Corporate Minutes - Approval of Lease


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									This Corporate Minutes Approval of document sets out the basic language that is
required to approve a lease of property by a corporation. It can be used by a
corporation, and filed in the corporate book of the company. The form contains standard
clauses; however, additional terms and conditions may be added to it making it fully
customizable to fit the needs of the user. Use this form if a corporation wishes to a lease
property that is approved at a board meeting.
                                  APPROVAL OF CORPORATE MINUTES


                                               [Enter Name of Company]

The undersigned Secretary of [Enter Company Name] certifies the minutes of the Meeting of
the [Enter Board of Directors or Stockholders] held at the Company Headquarters in the state
of [Enter State], on __________, 20___ attached to this form, and certifies the Resolutions
passed at such meeting as valid and binding acts of the [Enter Name of Corporation].

Dated: __________________



Secretary of [Enter Company Name]

      STATE OF ____________________
      COUNTY OF __________________

      I hereby certify that on __________, before me, a Notary Public, personally appeared
      __________, who acknowledged himself/herself to be the __________ of __________ and
      that he/she, having been authorized to do so, executed the above document for the purposes
      contained therein by signing his/her name as __________ of __________.

      Notary Public

      My commission expires: ___________________


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