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					                                       BIDEFORD COLLEGE
                                PARENTS’ NEWSLETTER
                                                    May 2010
Dear Parents, Carers and Students,                         the College beyond their own child or children‟s
                                                           education. Suggestions so far include events that are
Staff and students are busy making the final               „social‟ as well as being about College business and
preparations for the examination season. Coursework        using Progress day and similar Parents‟ evening
has been completed and is being sent off for               events to make more parents aware of College issues
moderation and year 11, 12 and 13 students should          and to seek parents‟ views on whatever is being
now be making serious headway with their revision          discussed at the time. Fortunately, the layout of the
programme!                                                 new building will make this possible with the „winter
With only around 40 working days left in the old           garden‟ acting as a natural focal point for such events.
College, staff are also beginning to plan their packing    If you have any suggestions as to how we can improve
ready for the grand move and the building team are         this aspect of our work please let me know or contact
frantically making sure that they will complete on time.   one of our Governors.
The scheduled date for completion and handover is at
the end of July. After that, the Summer break will         During last term an „activity grant‟ scheme was
involve moving in ready for the majority of staff when     launched. If you qualify for free school meals (based
they return in September. The first 2 weeks of term will   on parents‟ earnings) your son or daughter could get a
then involve staff training and the final preparations     £300 grant to pay for a whole range of activities or
ready for students to begin during the week beginning      associated kit, transport etc. If you want more
6 September. The provisional programme, assuming           information, please contact College Reception staff for
that everything is on schedule (and working!) is as        details.
follows:                                                   Thank you for your continued support for and interest
Monday 6 September – afternoon only, Sixth Form            in the College.
Interviews. No school transport.
Tuesday 7 September – Staff only
Wednesday 8 September - Induction training for
Year 11 and Sixth Form mentors only, No school             V. Matthews, Principal
Thursday 9 September – Years 10 and 11 only in             Dates for your Diary
College with Tutor time, Assembly and Tour of                                     st
                                                           Half Term : Monday 31 May – Friday
College. Sixth Form and Year 11 Mentors and Staff to        th
                                                           4 June
act as guides. Normal timetable in afternoon. School                              th
                                                           End of Term : Friday 16 July
transport for years 10 and 11 and Sixth Form mentors
only                                                       Examination Results Days
Friday 10 September – Years 7, 8 and 9 in College          A Level and AS results day will be Thursday 19
with Tutor time, Assembly and Tour of College. Sixth       August this year. Students will be able to collect their
Form and Year 11 Mentors and Staff to act as guides.       results from the new College building from 8.15am
Normal timetable in afternoon. School transport for        onwards; those who intend going to university are
years 7, 8 and 9 and Mentors year 11 and the Sixth         advised to bring their mobile phone and contact
Form.                                                      numbers, in case they need to confirm their places.
Monday 13 September – all students in, including           GCSE results will be available, in the new building,
Sixth Form. Normal teaching timetable.                                                       th
                                                           from 9am onwards on Tuesday 24 August.
Many people have asked me when they will be able to
view the new College. There is no doubt that the
                                                                     BIDEFORD COLLEGE
building has caught a lot of people‟s interest!                  SCIENCE SPECIALIST COLLEGE
Thursday 7 October is the provisional date for the           Summer Science and Family Fun Day
„Community‟ Open Evening, a chance for parents and                   Date: Saturday 19th June 2010
people who live locally to view the building. Please
note that this may be a ticket only event so that we
                                                                           Time: 11am – 5pm
can limit numbers to those that we can accommodate.                   Venue: Tapeley Park, Instow
If there are too many people we will schedule a            Admission Adult £2.00, conc £1.00, young person 50p
second evening. Please watch the College website for               Free parking, free access to gardens.
further information.                                       Free mini bus shuttle service from Bideford College to
                                                                      Tapeley Park every 30 minutes.
