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Celebrating our

                                                             Spring 2007

                                                             SMEA Memorial Scholarship Funds                     3

                                                             SMEA Honour Groups info ‘07               4

                                                             CMEA Student Essay Competition                  8

                                                             Hailing all SMEA Members!             9

                                                             Regional Workshops 2007 INFO                   10


                                                             Music Monday/Harmony Festival                            12

                                                             Saskatoon Children’s Choir/CBC Award                     13

                                                             2007 SMC Music Conference Report                     14

                                                             Scholarships/Awards 2006!            15

                                                             SMEA General Meeting Highlights                     16

    Excellence in Music Education
                                                             2007 Junior Band NORTH!              18

                                                             E-Notz Calendar        19

                                                             CMEA Events Worldwide           20

                                                             International SAITO Program               22

       Saskatchewan Junior Band news                         Implications of
                                                             Uniting Our Voices Symposium
         Honour Groups Forms / Links

                               lots more!
SMEA Board of Directors 2007
                                                     The board would like to welcome two
President                                            new members to the table.
Mary Jane Schuler                   569-2362         Aaron Thingelstad was appointed
                                                     in September to replace Cheryl Hutton
Peter Pizurny                       659-4780         in Region 2.

Past-President                                       Rita Hilbig was elected to represent
Doug McCosh                         373-9673         Region 3, replacing Shannon Mc-
Executive Director
Ann Mueller                         256-3372

Region 1
Region 2
Aaron Thingelstad                   773-2713

Region 3
Rita Hilbig                         786-6566

Region 4
Thecla Anderson                     651-6064

Region 5
Kara Helms                          763-5357

Region 6
Yvonne Kerpjuweit                   (780) 875-1913

Region 7
Michelle Nye                        731-2784

Communications/publications consultant
Graeme Steen,

Heart of the City Piano Program:
          Melanie Sydiaha (Saskatoon) 667 1317
Saskatoon Children’s Choir:
          Phoebe Voigts 683-7340
Honour Groups:
          Michelle Nye (Lumsden) 731-2784

                                                     NOTZ is compiled by Shannon McIntyre and published by
                                                     SMEA. Submissions or requests can be made at any of the
                                                     contact numbers listed.

                                                                                                NoTZ 1
President’s NoTZ
In 1957 Lester B. Pearson was awarded the Nobel Peace            recognizing those SMEA colleagues who have been significant in
Prize, John Diefenbaker was swept into power by a land-          shaping music education in Saskatchewan. It is also time to share
slide, the USSR launched sputnik, I entered grade 1 (no kin-     our aspirations and good wishes for SMEA in the next fifty years
dergarten in our town way back then), and Doug McCosh,           and beyond. We are hoping to hear from as many of you as pos-
our current Past President, was born. But those were by no       sible. Let’s celebrate!
means the only momentous events that took place that year
for in 1957 SMEA WAS BORN! Yes, the Saskatchewan                 Those of you who have shared your e-mail address with us have
Music Educators Association is fifty years old. It is time to    begun to receive “e-Notz” in your electronic mailboxes. We hope
celebrate our golden anniversary!                                to use this vehicle to circulate information which our regular
                                                                 publications “Notz” and “Cadenza” may not be able to deliver in a
A short time ago Doug McCosh invited all of you to jot           timely manner. In addition, our national body, CMEA, and our in-
down your stories, pictures, and treasured recollections of      ternational affiliate, ISME, have instituted the use of e-newsletters
SMEA’s first fifty years and to submit them to our anniver-      which they have asked us to forward to you in an effort to improve
sary planning committee. It is time for thoughtful retrospec-    communication with their membership while keeping their cost of
tion on what SMEA has accomplished over the last fifty           publications in check. If you have not shared your e-mail address
years, for sharing fond reminiscences of SMEA and what           with us but would like to receive e-Notz please forward your ad-
it has been or how it and its members may have influenced        dress to our office in Cudworth.
our professional (and, in some cases, personal) lives, and for
                                                                 Music Monday is May 7 this year. Remember to take a look
                                                                 at the website and to register online. Let us know what you are
                                                                 doing to celebrate music on that day. This idea has the potential to
                                                                 become a powerful music advocacy tool. Think about becoming
                 The Saskatchewan Music                          involved.
                  Educators Association
                                                                 2007 promises to be another busy and exciting year. I hope all the
          is the STF Special Subject Council for                 workshops, concerts, and special events you are planning are suc-
            Music Educators in Saskatchewan                      cessful and rewarding. Have a wonderful year. Happy Birthday!

                                                                 MJ Schuler

  SMEA Mission Statement:
  To promote the development of high standards of music and music education.
  To exchange information and ideas with those interested in music.
  To sponsor conventions, workshops, clinics and other means of musical development, information and education.

  SMEA is a Special Subject Council of the STF. Anyone teaching music in Saskatchewan schools should be
  a member of SMEA, so that we can adequately represent music education to the STF and the government. It
  is our responsibility to urge music educators who don’t yet belong to their subject council to join SMEA for a
  stronger subject council. Please encourage fellow music teachers in your school or division to join SMEA to
  help to make us a stronger voice.

2 NoTZ
SMEA Memorial Scholarship Fund:

Frank Connell                                                                                                            Rj Staples

 The R.J. Staples and the Frank Connell memorial scholarships of $500.00 each are awarded annually to a
 third or fourth year music student from the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Regina.

 SMEA continues to challenge all members to make a donation to our Special Scholarship Fund Rais-
 ing Program, to ensure that we are able to continue supporting our up and coming music educators. All
 contributors will receive a charitable tax receipt and will be acknowledged in our Newsletters and Annual

 The SMEA would like to acknowledge, with deep appreciation, all the donations made to the SMEA Memorial Scholarship Fund. All contributors will be issued
 a charitable tax receipt and will be acknowledged in our Newsletters and Annual Report.

 2003 – 2006                                                                                   Thank you for your support! Cheques should be pay-
                                                                                               able to:

 FRIENDS ($25)
 SUPPORTERS ($50)       Sharie Argue
 PATRONS ($100)         Jeff Lawrence                       Doug McCosh

                                                                                               Scholarship Fund
                        John Poettcker                      Mary Jane Schuler
                        Roxanne Inch                        Lynne Driedger-Enns
                        Shannon McIntyre                    Debbie McPherson
                        Stefanie Stefanson-Pexa
 DONORS ($250)
                                                                                               Saskatchewan Music Educators Association
                                                                                               Box 519
                                                                                               Cudworth, SK
                                                                                               S0K 1B0

                                                            the challenge goes out ‘07!!
                                                            to you!
                                                                                                                                            NoTZ 3
                 Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence in Ensemble

