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                                     Animal Testing

       Animal Testing is a type of animal cruelty; also know as animal
experimentation and, or animal research. Animals are used to perform experiments
on to better the progress in the medical field and benefit our needs as well. There
are all kinds of live animal experiments authorized today. Around the world,
animals are now used as objects of experiments, to test a variety of products. The
product range is as diverse as skin creams and shampoos to cancer prevention
drugs and vaccines. (Boyarde). This happens in our society daily with all kinds of
animals who have no control to speak up for their rights. More than 1.4 million
mammals other than rats and mice were used in research. (ASPCA). The testing of
animals in wrong in so many ways as you will see, as well as facts that I’m sure you’ll
be surprised by. There are people who agree with animal testing and feel it should
be legal, this is not the route I would take, but I will discuss both sides of the debate.
       “To infect monkeys with the AIDS virus or to expose rodents to toxic
chemicals and radiation is simply not acceptable, whatever the supposed benefits.”
(Dixon). People assume that since dogs, cats, and other animals have no way to
speak up with words and say no, that it is okay to test experiments on them; little do
they seem to keep in mind that animals to have feelings and emotions, animals feel
pain, harm, anger, etc. How do you think these animals feel when they are being
experimented on? Some experiments put animals at harm and can be dangerous, or
even fatal. Most of these animals are only used in one experiment, but sometimes
the same animal will be used in more than one experiment. Most are euthanized
shortly after being used in an experiment. (ASPCA). Also, 103,764 of the animals
made to feel pain were not given anything to reduce their pain and suffering.
Although some of this pain was slight—like getting an injection with a needle—
some of it was extremely severe. In my opinion, it is wrong to take an animal outside
of its natural habitat and take it to some lab to be tested on and harmed, and then
put to sleep after. How would you feel if someone picked you up form your home


and brought you to a lab to be tested on and harmed, and then kill you after? How
would this make you feel? God created these animals to live freely in their habitats
such as humans, what happened to their rights? Animals and humans are not much
different, just that we can speak up and say no, where as animals can’t say no, but
they do feel the pain. Animals have feelings just as we do. Almost 9% of the
anaesthetized animals in the laboratory die! (Boyarde). At least thirty-three animals
die in laboratories each second worldwide! (Boyarde). That is roughly around 1,980
animals killed each minute due to animal testing. Aside from the fact that millions of
animals die each year in experiments, others are often not adequately anaesthetized
and are abused by handlers and experimenters. (Dixon). This is important to take
into consideration; animals should have the same rights as humans. Let’s give
animas a voice.
       However, there are people out there who agree with animal testing and
believe it is okay to perform experiments on animals. Without testing on animals,
people believe we would be getting nowhere in the medical progress of things.
Animal testing is used to ensure that products are safe for consumers. Millions of
people are cured from diseases and infections every year, this would not be possible
if animal testing was not allowed. To ban animal experiments would be to paralyze
modern medicine, to perpetuate human suffering, and to endanger human health by
allowing products such as insecticides onto the market before testing them for
toxicity. (Dixon). We are just like animals. Humans are 99% related to chimpanzees.
Therefore, the animal testing and experimentation is very accurate, so the medicines
will be just as accurate and fit our benefits. Animal experimentation is not just
benefiting humans, not to sound so selfish, but it is also benefiting these animals
themselves. They are finding cosmetics and medication that can be used for animals
as well to their benefit. It helps in the long term, when your dog might have cancer
or a disease; they can then find the proper medication to heal them. The technology
developed by Hurel Corp., with funding from cosmetics maker L'Oreal, is designed
to replace tests on mice and guinea pigs used to predict skin reactions from drugs
and cosmetics. The device uses laboratory-grown human skin cells to simulate the
body's allergic response to foreign chemicals. (Perrone). Like other companies in


the cosmetics industry, L'Oreal is racing to develop alternatives for testing wrinkle
creams and lipstick to comply with European Union laws. Regulators there have
ordered companies to phase out animal skin testing by 2013. (Perrone). One of the
biggest killers would surprise many people: the side effects of prescription
medicines. Adverse drug reactions kill more than 10,000 people a year in the UK as
well as more than 100,000 in the US. (Archibald). If animal testing were banned and
an animal dies, they can’t test it and see what it had died from and if they do test the
dead animals then they can stop the disease from spreading. Animal testing is cheap,
efficient, and the easiest route to take when trying to find a cure for a disease or
       In Conclusion, after seeing both sides of this debate, I still stick to what I
stand and believe in. Animal testing should be banned. Like I had stated before,
animals and humans have the same rights, and were both created by God to lead
their own lives freely and how they choose. It is wrong to have someone step in and
take you from your natural habitat and bring you to an experimentation lab, put you
in pain and harm, and then kill you. Put yourself in that animal’s shoes. Would you
want to be tested on? Also like I said earlier, we should give animals a voice and put
an end do this cruelty. We are not only saving humankind but animals as well.


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