Corporate Minutes - Approval of Lease


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									This document provides template language for recording board approval of a company’s
proposed lease agreement. It contains standard language commonly used in similar
forms, as minutes must then be approved before they can be entered into the corporate
book. This document, as drafted, is for the company to discuss approval of a lease
agreement and should be signed by the company president and secretary. However
this document can be customized to fit the needs of any company and can be
customized to reflect approval of other board resolutions needing to be recorded in the
board minutes.
                                                   APPROVAL OF LEASE

      A proposed lease agreement between [Enter Name of Company] and [Name of Lease
      Holder] for the premises located at [Enter Address]. This resolution was presented to the
      board for approval on this day. Moreover, it is hereby agreed that the lease terms are
      economically feasible and it is in the best interests of the Company to ratify this lease.
      Therefore, the secretary of the corporation is hereby instructed to see to it that the
      appropriate officers of the corporation execute the lease on behalf of the corporation and that
      a copy of the executed lease be attached to this resolution and filed in the corporate records



      STATE OF ____________________

      COUNTY OF __________________

      I hereby certify that on __________, before me, a Notary Public, personally appeared
      __________, who acknowledged himself/herself to be the __________ of __________ and
      that he/she, having been authorized to do so, executed the above document for the purposes
      contained therein by signing his/her name as __________ of __________.

      Notary Public

      My commission expires: ___________________


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