                               Denise Grant                                      Elaine
                               conducts the          The goal of the Honour      Quilichini is
                               Wind Ensemble       Groups Project is to foster   recognized for
                               and teaches                                       her exceptional
                                                    even higher standards of     musicianship
                               courses in
                               conducting         artistic achievement among     and distin-
                               and music             young musicians. It is      guished work
                               education at the    designed to provide an op-    with choral
                               University of      portunity for young players    ensembles. As
                               Toronto, where                                    a Master of
                                                    from ALL communities         Music (Kodály
                               she has earned
                               a reputation for    in the province to work in    Emphasis, Holy Names College, Oakland,
her innovative programming and sensitive           concert with their peers in   California), she is in demand as a clinician,
interpretation of a wide variety of works. She     this unique and affordable    lecturer, adjudicator and guest conductor
earned her Ph.D. at the University of Min-          manner. 2007 is the 34th     across Canada, the United States and as far
nesota where she studies conducting with                                         away as Australia.
                                                  consecutive year of the pro-     In 1995, Ms. Quilichini founded the Cal-
Craig Kirchhoff. Dr. Grant was formerly
director of bands at the University of Regina      gram. The SMC concludes       gary Girls Choir, one of Canada’s most
and was an instrumental music teacher with         with a final concert of the   dynamic and award-winning ensembles.
the Halifax (NS) Regional School Board            2007 groups (in Regina this    In addition to her private music studio, she
for eight years. She is a strong advocate for                 year).             also directs the University of Calgary’s
music education is active as a guest conduc-                                     Women’s Choir.
                                                     Make sure to check the      In 2003 Ms. Quilichini made her debut
tor and adjudicator across Canada.
Dr. Grant is founding editor of Canadian          Honour Groups websitefor       as maestro at Carnegie Hall, directing
Winds, the journal of the Canadian Band            active materials for 2007.    the choral concert A Tribute to Peace
Association. As a saxophonist, Dr. Grant                                         and Freedom on the American Memo-
has performed a wide body of music ranging                                       rial Day weekend. In 2004, she was Guest
from chamber to jazz. She is a former mem-                                       Conductor of the National Honor Choir
ber of the Scotia Winds Saxophone Quar-                                          at the American Kodály Conference in San
tet, performing regularly in the Maritimes                                       Francisco. Ms. Quilichini also presented
and garnering praise for their interpretations       2007 Chairperson:           workshops for several choirs in Canada
of diverse works. She currently plays with the         Michelle Nye              and the United States. She conducted the
University of Toronto Faculty Saxophone                  731 2784                Calgary Girls Choir’s junior ensemble as
Quartet with Paul Read, Alex Dean, and Rob                                       the invited guest artist at the National Orff
Carli.                                                                           Conference in Calgary.

4 NoTZ
The Saskatchewan Music Educators Association is sponsoring the Provincial Honour Groups project
again this year, as an extension of our fall conference. The Honour Choir and Honour Band are created
by an anonymous audition process and comprise the top students in Saskatchewan. These students
spend three intensive days working with exceptional directors, improving the students’ musical skills.
Their enthusiasm and leadership will benefit their own performing groups when they return home. This
is an excellent opportunity for your students to take part in a band, choir or orchestra on November
1st, 2nd, and 3rd, 2007.

Students who are accepted will take part in three days of rehearsal in Regina with world class con-
ductors. Our conductors for the 2007 season are Elaine Quilichini (choir) and Denise Grant (band).
The final concert will take place in Regina on Saturday, November 3th at 4:30 P.M. Concert tickets
are $10 each.

Included here are application, and a poster. Please display the poster and copy the application and
consent forms as necessary. Please read the general information and fill out forms clearly, completely
and in ink.

If a student wishes to audition for more than one voice type or instrument, he/she must complete sepa-
rate forms and tapes/CDs for each. Do not put any identifying marks on your tape/CD, and include
a $10.00 fee for each recording. Please package your audition tape carefully between cardboard or in
a bubble package. Do not record your name or the name of your school on the tape itself and do not
place any identifying marks on either the tape or the tape case. If you are sending in multiple tapes,
either place each tape and application form in an envelope within the package or use an elastic band
to wrap each form and tape together.

Your assistance is appreciated in helping the students with their recording and in organizing their
paperwork. All applicants should submit their applications by March 31, 2007 to the general office
of the SMEA. Please feel free to have the audition tapes returned earlier than the March 31, 2007
deadline. (SMEA Honour Groups Box 519 Cudworth SK, S0K 1B0).

Choral directors, please note that we strive to achieve a balance in all four voices in our Honour Choir.
If you have any male singers who would be interested in participating, please encourage them to send
in their audition applications. We would love to hear them! (Note no pre-rehearsal this year!)

We hope to inform students by June 1st, 2007 if they have been successful. We would like to give
directors this opportunity to recognize students at final concerts and congratulate them on their suc-
cessful auditions.
                                                                               Audition Application
                                                                               next page
                                      CHOIR/BAND AUDITION APPLICATION
                         Audition requirements are stipulated on the website. For your convenience requirements
     are included on the following page of this publication. Students on orchestral stringed instruments who wish to audition for the
   2007 Saskatchewan Honour Orchestra should request audition informaion and material from Wayne toews -

Student Name                                                                              Male       Female

Student Mailing address

City/Town                                                                                 Postal Code

Home Telephone                                                                            Grade (Sept07)

Student/family email

Parent/Guardian name

Audition for:       [  ] Band $10              [    ] Choir $10
Please ensure that payment is attached to this application for EACH TAPE submitted. Submit a separate
form, tape and cheque with each application.


VOICE:               [       ] soprano    [    ] alto [        ] baritone [          ] bass


                         [     ] Band                 [     ] Choir

Teacher Information (The following information must be completed in full)

Teacher’s Name


City/Town                                                                                 Postal Code

Work Telephone:                                                      School Telephone:

Teacher’s Email

Teacher’s Signature

                                                           Photocopy as needed.
                                               Tip: Fill in teacher info first and save time!
6 NoTZ
         2007 SMEA Honour Groups Audition Guidelines (check website for complete details)
               Auditions can be made on cassette or CD, and must follow these rules.

Record your tape in this specific order only and follow the specific tempos. Your tape will be judged on how
closely you can follow directions!

Woodwinds and Brass:
1) Chromatic Scale : in eighth notes at mm= 96. Ascending and Descending. Articulation -slurred. To demonstrate range,
begin on your lowest note and play up to the highest note of your range.
2) Concert F Major Scale : 2 octaves in eighth notes at mm = 96. Articulation - 2 slurred, 2 tongued.
3) Two Contrasting Pieces or Studies : If this material is not available to you through your school band program or private
lessons, 2 contrasting etudes are available online at: . Follow the “SMEA
Honour” links.

1) Bells - Concert Eb Major Scale. 2 octaves at mm = 96.
2) Snare Drum - Buzz roll from pp. Crescendo to ff and diminuendo to pp.
3) 2 Pieces/Excerpts : To demonstrate your ability to play 2 instruments (ie: timpani, snare drum, or bells). If this material
is not available to you through your school program or private lessons, 2 contrasting etudes are available online
at: . Follow the “SMEA Honour” links.
Saskatchewan Music Educator

Please ensure that there is NO speaking whatsoever by ANYONE, and that your singing voice is UNAMPLIFIED/MODI-
FIED. Do not stand too close or too far away from the microphone. For full consideration of your tape, pay very close
attention to all metronome tempos and other instructions marked for each exercise below.
Record your tape in this specific order only and follow the specific tempos. Your tape will be judged on how closely you
can follow directions!

