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					Careers information resources: Student questionnaire

Year group: __________

1.      When did you last use the careers information area (except as part of a
        careers lesson?
In the last week                              In the last half term
In the last year                              More than a year ago
Can’t remember                                Never used

2.      What activities have you used the careers information area for?
Using the computers                           Reading leaflets
Looking at prospectuses                       Reading books
Watching videos                               Lesson activities eg worksheets
Other ________________________________________________________________

3.      What topics have you the careers information area to find out about?
Information about particular jobs             Information about careers options
(eg qualifications, rates of pay)             (eg different broad occupational areas)
Training                                      University/college courses
Voluntary work                                Gap year options
Job search skills                             Student life
Health information                            Legal rights and responsibilities
Money issues                                  Other ____________________________

4.      Circle those words you think best describe the careers information centre.

Exciting         Welcoming           Boring           Untidy          Crowded
Up-to-date       Confusing           Useful           Attractive      Quiet

5.      What would make you use the careers information centre more often?



6.        Where else do find careers information?
In the sixth form area                        Using the Internet
In the Connexions room                        In the careers department
Other ________________________________________________________________

7a.       Which types of resources do you think are best to find information
          about careers?
Books                                         Leaflets/magazines
ICT/Internet                                  People (eg teachers, parents)
Other ________________________________________________________________
7b.       Please explain why you think they are the best source of information.



8.        Where do you normally use careers computer programs?
In the careers information centre             In the school library
In your form room                             In the careers classroom
In the ICT suite                              Other ____________________________

9.        Have you had any problems finding the information you want about careers
          and educational opportunities? For example, you can’t find any information
          on a particular career, or can’t understand the information you have found?
          If so, please explain what problems you have had.




10.       Who to do talk to about careers and further education?
Friends                                Mum/dad
Brother/sister                         Other family member
Teachers                               Connexions adviser
Others _______________________________________________________________

                                       Thank you.
Please return this questionnaire to…..

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