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Professional Consultant Trial Balance


A professional consultant company can use this template spreadsheet to produce a trial balance - a record of a company's general ledger accounts. The trial balance consists of a list of each and every ledger account and the debit balance or credit balance for each account. Companies typically prepare trial balances periodically, usually at the end of a reporting period. The trial balance is an extremely useful worksheet. Not only can it serve to detect any mathematical or bookkeeping errors in a company's accounting system, but the values of the ledger accounts can be used to produce a company's financial statements, such as the balance sheet or income (profit and loss) statement.

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									[COMPANY NAME]
                                Trial Balance

                  Account              Type           Debit       Credit

Checking Account            Bank                              -
Accounts Receivable         Accounts Receivable               -
Prepaid Insurance           Other Current Asset               -
Advances for Employees      Other Current Asset               -
Inventory                   Other Current Asset               -
Furniture and Equipment     Fixed Asset                       -
Accumulated Depreciation    Fixed Asset                                    -
Computer Equipment          Fixed Asset                       -
Accumulated Depreciation    Fixed Asset                                    -
Vehicles                    Fixed Asset                       -
Accumulated Depreciation    Fixed Asset                                    -
Buildings                   Fixed Asset                       -
Accumulated Depreciation    Fixed Asset                                    -
Land                        Fixed Asset                       -
Business Investments        Other Assets                      -
Patents                     Intangible Assets                 -
Accounts Payable            Accounts Payable                               -
Business Credit Cards       Credit Card                                    -
Operating Line of Credit    Other Current Liability                        -
Sales Tax Payable           Other Current Liability                        -
Payroll Liabilities         Other Current Liability                        -
Car Loan Payable            Long Term Liability                            -
Business Loan               Long Term Liability                            -
Shareholder's Loan          Long Term Liability                            -
Opening Bal Equity          Equity                                         -
Capital Stock               Equity                                         -
Dividends Paid              Equity                                         -
Owners Draw                 Equity                                         -
Retained Earnings           Equity                                         -
Consulting Fees             Income                                         -
Commission Income           Income                                         -
Bonuses                     Income                                         -
Interest Income             Other Income                                   -
Discounts Awarded           Cost of Sales                     -
Billable Labor Hours        Cost of Sales                     -
Subcontractors              Cost of Sales                     -
Rental Fees for Seminars    Cost of Sales                     -
Professional Inventory      Cost of Sales                     -
Advertising and Promotion   Expense                           -
Automobile Expense          Expense                           -
Bank Service Charges        Expense                           -
                                  [COMPANY NAME]
                                     Trial Balance

                  Account                  Type          Debit           Credit

Business Licenses and Permits    Expense                         -
Charitable Contributions         Expense                         -
Computer and Internet Expenses   Expense                         -
Continuing Education             Expense                         -
Depreciation Expense             Expense                         -
Dues and Subscriptions           Expense                         -
Insurance Expense                Expense                         -
Interest Expense                 Expense                         -
Meals and Entertainment          Expense                         -
Miscellaneous Expense            Expense                         -
Networking/ Bus. Development     Expense                         -
Office Supplies                  Expense                         -
Payroll Expenses                 Expense                         -
Postage and Delivery             Expense                         -
Printing and Reproduction        Expense                         -
Professional Fees                Expense                         -
Rent Expense                     Expense                         -
Telephone Expense                Expense                         -
Travel Expense                   Expense                         -
Uncategorized Expenses           Expense                         -
Utilities                        Expense                         -
Website Development              Expense                         -

                                                     $           -   $            -
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