1. Sing one verse (or for approximately two minutes at most) a selected portion from an art song, recital piece, or traditional
         folk song. Accompaniment is optional (but avoid a lengthy piano introduction). Do not use pop songs or selections
         from Broadway or movies. The piece selected should demonstrate your vocal characteristics and range.
2. Sing “O Canada,” UNACCOMPANIED. Begin on the following notes:
         Soprano: begin on A1-above middle C (singing in the key of F)
         Alto: begin on G1-above middle C (singing in the key of Eb)
         Tenor: begin on G#-below middle C (singing in the key of E)
         Bass: begin on F#-below middle C (singing in the key of D)
3. VERY SLOWLY sing a major scale UNACCOMPANIED on “la” as follows:
         Females: begin on f above middle c and sing an ascending scale as high as you can comfortably sing. Then begin
         on the same pitch and sing a descending scale as low as you can comfortably sing.
         Males: begin on f below middle c and sing an ascending scale as high as you can comfortably sing. Then begin on
         the same pitch and sing a descending scale as low as you can comfortably sing.
4. VERY SLOWLY sing an UNACCOMPANIED ascending chromatic scale on “la”
         Females: begin on d above middle C.
         Males: begin on d below middle C.
5. TEST PIECE: Sing your voicepart from the score [4 pages]: (Testpiece is available fullsize
online: (follow links).

                                                                                                                   NoTZ 7

Promoting Excellence in Music Education

ELIGIBILITY: The competition is open to all Canadian undergraduate and graduate students studying worldwide and also to foreign
students studying in Canadian universities.

TOPIC: Topics will be of the students choosing but must be relevant to some branch of music education.

STYLE: Essays must be typed and must conform to standard APA style. A general guide is available under “Information for Contribu-
tors” in the Canadian Music Educator. Essays will be between 2000 – 4000 words. All charts, diagrams and photos must be supplied

JURY: The competitions will be judged by nationally recognized scholars in the field of music education who will be selected after
the entries have been received to avoid conflicts and announced with the

SUBMISSIONS: Submissions must be postmarked on or before MAY 1ST, 2007. No late submissions will be accepted. Contestants
are required to submit four (4) copies of the essay and a computer file of the paper would be advantageous. In order to have a blind
review, the name of the author and institutional affiliation and a permanent home address and email address must appear on a separate
cover sheet. No identifying content within the body of the text is allowed with respect to either author or institution. A letter of institu-
tional affiliation and current graduate/undergraduate status from a member of the faculty must also be submitted. Essays must be the
student’s own work but may be vetted through faculty at the request of the author. Winning essays may be published by the CMEA.
First place winners in each category will receive a cash award.
Submissions are to be made to:

Peter Stigings, Administrator, National Essay Competition,
6675 Wiltshire St., Vancouver, B.C. V6P 5G8


8 NoTZ
                     SMEA 50th Anniversary

                                1957 - 2007

                      Hailing All SMEA Members!

SMEA is celebrating 50 years of making music in 2007. We want your stories and expe-
riences of making music for a Special 50th Anniversary Edition of CADENZA.
Stories about you and your students - the what, where, when, why, how and with whom
of your music making/teaching/learning. In short, we would like stories of the significant
musical events in your life as a music educator.

We hope to hear from everyone, so please try to keep your stories to one page. Point
form is fine if you have been busy. We reserve the right to edit your text. By submitting
your story, it is anticipated you are also granting SMEA permission to print your story in
CADENZA or any other SMEA publication.

Along with your story, please include your contact information – phone number and/or
email address so, if necessary, we can contact you for clarification.

                       DEADLINE - June 30, 2007
              You can submit your memories in print or electronic form to:

                                 Doug McCosh, Chair
                                Anniversary Committee
                                  75 Leddy Crescent
                                Saskatoon, SK S7H 3Y9

                                     Honourary Life Membership/Outstanding
                                              Achievement Award
                                      Please consider someone who you think is deserving
                                     of one or both of these awards. Fill out the form at the
                                        back of the newsletter, and forward it to SMEA.
                                                   We want your nominations!
                SMEA Regional Workshops
                                                                                                       Regional Workshop
The following workshops approved so far for 2007:                                                      requests have increased,
                                                                                                       making it necessary for
Region 3           Jr. Choir Retreat
                                                                                                       the board to be strict
Region 4           Harmony Festival 2007
Region 5           East Flat Beginner Band
                                                                                                       in requiring that ap-
Region 7           Jazz Fusion                                                                         plications are filled out
                                                                                                       correctly and passed
                                                                                                       through the proper chan-
SMEA Regional Workshops                                                                                nels.
Members of SMEA can apply for workshop money, by obtaining an application form from
your Regional Director or from the SMEA website. Your form must be signed by your
Regional Director before the board will consider your application. The following is required:
        • Fill out the form completely, include a proposed budget, identify the workshop as a program of the SMEA,
        include the whole region if possible, and use the SMEA and Sask. Lottery Logos on all
                  printed material. SMEA must receive this prior to your workshop, so check out the meeting dates
        • The first half of the payment is given before the workshop and the final amount is given only after the
                  follow up report has been submitted to your Regional Director.
        • This must be done within three months of the workshop.

If you have any questions, or need ideas or help with a workshop, please contact your regional Director, or any board member.
Regional Workshop Applications should be sent o the SMEA General Office, Box 519 Cudworth SK S0K 1B0

                     Regional Workshop Deadlines: If the workshop falls between:    Your deadline for submission is:
                                      Feb. 1 - June 30                                                  January 1
                                      July 1 - Sept. 30                                                 June 1
                                      Oct. 1 - Jan. 31                                                  Sept. 1
 Region 1
 (Vacant - contact SMEA General Office)

 Region 2
 Aaron Thingelstad            375 - 7th Ave E, Swift Current SK S9H 2N5

 Region 3
 Rita Hilbig                  24 Canwood Cres, Yorkton SK, S9H 2N5

 Region 4
 Thecla Anderson              114 O’Regan Cres Saskatoon SK, S7L 6T2

 Region 5
 Kara Helms                   221 - 1580 Olive Diefenbaker Dr. , Prince Albert SK
                              S6V 7M6
 Region 6
 Yvonne Kurpjuweit            5511 - 29th Street, Lloydminster AB T9V 2A9

 Region 7
 Michelle Nye                 Box 374 Lumsden SK A0G 3C0

  10 NoTZ
Memorial Fund –                                      Beverley leaves behind many friends, students and her
                                                     family - her mom and dad, a sister and brother and their
Beverley Ann Shore                                   families.
                                                     A Memorial service was held on Dec. 21 in Yorkton with
Beverley died accidentally on Dec. 16, 2006.         many friends, students, former students, colleagues and
She grew up and was educated in Regina and           family members packing St. Andrews Church.
taught in Watrous, Yorkton, Deloraine, Manitoba
and then came back to Yorkton where she has          A Memorial Fund has been set up in memory of Beverley.
worked for the former Yorkdale Division, now         Donations can be sent to:
part of Good Spirit, for the last several years.
Beverley was very involved with all aspects of       Beverley Shore Memorial Fund
music in Yorkton. She belonged to the St. An-        c/o Saskatchewan Band Association
drews United Church Choir, sang in many mu-          34 Sunset Drive North
sicals, and was President of the Yorkton Music       Yorkton, Sk. S3N 3K9
Festival. She also spent many summers heading
the SBA Band Camps in Yorkton and was an Ex-         (tax receipts will be issued for donations over $10.00)
ecutive Member of the Sask. Band Association.

