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					              Coby Classic X11

 Coby Classic
 Show Calf Sale XII

              Coby Classic X11

October 17, 2009 • 3:00 P.M.
Sunshine Fairgrounds Cobleskill, New York

              Sponsored by
       American Animal Producers
            SUNY Cobleskill

                      Coby Classic X11

Producers, Buyers, and Industry Supporters,
  Welcome! We are proud to present our 12th annual Coby
Classic Show Calf Sale. This year our sale chairs have worked
very hard to bring you a high quality selection and a pleasant
buying environment. We have entertained new ideas and
made a few tweaks to existing processes to bring you the best
results our young minds can achieve.
  Over the years this sale has grown to new levels because of
the students immense efforts, allowing them to leave their
mark on the college and on their industry. Because of their
efforts we can continue to build and grow all of the aspects
of this sale. So many doors are opened to students investing
their time with our club. There are opportunities to not only
expand our knowledge and experiences, but to also reach
out our own personal networks and better our careers and
                       Coby Classic X11
standings in the industry we live for.
  We are honored to once again host the New York Junior Beef
Producer’s Fall Festival. Together our two entities put on
the Junior’s last show of the season and provide them with
learning challenges and judging contests to help the members
expand their knowledge. We are always excited to work with
the Juniors and pass on our own experiences, as we have hopes
for them to be the next generation of our club and our sale.
  With the help of all our members and supportive clubs on
campus, we bring to you our Coby Classic XII Show Calf Sale.
We are forever grateful to everyone who has supported us
through this process, and to our consignors, buyers, and
advertisers. We hope you find useful the selection we have put
together. See you at the sale!
Sincerely yours,
        Dirk Schobert
       Coby Classic XII Sale Chair Committee
                      Coby Classic X11

general information

Sale Day Phones
      Dirk Schubert (607) 435-5662
      Chris Manning (716) 863-4870
Sale Location
      Sunshine Fair Grounds
      South Grandstreet, Cobleskill NY. 12043
      From the West - NYS Thruway (I-90) East to Exit
      29, take Rt. 10 to Cobleskill
      From South & East - NYS Thruway to Exit 25A,
      take I-88 West to Exit 22, take Rt. 7 into the town
      of Cobleskill - follow signs for the Fairgrounds.
                     Coby Classic X11
      For more info call 607-435-5662
      Tim Miller
      Empire Livestock CO.
Terms and Conditions
      Cattle will sell under the Terms and Conditions as
      recommended by the American Angus Association.
      Full payment is due at sale time on all lots.
Sale Chairs
      Dirk Schubert
      Chris Manning
      Donna Capodonna
      Tim Moore
      Dr. Jason Evans

                          Coby Classic X11

HeiferS anD SteerS
Lot Consignment                Consignor                      Pg#

1    Persian acres oreo        Persian acres                  5
2    Persian acres Star        Persian acres                  5
3    PCa Jazzy girl 912        matt Vanderlieth               6
4    greenbriar lily           greenbriar Stock farm          6
5    trowbridge enamel         trowbridge farms               7
6    Kra evelyn                Kings roaming angus            7
7    Coby’s forever lady       SUnY Cobleskill                8
8    Sangreia                  montross Beef Cattle           8
9    Bunal’s red Shot          the Bunal farm                 9
10   Bunal’s Power Shot
                          Coby the Bunal farm
                                Classic X11                   9
11   Premier Wanda             Premier farm                   10
12   JCW Wendy                 JCW farm                       10
13   Double S Bitteroot        Double S farm                  11
14   triple r U-too            triple r ranch                 11
15   ticapa Camilla            ticapa farm                    12
16   orlowski’s afC Burdock    orloswki’s reg. murray greys   12
17   orlowski’s afC Diesel     orloswki’s reg. murray greys   13
18   greenbriar Prince         greenbriar Stock farm          13
19   JCW Stormy                JCW farm                       14
20   Jack                      mCC Kojack                     14
21   Jake                      mCC Kojack                     15
22   rock-line farms           rock-line farms                15
23   mask                      Sam i am Simmental             16
24   Hartland tony             Hartland farms                 16
25   Double S Super Duty       Double S farms                 17
Lot # 1                 Coby Classic X11
                                Persian Acres Oreo
                                This Heifer will be a 100%
                                donation to the New York
                                Junior Beef Producers. This
                                heifer is a sound club calf with
                                a lot of show potential.