You might be interested to know that Governors have                Y. Eldridge, Organiser. Tel. 01237 428141
been discussing how to get more parents involved with       Bideford College, Abbotsham Road, Bideford EX39 3AR
            Exam Invigilators Wanted
                                                                 OAS                S CATERING NEWS
                                                                 Rosie Broughton, Catering Manager
             We are looking to expand our team of
                                                                 Good news for all children of Free School Meals, your
            'casual' Examination Invigilators at the
                                                                 allowance has gone up to £2.10 per day. Meals are
            college. Exams can take place in the
                                                                 free up to this value so if you are eligible, parents
mornings and/or afternoons and are generally
                                                                 please encourage your child/ children to use it.
between 1-3 hours duration. Duties include assisting
with the administration and oversight of public and
                                                                 If you wish to check your eligibility for Free School
school examinations. You must be reliable, punctual
                                                                 meals please telephone the helpline number 0845
and able to be discrete and respect confidentiality at
                                                                 1551019 for up to date advice. Thanks to the Cashless
all times. A short training session will be provided. If
                                                                 Catering System a child on Free School Meals is
you are interested please contact the HR Department
                                                                 treated the same as other students and cannot be
at the College on 01237 428104. An enhanced CRB
                                                                 identified at the tills, their allowance just gets added to
Disclosure Certificate would be required. The rate of
                                                                 their account each morning and any unspent
pay is £7.64 per hour.
                                                                 allowance is removed after lunchtime, they cannot
                                                                 „save‟ their money for the following day.

                                                                 There is lots of choice at your Oasis Catering Service -
                                                                 SUBS 4 YOU, our newest idea, is very popular as is
GOVERNORS - There are five of us and we‟re
two short!
                                                                 the HOT CHICKEN WRAP BAR and PASTA KING.
                                                                 The traditional MEAL OF THE DAY options and large
Q. What do the governors do?                                     selection of freshly prepared Sandwiches, Baguettes,
A. The governors are there to discuss, advise and approve        Wraps, Rolls, Fruit pots and Homemade Cakes is
(but NOT in the daily running of the college, only the bigger    always popular.
issues). We do not represent individual parents or our own
loved ones!                                                      MEAL DEALS - These could save you from 10p to 50p
                                                                 when you purchase qualifying items together. There is
Q. Why have parent governors?
                                                                 at least one meal deal available at each service point
A. We are there to represent parents‟ views. The people
running the College do a great job … but nobody gets it right
                                                                 within the canteen (please see posters for details)
all the time.
                                                                 Please remember your school meals service provides
Q. What would I actually have to do?                             a healthy, balanced, nutritious meal using local
A. We have two meetings per term. There are also a few           ingredients, with lots of choice, to eat in or takeaway.
committees (personnel, finance, curriculum, premises, SEN)       Please support us.
and you‟d join one or two of those. The other governors are
quite friendly, and you get to appreciate the wider aspects of   LIBRARY, Mrs M Shambrook
College work.
                                                                 Mrs Hubble‟s form, 7W1, won the prize for the most
Q. What if I’m just an ‘ordinary’ parent?                        Big Up a Book reviews done last term and they are
A. You are exactly the right person for the job. But you can‟t   already in the lead for this term but are being hotly
be a parent governor if you work full-time at the College (or,   pursued by 7S3, 7N3 and 7N1.
according to the rules, if you‟re in prison or bankrupt!).       We have had some excellent Year 8s working as
                                                                 Library Helpers. They have now completed their time
Q. How will I benefit from being a governor?                     and we are looking forward to working with a new
A. You‟ll get a good feeling of helping the College in its       batch of helpers recruited from Year 7.
development. It provides a good „buzz‟ seeing the new            The Cover2Cover book club gives students
College coming along. Also, if you apply for a job in the next
                                                                 an excellent choice of the latest books and
few years, it looks great on your CV!
                                                                 established favourites at bargain prices.