        Just the facts ma’am, just the facts...
  The SMEA and our Member Organizations have again achieved tremendous success in 2006.
 10,140 SMEA and Member Organization members and volunteers spent a total of 158,800 vol-
 unteer hours to provide 1,129 programs that directly affected 179, 562 individuals in 2006. This
 remarkable achievement was possible only with the support of a dedicated membership and an
                                   enthusiastic volunteer base.

                                        Thank You!
    is a great place to publicize your events and concerts.

    please contact
    or visit the calendar section of
    the website.                                                                      Circle. Online.
    There is a form which helps with key information,
    and we can link to your own page should you have one.

                                                                                                          NoTZ 11
Music                                           Harmony Festival 2007
                                                  Contact is Ms. Gerry Silverson 343-8924!

Monday,                                       The Saskatoon Magic City Chorus
                                              and the Chimo Chordsmen are ex-
May 7,                                        cited to announce the Young Wom-
                                              en in Harmony and Young Men in

2007                                                  Harmony Workshop:

The third annual Mu-
sic Monday is being
                                                     Festival 2007
planned to celebrate
the importance of mu-                         being held in Saskatoon the evening
sic in our lives and our                      of March 30, 2007 (7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.)
schools. A new song                           and during the day on March 31,
                                              2007 (9 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.). This is the
by DALA, entitled “Our                        sixth Harmony Festival in Saskatoon.
Song” has been commis-
sioned for this year and                      This workshop is open to any young men
                                              and women, 12 to 25 years of age, who
is available to download                      are interested in learning to sing a cap-
in every form. Please                         pella 4-part harmony, barbershop style.
check the website                             The fee is $20 and includes the workshop,
                                              music, learning tapes and lunch. Sponsor-
                                              ships are available. The Harmony Festival
                                              2007 will conclude with a show at 4 p.m.                            Saturday March 31st at the Sask Abilities
                                              Council Auditorium where the partici-
                                              pants can perform for family, teachers
for information, and to                       and friends. Please plan to attend this re-
register your school to                                 markable performance.
take part in this event.

           SMEA has adapted all forms and databases to fall within the confidentiality and secu-
           rity rules as set out by the Privacy Legislation. Thank you to our members for your
           cooperation with respect to the use of consent forms.
SASKATOON                                       Monte - the arrangement you created was
                                                ingeniously scored and beautifully crafted.
CHILDREN’S CHOIR                                Our broadcast is only as good as the con-
                                                tent it contains and you provided us with
                                                excellent raw material to work with. You
CBC Radio Programs Award                        can certainly hear that this music was a
for Brundibar broadcast:                        real labour of love.

                                                Phoebe - it’s always a delight to hear the
Brundibar was a Special Centennial              Saskatoon Children’s Choir in concert.
Project of SMEA in 2005. The following is       Your commitment to tackling social is-
a letter was received from Shauna Powers        sues in your repertoire is inspiring. You
of the CBC in December:                         brought such a professional attitude to the
                                                project, and the choir and soloists brought
I’m writing to let you know that CBC            this music to life with such vitality and
recently recognized our ‘Opera Brundibar’       sensitivity. The children who read the
broadcast as the ‘Best Regional Weekly’         Terezin poems presented those haunting
program in the country.                         words with both drama and a strong sense
                                                of understanding.
Every year, CBC presents the CBC Radio
Program Awards. Producers from all across       Please pass these congratulations along to
the country submit their best work which        the many other people who were involved
gets judged by a national jury. We submit-      in making this project such a success.
ted Opera Brundibar, and I just found out       When Saskatchewan is recognized on the
last week that it won! This is a great hon-     national stage, it reminds everyone else in
our for me and Chris, but I also want you       the country of the many fine performers
to know it is a great honour for you, too.      and composers that inhabit this less-dense-
Congratulations!                                ly populated part of the world. Bravo!

Rita - your vision in realizing the dream of    Cheers,
mounting the opera in Saskatchewan was          Shauna Powers
bold and courageous. The project was made       CBC
all the more meaningful by your personal
connection to the Terezin Concentration
camp. Your mother’s presence in our
broadcast touched all of us deeply. And the
English translation you were part of creating
allowed us Anglophones to really connect
with the story.

                                                                                   NoTZ 13
Saskatchewan Music                                           A session that held a lot of interest was a presentation

Conference News,
                                                             by a Saskatoon chiropractor on coping with the physi-
                                                             cal stresses particular to music teachers.

Nov. 2-4, 2006                                               The display area offered many ways to spend
                                                             your music budget.

                                                             The SMC Band was conducted this year by Bruce
Celebrating the Musical                                      Pearson. Well known to most band directors, he held

Heart of the Prairies
                                                             two sessions, giving some very practical ideas on
                                                             starting beginner students, as well as ideas on effec-
                                                             tive rehearsals.

Thank you to Patrick Kelly, the Chairperson of the SMC       The SMC Choir was conducted by Lisa Ward
Planning committee and his committee for the many            (Fielder) from Red Deer. She led two sessions on
hours they put into planning another successful confer-      Vocal Jazz – how to get a group started, and then re-
ence.                                                        hearsal techniques, improvising, repertoire and more.

A highlight was the keynote address by the Honourable        A performance was also given by the Saskatoon
Dr. Lynda Haverstock who discussed the extraordi-            Children’s Choir, under the direction of Phoebe
nary legacy of creativity in Saskatchewan, including         Voigts. This extraordinary group is always a pleasure
the remarkable people and circumstances that led our         to hear perform.
province to become a world leader in the arts.
                                                             The Awards Banquet saw many deserving music
Keeping with the theme of the conference, we welcomed        educators and others who have been very involved
two Saskatchewan educators to lead the Honour Band           with music in Saskatchewan, receive awards for their
- Dr.Glen Gillis and Choir - Dr. Gerald Langner. The         contributions.
SOA Honour Orchestra was conducted by Yari Aloni.            The social that followed featured entertainment by
Thank you to Doug McCosh and Graeme Steen, who               the Roy Sydiaha Trio.
acted as Honour Groups chairperson and registrar.
                                                             The Silent Auction, to raise funds for the various
Sessions were offered in all areas of music; something for   Scholarship funds, was set up during the entire con-
everyone.                                                    ference. A huge thank you to all who donated items
                                                             for the auction and to all who bid on and purchased
Band sessions included: instrument repair, percussion        the items. The auction brought in over $1300.00.
techniques, how to nourish French Horn and trombone
players, tips and tricks and jazz band.
                                                             The 2007 conference is planned for
Choral sessions on: musical theater, rehearsal               November 2 & 3 at the Regina Inn,
techniques for choirs, choral reading sessions and vocal

General music sessions: music in early childhood, arts
education report from Sask Learning and the Orff For All
Seasons sessions by Randy DeLelles and Jeff Kriske.

