it is
important to note that approximately $40,000,000 in Dividend payments will be made by Barrie Hydro
Holdings Inc. to its Shareholder, the City of Barrie by the end of July 2009. These significant dividend
payments are directly attributable to the merger and can be broken down as follows:

    •   $25.7 million - Special Capital Dividend
    •   $2.3 million - 2008 Final Dividend based on BHDI/PowerStream combined Net Income as
        stipulated in the Merger Agreement
    •   $1 1 .7 million - Post Closing Final Adjustment Dividend as stipulated in the Merger Agreement

During 2008 Barrie Hydro Holdings also made additional dividend payments to its shareholder the City of
Barrie in the amount of $3,000,000. These dividends came in part from Barrie Hydro Distribution ($1
million) and from Barrie Hydro Energy Services ($2,000,000).

In total, the City of Barrie will receive $43,000,000 from Barrie Hydro Holdings from 2008 business
operations and most notably, from the merger of the former Barrie Hydro Distribution Inc. with
PowerStream Inc.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mark W. Henderson                                          Barb Gray
President and CEO                                          Vice-President - Finance & Corporate Services
                                                           & Treasurer and Corporate Secretary
The City of                                                                          Engineering Department
                                                                                      MEMORANDUM TO
BAI                     E                                                        GENERAL COMMITTEE
TO:         Mayor D. Aspden and Members of General Committee

FROM:       R. W. McArthur, P. Eng., Director of Engineering

                                                         /7 of Infrastructure, Development & Culture
            R. J. Forward, MBA, M.Sc., P. Eng, General Meager

            J. M. Babulic, Chief Administrative Officer

RE:         Park Place Development - Mitigation of Wind1rosion
            (File: D11-1405)

DATE:       July 16, 2009

On March 4, 2008, a site alteration permit was issued to North American (Park Place) Corporation for the
purpose of clearing and grubbing and topsoil removal at the Park Place site, in preparation for the proposed
servicing and site development. The servicing and development was expected to proceed in the Spring of
2009. Due to economic circumstances, the developer chose not to proceed immediately with servicing and
development, and the site remains in a cleared condition, and stripped of topsoil. With the dry conditions this
Spring, and during high winds, surface material (e.g. dust) has become airborne resulting in a nuisance to
the surrounding properties and creating a potential hazard to vehicles and motorists in the area.

City staff met with the developer and their engineer on June 3, 2009 regarding this issue. They were asked
to investigate and propose methods that would mitigate the dust nuisance. On June 5, 2009, the developer's
engineering consultant, Sabourin Kimble, proposed the installation of a series of staggered siltation control
fencing that is intended to minimize the amount of surface material that could become airborne. A copy of
this proposal is attached. This letter also describes enhanced sediment control pertaining to surface runoff.

The proposed siltation fencing has been installed by the developer. No further significant problem of airborne
dust has been experienced, however the conditions that normally lead to such a problem (e.g. dry and
windy) have not been prevalent since the fencing was installed. The performance of the fencing will be
monitored by City staff. If the fencing proves to be an ineffective solution, further discussions will be held with
the developer.

R. S. Kahle, M. Eng., P. Eng.
Manager of Design and Construction

R. W. McArthur, P. Eng.
Director of Engineering
                                                                                   SABOURIN KIMBLE
                                                                                   & ASSOCIATES LTD.
                                                                                   CONSULTING ENGINEERS
                                                                        110 Old Kingston Road, Pickering Village
                                                                        Ajax, Ontario LiT 2Z9
June 5, 2009                                                            Tel: (905) 426-9451 Fax: (905) 426-9452
FILE: 02:999:D#1038

City of Barrie
P0 Box 400
70 Collier Street
Barrie, Ontario
L4M 4T5

Attention: Mr. Larry Klein

Dear Sir,

               PARK PLACE

Further to our meeting of June 3, 2009, we have enclosed for your information revised a
sediment control plan (2 copies) showing an additional 1,250 running metres of siltation
control fence staggered throughout the site of reduce wind fetch and air-bourne dust.

For sediment control, we will continue our monitoring program. To-date, we have
regularly inspected on-site sediment control works and immediately addressed any
deficiencies or areas in need of repair. In the immediate future, we will increase the
depth of the interceptor swale along Bayview Drive and repair and stabilize any
concentrated erosion locations. We will also remove accumulated sediment within the
control ponds.

