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Count on Carey


									                 Count on Carey
for unsurpassed reliability, comfort and safety, all over the world.
Count on Carey for world-class service,
     proven reliability and unparalleled safety.

For more than 80 years,

the world’s most demanding

travelers, corporate travel

managers, executive assistants,

travel agents and meeting

planners have counted on one

chauffeured services company
                                   Carey is the world’s premier chauffeured
for the highest level of service   services company, offering the widest range of
                                   chauffeured ground transportation services for
                                   personal travel, business travel, road shows,
and reliability. Carey.            meetings and events, private aviation, luxury
                                   hotels and more.

                                   With all the advantages that Carey’s size,
                                   professionalism, state-of-the-industry vehicle
                                   fleet, and range of amenities and services bring
                                   you, our most important point of difference is
                                   absolute reliability. All the time. Every time.

                                   At Carey, reliability means superior performance.
                                   It means personalized, responsive service. It means
                                   safety and comfort. It means the most advanced
                                   technology for passengers and travel professionals
                                   alike. It means a passion to exceed your
                          do more for you. These are
                                   the hallmarks of our business.

                                   And, they’re the reason you’ll experience a world
                                   of difference with Carey, whether you’re booking
                                   a trip to the airport, organizing a business-critical
                                   road show, or planning ground transportation for
                                   a major meeting of dignitaries and VIPs.
Count on state-of-the-art innovation, amenities and services.
                                                    The year was 1921 when Carey’s first limousine — a Packard
                                                    Touring Car — carried our first passengers. It started a series
                                                    of continuous innovations that have helped Carey serve our
                                                    customers better and, in so doing, drive our way to industry
                                                    leadership. Today, we’ve expanded the boundaries of innovation
                                                    further than ever before with our new, ultra-convenient
                                                    Web-based e-Reservation Center.

                                                    • Established the first limousine company
                                                    • The first to establish a domestic franchisee network
                                                    • The first centralized Global Reservation System
                                                    • The first with full cellular phone service throughout its fleet
                                                    • The first in the industry with an extended Lincoln Town Car
                                                    • The first Mobile Dispatch Unit for large meetings and events
                                                    • The first to offer “Meet & Greet” service at major airports
                                                    • The first to release a custom edition Lincoln Town Car with
                                                      mobile office amenities
                                                    • The first to adopt a chauffeur certification program
                                                      throughout our entire network
                                                    • The first to assure service consistency globally via ownership
                                                      of the leading operators in major strategic markets in the
                                                      United States and Europe
                                                    • The first to fully meet the needs of large organizations with
                                                      extensive worldwide travel through a customized Global
                                                      Account Services Program
                                                    • The first to give travel arrangers and passengers the ease and
                                                      convenience of a Web-based, self-service e-Reservation
                                                      Center across its global network

              In the U.S., Carey features the luxurious Carey Edition Lincoln Town Car. Internationally, we feature Mercedes-Benz.
Count on Carey for a world of difference.
                                                    From Paris to Los Angeles, Sydney to Tokyo, count on Carey to provide
                                                    consistently extraordinary service.

                                                    Carey has the industry’s most extensive Global Service Network of
                                                    franchisees. It’s the only network of its kind in the industry — market
                                                    leaders all over the world that do business within Carey’s stringent brand
                                                    and service standards. This network assures you of consistency of service
                                                    and consistent quality of service in hundreds upon hundreds of cities and
                                                    dozens upon dozens of countries. In all of these places, your experience
                                                    will be the same — because our rigorous service standards are the same
                                                    everywhere we do business.

                                                    What’s more, our Global Reservation System brings you “one-stop
                                                    shopping” for travel arrangements anywhere in the world, and allows us
                                                    to deliver personal attention and comprehensive services to thousands of
                                                    clients every day in every city and country we serve.

                                                    Our Global Reservation System also puts services, rates, vehicles, client
                                                    profiles, addresses, directions, billing systems and account status instantly
                                                    at the fingertips of Carey’s reservation specialists and customer care
                                                    representatives, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The e-Reservation Center at
For today’s travelers, e-business means
e-convenience. And Carey delivers Web-based
convenience you can count on.

The e-Reservation Center at
is a powerful, yet simple-to-use tool for
booking Carey services, specifying your unique
requirements, changing arrangements on the
fly, and creating and modifying personal travel
profiles. So you can manage Carey travel services
for yourself, your department, or your entire
company effortlessly. It’s one more way Carey
goes the extra do more for you.
                                                                         Carey Quality Assurance Program

                                                                         Excellence in service comes first and
                                                                         foremost from the commitment of every
                                                                         Carey employee. But Carey takes this
                                                                         commitment much, much further with
                                                                         the industry’s most comprehensive Quality
                                                                         Assurance (QA) program, overseen by an
                                                                         entire department devoted to company-wide
                                                                         QA. Specific components of our integrated
                                                                         QA initiatives include:

                                                                         • A “Listen In” program to ensure that
                                                                           reservation specialists and customer care
Count on the passion of true professionals.                                representatives are at the top of their game