      Breed: Cross
      Sex: Heifer        Color: Black
      DoB: 4-19-09
      Sire: Stevenson Benchmark (angus)
      Dam: Heatwave (Club calf)

      Persian Acres
      NYJBA Donation Heifer

    Lot # 2             Coby Classic X11
                                Persian Acres Star
                                Excellent show calf. Real nice,
                                powerful, sound, flashy heifer,
                                out of the Star Power sire.
                                Calf will be registered after
                                the sale, buyers choice on
                                Breed Association.
    Sire: Star Power

      Breed: Club Calf
      Sex: Heifer          Color: Black
      DoB: 3-6-09
      Sire: Star Power - Simmental
      Dam: mossy oak - maintainer

      Persian Acres
      Richard Studley
Lot # 3                  Coby Classic X11
                              PCA Jazzy Girl 912
                              Flashy red show heifer prospect,
                              very deep bodied and sound. Sired
                              by the calving ease sire Jakes
                              Proud Jazz and out of the 2008
                              Grand Champion Female of the
                              Maine New England Beef Expo.
Sire: Jakes Proud Jazz
  Breed: Shorthorn
  Sex: Heifer         Color: red
  DoB: 3-4-09
                          Jake’s Proud leader
  Sire: Jakes Proud Jazz
                             Jake’s Jazzy
                             4D Double Vision
  Dam: Wala Bella rose
                             DfS golds Crystleen
  Matt Vanderlieth

Lot # 4                  Coby Classic X11
                              Greenbriar Lily
                              She was part of our show string at
                              State Fair. She is very correct and
                              white. Her mom is 14 years old
                              and still producing great calves.

  Breed: Shorthorn
  Sex: Heifer         Color: White
  DoB: 3-28-09
                              tuscarora red Baron
  Sire: tuscarora Powerhouse
                                  tuscarora Bertha
                                  four Point royal 13th
  Dam: greenbriar royal ellie
                                  Stony Brook eloise
  Greenbriar Stock Farm
  Thomas & Helen Patton
    Lot # 5                Coby Classic X11

                                Trowbridge Enamel 874
                                Here is a nice female, out of the high
                                carcass trait Enamel lines, and the
                                great maternal line of Bando 5175.

    Maternal Grand Sire Bando

      Breed: angus
      Sex: Heifer         Color: Black
      DoB: 10-2-09
                                  far Krugerrand
      Sire: far Krugerrand 336r
                                      far Princess
                                      Saf 598 Bando
      Dam: frf enamel gal 3019
                                      enamel gal
      Trowbridge Farms
      Phil Trowbridge
    Lot # 6                Coby Classic X11

                                   KRA Evelyn WO3

    Grand Sire Boyd New Day

      Breed: Black angus
      Sex: Heifer        Color: Black
      DoB: 3-21-09
                                    Boyd new Day
      Sire: Kra Coco new Day to 3
                                         Kings roaming angus
                                         mentor g
      Dam: evelyn gal n76
                                         4 g evelyn
      Kings Roaming Angus
      Schuyler King
Lot # 7           Coby Classic X11
                           Coby’s Forever Lady
                           This is a nice heifer out of the Fa-
                           mous Forever Lady lines. She will
                           make a nice addition to anyones
 Breed: angus
 Sex: Heifer        Color: Black
 DoB: 4-28-09
 Sire: limestone Drawworks Cra Bextor
                              eXg gveen
 Dam: SCatC forever lady      SVf Shady Brook guru
                              WW forever lady
 SUNY Cobleskill - Livestock Department

Lot # 8           Coby Classic X11
                         MBC Sangreia CM30
                         1st place February Calf NY State
                         Fair 2009, excellent show prospect,
                         docile & managable for young
                         children, powerful young female
                         with great future ahead.