We trust that this will address your concerns with erosion/sedimentation and air-bourne
dust from the site. If you should have any                             e undersigned.

Yours truly,
                                                  JUN   '   I 2G9
    /1/ 1      /1/1/                           ENGINEERlNG DEPARTMENT

                                                                THE C1Y OF BARRIE
AIi B. Kime'P. Eng.                                           ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT
ABKIjm                                                                 ACTION INFO INITIAL

End.                                                         D1RECTOR
cc.     Mr. R. S. Kahle, City of Barrie
        Ms. D. Morris, City of Barrie
        Ms. D. Moreau, City of Barrie                        MGR OFP&D
        Mr. B. Bouwman, North American Acquisition           OTHER
        Mr. S. Bishop, North American Acquisition

                                                             FILE #         ________________

FROM:            C. Hebert, P. Eng, Director of Operations

NOTED:           J. Sales, General Manager of Communit

                 J. M. Babulic, Chief Administrative Offic

RE:              2008 Landfill Annual Report
                 File A22-LAN

DATE:            July 16, 2009

This memo provides General Committee with information related to the performance of City of Barrie
Landfill which operates under Certificate of Approval (C of A) Number A250101 issued by the Ministry of
the Environment (MOE) and administered by the Operations Department, Environmental Operations
Branch. The MOE required the submission of an annual operations report to the Barrie District Office by
June 30th 2009.

A Copy of the Annual Report is available for your review in the Councillor's Lounge and the originals were
submitted to the MOE in accordance with established timelines (June 30th, 2009).

In 2008 a total of 39,931 tonnes of waste was disposed of in the Landfill which includes 4,544 tonnes of
daily cover consisting of sweepings, catchbasin grit and imported sand. A total of 24,588 tonnes of waste
was diverted from Landfill which includes material diverted through Curbside Collection Programs (i.e.
blue/gray box, organics, leaf and yard waste) and materials from the waste segregation area of the
Environmental Centre (electronics, municipal hazardous or special waste, tires, scrap metal, cardboard).
This represents an overall waste diversion rate of 41% which is above the 2007 Provincial average of
38.7% as reported by Waste Diversion Ontario (2008 data not reported to date). The overall waste
diversion rate is typically lower than the residential waste diversion rate reported with the MPMP data and
corporate/divisional balanced scorecards.

Land surveys confirmed that 54,200 m3 of landfill space was consumed in 2008 which yielded an overall
waste density of 737 kg/rn3 which indicates improved waste compaction when compared to a 2007 waste
density of 662 kg/rn3. Considering the anticipated volume recovered through re-engineering, the total
available remaining volume in the Landfill is estimated to be 815,000 m3which represents a lifespan of
approximately 15 years with the estimated year of closure remaining unchanged at 2024.

Most of the Landfill is currently unlined and environmental monitoring identified leachate impacted surface
and groundwater down gradient from the Landfill. Previously identified groundwater exceedances at or
near the south eastern compliance boundary include chloride, nitrate, sodium, iron, manganese, volatile
organic compounds which will be addressed by environmental control measures such as the purge wells
and leachate gallery. It was noted that the water quality in the vicinity of the purge well system indicates
that the purge wells are effectively controlling leachate plume migration down gradient of Cells 2 and 3.
Landfill gas monitoring indicates that landfill gas is not present at the compliance boundaries.

Upgrades scheduled in 2009 include an extension of the compost pad which is currently in the public
tendering phase and repairs to a section of the leachate collection gallery which is in the tender
development stage.

Please contact S. Coulter, Manager of Environmental Operations (extension 5826) if you have any

C. Hebert, P. Engr
Director of Operations

The City of                                                                    MEDIA RELEASE
                             E                                                    July 14, 2009


             The City of Barrie Young People Centre's is Hosting
                         Annual Paint the Park Event

Barrio, ON - The City of Barrie Young People Centre is hosting its Annual Paint the Park event on Saturday, July
18, 2009 between 10:00am and 5:00 pm.