Q. What do I do next?                                            Catalogues can be collected from the Library
A. To put your name forward, please ring Sue Chapman at          or orders can be placed and paid for online
the College on 01237-428114 by the end of term. Or if you‟d      following the link on the College website. All
like more information on being a parent governor, ring John      orders placed help the College to earn
Leveridge 01237 473979                                           FREE books for the Library.

Absence Texting – Ms Pollok, Assistant Principal                 GEOGRAPHY, Dr C Ankers
We hope to introduce an absence texting service to               Year 10 Fieldtrip to Westward Ho!
                                                                                 th                   th
parents in the very near future.                                 On Monday 10 and Wednesday 12 May, two groups
                                                                 of Year 10 Geographers battled the unseasonably cold
Please appreciate that there may be initial issues that          May weather and headed to Westward Ho! for the day
will result in system adjustments. Thank you for your            to collect data for their coursework. The morning was
understanding.                                                   spent familiarising ourselves with the coastal
                                                                 environment and looking for evidence of coastal
                                                                 erosion on the Wave Cut Platform using digital
                                                                 cameras alongside more traditional fieldwork
              equipment. Not wanting to break with         Rome, Sparta, Roman Britain and Homer's Odyssey.
              tradition, the afternoon was spent           The course requires the students to attend two hour
              profiling the pebble ridge and measuring     sessions after school once a week up to the exams in
              pebbles! A great day was had by all with     June. We also provide revision sessions just before
the students working really hard and collecting some       the examinations. It is a challenging course and not a
sound results which can be added to our ever growing                   decision to be taken lightly, as these
data base. The students are now busy writing up their                  students must develop skills of independent
coursework under controlled conditions and the                         study, show initiative and the desire to
deadline for this is Wednesday 30 June.                                succeed.
                                                           Our current cohort will be completing their course next
Devon Geography Teachers Study Visit to Clark              year, we would like to wish them the very best of luck
County, Nevada, Dr C Ankers                                in their up-coming examinations and hugely appreciate
During the Easter Holidays I was lucky enough to           the extra work that they put in to complete this
participate in a teacher exchange with a school from       demanding and challenging course. Well done and
Clark County, USA. Whilst I was there I spent the          good luck!
week teaching pupils from Grant-Sawyer Middle
School which is about 10 minutes from the Las Vegas        Student Mock Election, Mrs P Plummer
strip! I shared with staff many of the resources we        The General election is always a good time to raise
have developed here at Bideford and demonstrated           student awareness of politics and government, so we
the teaching methods that we regularly use at the          took the opportunity to run an online mock election,
College. The pupils were extremely receptive and           alongside the big one on Thursday 6th May.
engaged in my lessons and very keen to learn about         Students stood for The Conservatives, Labour, Liberal
life here in the UK. I also spent a day doing fieldwork    Democrats, The Green Party and UKIP and the
in the Mojave desert and at the Hoover Dam-                hustings and the election took place on line, making
an awesome experience. The information                     the whole thing paperless (brilliant!).
gathered here will be coming to Geography                  The event caused much online and in-school
lessons very soon! It is hoped that next year              discussion, as our candidates had to brave assemblies
my host teacher will make the return leg to                and last-minute campaigning. They also had to
Devon and spend some time with us at Bideford.             produce one minute videos outlining their main
                                                           policies. There was much handing out of freebies and
HISTORY, Mrs P Plummer                                     not very much kissing of babies (thankfully!). However,
Year 12 History                                            it did encourage debate about the election system and
Year 12 History students went on two lectures this         the policies of parties, both online via the website and
term to help them develop some crucial study skills.       in class. The students were generally very positive
The two lecture sessions - one at University of            about the event and welcomed the
Plymouth and the other at the Royal Pavillion in Bath -    opportunity to discuss politics. It also allowed
helped them to explore questions such as the nature        staff to explain how our system of elections
of historical query and the significance of historical     and government works, as tutors discussed
study.                                                     the elections during tutor time during the
The first lecture in Plymouth was focused on a murder      election week.