14 NoTZ
                                                                  HONOURARY LIFE MEMBERS

                                                                  Lloyd Blackman        William Duignan
                                                                  David Kaplan          Floyd Nelson
                                                                  Alastair Browne       Verla Forsyth**
                                                                  Colin King            John Stienecker
                                                                  William Browne        Robert Gibson
                                                                  Robert Latimer        Marlene Taylor
                                                                  Marjorie Burns        Gary Gullickson
                                                                  Isabelle Mills        Joan Therens
                                                                  Don Cowan *           Gloria Herauf
                                                                  Dwaine Nelson         Gene Aulinger

                                                                  *Recipient of ISME Jewel Award 1978
                                                                  ** Recipient of CMEA Honourary Life 1991

                                                                  SMEA OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT
                                                                  AWARD RECIPIENTS

                                                                  Gene Aulinger         Colin King
                                                                  John Panio            Joan Therens

Scholarship and Award                                             Cindy Burham
                                                                  Maureen Patterson
                                                                                        Tom Magnuson
                                                                                        Wayne Toews

Recipients 2006
                                                                  George Charpentier    Janet Marek
                                                                  Carol Petrie          Brian Unverricht

The RJ Staples Memorial Scholarship 2006 was
                                                                  Richard Dube          Blaine McClary
                                                                  John Poettcker        Phoebe Voigts
awarded to Tanis Lindsay who is attending the U. of S.            Margo Fournier        Greg McLean

The Frank Connell Memorial Scholarship 2006 was
                                                                  Corinne Olson         Stewart Wilkinson
                                                                  Gary Gullickson       Dwaine Nelson
awarded to Kurt Gillett from the U. of R.                         Marvin Shields

The SMEA Outstanding Achievement Award recognizes
either one outstanding accomplishment or an ongoing dedica-       2003 SPECIAL VOLUNTEER AWARD - David
tion to excellence in music. The recipient need not be or have    Kaplan
been a member of SMEA.
Congratulations to Corinne Olson and Greg McLean, who             2005 CENTENNIAL LEADERSHIP AWARDS
both received the award this year.                                – Debbie McPherson & Peter Pizurny

Nominations for the Outstanding Achievement Award and the         SMEA HONOURARY PRESIDENTS – Rj
Honourary Life Membership can be made by any SMEA mem-            Staples, H. A. Jeffrey & Reg McFarland
ber, by either filling out the nomination form (found elsewhere
in Notz and online) or by contacting any SMEA board member.
MEETING & REPORT                                                      2007 President
                                                                      Mary Jane Schuler                    569-2362

2006                                                                  Vice-President

                                                                      Peter Pizurny                        659 4780

                                                                      Doug McCosh                          373-9673
The board would like to welcome two new members to
the table. Aaron Thingelstad was appointed in September
to replace Cheryl Hutton in Region 2. Rita Hilbig was                 Executive Director Ann Mueller
elected to represent Region 3, replacing Shannon Mc-                  Region 1 vacant
                                                                      Region 2 Aaron Thingelstad           773-2713
Intyre.                                                               Region 3 Rita Hilbig                 786-6566
                                                                      Region 4 Thecla Anderson             651-6064
                                                                      Region 5 Kara Helms                  763-5357
SMEA PROGRAMS:                                                        Region 6 Yvonne Kerpjuweit
                                                                      Region 7 Michelle Nye
                                                                                                           780- 875 1913

Regional Workshops 2006

The following workshops were approved in 2006:                SMEA would like to emphasize that the forms do have
                                                              to be filled in correctly, with all pertinent information
Region 1: Beginner Band Workshop – Estevan (Cindy Burham)     included. This is not to discourage you from applying,
Region 2: Beginner Band Workshop – Swift Current (Jennifer
Switzer)                                                      but just to ensure that the board can allocate funding
Region 5: East Flat Beginner Band Workshop – Christopher Lake fairly and with full knowledge that the guidelines that
(Kara Helms)                                                  are expected by the Sask. Lotteries, are being followed.
Region 5: Beginner Band Workshop – Lake Lenore (Brenda Kerna- It is also very helpful if follow up reports are done as
leguen)                                                       soon as possible after the workshop (within 90 days)
Region 6: Beginner Band Workshop – North Battleford (Debra
Lammers)                                                      so that the final payment of funds can be sent.
Region 7: Jazz Fusion Workshop – Regina (Kelly Magnusson)
Region 7: Thom Area Head Start Clinic – Regina (Jane Pinch)
Region 7: Prairie Land Jazz Camp – Regina (Kathy Anderson/      Request Deadlines:
Brent Ghiglione)
Region 7: Johnson Area Beginner Band - Regina (Alison Thiele)   If the workshop falls between:              Your deadline
Region 7: Beginner Band Clinic – Moose Jaw (Janie Fries)        for submission is:
                                                                  Feb. 1- June 30                           January 1
                                                                  July 1 – Sept. 30                         June 1
The SMEA Board has approved an increase in funding                Oct. 1 – Jan. 31                          September 1
for workshops in 2007, so encourages more applications
and new workshops this year.

If you would like to coordinate a workshop, or
need ideas/help on getting started, please contact
your Regional Director, who can help get you                           Canadian Choral Centre Inc.
                                                                                is a corporate member of SMEA
started and help ensure that the application forms                       380-550 Century Street Winnipeg MB R3H 0Y1
are done correctly – the forms are not really that                                        1-800-665-8995
16 NoTZ
University Student Grants
The SMEA provides funding support to the Music

                                                                   Celebrating 50 years of
Student groups of the U of S and the U of R These

                                                                   wisdom, patience,
funds are used for workshops organized by the students.

                                                                   commitment and leader-
SMEA also extends a complimentary organizational

membership to all first year music teachers in Saskatch-
ewan, upon request.

Heart of the City Piano Program:
                                                                   SMEA PRESIDENTS
HCPP provides free piano lessons, taught by volunteer              1957 - 2006
music teachers/students to Inner City Community School
Children. The majority of the students are aboriginal and/or
                                                                   Reg McFarland (1957)
at-risk youth. The intent of this program is to nurture success
and empower children. Presently, the program is operating          Lloyd Blackman (1958)
in 16 schools and community centers in five provincial cities,     Don Cowan (1959)
as well as in numerous locations in Edmonton and Ottawa.           Mikel Kalmakoff (1961)
There are approximately 62 volunteer piano teachers pro-
                                                                   Lloyd Blackman (1963)
viding weekly piano lessons to about 600 children in the
province.                                                          David Kaplan (1965)
                                                                   William Otis (1967)
This program was founded in 1995 by Richard Dube. In               Tom Magnuson (1969)
2005, Heart of the City celebrated its’ 10th Anniversary with
                                                                   Blaine McClary (1971)
a special ‘Festival of the Hearts’. The students participate
in recitals, their local Sask. Music Festivals and many go on      Alastair Browne (1973)
to achieve First Class Honours in their Royal Conservatory         Phil Johnson (1975)
exams.                                                             Brian Hartsook (1977)
                                                                   Dennis Humenick (1978)
Communications:                                                    Joan Therens (1980)
                                                                   Robert Latimer (1982)
SMEA publishes our newsletter Notz, in January and Septem-
ber. Cadenza, our Journal is published in the fall. All articles   George Charpentier (1984)
or notices of upcoming events should be sent to Peter Pizurny      Colin King (1986)
at HYPERLINK “”                             Joe Hary (1988)
                                                                   Debbie McPherson (1990)
The SMEA website HYPERLINK “http://www.musiceduca-” is formatted as       Stephanie Stefanson-Pexa (1992)
a guide to Music Education in Canada and as a resource guide       Jack Jones (1994)
to safe internet surfing for music classes.                        Fred Barker (1996)
                                                                   Murray Rausch (1998)
‘Enotz’ has been initiated recently to be able to communi-
cate with members between printed publications. This gives         Kevin Dyck (2000)
SMEA a way to remind members of deadlines, and give                John Poettker (2002)
program news, and time sensitive information pertinent to          Doug McCosh (2004)
our members. Contact Peter Pizurny HYPERLINK “mailto:
                                                                   Mary Jane Schuler (2006)”
Saskatchewan Junior Band Report
February 2007