This exciting community event encourages, and provides the opportunity for people of all ages to participate in a
positive and creative environment to show off their graffiti artwork. The event is supervised by the City of Barrio
Young People Centre's staff and volunteers, and is open for everyone to participate in. Artists will be able to
reserve their painting space on a first come, first serve basis starting at 9am on the day of the event. Any
participants under the age of 16 years are required to have a parent/guardian sign their registration form.
Registration forms can be found online at or by visiting Maple Ave. Youth Centre (59 Maple Ave.)
or Holly Youth Centre (171 Mapleton Ave.) after June 1.

Community members are invited to purchase a section of the skate park starting at $10.00 based on 2 people per
spot and group prices available. The fee includes the use of a selection of spray paint and a space to paint in the
park. It is recommended that artists bring their own spray paints to ensure they have all the colours and quantity
they need.

All proceeds go towards The Barrie Young People Centre's free drop in youth centre's, providing young people
with an active lifestyle through recreation and leisure.

What:            Paint the Park

When:            Saturday July 18, 2009
                 10:00am -5:00pm, pre-registration 9am

Where:           Skateboard Park in Queen's Park

Cost:            Starting at $10 based on 2 people per spot. Group rates available.

For more information or for a copy of the event registration form, please contact the City of Barrie Young People
Centres at 705-792-7903, or visit www.barrieca (search "Paint the Park")

                                                         -   30-

For more in formation, please contact:

Jessica Wolfe
Barrio Young People Centres
City of Barrie
59 Maple Ave.

About Barrie - Barrie is an exciting, caring and progressive community that 135,000 people call home. Situated
90 km north of the Greater Toronto Area on beautiful Kempenfelt Bay, Barrie offers an excellent life style and
multitude of recreational opportunities. We are committed to the growth of prosperity of Central Ontario's leading
City and most dynamic waterfront community.

                                  The City of

                                  BAPJE                                                   P.O. BOX 400
 TEL. (705) 739-4272                     Councilior Jeff Lehman                             L4M 4T5
 FAX. (705) 739-4243                 "Committed to Service Excellence"

    6 July 2009                                              FHe: A16- Intergovernmental Relations

   The Hon George Smitherman
   Minister of Energy and Infrastructure
   900 Bay Street, 4th Floor
   Hearst Block
   Toronto, Ontario
   M7A 2E1

   RE: Prince of Wales Elementary School, Barrie and the Province's Growth Plan

   Dear Sir;

   I would like to thank you for the time you have recently spent with myself and other elected officials
   from Barrie on issues related to Growth Management. The McGuinty Government's continued
   support of our shared vision for compact, complete communities is to be commended. The
   government's June 41h introduction of the Barrie-Innisfil Boundary Act and the release by your
   Ministry of the document, Simcoe Area: A Strategic Vision for Growth, has resolved an intractable
   seven-year dispute and will allow our region to grow more sustainably.

  While great steps have been made, changing the way we grow is like steering a stampeding herd
  - it's hard to keep everyone moving on the same path. Such is the challenge even within our
  government family - with a broad range of stakeholders needing to all change direction at once, it
  is unfortunately the case that some decisions continue to be made without regard to the Growth

  Regrettably, Barrie's City Centre faces such a decision, The Simcoe County District School Board
  has recently decided to close the one remaining elementary school, Prince of Wales Public
  School, at the heart of Barrie's downtown community; located right in the middle of the Provincially
  designated Urban Growth Centre (UGC).

  As you know Minister, the UGC will be the focus for intensification in Barrie over the coming years.
  Barrie's City Centre has a target density of 150 people and jobs/hectare by 2031. The City of
  Barrie has recently completed an intensification study to plan for this growth, which identifies that
  we intend to add 12,500 new residents and 5,500 new jobs to this area to achieve the Growth
  Plan target.

  Needless to say, the presence of a local school is critical to attracting these residents. How can
  we attract young families to neighbourhoods that do not have schools?

  What may be more surprising is that the only other elementary school in the Barrie Urban Growth
  Centre was also closed last year. Clearly, the closing of schools in the urban growth center is

                                        THE PEOPLE APE THE C!TY'
                                                                                                             7   7

  contrary to your Government's efforts to grow more sustainably and our shared vision for
  revitalization of Barnes City Centre.

 The issue, predictably, is money. In the case of Prince of Wales School, the facility has been
 deemed Prohibitive to Repair (PTR) due to various deficiencies associated with its condition.
 Although condition reports have found the building to be structurally sound, and the building
 features architecture and design features that make it a unique and remarkable part of our built
 heritage, the Board's Accommodation Review Committee has chosen to close the school.

