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           • 12th Annual Niagara Spring Wedding Show
           • Most Favoured Gowns
           • Niagara’s Best Reception Facilities
           • Groom Guide To The Perfect Tux
           • Photographs Should Be Lasting Memories
           • Wedding Day Planner
                                                     S   P R I N G   B   R I D E S   2009

                       By SHANNON TEW                                        these virtual strangers. Some bought the newly marriage couple
                      Beau Monde Productions                                 drinks, others gushed over how beautiful the bride was, while
                                                                             others helped the resort staff set up the reception area.

            t the end of October, I had the luxury of vacationing in
            Mexico with my boyfriend. Our main objectives were to              Even though I have been helping to plan wedding shows for
            lounge in the sun, drink lots of pina coladas, get a great       seven years, it took a trip to Mexico to realize how even a glimpse
  tan and generally just catch up on a little R & R. However, we             of a complete stranger's wedding can evoke feelings of
  quickly realized that many people made the trip to Mexico for a            hopefulness, joy and contentment in me and everyone around. I
  very different reason: to get married.                                     spoke with the rest of the Niagara Wedding Show staff about my
    Everywhere we looked weddings were taking place! While                   experiences in Mexico and we are all excited to help make your
  waiting to check in at the front desk we watched a nervous but             wedding live up to all of your unique wishes and expectations.
  ecstatic bride waiting to enter the ceremony with her overly                 Here are a few tips and Wedding Show highlights that I hope
  emotional father. When we were lying on the beach the next day,            will help plan your perfect day!
  we had the privilege of watching two very different wedding                  • Over 130 wedding professionals to help you plan your
  ceremonies take place on the beach; a very young and excited               wedding
  couple married in the early afternoon and a glowing second time              • Lessard Coutu Custom Jewellers is giving away four custom
  around bride married 'the right one' at sunset. We went ATVing             made wedding bands valued at over $450 each.
  with a sleepy couple who had just got married the night before.              • Win a free Wine Tasting Getaway for Two courtesy of
    Every night at the resort's bar and lounge there were various            Casablanca Winery Inn...and of course each bride leaves with a
  wedding After Parties, with couples mingling together in                   goodie bag!
  celebration. We figured out that over the eight days we were                  • It saves you time, money, gas and the environment by
  there we were witness to more than 25 different weddings.                  shopping and choosing all your wedding vendors over one day
    On the flight back home, when reflecting on all the good times             and all in one convenient location.
  and adventures we had, we realized just how much those                       • Great ideas for wedding dresses, tuxes and bridesmaid
  weddings played a part of the enjoyment of our vacation. For               fashions at each of the four wedding fashion shows
  instance, all the beachgoers gravitated to the wedding ceremony              • Use as a reference guide
  and respectfully watched as the young couple promised to travel            throughout your entire wedding planning process for vendor
  the next part of their life together.                                      contact information and also to see what other brides'
    Some onlookers smiled quietly while squeezing their spouse's             experiences were with different exhibitors in our Customer
  hand as if remembering their own wedding. A group of young                 Review Section
  women sighed wistfully, while a group of young men looked visibly            • Be prepared to get great ideas and have your creativity
  uncomfortable but intrigued. A grandmotherly woman cried                   sparked by exhibitor options, displays and even other brides!
  happy tears and we all broke out into applause and cheers once               Above all, have fun! Bring your mom, sister, groom and friends
  the couple was proclaimed husband and wife.                                and make it a memorable and happy day to look back on.
    After the wedding everyone wanted to go up and congratulate                Hope to see you at the 12th Annual Niagara Spring Wedding
                                                                             Show 2009. Even if it is just for a part of the planning period, I
ON THE COVER: Cover photo courtesy of Nicole Arnt Photography.               can't wait to help make your wedding dreams come true!           ❖

                                      FROM TRADITIONAL TO
                                       THEMED EVENTS WE
                                         CREATE STYLES
                                                                             AMY SKY to appear at Wedding Show
                                     Unique only to You                         A major part of the Niagara Wedding Show
                                                                                presented by Beau Monde Productions is the
                                       Open weekdays til 8pm
                                          Sat & Sun til 5 pm                    fashion showings throughout the two days.
                                     Consultations by Appointment               Local merchants present the latest and best in
                                                                                wedding finery and accessories for the bridal
                                                                                couple, their attendants and wedding party.
                                                                                This year, a special attraction is in store for those
                                        And Garden City Florists                attending.
                                           905-682-0136                                  Amy Sky will perform at the show
                                    167 Queenston St., St. Catharines
                                                        Jan. 17 and 18 at 3:30 p.m.
                                                   S   P R I N G   B   R I D E S   2009

