Tips on Internet Marketing

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					                          Tips on Internet Marketing
        Internet marketing is hype globally. It is simply about how to utilize the internet to promote and
sell products or any kind of service. Internet plays a vital role as a micro marketing tool. Marketing and
selling any product or service online demands lot of research and tips & techniques. Its not easy as
direct sales but relatively safe and cost-effective. Although, procuring targeted audience is the main
challenge in internet marketing.

        The scope and prospects of online marketing is high as it uses various techniques and strategies
like using social media (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter), search engine marketing(including SEO), e-mail
marketing, affiliate marketing, blog marketing, article marketing etc.
    Creative and Technical aspects of the Internet gives lot of ideas that can be used & developed to
create new ideas and strategies. Three main aspects of Internet Marketing are:

    Traffic
    List
    Profit

    Traffic: determines the entire presence of a service or product in the internet. Whether it is about
selling a product or a service, it has to reach across people globally. Websites, Blogging, Paid Traffic
and Social Media like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc acts as a medium to draw people to the message
that is shared. Online marketing is not just about driving traffic to know the message. It is about
turning the traffic into profit. Subscribing in YouTube or sharing a link, Liking a page or a link in
Facebook, Following in Twitter are certain things that should be prompted to do to increase the
    List: Traffic driven creates a list, which in turn should have substantial power to get converted into
profit. Once the list has been created, category of viewers should be identified and understand the
impact. This helps to promote products or services with ease to the list created.
    Profit: Once list has been created, it’s time to reveal how are the services going to be given, in
detail of the products, shipping, benefits etc.

   Overall, Internet marketing is about what is the message (traffic), why is the message important or
could it be an impact in anybody's life (List) and how could be the impact helpful(Profit).

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