 Breed: red angus
 Sex: Heifer         Color: red
 DoB: 2-20-09
                             Beckton lancer
 Sire: lJC Javelin mo8
                              lJC logan
                              foster’s King rob
 Dam: mBC Spicy lady Cm4
                              foster’s red Pride
 Montross Beef Cattle
 Christopher Montross
    Lot # 9             Coby Classic X11

                              Bunal’s Red Shot

     Breed: Simmental
     Sex: Heifer        Color: red
     DoB: 1-3-09
                                mV red light
     Sire: Hooks red Quorum
                                 Hooks applause
                                 remington red label
     Dam: Bf Big Shot
                                 Bf Big red
     Bunal Farm
     Russell Bunal
    Lot # 10            Coby Classic X11

                              Bunal’s Power Shot

     Breed: Simmental
     Sex: Heifer         Color: Black w/white face
     DoB: 2-4-09
                                 HC Power Drive
     Sire: Bf Power Surge
                                 HC Cupids Hanni
     Dam: Bf Shoot the moon
                                 Bf Half moon
     Bunal Farm
     Russell Bunal
Lot # 11           Coby Classic X11
                           Premier Wanda
                           Nice red calf by our herd bull
                           from Simme Valley. Dam is a nice
                           moderate framed easy fleshing
                           cow that has been a consistent
                           producer for us.
 Breed: Simmental
 Sex: Heifer         Color: red
 DoB: 5-10-09
                             CnS Dream on
 Sire: Simme Valley trucker
                              SS Black Quarta
                              PVf-Bf Bf26 Black Joker
 Dam: Premier nock out
                              Simme Valley Honeydew
 Premier Farm
 Jeremy, Nicholas Bear

Lot # 12           Coby Classic X11
                           JCW Wendy
                           An excellent heifer calf with good
                           conformation, we really hate to
                           part with her, but her mother is
                           only 3 and we hope to get many
                           more heifers from her.

 Breed: Polled Hereford
 Sex: Heifer        Color: red & White
 DoB: 2-19-09
                      feltons legend
 Sire: JC laredo
                      JCW angel
                      JCW Sampson
 Dam: JCW missy
                      SPf g01 miss Jill
 JCW Farm
 Jerred Williams
 Lot # 13                  Coby Classic X11

                                Double S Bitterroot
                                A sound heifer with lots of style.
                                Will make a good show heifer.

 Grand Sire LT Bluegrass
     Breed: Charolais
     Sex: Heifer          Color: White
     DoB: 5-16-09
                                  lt Bluegrass
     Sire: eJ Blue Velvet
                                   eJ Kallie
                                   SCm montana marbler
     Dam: miss Sweet montana
                                   rCf Bittersweet Betty
     Double S Farm
     Norm & Arlene Schubert

 Lot # 14                  Coby Classic X11

                                Triple R U-Too
                                Twin, showed since she was a calf,
                                mild temperament, will have
                                pregnancy check before sale.

     Breed: British White Park
     Sex: Heifer          Color: White
     DoB: 4-4-08
     Sire: triple r Spyke
                                 elmside nikki
                                 Wolfs Stretch
     Dam: triple r Page
                                 gemplers ra Bower
     Triple R Ranch
     Gerry Lambrecht & Ruth Reynolds
Lot # 15           Coby Classic X11

                            Ticapa Camilla (AI)
                            Here is a good dun colored Belted

 Breed: Belted galloway
 Sex: Heifer          Color: Dun
 DoB: 6-18-08
                                 Bolebec Dun Controller
 Sire: anderson Hill land’s end
                                  anderson Hill Bobbie
                                  oceola Wally ii
 Dam: leatherstocking abagail
                                  Prock ridge almond
 Ticapa Farm
 Tim Palloisat
Lot # 16           Coby Classic X11

                            Orlowski’s AFC Burdock

 Breed: murray grey
 Sex: Heifer        Color: lt. Silver
 DoB: 10-28-08
                                Heaven’s Way Saratoga
 Sire: emW randy
                                  emW miss first
                                  ati thunderbolt
 Dam: orlowski’s afC thistle
                                  orlowski’s afC Violet
 Orlowski’s Registered Murray Greys
 Mrak Orlowski, Jr.
 Lot # 17               Coby Classic X11

                             Orlowski’s AFC Diesel
                             A nice flashy silver steer that will
                             make a good 4-H project.

