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M and A Integration Workstream Lead Cheat Sheet


Template M-A playbook cheatsheet

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									Sourcing & Procurement – M&A Integration
Workstream Lead “Cheat Sheet”
          Phase I                          Phase II                           Phase III                         Phase IV
           Due                            Integration                         Execution                        Post Merger
         Diligence                         Planning                           Planning                         Integration
Review M&A Readiness                Develop and maintain                  Send supplier                   Strategic Sourcing focus
Integration Playbook                Integration Progress Report           notification letters

Establish Workstream                Work w/LAW re: terms of               Business Continuity
matrix                              transition docs                                                       Contract synergies –
                                                                          focus                           initiate contract data
Identify appropriate                                                                                      request
systems, processes, tools           Work w/Mfg, if nec., re:                                              Contract comparison –
                                    terms of Supply                                                       sample checklist
Align with appropriate              Agreements
functional Workstreams

Transition Services                 Develop supplier
tracking                            communication strategy
                                    with target
                                                                                                                            Operations fully integrated
                         Announcement                          “Kick-off”                        Close/Day 1
    ~2-3 months                           ~1 month                             ~3-5 months                       ~2-6+ months

                                                     ACROSS ALL PHASES

                                          Develop and maintain Integration Timeline
                            Develop and maintain Initial Data Request and Integration Activity Tracker
                                     Develop and maintain Supplier spend detail spreadsheet
                                       Lead weekly / regular Workstream Leads meeting
                                    Lead weekly / regular IMO touchbase / strategy meeting
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