 I am aware that the closure of a single elementary school is an issue affecting only one
 neighbourhood in one community. However, I see in this issue the much bigger question of the
 degree to which our governments (local and Provincial) are willing to support the Government's
 Places to Grow initiative, and your vision for growth in Simcoe County.

 How can we change the way we grow, Minister, if the public infrastructure critical to
 neighbourhood growth and development is removed from those few and critically important urban
 neighbourhoods that you have designated for revitalization?

 I am not asking for Provincial intervention to overturn the School Board's decision, but rather to
 consider providing additional funding to the Board with specific regard to this facility. In the midst
 of extensive infrastructure spending as economic stimulus to combat the recession, a one-time
 funding grant of $6M would allow other worthwhile improvements to be made at the other schools.
 while providing sufficient capital funds to repair Prince of Wales Elementary School and keep it

In closing, while this may seem a small issue best left to the local School Board, I see it as a
component of Provincial planning for the Greater Golden Horseshoe. Only if efforts to intensify the
Urban Growth Centres in the Greater Golden Horseshoe are supported by all government
decisions, will the intensification objectives of the Plan be met. / believe that the lack of a relatively
small amount of capital funding today will have ramifications for years to come in terms of our
ability to achieve the plan.

Given's its unique position as the only remaining elementary school within an Urban Growth
Centre in Simcoe County, perhaps investment in this facility could form part of the ongoing
discussions among area stakeholders regarding the implementation of the Simcoe Area growth
strategy. It is my hope that if funding were identified, the Trustees of the Simcoe County District
School Board could then choose to defer closing of the school.

I would of course be pleased to meet with you or discuss this issue at your convenience. I can be
reached at 739-4272 or by email to

W           Regards,

Councillor, Ward 2
City of Barrie

cc:     Aileen Carroll, MPP, Minister of Culture
        Kathleen Wynn, MPP, Minister of Education
        Jim Watson, MPP, Minister of Municipal Affairs
From: Paul J Ecker
Sent: July 15, 2009 9:19 PM
To: Carey deGorter
Subject: Please include the following for circulation to Council

Barrie's Historic Neighbourhoods Strategy - What's In a Name?

Last month Barrie launched the Historic Neighbourhoods Strategy that was approved in 2008. I
have formally submitted Allandale Junction in the naming competition for the Shear Park

For centuries the Huron Indians travelled our region to countless villages via converging hunting
trails and water routes. I recently excitedly unearthed a ground stone carving tool in my very
own backyard! Confirmed by the curator of The Huronia Museum in Midland, it dates back to
1650, and possibly as early as 10,000 BC. It was used for making dugout canoes, paddles or
poles for dwellings.

Voyageurs and settlers used the nine mile portage and roads were built that joined and crossed in
what would become Allandale and Barrie. The onset of the railway further opened up the north
of Ontario and the Grand Trunk Railway and Canadian National Railway records refer to this
area as Allandale Junction.

A 1915 military historical document speaks of Allandale Junction where troops disembarked
from the train in preparation for serving in the First World War. They had marched from
Niagara Falls to St. Catherines and boarded the train in Hamilton. The train took them to
Toronto , Alliston, Cookstown and finally Allandale Junction where many stayed at the
armoury and the YMCA, which is now Shutters Restaurant.

The GO train's return to Barrie will soon bring the Barrie North terminal to the old rail lands. I
have suggested to GO Transit that the terminal is called Allandale Junction due to its rail

Allandale Junction will be an increasingly important transportation node as a new bus depot
further reduces the necessity for automobile traffic. A Light Rapid Train service could connect
to Collingwood as reported several weeks ago. A restored functional Steam Engine Passenger
service could seasonally transport tourists on a short trip to Angus and back, travelling into and
getting a sense of, the past.

In the future, similar to many cities in the world, an all-season aerial hybrid monorail
transportation system could further make Barrie an attractive community to live in, providing
electric, efficient and environmentally friendly transportation. A convergence of visionary ideas
and transportation technologies can help shape the future of Barrie.

Eventually the largely vacant rail lands will see commercial development. Hopefully it evolves
from improved public engagement that is encouraged and respected. New cultural,
entertainment, commercial and social establishments can create a unique destination for not only
people of Barrie, but for tourists from far and wide who want to make 'The Junction" a

memorable place to meet, enjoy, remember and return to repeatedly.

