Break Even Analysis

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					Break Even Analysis
Desired Selling Price per Unit:                                                            $              0.00

Variable Cost per Unit:                                                        -

Total Fixed Costs:
              Daily                                                            -
              Weekly                                                           -
              Monthly                                                          -
              Annually                                                         -

Break Even Analysis on Average:                             # of Units Sold:               Breakeven in Sales:
             Per Day                                                                   0    $               -
             Per Week                                                                  0    $               -
             Per Month                                                                 0    $       
Description: A company can use this template spreadsheet to perform a break-even analysis. A break-even analysis is one form of cost analysis; it is used to calculate the margin of revenues needed to exceed a company's break-even point - the point at which revenues equal the costs associated with producing that revenue. This supply side metric can be used by managers to help understand the relationships between sales, costs, and profits. A break-even analysis can be helpful to companies trying to analyze revenue margins for certain products or services, adjust pricing schemes, or set sales targets.
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