which took place in 16th century Nantwich. It allowed      It was also a great opportunity to use web technology
students to take part in a lecture aimed at graduate       to engage students in community matters. The running
level and above (most of the audience was graduate         of the elections in this manner meant that the students
level) to experience the level of debate and skills of     involved did not have to spend a great deal of time
note-taking. The lecturer also explored the question of    campaigning or staff counting votes. It also
the significance of local history and how history is       encouraged online forum-style debate, which is
constructed.                                               something that we hope will be used once we are in
This discussion was taken further at the second            the new College.
lecture day at Bath. Here, students listened to lectures   On polling day, we had a turnout of over 400, voting
from respected Russian historians, Chris Ward and          either in College or from home. The results, as posted
James Harris. They discussed the issues with recent        on the College website, were Greens first with 35% of
analysis on Russia and the flood of archival evidence      the vote, followed by Lib Dems, and the Conservatives
since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of      third. We still have some analysis to do on the results,
Soviet Russia.                                             as well as let you know what happened to our
All our students found the lectures stimulating and        candidate, so keep your eyes on the website.
useful for their studies.                                  I would like to thank all those that helped this
                                                           important event take place, particularly Mr Knowler,
Gifted and Talented                                        who did all the technical wizardry and whose idea it
For the past three years, the department has run after-    was in the first place and, of course, our student
school sessions to teach GCSE Classical Civilisation       candidates, to whom I am greatly indebted for their
for Gifted, Talented and Able students. The aim of the     great humour, brilliant ideas and time: Nathan Harley
course is to teach the GCSE in one year with students      (UKIP), Sean Heath (The Conservatives), Wes
completing the course at the end of the year. This also    Knowler (The Green Party), Katie Leveridge (The
allows the department to teach classical history and       Labour Party) and Harry Palin (Liberal Democrats).
literature courses. Our current syllabus covers Ancient

SIXTH FORM - Mr P Neill                                      undergraduates, Student Union buildings and
Applications to Join the Sixth Form                          recreation facilities. Year 12 students earlier this term
In order to meet the anticipated demand to join our          visited the annual Higher Education Fair in Exeter,
increasing Sixth Form, interviews were started earlier       where they were able to attend seminars and collect
this year. It was good to see that many students were        prospectuses from a wide range of universities in
accompanied by parent(s) and we are able to offer a          attendance. Students are being encouraged to visit
broad range of subjects for students to select from.         University Open Days which take place during June &
                                                             July; the majority require students to reserve their
Student Leadership Team                                      place(s) on line as numbers are strictly limited. It is
This year there was again an excellent number of Year        therefore essential to register early. All Open Day
12 students applying to join the Student Leadership          dates can be found on
Team. This group of students take a very proactive
role both in and out of the College and much has been        National Student Investor Competition
achieved since it was introduced a few years ago.            Congratulations to Sam Dixon, Jake Wingfield, Louis
The calibre of all the students was exceptionally high       Trew and Marcus Carpenter for getting into the South
and a group of 12 students have been appointed               West Regional Finals which were held in Bristol. Over
including:-                                                  7,500 teams entered this year and their team Fo lif
                                                             came 69 – an excellent achievement! Each team
Head Students:        Joe Allin & Katherine Lidgey           was given £100,000 to “invest” in stocks and shares
Deputy Head Students: Ben Clarke & Alice Chapman             based on the actual Stock Market; this required them
                                                                          to make daily decisions and to keep up
Team Members :                                                            to date with the business news over a
Vicky Henderson, Ellie Dearing, Joe Stowell, Tasmin                       period of several months. Despite very
Chilcott, Alex Fagan, Harry Westaway                                      difficult trading times they managed to
                                                                          finish with just over £119,000.
Congratulations to them all!
