Food Staff Evaluation Form


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									As drafted this document provides a sample evaluation form for a manager to evaluate
food services staff – both front of house and back of house staff. The form allows the
manager to use a point value scale to evaluate staff. This form can be used by a
human resource department or employer to evaluate employee performance. This form
can also be modified to fit the needs of any employer seeking a standard set of criteria
to review employee performance.
                             Evaluating Food Service Staff
Evaluating Manager__________________

Pay Rate__________________

Score 1 – 10
All Staff
Punctual (is the employee on time)                                              ____
Appearance (full uniform, clean)                                                 ____
Ready to work (sober and mentally prepared for work)                            _____
Distractions to performance (do they bring personal distractions to work?)      _____
Clocking Out (do they “milk the clock” or leave early?)                         _____
Usefulness to team (can the team function without this person?)                 _____
Respectfulness (to management and colleagues)                                   _____
Teamwork (working with their respective shift)                                  _____
In the weeds (how do they work under extreme stress)                            _____
Safe Food Handling                                                              _____

Respectfulness to Customers                                               ______
POS Computer skills                                                       ______
Service times                                                             ______
Side work                                                                 ______
Managing Tables / Guest                                                   ______
Attention to Detail                                                       ______
Communication to guest                                                    ______

Prep Time (Getting their stuff done before shift begins)                  ______
Making correct food (modifiers, temps correct)                            ______
Cleaning (station is clean after shift)                                   ______
Food Control (correct portions, proper ingredients)                       ______
Communicating (86ing items, chit questions, stock levels)                 ______

Total _______        Average________


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