All of this will only come about with cooperative efforts by politicians, planners, community
leaders and an actively engaged public. This "Junction of Minds" will create vibrant
neighbourhoods with ties to the past that are well-rooted in the present with a confident vision of
the future.

The always too late clarity of 20/20 hindsight must be replaced with improved foresight. Let's
give ourselves a time-line of 11 years and name this effort" Barrie 2020 Vision".

Paul j Ecker

   ianguage i.s an exact retlecuon vie criaracTer ana growth of its speakers. - Gandhi
   Learn from yesterday. Iwe for today, hope fbr tomorrow. The important thing is to not stop
questioning. - Albert Einstein
All open bodies of water contain bacteria viruses and other organ
isms Generally we can deal with minor exposure to them How-
ever sometimes conditions cause them to grow For swimmers this
could lead to infection of the eyes ears nose or throat or even
stomach upset if they swallow too much water

Beach Monitoring
Throughout the swimming season the Simcoe Muskoka District
Health Unit regularly monitors the water at a selection of public
beaches The health unit sends water samples for lab testing of bac
terial counts Results come back in 24 to 36 hours
The health unit assesses the bacterial counts along with the histori
cal data for that particulai beach This will show if there is any
iisk to swimmers If the risk is too high the health unit notifies the
municipality or the operator of the beach and a warning sign goes
up Meanwhile sampling continues at the beach to find out when
the risk has dropped
Beach postings often occui when heavy rainfall washes material
from the areas surrounding the beach or from nearby drainage
ditches and streams into the lake A posting could also result when
wave action or large numbers of people in the water stir up bacteria
that have naturally settled on the bottom Where a swimming area
regularly shows increased bacteria levels after rainstorms a perma
nent sign may be posted warning bathers of the risk of swimming
A beach posting is a warning only If you choose to swim anyway
von f ce hi her notential for infection from that exoosure.
                                                                                                                           e     t.
JUNE 2009

DHA for moms4obe
=a fat that's good
You 'ye heard that omega-3 fatly acids are
important for good health, but they're also
important for a healthy pregnancy.
Omega-3 fatty acids are a special kind of healthy fat needed for
human health. It's important in our diet because our bodies do not
produce them. Everyone benefits from them, including children.
One type of omega-3-docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)-is espe-
cially critical during pregnancy. It's important for the development
of the baby's brain, nerves and eyes. Experts suggest that pregnant
women get at least 300 mg of DHA each day.

How to get DHA
The best way to get DHA is through food. DHk is found naturally           Fish oil supplements are not recommended. Taking a fish oil supple-
in fish, especially fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines, her-   ment may seem like the easiest way to get your DHA. However more
ring and trout.                                                           research is needed to be certain it is safe during pregnancy. Until there
Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide recommends all people                is more evidence, pregnant women are not advised to take these sup-
                                                                          plements. Risks and disadvantages of supplements include:
should eat at least two servings-a total of 150 g (5 oz) or 250 mL
(1 cup) - of fish, preferably fatty fish, each week to meet your daily      • Cod liver oil supplements contain high levels of vitamin A which
needs of DHA.                                                                  could be harmful to an unborn baby.
                                                                            • Regulations do not adequately control the presence of toxins
Shoud I eat fish?                                                              such as mercury and pesticides.
                                                                            • Too much of a good thing can be bad. High amounts of fish oil
For pregnant women who choose not to eat fish there are prod-
                                                                               can increase the risk of bleeding, especially for women that may
ucts available that are fortified with DHA. However, the amounts
                                                                               be prone to bleeding.
of DHA in these products are not comparable to the amount in
                                                                            •   Fish and other food sources of omega-3 provide many important
fish, Even though a food may claim to be "a source of omega-3"
                                                                                nutrients that we do not get from supplements. Fish oil supple-
it doesn't mean it contains DHA. DHA is found in fish, seafood,
                                                                                ments are not equivalent to eating fish.
marine algae and seaweed, so unless the fortified food contains
these ingredients, it may not contain DHA. Read food labels care-

Bottom hne
Fish is the main source of DHA and the easiest way to get the daily recommended amount during pregnancy. Pregnant women should
continue to focus on ensuring sufficient intakes of other key nutrients such as folic acid and iron.