            In an age when we’ve become all too accustomed to            • Next-day Quality Assurance Surveys for
            mediocre service standards, Carey has an organization-         which we call customers from the prior
            wide commitment to excellence. Count on more from              day’s service to ensure satisfaction and
            Carey because we invest more in assuring consistently          identify areas of improvement
            superior professionalism and performance.
                                                                         • An “Eyes of the Customer” survey of
            Count on the most professional chauffeurs.                     travel arrangers and passengers to assess
            Carey sets the industry standard for impeccable service,       our performance vis-a-vis expectations
            expertise and knowledge. Carey’s chauffeurs — and
            the whole Carey team — know how critical reliable            • An “Eyes of the Manager” spot-inspection
            transportation services are to you.                            program to assess chauffeurs and their
                                                                           vehicles first-hand
            Count on safety, courtesy and consummate
            professionalism. At Carey we leave nothing to                • Monthly General Manager Recaps to
            chance. That’s why our chauffeurs undergo rigorous             identify any operational area that requires
            management interviews, background investigations,              improvement and immediate action to
            motor vehicle record audits and drug testing. Carey            achieve improvement
            chauffeurs also undergo extensive, ongoing certification
            and safety training.

            Count on expertise you would expect from the
            most prestigious hotels. Carey can design outings
            and itineraries for you, just as a hotel concierge would.
            What’s more, our chauffeurs make it their business
            to know the “best of ” the cities they serve, providing
            “mobile concierge” services with advice on where to
            dine, where to shop, and what to see and do.

            Count on accountability. Carey knows that the
            business of travel demands precision and performance.
            And we deliver. From booking tools that give corporate
            travel planners and travel agents the speed, ease and
            convenience they management reports that give
            corporate accounts and meetings and events professionals
            higher levels of back-end systems that
            enable accuracy and reliability...count on Carey.
Count on the one-of-a-kind “Carey Car.”
            The Carey Car, an extended Lincoln Town Car manufactured exclusively for Carey,
            features a spacious rear seat compartment equipped with satellite radio, cellular phone,
            four power outlets, climate control, and pull-down writing/laptop desk. Four-way front
            seat power controls are located in the rear compartment for perfect adjustment of the
            writing/laptop desk. The Carey Car is a true "office on the go" for passengers who require
            a high-productivity environment while they are traveling.

            In addition, our industry-leading fleet of late-model vehicles includes Mercedes-Benz
            sedans, limousines, SUVs, vans, mini-buses, motor coaches, and other prestigious vehicles.

Count on Carey for any and all chauffeured service needs.
            Whether you need limousines to pick up 200 VIPs after a gala event…whether you need to
            be picked up at the airport and taken from meeting to meeting to meeting…whether you’re
            coordinating ground transportation for an entire association conference…count on Carey.

            Chauffeured Services

            Carey provides premium, chauffeured services to meet a wide variety of personal and
            business needs:
                • Airport Services – Experience hassle-free travel to and from the airport with Carey’s
                  unique, personalized Meet & Greet service.

                • Point-to-Point – Travel in comfort between any two points in a given geographical area.

                • Customer Directed – Customized, as-directed service gives you on-demand travel flexibility.

                • City-to-City – Depart on your own schedule with complete door-to-door service.

                • Mobile Office – The one-of-a-kind Carey Car is your “office on the go” for
                  non-stop productivity.

                • Tours and Sightseeing – Enjoy individual or group leisure tours and sightseeing trips.

                • Special Occasions – Rely on us for weddings, parties, evenings “on the town,” theater,
                  sporting events and more.

            For more information, please call 1-800-930-1490 or, for reservations, call 1-800-336-4646
Meetings & Events

Carey Meetings & Events services can help manage all aspects of group
transportation from the early stages of planning all the way through on-site
coordination and complete quality assurance. Centralized control and accountability
are cornerstones of the comprehensive service we provide to meeting and event planners.

For more information and reservations, please call 1-800-223-9817

Road Shows

Carey is the “road show” company, with a dedicated road
show desk handling more road show business than any other transportation company.
From IPOs to book tours to multi-city conferences, Carey pioneered this specialty service,
and gives you the most experienced, accomplished team in the industry. Upfront logistics.
Non-stop productivity. Total reliability. Real-time monitoring. The flexibility to make
last-minute changes. No one does road trips better than Carey.

For more information, please call 1-800-930-1490 or, for reservations, call 1-800-336-7011

Private Aviation

Carey is a preferred ground transportation provider for numerous corporate
fleets, fractionals, FBOs, and aircraft management and charter companies you provide to
your clients – making Carey the ideal chauffeured services partner.

For more information, please call 1-800-930-1490 or, for reservations, call 1-877-886-7209
      Carey International, Inc.
     4530 Wisconsin Ave, NW
      Washington, DC 20016
      Phone: 1-202-895-1200

       Worldwide Reservations:
Toll-free within the U.S. and Canada

      Toll-free within Europe:

 From anywhere: 1-202-243-0353


         Carey features Lincolns

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