    Preparations for the SMEA/SBA Junior Band are in full swing! SBA representatives for
this joint venture are Sally Cochrane and Tana Brown, while Kara Helms and Yvonne Kur-
pjuweit represent the SMEA. Our planning committee received approximately 90 entries from
Grade 7 and 8 students in the northern half of Saskatchewan. With a balanced ensemble in
mind, we selected 70 students from a variety of band programs and experience. These students
were selected from 20 different band programs in the following towns/cities: Saskatoon, Prince
Albert, Melfort, Kinistino, Lloydminster, Saskatoon West, Kindersley, Humboldt, and Rosetown.
It’s great to see such a wide variety of schools represented, with a fabulous turn-out from all
instrumental sections.

  All Junior Band activities will take place at the University of Saskatchewan on March 9th and
10th. Quance Theatre is the venue for the final performance on Saturday at 2PM. Letters of ac-
ceptance, medical forms, and music are already in the mail to participating students.

The registration form, medical form, and registration fee ($50) were due by
February 9th, 2007.

Cheques are payable to the Saskatchewan Music Educators Association and mailed along
with registration forms to: Yvonne Kurpjuweit (5511 – 29th Street, Lloydminster, AB T9V 2A9).

It should be a terrific weekend of making music and making new friends!

Respectfully Submitted,
Kara Helms
Yvonne Kurpjuweit


2008SJBSouth !
18 NoTZ
                                                       The latest from E-Notz!
                                                       To contribute email
                                                       full archive is online:
Band - Concert Program Submissions - Canadian Band Association members are invited to submit their most recent concert
programs for the inclusion in the spring issue of Canadian Winds. E-mail your concert programs to Fraser Linklater at fraserlin- or fax to (204) 474 - 7546.

Music Education Website - A useful website for band directors can be found at

February 13th - Band -PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT - The 4th Annual Band Director Seminar will be held on
Tuesday, February13th, 2007 from 9:00am to 4:00pm in Convocation Hall at the University Of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon). The
University Of Saskatchewan Music Department will be hosting the event and invites band directors from around the province
to attend. Richard Saucedo from Indianapolis who is an accomplished high school band director will be the guest speaker. For
more information, please contact Glen Gillis at 966 - 8356 or

February 19 Band - The Regina Wind Ensemble Concert - On Monday,February 19th at 7:00pm, the Regina Wind Ensemble
directed by Brent Ghiglione will perform music by Grainger, Holsinger, Bennett and Whitacre. The performance will take place
at Darke Hall, Regina.

CIETY ; MAYFAIR UNITED CHURCH 902 33RD STREET WEST. Concert begins at 3:00pm. This concert will feature the
works of Dr. Monte Keene Pishny- Floyd. For more information, please contact Dr. Monte Keene Pishny - Floyd at 652-3205 or

March 9th - 10th, 2007 - Saskatchewan Junior Band (Saskatoon)

March 10 - Orchestra - The Saskatoon Youth Orchestra - An Evening With The Stars - The SYO will hold it’s annual gala at
the Hilton Garden Inn Saskatoon on March 10th, 2007. Cocktails start at 6:00pm . Dinner at 7:00pm followed by a performance
by the SYO. Tickets are $65.00.

March 14th - 16th - Optimist Band Festival ( Regina)

ANGLICAN CHURCH 12TH & DUFFERIN. Concert begins at 3:00pm. Compositions by Saskatoon’s very own Jack Johnson
(1940 - 1998 ). For more information, please contact Dr. Monte Keene Pishny - Floyd at 652-3205 or 221-7096

April 24th - CLASSROOM MUSIC - Music for Children. Carl Orff Canada presents the Twentieth National Conference to
be held on April 24th to the 27th, 2008 at the Fantasyland Hotel, Edmonton Alberta. For more information, please visit http:/

May 11 - Band - TD Canada Trust Young Band Celebration - This music festival is for first and second year bands utilizing
the non - competitive format of the Beginner Band Festival. It will be held on May, 11th, 2007 at the University of Saskatch-
ewan. the new registration fee is $75.00 per band. Information and registration forms available oneline at http://www.saskband.

May 16-18, 2007 -Moose Jaw Kinsmen Band & Choir Festival ( Moose Jaw)
May 19th, 2007 - Moose Jaw Highland Festival ( Moose Jaw)
May 25th-26th -Springfest (Regina)
July 23- 31 - International SAITO Conducting Method workshop (Saskatoon)

UNESCO World Conference on Arts Education
                                                                  STUDENT NEWS
The UNESCO World Conference on Arts Education was                 CMEA/ACEM student chapters
held in Lisbon, Portugal, on March 6-9, 2006. The Canadian        DID YOU KNOW? CMEA provides Student Chapters
Reflections on Arts and Learning [PDF format - 108 KB]            with an opportunity to apply for funding (up to $250) to           assist student chapters in bringing keynote speakers, or-
documents/2006Lisbon-eng.pdf                                      ganizing PRO D activities involving Clinicians outside of
was the document presented for Canada. You might be inter-        their current faculty and planning special music education
ested in reading what the higher-level policy makers are think-   days, such as the Prelude at WLU. For application forms
ing about arts education (and therefore, music education). To     and additional information, please contact Peter Stigings,
assist in preparing Canada’s position for the 2006 World Con-     CMEA Member at Large, Student Chapter Liaison at:
ference, the Canadian UNESCO Commission held a series             “” or phone 604-261-6891
of regional consultations with specialists in the field of arts   (office & home)
and learning. Read about these consultations at http://www.         Other Student Chapters?
                                                                  There are a number of student chapters in Canada. What
A National Arts and Learning Symposium called “The Path           are doing; what are you planning? Please send a report to
to and from Lisbon” will take place May 3-4, 2007 at the          Peter Stigings.
National Arts Centre and Faculty of Education, Ottawa Uni-
versity. Contact Michael Wilson ( for
more information.
                                                                  Phenomenon of Singing
                                                                  International Symposium VI
CMEA/ACME                                                         June 28 - July 1, 2007
                                                                  Call for Papers & Presentations
                                                                  If you’re interested in singing...the place to be in the sum-
2007 Performance Awards                                           mer of 2007 is Newfoundland and Labrador. Indulge your
For guidelines and application forms “       musical, creative and scholarly spirit and join us for this
cmea/CMEAperformanceawards.html”                                  exciting event in Canada’s most eastern province!
Enquiries: David Ennis:                        FESTIVAL 500 Sharing the Voices, in cooperation with
Tel - 604-308-4150                                                Memorial University of Newfoundland, invites propos-
                                                                  als for papers and presentations at The Phenomenon of
***********************                                           Singing International Symposium VI. This Symposium is
                                                                  an integral academic component of the FESTIVAL 500
2007 National Student Essay Competition                           international choral festival. The Symposium invites sub-
Promoting Excellence in Music Education                           missions relating to all aspects of singing and the voice.
DEADLINE - MAY 1ST, 2007                                          Submissions relating to the 2007 special focus area for
“”                        FESTIVAL 500, Celtic musical traditions, are encouraged
Enquiries: Peter Stigings, Administrator,                         as well.
National Essay Competition,
6675 Wiltshire St., Vancouver, B.C. V6P 5G8                       Go to for Call for
                                                                  Papers and Presentations and Symposium Brochure and
                                                                  further information