 Got questions about any of the stories in Health Matters?
 + Visit the health unit's website at
 + Call Your Health con,zection Monday to Friday from 8:0 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at 705-721-7520 (1-877-721-7520).
                                                                                                                           C 3

Mercury and seafood
Get the good, avoid the bad                                             We can all safely enjoy fish and shellfish in our diets by being aware
                                                                        of the types of seafood to limit or avoid. Special limits apply to:
Everyone, including pregnant women should eat                           +   Sniall children between the ages of 1 and 4 years of age and
fish and shellfish. Canada's Food Guide recom-                              weigh 16.5 kg (approximately 36 pounds). If your child is
mends eating at least 2 servings offish each                                smaller, reduce the serving size of fish.

week (total of 150 grams or 5 ounces) because                           +   Older children ages 5 to 15 years of age can follow the con-
                                                                            sumption advice for small children, but they can eat a larger
of the excellent nutritional value                                          serving size.
However, there is a concern about mercury in seafood. Most sea-         +   This fish consumption advice only applies to fish bought at
food contains oniy a tiny amount of this substance Men and women            the market or store. If sport fish are consumed, refer to the
who are not in their childbearing years should enjoy a variety of           Ministry of the Environment's Guide to Eating Ontario Sport
fish, but should limit high mercury fish to one serving per week.           Fish.

            Consumption Advice for Small Children, Women of Childbearing Age,
                                  and Pregnant Women


                                                                        Y = Indicates high omega-3 fats
Celebrating women's health
 with a preventive twist
This spring, the Simcoe Muskoka District Health
Unit partnered with 20 local hair salons in a
cancer screening promotion campaign entitled
Celebrating Women.
The campaign is reaching women 20 years of age and older to
raise awareness of the importance of breast, cervical and colorectal
cancer prevention and screening.
Regular cancer screening is part of a healthy lifestyle, just as much
as healthy eating, daily physical activity, tobacco-free living, urn
iting alcohol intake and being sun safe. Regular screening is an
important way to find cancer early before you have symptoms, and            4      Women over 70 years of age can stop having Pap tests if there
when it can be most successfully treated. Maintain your health and                 are at least three normal tests in the previous ten years.
reduce your risk from cancer-regular cancer screening saves lives!             4   Ask your health care provider to do a Pap test.
Deaths from all cancers in Simcoe and Muskoka are higher than
the Ontario provincial average, for both sexes. Our region is a l so        Breast Cancer Screening
behind the target for cancer screening set in the Cancer 2020 report.          4   You should have a regular examination for any early signs of
The following breast, cervical and colorectal screening tests are                  cancer including mammography (breast X-ray) and a physical
avail able across Simcoe Muskoka.                                                  exam of the breasts by your health care provider.
                                                                               4   It is recommended that women aged 50 to 74 years of age have
Colorectal Cancer Screening                                                        a mammogram, generally every two years.
4    If you are 50 years of age or older, without a family history of          4   Women between 50 and 74 years of age can book their own
     colorectal cancer you should be screened.                                     appointment. There is no cost for this screening.
 •   This is done by using an easy-to-use Fecal Occult Blood Test              4   Call the OBSP screening location closest to you to make an
     (FOBT) every two years, available from your health care                       appointment:
     provider.                                                                     - Alliston: Stevenson Memorial Hospital (705) 435-5208
 4   More information can be obtained by calling the Colon Cancer                      Barrie: Royal Victoria Hospital (705) 739 5610
     Check INFOline at 1-866-410 5853.
                                                                                   -   Bracebridge: South Muskoka Memorial Hospital
                                                                                       (705) 645 3000
 Cervical Cancer Screening
                                                                                       Midland: Huronia Medical Centre X-ray and Ultrasound
 +   You should have your first Pap test within three yeais after you
                                                                                       (705) 526-5000
     start having sex.
                                                                                    - Orillia: Ontario Medical Imaging (705) 326 2244
 4   If your tests are normal for three years in a row, then you will
     need a Pap test every two or three years.                                 Screening also has the added benefit of giving a person peace of
                                                                               mind about their health. Talk to your family members about cancer
 +   You should continue having a Pap test after menopause (when
                                                                               screening, to help share the message that many kinds of cancer are
     your monthly periods stop).

