Purchase Order


This Purchase Order is a template form that can be used by selling companies to document and track a specific purchase. The company should include its information, shipping information, purchase order number, payment terms, description of products purchased, quantity, unit price, applicable taxes, and shipping and handling costs. Purchase orders can help a purchasing agent track pending and incoming purchase orders. A buyer may even need a purchase order to obtain trade financing to buy the product. This form should be used by businesses needing a template purchase order form and it can be customized to best fit the needs of any company.

More Info
___________________________                                                                          DATE:_________

                                                                                                     PO Number _____

To:                                                      Ship To:
Name                                                     Name
Company                                                  Company
Address                                                  Address
City, State ZIP                                          City, State ZIP
Phone                                                    Phone

      DATE        REQUISITIONER        SHIPPER                F.O.B. POINT                       TERMS
                                                                                           Cash, Credit,Charge

   QUANTITY           UNIT                       DESCRIPTION                         UNIT PRICE           TOTAL
                                                                                                     $            -
                                                                                                     $            -
                                                                                                     $            -
                                                                                                     $            -
                                                                                                     $            -
                                                                                                     $            -
                                                                                                     $            -
                                                                                                     $            -
                                                                                                     $            -
                                                                                       SUBTOTAL      $            -
APPROVAL                                                                                TAX RATE
                                                                                       SALES TAX                  -
                                                                           SHIPPING & HANDLING                    -
                                                                                           OTHER                  -
                                                                                            TOTAL    $            -

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