 NoTZ 20
5th International Conference on                                    SWING SOLEIL TO
Imagination and Education                                          PERFORM IN OTTAWA
“Imaginative Education: Provoking Excellence Across the Cur-
                                                                      Swing Soleil, a Junior choir from Esterhazy
riculum”                                                           High School, has been invited to represent
                                                                   Saskatchewan, by singing in Ottawa during the
Wednesday, July 18th through Saturday, July 21st , 2007            Canada Day celebrations. The choir, under the
Coast Plaza Hotel at Stanley Park, in Vancouver, Canada            direction of Kathy Stokes, consists of 50 stu-
                                                                   dents, aged 11 to 13. The invitation comes from
Please visit our website,                                          the UNISONG Choral Festival who chose
                                                                   Swing Soleil on the recommendation of the
“”                         Association of Canadian Choral Conductors
                                                                   and the Saskatchewan Choral Federation.
                                                                      The choir will be singing during the eleventh
for details about the format and to submit a paper in one of the
                                                                   annual Unisong, on the main stage of Canada’s
following tracks:
                                                                   National Arts Centre with an audience of more
                                                                   than 2300. The group will be part of a Mass
1) Evaluating Imaginative Learning                                 Choir of 400 voices, made up of choirs from
2) Imagination in Science and/or                                   every province. This choir, under the direction
                                                                   of Dr. Doreen Rao, and accompanied by the
       Mathematics Teaching
                                                                   National Arts Centre Orchestra, will perform
3) Imagination in Arts and/or Humanities                           three concerts. Swing Soleil will perform their
4) Implementing Imaginative Education                              own repertoire during three shared concerts
5) Imaginative Curriculum Design                                   – one in the rotunda of the Parliament build-
                                                                   ings, one in an historical church in Ottawa, and
6) Theory of Imaginative Education                                 another on the Foyer Stage of the National Arts
7) Research Symposium                                              Centre. The members of the choir will also
                                                                   have an opportunity to meet the members of
                                                                   the other choirs, enjoy social events, and visit
                                                                   Parliament and other sights.
                                                                     To help prepare the students for their trip,
                                                                   Senator Pana Merchant of Regina has agreed

Music is a moral law. It gives soul to
                                                                   to act as the group’s official patron. Senator
                                                                   Merchant will meet with the students in the

the universe, wings to the mind, flight
                                                                   spring to give them an idea of what they can
                                                                   expect to experience in Ottawa.

to the imagination, and charm and
                                                                     Swing Soleil has been entertaining audiences
                                                                   in Saskatchewan and Manitoba over the past ten
                                                                   year. This particular group is very honoured and
gaiety to life and to everything.
                                                                   excited to accept the invitation and along with
                                                                   their parents and conductor, are busy making
                                                                   plans for the trip and working on repertoire for
                                                                   the concerts.


                                                                   The UNISONG Choral Festival was named the recipient
                                                                   of the 2004 National Choral Award as the Outstanding
                                                                   Canadian Choral Event by the Association of Canadian
                                                                   Choral Conductors. The Artistic Director of the Festival
                                                                   is Dr Barbara Clark, conductor of the Ottawa-Carleton
                                                                   Regional Youth Choir.
SAITO Conducting Method Workshop
                    In 2005 Wayne Toews created Conductorschool to share the Saito Conducting Method with
                    musicians from around the world. Mr. Toews edited Fumihiko Torigai’s (SMEA Board Alumnus)
                    translation of Saito’s text to create the English edition of the Saito Conducting Method textbook
                    which was published in 1988. In July 2006 nineteen conductors gathered in Saskatoon to study
                    with Morihiro Okabe and Wayne Toews. The class list included professional, amateur and student
                    conductors who were elated with the experience and what they learned.

                    Students of the Saito Conducting method develop extraordinary technique which allows them to
                    express their musical ideas with clarity and artistry. As a student in Germany and principal cellist
                    of the NHK orchestra, Hideo Saito took the opportunity to analyze the gestures used by the most
                    outstanding European conductors. The resulting method has developed during the past fifty-five
                    years at the Toho Gakuen School of Music whose alumni include Seiji Ozawa and Kazuyoshi

                    The method uses compositions which are rich with conducting challenges. From the first lesson,
                    students learn how the motion of their arm elicits sounds.
                    The method provides a comprehensive study of all major aspects of conducting as a foundation
                    for further study. Students are challenged to express their own interpretations and empowered to
                    apply gestural concepts to new music.

                    Students receive group and individual instruction in a detailed course of study, based upon the
                    Saito Conducting method textbook, and each is given a block of time to work with the teacher.
                    Students also have the opportunity to observe during the lessons of other students. During the
                    lessons, students conduct duo pianists who act as the “ensemble” and who respond accurately
                    and sensitively to the conductor’s gestures. Saito conducting students learn by doing, by observ-
Young Hideo Saito
                    ing and by responding. Video recordings are made of each participant.

                    Prof. Okabe, the 84 year old master teacher of the method has accepted Wayne
                    Toews’ invitation to join him in teaching the 2007 workshop to be held in Saskatoon
                    from July 23-31, 2007. Prof. Okabe previously gave workshops in Canada in 1974, 1987,
                    1991 and 2006. This will be his third visit to Saskatchewan.

                                                                  Dianne Gryba and Bonnie Nicholson will return
                                                                  as pianists in the instructional team. For more
                                                                  than 30 years Mr. Toews has studied, practiced and
                                                                  taught the method and has consistently received
                                                                  acclaim as an excellent teacher. Groups under his
                                                                  direction have won 8 national awards. More than

July                                                              70 conductors have already benefited from his
                                                                  instruction. The workshop is designed for musicians
                                                                  who have excellent listening, music reading and

                                                                  interpretive abilities and who have a keen desire to
                                                                  develop or to improve their gestural skills.