     Breed: murray grey
     Sex: Steer         Color: lt. Silver
     DoB: 5-19-09
     Sire: orlowski’s afC Predator
     Dam: orlowski’s afC Daisy

     Orlowski’s Registered Murray Greys
     Mrak Orlowski, Jr.

 Lot # 18               Coby Classic X11

                              Greenbriar Prince
                              He is a roan steer and has a great
                              disposition, very calm to work
                              around. He is very correct.

     Breed: Shorthorn
     Sex: Steer          Color: roan
     DoB: 5-1-09
     Sire: tuscarora Powerhouse
     Dam: greenbriar royal Clipper

     Greenbriar Stock Farm
     Thomas & Helen Patton

Lot # 19            Coby Classic X11

                           JCW Stormy
                           Was shown at our county fair &
                           judge said we should think twice
                           about making him a steer, but
                           want to bring quality animals to
                           the Coby Classic.
 Breed: Polled Hereford
 Sex: Steer         Color: red & White
 DoB: 2-16-09
 Sire: JCW laredo
 Dam: SPf 965 miss monia

 JCW Farm
 Jerred Williams

Lot # 20            Coby Classic X11

                           This smokey calf is a desirable
                           cross, heavily muscled, nice
                           disposition, great for a 4-H project
                           or your own freezer.

 Breed: angus/Charolais
 Sex: Steer        Color: Smokey
 DoB: 4-23-09
 Sire: mCC Kojack
 Dam: mCC georgina’s Joneen

 Mariaville Angus
 Billy Chandler

 Lot # 21                Coby Classic X11

                               This smokey calf is a desirable
                               cross, heavily muscled, nice
                               disposition, great for a 4-H project
                               or your own freezer.

     Breed: angus/Charolais
     Sex: Steer        Color: Smokey
     DoB: 4-30-09
     Sire: mCC Kojack
     Dam: mCC georgina’s Design

     Mariaville Angus
     Billy Chandler

 Lot # 22                Coby Classic X11

                               Rock-Line Farms
                               Very gentle, registered,
                               will make someone a nice steer.

     Breed: limousin
     Sex: Steer           Color: red
     DoB: 1-21-09
     Sire: Clll Polled lafayette
     Dam: JleP Doreens Boo faith

     Rock-Line Farms
     Jennifer Phillips

Lot # 23            Coby Classic X11

                         Solid stocky April calf, will
                         make a great show steer.

 Breed: Simmental
 Sex: Steer       Color: Black
 DoB: 4-1-09
 Sire: trademark
 Dam: Chunky monkey

 Sam I Am Simmental
 Sam VanAlstine

Lot # 24            Coby Classic X11

                         Hartland Tony
                         Shown in 4 shows, great
                         disposition. Will make an excellent
                         4-H/youth steer.

 Breed: Simmental
 Sex: Steer       Color: red
 DoB: 2-13-09
 Sire: Winchester
 Dam: lBf Sadie

 Hartland Farms
 Nicholas Britt
 Lot # 25               Coby Classic X11

                              Double S Super Duty
                              Here is a flashy white steer, with
                              power and bone, and sound feet
                              and legs. A good show prospect.

     Breed: Charolais
     Sex: Steer          Color: White
     DoB: 4-12-09
     Sire: eJC Blue Velvet
     Dam: rCf Bittersweet Betty

     Double S Farm
     Norm & Arlene Schubert

                        Coby Classic X11

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