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Home Daycare Contract


This contract can be used between a daycare facility and a parent with a child. It is important to have these types of arrangements documented between the parties to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

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									This is a contract between a daycare provider and the parents or guardians of a child for
the daycare services for the child. This agreement includes terms such as the fees; the
payment policy; late arrival/pickup policy; termination and withdrawal policy; illness
policy; medication policy; first aid policy; discipline; health and nutrition, and, a program
of activities clause. This document in its draft form contains standard clauses commonly
used in these types of agreements. Additional language may be added to allow for
customization to ensure the specific terms of the parties' agreement are addressed. Use
this form when engaging the services of a home daycare provider, or if one is providing
daycare services.
                                         HOME DAYCARE CONTRACT

    1. Hours of Operation:

         Monday to Friday _:__ a.m. – _:__ p.m.

         I will be closed on all Statutory Holidays. Your child’s day begins at _:__ a.m., and ends
         no later than 5:30 p.m.

    2. Fees

         Statutory holidays are observed as paid holidays. You do not need to pay for my
         vacation days. If I need to take a day off, or when I decide to take vacation, it is your
         responsibility to find alternate daycare.

         There will be no payment if your child is on holiday (please provide at least 2 weeks
         notice of any holidays), or sick, or if I am on holiday (at least 3 weeks notification) or if I
         or any of my children are sick.

    3. Payment Policy

         The Parents agree to pay the sum of $___.__ ($_/hour * __ hours/day * _ days/week) per
         week for the care of their child. Payment is to be made every week. If 2 consecutive pay
         periods are missed, this contract will automatically be terminated. A fee of $30 will be
         charged for all NSF cheques. Upon a second occurrence of an NSF cheque, all
         subsequent payments must be made in cash.

         You must return all forms filled out completely before your child enters my care. You are
         required to supply:

                           A copy of Immunization Records (these must be kept updated)
                           Child Questionnaire
                           Medication Administration Authorization

    4. Late Arrival/Pickup Policy

         You must call at least 30 minutes in advance of your normal drop-off time if your child will
         not be coming on any given day. This helps me to plan our daily activities.

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         Please advise immediately if you will be arriving later than the pre-arranged time to pick
         up your child. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that their child is picked up no later
         than _:__ p.m. Please notify me if someone other than a parent will be picking up your
         child. Verbal or written permission must be received before I can release a child to
         anyone who is not a parent.

    5. Termination/Withdrawal

         I will provide at least one month’s notice to terminate care of any child. Parents agree
         that a minimum notice of one full month will be given for permanent withdrawal of any
         child from care, or agree to pay a month’s fee in lieu of notice.

    6. Illness Policy

         Please advise me no less than 30 minutes prior to your child’s start time if your child will
         not be in my care due to illness.

         Parents agree that a child who is ill (e.g. fever, infection, diarrhea, communicable
         disease, or any other type of illness that may be passed on to others, with the exception
         of the common cold) will be kept at home to protect the well-being of my family and other
         children in my care. The parents further agree, should a child become ill while in care,
         that immediate arrangements will be made to remove the child from the daycare (I will
         isolate your child until you arrive to pick him/her up). Children will not be allowed to return
         to daycare until they have been symptom-free for at least 24 hours. In some cases, a
         note from a doctor may be necessary.

         Please respect my illness policy. If a child is not well enough to go outside to play or
         attend school, they are not well enough to attend daycare.

    7. Medication

         In some cases, a child may return from an absence due to illness with medication to be
         finished, or s/he may be taking preventative medication. In these instances, I may be
         required to administer medication. All medication must be in the original pharmacy
         container, and include the following information on the label: child’s name, name of drug,
         dosage. Should a child require medication, even acetaminophen for a minor ailment like
         teething, written consent from the parents must be given in advance.

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    8. First Aid

         Scratches and scrapes will be treated with soap and water and a Band-Aid (if needed).
         You will be notified immediately for anything more serious. For major emergencies which
         require the services of an emergency medical team, the child will be transported by
         ambulance. For minor emergencies, you will be notified and you will transport the child if
         medical treatment is needed. If circumstances warrant, and you cannot be reached, I will
         get in touch with your emergency contact.

    9. Discipline

         Physical discipline is not allowed. When a child is busy and involved, there is less need
         for adult intervention. When necessary, I try to set limits to prevent the child from harming
         himself/herself and others, as well as destroying property. Encouragement,
         reinforcement of positive behaviours, redirection and/or removal of the child from the
         situation (time outs) is the method of discipline I use.

    10. Health and Nutrition

         There will be absolutely no smoking in or around the home.

         If the child is on “table food” I will provide breakfast, lunch and two snacks per day.
         These meals will follow Canada’s Food Guide. All special diets, baby food and prepared
         bottles must be supplied by the parent along with written feeding instructions.

    11. Program of Activities

         I provide a learning-through-play approach. I feel it is my role to provide quality,
         interesting and stimulating materials and equipment to facilitate this play. I provide
         materials that meet a range of developmental levels and encourage growth in fine motor,
         gross motor and cognitive abilities. This creates an environment for each child to grow
         and learn at their own rate. Weather permitting, children must be outside daily
         (approximately 2 hours per day according to Ministry standards). Please ensure your
         child is dressed appropriately.

    12. Transportation Authorization

         On occasion, I will take the children for daily outings (i.e. shopping, errands, library and
         Ontario Early Years Centre, etc.). The means of transportation will be my own vehicle
         with age-appropriate car seats. For any non-regular outings or field trips such as farms,
         zoos, or special events, I will request a Field Trip Permission Form to be completed at
         least 24 hours prior to the event.

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    13. Personal Belongings and Clothing

         Please do not bring more than 1 toy from home. Please do not bring any toy that your
         child will not be willing to share with other children. If he or she is unwilling to share, I will
         take the toy and hold them until the end of the day.

          Please send your child with an extra change of clothes in case of an accident. Children
         should wear play clothes and dress according to the weather.

         It is further agreed that your child will start attending the daycare on
         __________________. A two-week transition period will be arranged no later than 3
         weeks before this start date.

         I have read and agree to comply with all the provisions in this contract. I understand that
         this is a legal and binding contract and have had sufficient time to read each paragraph

         Parent’s Name: _____________________________________________
         (please print)

         Parent’s Signature:___________________________________________

         Date: ________________________

         Parent’s Name: _____________________________________________
         (please print)

         Parent’s Signature:___________________________________________

         Date: _________________________

         Name of Daycare Provider ____________________________________

         Signature of Daycare Provider:__________________________________

         Date:                                                            _____________________________

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