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									All new employees should be given the company’s Employee Manual and afterward the
employee should be required to sign this form. This Employee Manual
Acknowledgement Form should be included in an employee’s file to confirm that the
employee received, read, and understands the rules and procedures of the company.
This document helps protect a company from a claim that an employee was not aware
of a company rule and should be kept by the human resources department in the
employee’s file.
                   EMPLOYEE MANUAL
(Make sure the employee knows it is his/her responsibility to read and understand the company
manual. It is a good idea to put this Acknowledgment Form in the front rather than at the end of the
book. This way, the employees will not overlook it, and it will ensure that they actually read the

                                                [The Widget Company]

                                               EMPLOYEE MANUAL

This employee manual has been prepared for your information in understanding the policies, philosophies
and practices and benefits of [The Widget Company]. PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY. Upon
completion of your review, please sign the statement below, and return it to your personnel representative
by the due date. A reproduction of this acknowledgment appears at the back of this booklet for your

I, ____________________ have received and read a copy of the [The Widget Company] Employee
Handbook which outlines the goals, policies, benefits and expectations of The Company, as well as my
responsibilities as an employee.

I have familiarized myself, at least generally, with the contents of this handbook. By my signature below, I
acknowledge that I understand, accept and agree to comply with the information contained in this
Employee Handbook. I understand this handbook is not intended to cover every situation which may arise
during my employment, but is simply a general guide covering the goals, policies, practices, benefits and
expectations of [The Widget Company].

I understand that [The Widget Company] Employee Manual is not a contract of employment and should
not be deemed as such, and that I am an employee at-will.

(Employee signature)

Please return by: ______________________

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