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									This Job Description Sample sets forth an example of what should be included in a
proper job description. It is important to put a job description in writing, as it clarifies
what the company needs and sets out what is expected of the employee in a certain
position. The company uses the data as a basis for making improvements,
development of performance appraisals, promotion criteria, and training needs
assessment. This form can be used by the human resources department of any
                                                           JOB DESCRIPTION

Position Title:     Service Consultant
FLSA Status:        Non-Exempt
Department Name: Sales and Marketing
Supervisor’s Title: Director of Sales

Achieve established sales goals by contacting pre-qualified technologists to fill job orders. Resolve customer
service issues with candidates as needed.

   Facilitate placements between hospitals and techs by working closely with Recruiting Consultants to
     identify qualified, ready-to-place technologists and working directly with Sales Consultants to fill job
     orders with competent technologists
   Initiate frequent contact with techs on assignment to ensure job satisfaction and retention
   Minimum of 15 hours per week making contacts and follow-up calls
   Manage tech time cards and payroll for each account
   Work with tech’s nearing end of assignment, to locate next assignment
   Monitor and work with appropriate department to resolve problem situations concerning tech’s travel,
     housing, auto, compliance issues, etc. as needed
   Grow client base by a minimum of 20% per quarter
   Develop safeguards to protect accounts from competitors and non-loyal techs
   Monitor and report new industry trends, markets and modalities, etc
   Report liability situations to appropriate departments in a timely manner
   Practice integrity, reliability and honesty in all business transactions
   Refrain from engaging in negative conversations about competitors
   Project a positive company image at all times
   Work with co-workers as a team to ensure success
   Other duties as assigned

   Ability to demonstrate strong customer service tendencies
   Competent in MS Office products, and efficient in email and internet applications
   Demonstrated problem solving and people skills
   High accuracy in work, attention to detail
   High School Diploma or equivalency required
   Proven oral and written skills required
   The ability to travel if requested

   Sitting for long periods of time
   Frequent alpha/numeric keyboarding
   Oral communication over the phone and in person
   Ability to view computer monitor

-   Follow all company policies and procedures as well as all local, state, and federal laws concerning
    employment to include, but not limited to: I-9 information, EEOC, Civil Rights, and ADA.

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-         The company does not tolerate sexually or other unlawfully discriminatory actions, gestures,
          harassment, or statements. Any of these behaviors are subject to personnel action up to and including
          immediate termination and are to be reported to management immediately.
-         Maintain confidentiality of company records and information at all times.
-         Maintain a professional image.

I acknowledge the receipt of my job description and understand the responsibilities, duties, and requirements to
perform the position. In addition, my supervisor has provided me with answers to any questions I had
concerning the position.

I, as an employee, know that I am expected (and required) to perform the duties outlined in this job description.
Any refusal or willful violation to perform such duties may result in disciplinary action.

I expressly acknowledge that: (1) I have not been employed for any definite period of time; (2) my employment
is terminable at any time at the will of either the company or myself; and (3) no change in the “at will” nature of
my employment will be valid unless made in writing and signed by the President of the company.

I am also aware that this position will include any and all (various) duties assigned to ensure the proper
functioning of operations in the department/area. The omission of specific statements of duties does not
exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related, or is determined by the company to be a
reasonable assignment to the position.

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