Mission Statement and Company Culture


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									This template document provides a generic worksheet for an organization to set forth
and define its mission statement. A mission statement is the foundation from which a
company operates. It should contain the main objectives of the company. This
document not only states the organization’s mission statement and its guiding
principles, it also lays out the organization’s culture. This form should be included in an
employee welcome letter or employee handbook in order to communication the mission
statement and company culture to a new employee.
Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to establish Widget as the foremost (source/producer/authority) of
(product/service) in our industry, while upholding our individual set of sound and
uncompromising principles. In accomplishing this mission, we follow these guiding principles:

Strive for the highest standards of excellence in all phase of our enterprise, including purchasing,
research, analysis, and production.

Provide unparalleled customer service designed to encourage the respect and trust of our

Engender an environment of enthusiasm, cooperation and team orientation for all
(employees/associates) in which diversity is celebrated and every member is treated with respect
and dignity.

Do our part to contribute positively to our individual communities and to our environment as a
whole, and

Never forget that growth and profitability are essential to the future success of Widget and its

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Our Culture:

At Widget, we pledge to gain the respect and trust of our customers by providing distinctive
quality and unparalleled customer service. The success of Widget is determined by the success of
each individual franchisee.

Our company goals are achieved through the creativity and productivity of employee’s like you,
who are empowered to reach their own goals and encouraged to think "outside the box." As a
new employee, your hard work and commitment are essential both to the company’s business
success and to our goal of living up to our mission statement. With this in mind, the entire
Widget management team wants you, as a new employee, to succeed in all your goals. This
Manual is provided as a ready reference in building your Widget franchise.

Welcome aboard. We look forward to growing with you in your new undertaking.


for Widget Company

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