                                                             Higher Education Information Evening – Year 12
Leavers’ Tea                                                 Parents/Guardians
On Wednesday 19 May the annual Leavers‟ Tea for              On Thursday 8 July an information evening about
Year 13 students will take place in Stucley complete         applying to university will take place in Stucley Hall
with a finger buffet. We wish them all well in their         between 6pm - 7pm. This will cover the basic
forthcoming exams; we look forward to hearing about          application process, what university life is like and the
their future successes. Stay in touch!                       financial aspects, (including the latest update on fees,
                                                             grants and loans). This popular annual event always
            University Applications                          provides invaluable up to date information for both
            This academic year has, again, seen              parents and students.
            record numbers of Year 13 students
            applying to universities all over the UK. In     Bideford Bridge Rotary Club
            line with national trends, more students are     Congratulations to Adam Crouch for being selected to
opting to take a gap year first with some electing to        attend a week long leadership course following
apply to Year in Industry positions. It is anticipated       successful interviews and presentations. He will be
that competition for university places will be highly        staying in Okehampton during the school holidays, all
competitive; it is therefore essential that students work    paid for by the Rotary Club. Activities will include
hard in the lead up to their A Level exams in order to       leadership tasks, teamworking, and problem solving.
ensure that they meet their offers from their chosen         In total there will be 24 students from Devon
universities.                                                participating on the course.

Study Leave                                                  Higher Education Advice Booklet
Official Study Leave for all Year 12 students except for     This very useful booklet has recently been issued to all
Health & Social Care students takes place from               Year 12 students. It contains plenty of information
Monday 24 May to Friday 11 June inclusive. Once              about applying to university which students and
their exams are over, all Year 12 students are               parents should find invaluable. If you have not seen
expected to return to school on Monday 14 June.              one, please encourage your son or daughter to collect
Year 13 students‟ last official day was Wednesday 19         one!
May although many subject teachers are running
revision classes up to the exams.                            Sixth Form Welcome Morning
                                                             A welcome morning will be held on Friday 2 July for
University Visits                                            all prospective Sixth Form students. They will be able
Once exams are finished, Year 12 students have               to find out which form they will be in as well as
several opportunities to visit a variety of universities     meeting their Form Tutor for the next two years.
including Oxford and Plymouth. Some of these visits          Student Leadership Team members will also speak to
are accompanied by members of staff and provide an           them about the many differences and opportunities in
excellent chance for students to experience what             the Sixth Form. Students will have the opportunity to
university life might be like. During the visits, students   speak to subject teachers about the wide variety of
will attend lectures, see Halls of Residences, meet          courses that are offered, as the time approaches for

them to make their final decisions, following their
GCSE results.                                                16 March – STEMNET Celebration, Mr S Knowler
                                                             Ten students from the College took part in a
Sixth Form Subject Confirmation Afternoon                    STEMNET celebration event at Okehampton College
This will take place on Monday 6 September from              this week. STEMNET is a national project that was
2pm - 3pm in the new school. All Sixth Form students         set up to raise interest, excitement & attainment in the
will meet their Form Tutor to confirm subject choices        fields of Science, Technology, Engineering &
and having done so, return to start the new term on          Maths through after school clubs. Bideford
Monday 13 September where they will be issued with           College has been involved with STEMNET
timetables etc in Registration. It is essential that they    for the past couple of years and currently
attend these sessions to ensure a smooth start in the        runs two clubs looking at the construction of
Autumn Term.                                                 skateboards and the design & build of remotely
                                                             controlled aircraft. A third club is due to come online in
Brussels Visit                                                                 the summer term looking at High
Recently 36 Sixth Form students enjoyed a fact finding                         Speed          Photography.         The
tour to London and Brussels. In London the students                            Okehampton event showcased other
spent one day at the Houses of Parliament where they         clubs work from Holsworthy, Pilton & Okehampton
visited the Houses of Lords & Commons and were               Schools & students from each of the schools could
able to see the House of Commons in session from             see what their counterparts had been doing as well as
Stranger‟s Gallery. The day provided a valuable              an informal inter-school competition on sustainable
                 insight into how Government operates,       technologies. Everyone was also treated to the rare
                 the role of an MP and how voting on         opportunity of a fascinating presentation by Professor
                 key issues takes place.                     Jonas Rademaker from Bristol University who is
                 Travelling to Brussels by Eurostar,         currently working on the LHC project at Cern in
students were then also able to see the European             Switzerland. The         engineering       &     scientific
Parliament in session. This provided them with an            achievements that he described were quite literally
opportunity to hear about the workings of the EU as          mind-blowing!