History of a
              Beau Monde Productions

            edding dresses over the centuries have
            evolved into something spectacular. Well,
            it's not surprising. The pattern in the
fashion industry is to reinvent and recycle popular
ideas and to put a modern twist on historical fashion
trends. The combination of all or some of these styles
has culminated into the ultimate dress styles we have
to choose from day!
  1920s Ribbon Straps, Lace across the bust on
            bodice, drop waists.
  1930s Fitted dresses to show off the silhouette,
            showing curves, a hugged fit.
  1940s Broad shoulders, slim waist, pearls and
            beads with lace and frills, sweetheart neck
  1950s Full skirts, round shoulders, pinched
            waistline, ankle-length and ballerina-
            length dresses.
  1960s Scoop necklines, mini skirt length with A-
            line skirt cut.
  1970s Dresses with a medieval flair, soft flowing
            materials and high necks with balloon
  1980s Elbow-length puffy sleeves, off white, full
            puffy, broad shoulders, lots of lace!
  1990s sculpted satin corseted bodice, wide skirts,
            and dropped waists below the hip with a
            flared skirt below (better known as the
            mermaid dress).
  21st century In this time period we have seen
a repeat of almost every style from each decade. The
drop has been a continuous trend, copied from the
1920s. The full skirts and pinch waistline from the
1950s, is a staple in the wedding dress trends for the
21st century. Sweetheart necklines have been the
most popular wedding dress fashion trend since the                                                       Photo: David Haskell, Mill Pond Studio
1940s and have continued to be a current trend for
the 21st century.
  2009 Mini skirt length dresses with a long back,
          from the 1960s are coming back as a current
          trend for the spring 2009 season. Adding
          more embellishments, such as beading,
          embroidery and ribbons is a trend re -
          entering the wedding dress scene for spring                              Bring In This Ad and Receive

          2009, from the 1940s. Another current
          trend for spring 2009 is empire waists with                                              Your Wedding
          long trains first seen in the 1920s.                                                      Invitation Order
  Wedding dress trends are usually cyclical, repeated
through the years. For an original dress this year, look
back throughout the years and see what styles you

liked from the different decades and see if you can
create your own, or find an innovative tribute to the
history of the wedding dress.                         ❖
                                                                                      S   P R I N G   B     R I D E S   2009

                                  STYLE is what you want it to be,
                                  but beading and glitter most favoured
                                                       By MOLLY HARDING
                                                      Advertising features writer

                                          here was a time, not so long ago, when the big puffy princess
                                          gown was the most popular wedding gown. Then the simple
                                          style took over. Now, says Heidi Allen of Weddings Heidi-
                                  Style, it's all a matter of preference whether a bride selects a slinky
                                  mermaid style or a princess gown.
                                    Slim or bouffant, the only thing that is at all trendy today, is
                                  heavily embellishment with sequins, beads and embroidery, and it's
                                  just as likely to be all over the hemline as well as the bodice.
                                    The most noticeable trend of all is that the bride may decide to
                                  wear not one dress but two, says Allen.
                                    "The bride will wear the white wedding gown for the ceremony,
                                  then change into another, perhaps an ivory or cream dress in a
                                  simpler style, for the reception.
                                    In Niagara, white is still the colour of choice, she adds, and the
                                  bodice is likely to be strapless, perhaps with spaghetti straps that
                                  can be tucked down into the bodice.
                                    It may be cold outside, but the bride can stay cosy with a
                                  marabou trimmed cape or cropped fur coat over her gown - rented,
                                                                                                              slinky gown that is backless and heavily embellished with lace and
                                  of course! She can also tuck her fingers into a fur muff.
                                                                                                              beadwork is likely to be in a stunning colour.
                                    The most popular length for bridesmaids' dresses is tea-length,
                                                                                                                Most moms select a long gown for the big day, though tea-length
                                  coming halfway below the knee. This is also the most practical,
                                                                                                              gowns are also becoming more popular. And like the bride, they
                                  because it really can be worn to other parties, says Allen.                 may change outfits for the reception and dance.
                                    "Bridesmaids have always been told they can wear their gowns                Headdresses have also moved with the times. A girl may choose a
                                  again, but in the past the styles have been so definitely bridesmaidy        small tiara, a simple spray of flowers or, if she's very trendy, she may
                                  that they couldn't. Today's gowns don't look at all like bridesmaids        select a wisp of tulle and feathers on her head.
                                  dresses and are as suitable for a prom or a party as they are for a           Hairdos also have their own contemporary look - not updos and
                                  wedding."                                                                   not down on the shoulders, but between the two, with half the hair
                                    Mothers of the bride and groom are looking younger and dressing           swept back and caught with a feather or flower and the rest draped
                                  young when it comes to their children's weddings, it appears. A             down.                                                                ❖
Gowns From Weddings Heidi Style
Photos: Denis Cahill
                                                  S   P R I N G   B     R I D E S   2009