               HEALTH MATTERS is published several times a year by the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit. Articles may be reproduced in full
               provided the source is acknowledged. We would be pleas ed to provide you with additional copies of this publication and further refer-
 reper ence material or to discuss future topics with you. Please contact Director of Corporate Service, at 721-7520 (1 -877-721-7520).


      1/   I


The Board of Directors reviewed Bill 126, Road
Safety Act, which received Royal Assent on
April 23, 2009. As the Government looks at
ways to encourage Ontarians to Go Green and
increase mobility options, MTO has amended            To read this letter, please visit our website at
the Highway Traffic Act (HTA) to include e-bikes and go to Advocacy and Policy
in the definition of bicycles.                        - News and Information.

A three year pilot project to study the use of        Bill 150, the Green Energy and Economy Act,
these vehicles will be coming to a close on           received third reading and royal assent in the
October 3, 2009. The Board supports the               legislature May 14, 2009.
amendments to Bill 126 and has asked staff to
monitor the communication and progress and
report back at our September meetings.

                                                      OGRA is working with a Steering Committee
                                                      to implement an Electronic Infrastructure
                                                      Procurement Solution for Municipalities.
                                                      Presently in the planning stages, the
In April 2009, during the OGRA Board Meeting,         Steering Committee is working towards
the Board requested that a letter be sent to the      making this project as flexible as possible
Standing Committee on General Government              to allow municipalities to use as many
advising that OGRA fully supports the position        components as they deem appropriate. The
presented by AMO regarding Bill 150. A letter         Steering Committee is made up of Public
was sent on April 17, 2009 to the Clerk of the        Works Practioners, Buyers, Consultants and
Committee from our President,                         Contractors. OGRA staff continues to work
Eric Rutherford.                                      on branding this new member service. As
                                                      this project moves forward, information will
                                                      be made available on the OGRA website at

                                                fo i(f,aèd'
 Board Brief contd...

                                                  In June, the Pavement Rehabilitation
  EDUCATION AND WORKSHOPS                         Program Committee met to discuss the
                                                  2010 workshop to be held in Mississauga
               -                                  January 26 and 27. The workshop, themed
                                                  Striking a Balance - Cost, Performance and
One of OGRA's business objectives is to           the Environment, will include perspectives
provide affordable and accessible education       from the Ministry of Transportation and
and training services. As presented to the        the Industry on innovative solutions for
Member Services Committee on Thursday,            striking a balance. Other areas of interest
June 25, OGRA plans to offer several              will include hot mix or surface treatment,
workshops in the fall including, Snow School,     potholes, municipal case studies and a
September 28-30 in Alliston, Ontario; the         look at the vision for the future on cost
Snow and Ice Colloquium to be held in             performance and the environment.
Mississauga, Ontario October 6th and 7th and
two Technology Transfer Programs. Program         The program is in the preliminary planning
details can be found on our website.              stage and is subject to change. Information
                                                  will be made available on our website in the
OGRA's annual Guelph Road School celebrated       coming weeks.
its 50th Anniversary with record attendance
                                 past May.
                              gratulations to
                              e who were
                              Ived in making
                               50th Year a
                              plete success.

Attendance of the MIT courses, Municipal          On Friday, June 26, President Rutherford
InfrastructureTra in ing, exceeded expectations   addressed the Board regarding a
this year and staff are busy planning for 2010.   presentation he made on behalf of
                                                  OGRA and ROMA, to the Select Standing
                                                  Committee on Agriculture and Forestry on
                                                  May 14, 2009.

                                                  A copy of Mr. Rutherford's presentation
                                                  may be found at under News
                                                  and Information.
Board Brief contd...

     The Board Members and OGRA staff would like to sincerely thank the
    Municipality of Greenstone, and particularly, the Community of Longlac
                        for its warmth and hospitality.

                                                           200 University Aye, Suite 801
                                                           Toronto, ON M5H 3C6
                                                           Tel.: (416)971-98561 Fax: (416) 971-6191
            IM      ii   of 0 t ri                         E-mail:

To the attention of the Clerk and Council
July 9, 2009
                                                                          ALERT N°: 09/054
                                                           FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT:
                                                           Milena Avramovic AMO Senior Policy Advisor
                                                           (416) 971-9856 ext 342
                                     Planning Act Survey
Surveying members to determine whether the progressive new planning tools which came
into effect in January 2007 are being used and are effective in addressing the issues raised
by municipal governments during the last Planning Act review.