well as ask questions to a South West UKIP MEP; this
was an excellent debate in which many key issues             17 March – The Great Egg Race, Mr P Fordham
were discussed. Many of the European Parliament              Year 9 students joined Mr Fordham on a visit to
staff spoke several languages, motivating some in our        Plymouth University to enter this year‟s “Great Egg
party to improve their language skills! Whilst in            Race”. Now in its fourteenth year, the Great Egg Race
Brussels, the group visited the Stella Artois beer           – the brainchild of Prof Heinz Wolff – challenges
factory in Leuwen seeing where at any time, 77 million       teams of students to perform some form of
bottles are produced. Afterwards they were able to do        technological task. The solution involves the
some practical market research on the products. In           construction of a device built from familiar everyday
addition, there was a visit to a high class chocolatier      objects and requires amongst other things, technical
and students saw how individual hand-made                    ingenuity, teamwork and a lot of mess! The
chocolates are made. For the last evening, the group         aim is to celebrate the fun that can be had
all went out for a meal together.                            with Science and Technology and
                 The visit also allowed for some sight       encourage students to consider making
                 seeing using the Metro system and           science, engineering and technology a part
                 trams. It is hoped that there will be a     of their future. This year‟s competition involved
similar visit next year to raise students‟ aspirations and   designing a vehicle to move an egg, undamaged, over
their understanding of Government and EU issues.             an obstacle course which included negotiating a flight
                                                             of stairs! The day was enjoyable and engaging for
  th      th
10 - 11 March Plymouth Shadow Day, Mr P                      everybody involved.
Year 12 students joined Mr Fordham on a residential          PE Department
to Plymouth to spend the time living as                      Gymnastics
undergraduates!                                              On Sunday 14 March thirteen girls competed in the
The scheme aims to raise aspirations of students and                    North Devon Gymnastics Competition.
overcome the barriers to Higher Education (HE) that                     They all performed extremely confidently
students may face, such as a lack of knowledge                          on the floor and vault and achieved
and/or misconceptions from a lack of familiarity with                   some excellent results.
HE. These aims are achieved by providing students
with the chance to experience life as an                     The U13 Novice team (Libby Tanton-Joy, Chelsie
undergraduate for one day on a relevant degree               Hobbs, Olivia Shawyer, Sophie Gibbett, Jade Hobbs)
programme by shadowing a current undergraduate               took silver with Jade Hobbs achieving individual U13
student. This experience endows students with                Novice bronze and Chelsie Hobbs individual silver.
firsthand knowledge of HE, builds up a familiarity with      The U13 Intermediate A team also took the silver
HE and university life, and allows them the chance to        (Annie Westaway, Chelsie Hobbs, Lucy Burnett,
ask questions of undergraduates, their friends and           Bethany Gayson, Abby Jones). Annie Westaway won
university academics that they may otherwise not have        the award for most poise, grace and elegance.
the opportunity to.

The U13 Intermediate B team (Libby Tanton-Joy,            Athletics
Olivia Shawyer, Sophie Gibbett, Jade Hobbs)               3 School Athletics Records have been set so far this
competed confidentially on the day.                       term with Marcus Coope in Year 9 throwing the shot
The U15 intermediate team (Alison Mower, Phoebe           12.05 metres and the javelin 40.50 metres and Luke
Hobbs) performed with grace and elegance. Alison          Hasted in Year 10 running the 200m in 23.4 seconds.