NIAGARA has a wealth of reception facilities
                                                                          sure your day is free of stress.       Fenwick offers a picturesque
One of the most important aspects of your                                   The hotel's wedding package          golf course setting for your
wedding day will be one that intimately                                   includes table linens and              reception, with a choice of
                                                                          accessories, elegant skirting for      room that seat from 35 to 150
involves all your guests - the reception.                                 registry, gift and other tables,       people.
                                                                          white glove meal service and             The executive chef will
                                                                          complimentary parking and              customize superb cuisine to

        ou no doubt want a           Commission, provide romantic
        romantic venue, one          settings with breathtaking views     special room rates for your            your needs, if you wish, and it
        where you can have the       that are ideal for photography.      guests.                                can be served plated, family or
dÈcor, menu, audio visual              At the Best Western Beacon,          The hotel's world- class             buffet style.
displays and music that your         the bride and groom are offered      cuisine includes a unique                The Casablanca Winery Inn
guests will enjoy and remember       a food tasting before the            Antipasto table in the banquet         in Grimsby has several
for years to come.                   wedding to try the menu and          room, while guests are being           Reception rooms, with the
  Niagara has a wealth of            make a selection from a list of      seated. Choose from Italian,           smallest,         Celebrations,
facilities from which to choose,     fabulous desserts. All-inclusive     Canadian and European-style            accommodating 40 guests. The
many        of   which       have    packages include table linens,       cuisine, with white glove              largest can seat 270, while up to
professional             wedding     skirted reception tables and red     service of hors d'oeuvres and          100 people will be comfortable
consultants to help bring            and white wine at every table        champagne.                             for the wedding and reception
everything together in a             for dinner.                            For more than 45 years, Club         in Reflections and Chapel.
wonderful, memory-laden day.           Your choice of venues offered      Roma has been catering to                Three complete wedding
  Whether you want an                by the Niagara Parks                 Niagara weddings, says Paul            packages are offered: the
intimate reception for 20 or a       Commission          is    broad,     Carfagnini, the club's sales and       Chardonnay, Champagne or Ice
party of 500, there is a facility    depending on the formality and       operations manager. The                Wine Package. Each includes a
to suit. You can have the            style of your reception.             service is professional and staff      host bar, a choice of dinner
wedding ceremony and                 Queenston Heights Restaurant,        devotes time to making sure            service, dessert and Starlight
reception in the same place or       Elements on the Falls                every detail is just right.            Buffet and offers such features
in different venues. You can         Restaurant, Queen Victoria             At Club Roma, says                   as chair covers for the
dine in elegant style or be more     Place, Edgewaters Restaurant         Carfagnini, fantasies are turned       reception, a honeymoon suite
casual in both setting and           and Commissioners' Quarters,         into a celebration of love and         for the newlyweds and preferred
choice of meal.                      Legends on the Niagara Golf          marriage, with elegant dÈcor           room rates for guests.
  Many facilities offer free         Course        Restaurant      or     and exquisite meals. Whether             Most reception facilities
parking and special hotel rates      Whirlpool Restaurant all offer       you want your guests to enjoy          require bookings at least a year
for guests, a complimentary          wedding services, most with          an intimate dinner or an               in advance if you have a large
room for the couple on their         glorious settings. Mather Arch       elegant feast, the chef will help      party and a particular day in
wedding night, pre-wedding           Park in Fort Erie also offers a      your select exactly the right          mind. If you want to have your
menu tastings and professional       marquee for outdoor weddings.        meal. Rooms accommodate                wedding ceremony on site, too,
dÈcor. Check around to select          The executive chefs in each        from 90 to 520 people and you          it should be specified ahead of
the one that has exactly what        facility will customize your         have the option of white glove         time. Some hotels provide a
you need. If the facility does not   wedding menu, presenting             service.                               chapel or will erect a special
offer some features, they usually    regional cuisine where possible        Peninsula Lakes Golf Club in         facility.                      ❖
have a referral list of              in a selection of superb lunch,
professionals.                       brunch or dinner menus and                                                                                    63405057

  The executive chef of your         specializing in buffets.
chosen venue will help design          Sue Zareski, weddings and
an exciting menu that might          corporate sales manager, says
include a delicious selection of     they also offer cold and hot
hors d'oeuvres, plated or gala       samplings of foods prepared
buffet dinner service and late       with local wines and can also
night sweet table with your          provide favours for the
cake as the centrepiece.             reception.                              THROW AWAY
  Most facilities offer wedding        Whether your reception                 BOUQUET
packages with several options        requires a small and intimate             with every booking
according to meals, facilities       setting or a large ballroom,                                         Floral Needs
                                                                                      See Us For All Your Floral Needs