The Planning Act was most recently changed through Bill 51 and came into effect in
January 2007. The Act provided a number of progressive legislative and regulatory tools
not before available to municipalities including, but not limited to:

        -        Having limitation on the appeal of employment land boundaries as well as
        -         "area of settlement" boundaries;
        -        Providing direction to the 0MB for recognition and regard to municipal
        -        Improving Community Improvement Plans (CIP) to allow redevelopment in
                 addition to rehabilitation;
        -        Enhancing the development permit system for those municipalities wishing to
                 use this tool;
        -        Expanding the options for parkland dedication to encourage sustainable
                 design such as green roofs, porous surfaces, etc.; and
        -        Provision of new authority for architectural/urban design.

Additionally, in 2005, the Provincial Policy Statement also underwent amendments which
required updates to municipal policies.

Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) is checking in with members to determine the
level of implementation of the new tools which were provided with the change to the Act. It
is also an opportunity to determine whether additional effort is needed to assist members to
take advantage of these new tools where that opportunity hasn't been fully utilized. We are
also interested in the status with respect to the implementation of the updated policies of the
Provincial Policy Statement, 2005.

AMO is using a new web tool, the Survey Monkey, to conduct this survey which you can
access by clicking
https://www.surveymonkey.corn/s.aspx?sm=8hUflROl7Irl4b7s462KCQ 3d_3d. The completion
of the survey should take approximately 30 minutes.

                                                                                     Association of
                                                   1-2                     Municipalities of Ontario

It is recommended that the survey be forwarded to staff responsible for management of
planning issues for response.

Your response to AMO by August 10, 2009 would be appreciated as AMO wishes to
use these results at the upcoming AMO conference to communicate our findings to                       w
members and to use it to determine what, if any, additional work is required.

This in formation is available in the Policy Issues section of the AMO website at www. amo. on. ca.

                                                                                   Association of
                                                   2-2                   Municipalities of Ontario

On July 14, 2009, the Government released the initial draft Employment Standard under the
Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 for public review and comment. The
public review period is until October 16, 2009.


The AODA, 2005, requires the Minister of Community and Social Services to develop
accessibility standards that will remove barriers for people with disabilities. The standards
are expected to apply to the public sector, including all municipalities in the Province, as well
as the not-for-profit and private sectors. They will address a full range of disabilities
including physical, sensory, mental health, developmental and learning and will be
implemented in phases leading to full accessibility in Ontario by 2025. Once completed, the
standards will be introduced into legislation and therefore will become mandatory and
enforced by the Province.

The Initial Proposed Accessible Built Environment Standard was developed by an external
Accessible Built Environment Standards Development Committee (SDC). This external
committee included representatives from the disability community as well as the public and
private sectors. The SDC's initial proposed standard is now posted for public review and
feedback. The initial proposed standard does not necessarily reflect the point of view of the

It is important to note that the government does not plan to impose requirements for
retrofitting existing buildings at this time. Also, the government does not intend to require
Ontarians to make their existing or new single family houses accessible at this time.

The public review period to make comments on the SDC's Initial Proposed Accessible Built
Environment Standard is from July 14, 2009 to October 16, 2009.

Once the public review period is over, the standards development committee will reconvene
to consider your feedback. They may make changes to their initial proposed standard based
on the feedback prior to finalizing a proposed standard for submission to the Minister of
Community and Social Services.
                                                                              Association of
                                                1-2                  Municipalities of Ontario
Those interested in reviewing the SDC's proposed standard or participating in the
accessibility standards development process can find more information on the Ministry
of Community and Social Services' website at:                                                    H

In September, public consultation sessions will be conducted across the province. To
participate in a consultation session please call 1-888-482-4317 or toll-free TTY 1-888-
335-6611, or email public.reviewoliverwymancom.


AMO is urging its members to review the proposed standard and to provide comments to
the Government.

Through the work of the AMO Built Environment Resource Team, AMO will be developing a
response to the standard outlining municipal issues and concerns. Once developed, AMO's
concerns will be shared with the membership.

This information is available in the Policy Issues section of the AMO website at

                                                                               Association of
                                                2-2                   Muncipaiities of Ontario

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