Mower was awarded the award for best musical              These are exceptional performances by extremely
interpretation                                            talented athletes.
The O15 girls achieved a bronze (Haylie Hobbs,
Nicola Pilkington).                                       The results from the league match at Braunton were:
                                                          Year 7 Boys 2nd, Girls 3rd
A successful day was had by all!                          Year 8 Boys 2nd, Girls 1st
                                                          Year 9 Boys 1st, Girls 3rd
      Cross Country                                       Year 10 Boys 2nd, Girls 3rd
      Congratulations to all those who took part in
      the North Devon Cross Country League. Best          Athletics Results
      individual results of the series were Daniella      Our athletes competed in the first round of the ESAA
      Jewell 1st U13 girl, Rayanne Vitali 5th U15 and     Track and Field Cup at Exeter Arena with the best
      Chelsea Crawshaw 5th U19. The U13 boys              placed team being the inter boys (year 9+10) who
team Scott Braunton, Steven Cox and Daniel Manning        finished 3rd in Devon.
won 4th overall. Well done to all!
                                                          At the North Devon Championships, the junior boys'
Congratulations and well done to Daniella Jewell in       team (year 8+9) won convincingly. The team were
year 8. She came 19th in the South West Schools           Marcus Coope, Tom Pate, Solomon Wheatley, Paul
Cross-Country and then competed at the English            Scott, Kia Mead, Kieran Jewell, Charlie Elliott, Sam
Schools Cross Country. Daniella is in an age group        Ellis, Ben Short, Kieryn Gayson, Ben Fisher-Anderson
where she is competing against Year 9s as well so         and Josh Johnston. A number of boys and girls won
she has done extremely well.                              their events or finished in the top 3 and should be
                                                          selected to compete for North Devon at the county
"Kingsley Millennium Races" - our runners and their       championships. This will have to feature in
places were Kurt Taylor 6, James Fay 15, Scott            a future newsletter when we have
Braunton 16, Adam North 17, Matt Tobin 22, Matt Fay       confirmation but a special mention must be
25 and in the girls' race Zo Gardner 10, Chloe Cook       made of Luke Hasted in Year 10 who
11, Louise Wilson 16, Megan Hawkes 18, Annie              completed the sprint double by winning
Westaway 19 and Chloe Coombe 20. They did really          both the 100m and 200m events and Marcus Coope
well on a tough course in heavy rain.                     who completed a double in the field events by
                                                          becoming the shot and javelin champion.
At the North Devon Schools' rugby 7 a-side
tournament at West Buckland, Year 10 were our best        Dodgeball
placed team with convincing wins against Park and         The students in year 10 who are taking the level 1 in
Braunton but losses against Torrington and South          sports leadership organised and officiated at a
Molton. Tries were scored by Luke                         dodgeball tournament for year 7s. The matches took
Hasted (3), Sam Shuttleworth, Sam                         place at lunchtime over several weeks last term. All
Curtis (2) and Drew Blackwood (2).                        forms entered and the atmosphere was great, highly
Ryan Smale was at his hard tackling                       competitive with lots of support from those not playing
best and Lewis Moore, Tom Westaway                        and the tutors. The eventual winners were 7W2 and
and debut boy Joe Trapnell all played really well. Year   over £200 was raised for the British Heart Foundation
8 could only manage 1 win in the tournament (against      who are promoting dodgeball as a way of being active
Torrington) despite 3 tries by Kristian Hancock, 1 by     and keeping fit. Well done to all who took part and the
Sam Ellis and 3 conversions by Ben Crouch.                sports leaders who all passed the officiating part of
                                                          their course.

