Acknowledgment of Receipt of Notice of Meeting


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									This document is used as written proof that an individual has received notice of a
company meeting. This acknowledgement of receipt states that the individual has been
notified of the date, time, place and purpose of the meeting, and identifies the manner in
which the individual received notice of the meeting. This document can be modified to
acknowledge that an individual has received other types of documents used in business
transactions. This is useful for companies and small businesses that hold meetings and
need to have proof that employees were notified of those meetings.
                                         ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF RECEIPT
                                            OF NOTICE OF MEETING

I received notice of [Enter Type] meeting of the [Enter

Board of Directors or Shareholders] of [Company] on

[Enter Date]. The notice of the meeting stated the

date, time, place and purpose of the upcoming meeting.

I received notice of the meeting by:

[ ] orally

[ ] delivered orally to me by phone call

[ ] answering machine or voice mail

[ ] delivered by mail

[ ] delivered via e-mail

Date: __________________

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have executed my name as Secretary and have hereunto affixed the
corporate seal of the above-named Corporation this _______________________________,
_______________________________ of _______________________________.

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