Essentials Etc. Hostess Rewards by dfgh4bnmu


									                    Essentials Etc. Hostess Rewards
     For hosting an Essentials Etc. party you may select ANY piece of jewelry
      (valued at $20 or less) presented at your party.
     You will receive 10% of total retail sales from your Essentials Etc. Party in
     For every qualified* booking or referral from your party, you will receive
      an amount of $10 free jewelry certificates. So, invite your friends to host
      parties and earn free jewelry, and you too will receive even more free
      jewelry on top of your already-generous Hostess benefits!

*Qualified bookings and referrals must be held and submitted within 90 days of the original party and
must have a minimum of $100 in retail sales.

        Contact Essentials Etc. to book your party and receive FREE jewelry!

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