Ski Trip 2010 Sportwelt Amade –
Mrs S Reay
This year's trip returned from the                                                              MATHS – Mrs J Johns
slopes after an epic trip in Austria,                                                           This year‟s certificate winners in the
enjoyed by both students as well as                                                             Intermediate Maths Challenge are:
all staff involved. This year we                                                                Year 11
teamed up with a school who had travelled all the way                                           Gold: Ryan James (best in school), Cara
from Cumbria „The Queen Katherine School‟ and we                                                Lawrence, Katie Scott
immediately felt at ease in each others presence. We                                            Silver: Ben Paddon, Kayleigh Sampson, Hannah
were extremely fortunate to stay in the Hotel                                                   Smith
Oberwimm which I have to say was probably the best                                              Bronze: Ruth Martin, Matthew Bickell
kitted out hotel we have ever stayed in and with easy
access to the slopes within walking distance.                                                   Year 10
We did feel extremely excited to wake up on the                                                 Silver: Alice Allin
second day to a foot of snow at the top of the                                                  Bronze: James Greenleaf, Joseph Trapnell, Loesha
mountain, travelling up in the gondola for the first time                                       Clarke, Kaye Martin
in the morning and watching the snow covered tree                                               Year 9
line as we ascended the summit, I will not forget in a
hurry.                                                                                          Gold: Paul Scott
Snowboading and skiing in powder for our first few                                              Silver: Devon Murdoch
days was absolutely amazing and the views from the                                              Bronze: Emily Sutton, Paul Cook, Selina Cloutman,
top were spectacular.                                                                           Emily Smale, Amy Hurrell, Harrison Maund, Kieryn
Many a snowball was thrown, I have to say usually in                                            Gayson
my direction... Although I gave as good as I got.... I will                                     Congratulations to all these, especially Ryan James
get you next time Jo Trapnell!                                                                  and Paul Scott who go on to the European Kangaroo
After spending a fair bit of time bombing around with                                           round on March 18
the boarding group I was amazed at how quickly some
of the students particularly the ones who have never                                            Congratulations to Paul Scott (9) and Ryan James
ridden on snow before picked up. Charlie after a week                                           (11) for their performance in the European Kangaroo
on snow progressed at lightning pace.                                                           Maths Challenge. Paul was just 3 marks short of a
Cassie is totally fearless. Kirsty after your                                                   Certification of Merit.
spectacular       wipeout     and     massive
graze still had a smile on her face and
Jordan I won't forget your face in a hurry                                                      D&T TEXTILES TECHNOLOGY - Mrs B Boyne
after our doughnut stop!!                                                                       Fashion Show
Ben P "I like to move it, move it" was the life and soul                                        On Wednesday 5 May, we held our annual Fashion
of the party particularly the party at Calais on                                                Show to celebrate the work of our Years 10, 11, 12
the coach in the car park!!!                                                                    and 13 students and their GCSE and 'A' Level
I am pretty sure a good time was had by all and I                                               practical coursework. It was, yet again, a wonderful
would like to say a huge thank you to Mr Knowler and                                            show with a large appreciative audience, who were
my better half, Mr Reay, who helped to make it a                                                served savoury and sweet canapes made by Miss
fantastic and unforgettable Ski Trip. I also want to                                            Dyers' Catering students, on their arrival. The Textile
thank all the students involved as I thoroughly enjoyed                                                  students modelled a range of garments from
the time we all spent together. You were fantastic,                                                      casual wear, to Japanese street wear to
polite, well behaved and to the extent that the other                                                    evening dresses showing that they had
schools we stayed with even wrote to comment on                                                          achieved an exceptionally high standard of
your mature and accommodating nature towards their                                                       design and making skills.
students you shared the hotel with.... particularly the
all girls school....much to the boys‟ delight!

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sure that more parents see the newsletter we have included a reply slip which should be returned tomorrow to your son/daughter’s tutor.
Thank you.

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