                                                                  For more information visit http://www.conduc-

2007                                                    , call (306) 373-6408 or write to
              February 1, 2007

          Click there.
Implications of the
Uniting our Voices Symposium for Saskatchewan music educators
by Wayne Toews

I represented the SMEA and the Saskatchewan Orchestral Association at the Uniting Our Voices Symposium held
in Ottawa, June 23 - 25, 2006. Please read Lee Willingham’s excellent summary of the event published in the
Autumn 2006 edition of the Canadian Music Educator. The Symposium, sponsored by the National Arts Cen-
tre, the CMEA and the Coalition for Music Education, is a continuation of the national meeting held at the 2003
Saskatchewan Music Conference. At the 2006 Symposium, participants identified challenges and agreed to co-
operate in initiatives to support music education in Canada. To plot a course of action, a steering committee was
formed and I agreed to sit on that committee. We met via conference call on October 25, 2006.
The challenges faced in the various regions of Canada are very        katoon high schools. The competition was for both individuals
different. Changes in the Ontario curriculum have hurt music          and bands. It was a media event and was well covered by the
education and resulted in the decline and elimination of music        local media. Students collected and collated the results and
education classes in many Ontario schools. The implication            informed the media each day of the week. It was the students,
for Saskatchewan is to identify clearly the challenges faced          not the teachers who did the work. It was easy to do and the
by music educators here. It is easy to presume that additional        students were happy doing it.
resources and a greater allocation of time are needed for music
                                                                  One element that I raised at the Symposium was the need
classes in Saskatchewan schools but I doubt that it is that simple.
I urge all music educators to identify areas of concern and make  for more exposure on national radio and television for youth
them known to the SMEA and to me. It is important that we         bands, choirs and orchestras. I followed-up by writing to Mark
identify priorities and establish a plan of action.               Steinmetz, national director of CBC radio, about what can be
                                                                  done to have more performances by young Canadian musicians
A primary concern at the Symposium involved the establish-        broadcast on the national network. He didn’t answer my ques-
ment of a national voice for music education and the assign-      tion but referred me instead to our regional CBC radio produc-
ment of power to represent all music educators. The answer        ers who told me that they would be happy to receive quality
that emerged was: all of us have the voice and the power. The     recordings of groups and individuals for possible broadcast
existing organizations will do all they can individually and col- in Saskatchewan. Any Saskatchewan music educators who
lectively in support of music education. Since many professional have recordings of excellent performances by their groups are
and business organizations were represented at the Symposium      encouraged to submit them to the CBC and to continue pres-
educators should realize the extent of support that exists for    sure to make opportunities for our young musicians to be heard
their work. The Coalition for Music Education will continue       nationally.
it’s successful “Music Monday” on Monday, May 7, 2007. (See:         One issue at the Symposium concerned the preparation, educa-
monday/ ) In 2006, participation by Saskatchewan schools in       tion and upgrading of music educators. Saskatchewan music
Music Monday was significant. However, not only do we need educators have a long heritage of sharing and co-operating
to encourage greater participation, but also we need to make      which is not readily apparent elsewhere. The internet allows
Music Monday known within our communities through media           new ways of sharing. For example, for material that I’m
exposure and the involvement of as many as possible. School       prepared to share see:
officials should be able to answer the question, “How was our     sources. I invite others to submit resources to be added to the
school involved in Music Monday.”                                 list by contacting me at In Sas-
                                                                  katchewan we need to find ways to encourage broader partici-
It is important that music educators understand their role in     pation at conventions, clinics and workshops. I urge all to seek
motivating, empowering and giving organizational support to       out opportunities to further develop their skills and abilities to
students and parents to help with the many chores involved in     improve their teaching as well as to sustain and refresh their
promoting a quality music education. Music educators don’t        efforts as music educators.
have time to do all the chores themselves. Having students
and parents involved in projects adds expertise and gives them    I ask all Saskatchewan music educators to identify issues that
ownership in the program. A decade ago my students organized the national coalition should address and to communicate those
a practice competition between and among band students in Sas- to the SMEA and me at
24 NoTZ
 Honourary Life Membership/
 Outstanding Achievement Award
 nominating form
 nominee’s information



 telephone                           city/town                              postal code
 institution(s) conferring degree(s)
 Membership in SMEA (past or present) yes no              If yes, #of years_____

 past involvement
 [ ] music educator                   [ ] classroom teacher    [ ] music supervisor
 [ ] principal                        other(specify)__________________________

 years teaching_______
 years teaching in Saskatchewan_______

 list other professional organizations in which the nominee has held/holds membership

 principle reasons why nominee should be considered for honourary life membership
 (please include a short biography of your candidate)..........

 (requires TWO SMEA members’ nomination) - nominator’s information

 telephone                            city/town                             postal code

 telephone                            city/town                             postal code

please forward this form to : Doug McCosh, Committe Chair, 18 Yale Cres., Saskatoon S7N 0T4
                                                            Western               Music Sales
                                                             HigH                 Inc.

  Advocacy                                                   inStrumEntS

                Realtime.                                    Accessories
                                                             for strings

                                                            306 665 0949
   org/links/linxparent.html                                  check out Western Music Sales on the
                                                                    SMEA Member Links at:
                       PHOTO: R. Dubé
  is a great place to publicize your events and concerts.
                                                            GRAND STAFF MUSIC
                                                               is a corporate member of SMEA
  please contact
  or visit the calendar section of                           YAMAHA CANADA
                                                               is a corporate member of SMEA
  the website.
  There is a form which helps with key information,
  and we can link to your own page should you have one.      U.of S. Dept of Music
                                                               is a corporate member of SMEA

NoTZ 26

The following information will be used to contact members for renewal and membership drive
purposes, to send newsletters or journals; and to forward conference, program, services and pro-
fessional development opportunities information.

A membership in SMEA also entitles you to a membership in the Canadian Music Educators
Association. Your name, address and membership catalogue will be shared with the CMEA. The
SMEA is a Special Subject Council of the Saskatchewan Teacher’s Federation and receives
grants based on membership. Your name, address, membership catalogue and teaching Certificate
Number will be shared with the STF. The SMEA receives funds from the Sask. Lottery Trust.
Your name, postal code and membership catalogue may* be shared with SaskCulture Inc. for ad-
vocacy purposes. Information gathered regarding individual members will be retained on database
in the SMEA general office for a period of twenty-four months, along with this signed and dated
consent form.




        ________________________________________ Postal Code_____________

Teaching Certificate Number (to verify STF membership) _______________________
Home Telephone________________               Business Telephone_____________________
Fax Number       ________________            Email _______________________________

Type of Membership                               Areas of Interest
___ Regular $50                                  _____ Instrumental
___ Associate $30                                _____ Choral
___ Retired $30                                  _____ Classroom
___ Student $15                                  _____ Mentor
___ Administrative $100                          _____ Consultant
___ Parent/Group $25
___ Corporate $75                        I am enclosing _____________for membership fees

*I choose to be excluded from lists that may be disclosed to ___SaskCulture Inc.

Signature:___________________________________ Date_________

Please forward form along with your cheque to SMEA, Box 519, Cudworth, Sk. S0K 1B0
SMEA membership means more...

 support for creative initiatives

  band resources

  choir resources

  classroom music resources

  relevant and timely communications

  professional impact (STF Special Subject Council for music)

  support for workshops province-wide

  equal opportunity access for ALL music students

  support of UofR and UofS undergrad music chapters

  support for 1st year teachers (complimentary memberships)

  diversified and experienced pool of mentors and friends

  democratic and fair issue management

  national affiliations and network support

 publishing opportunities in NOTZ and CADENZA and

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