                                                                               DIANA’S HOUSE of FLOWERS
and budget. Some, like the Best      Americana Conference Resort
Western Beacon Harbourside           and Spa focuses on superior
Inn and Conference Centre in         service, with experienced
Jordan and the Niagara Parks         catering professionals to make        1-1 Welland Ave.   (Corner of Welland Ave and Ontario Street) 905-988-1200
                                 S   P R I N G     B   R I D E S   2009

                       GROOM gets off on the right foot - er, tux!
                                 The bride makes her way down the aisle.
                                 She has never looked more radiant.
                                 There to meet her is her husband-to-be
                                 looking more handsome,
                                 more ready for the moment,
                                 more perfect than she
                                 ever imagined.

                                        t is altogether perfect
                                        when the groom takes
                                        the time and makes an
                                extra effort to dress
                               impeccably for the occasion. He
                             is paying the ultimate compliment
                           to the woman to whom he is about to
                          commit his future. It is also a once-in-a-
                         lifetime opportunity to show off his good taste
                                                                                                             Menswear From Herzogs
                        to family and friends.
                          Particularly in the case of semi-formal or
                       formal weddings, the proper attire is essential.       foremost a groom's jacket style should
                       Your wedding pictures and videos will forever          emphasize and complement his body type. Here
                       remind you of your fashion sense, or lack of it.       are some very basic considerations when
                       Who wants to start making memories by                  making your choice:
                       getting off to less than splendid start?                 • grooms who are short are advised to stay
                         Your first stop should be to a full service           with single breasted tuxedos
                       retailer of formalwear. These retailers are              • Men with heftier frames look slimmer in a
                       experts in custom fitting, whether you choose           jacket that's single-breasted, while staying clear
                        to go rental or purchase formalwear. They will        of any with over two buttons.
                             also direct you to what is most flattering for      • If you want to add bulk, or emphasize
                                your body type. To get you started, here      shoulders to make them look wider, look for
                                 are a few tips to acquaint you with          something that's double-breasted.
                                  making a choice that scores top marks         While a few men's formal pieces will remain
                                  on all fronts:                              steadfast fashion classics, each season comes
                                    - For a less formal wedding, the          with its own trends. Here are a few of current
                                  three-piece suit made up of jacket,         favourites:
                                  trousers and vest is a classic and classy     • Fitted suits trim and tapered -- the shorter-
                                  choice. Keep to traditional shades like     length jacket fitting close to the body with flat-
                                   black, navy, grey or brown.                fronted pants, no pleats or at most a single
                                     - For black-tie or formal weddings,      pleat.
                                   head for classic tuxedos with no             • Striped, tone-on-tone jackets - subtly rich
                                   thought of side-trips. Formal evening      black-on-black, or grey with understated silver
                                   ceremonies call for a classic black        pinstripes.
                                   tuxedo, while daytime weddings call          • Back-to-nature earth tones -warm cocoa,
                                   for something less reserved, such as       espresso or deep chocolate among others.
                                   dark grey, or, in summer, ivory or one     These call for pocket squares and ties in shades
                                   of the many shades of off-white.           like crimson, tan, cinnamon and are especially
                                     - White-tie weddings, or those held      effective if they pick up the colour family of the
                                 in the morning, often call for the           bridesmaid's gowns.
                                wearing of gloves and a tailcoat as they        • Vests top the list of current looks and are so
Photos: Denis Cahill

                               are considered (by the books) to be ultra-     much more comfortable and natural than the
                           formal. To be absolutely "correct", choose         traditional cummerbund. Selection is vast in
                       double-breasted over single breasted.                  colours, textures and patterns giving the man-
                         Wedding etiquette dressing guidelines are            of-the day a chance to make a fashion
                       simply guidelines, not carved in stone. First and      statement of his own.                            ❖
                                                    S   P R I N G    B     R I D E S   2009

GUESTS need direction                                                          PARTY SHOPPE takes care of the details

                                                                                        t the Party Shoppe on Bunting Road you will find just
on wedding gifts                                                                        about everything you require for all your pre-wedding
                                                                                        parties, as well as for your wedding ceremony and
                                                                                 Here are such things as tables and chairs, cutlery, dinnerware,

           ost modern couples          Material couple Victoria
           making wedding plans      (Posh) and David Beckham                  glasses and even party tents for outdoor summer weddings.
           do so in ways that        asked guests for shopping                   Wedding props include moulded Greek columns, balustrades,
increasingly engage the groom-       vouchers.                                 pedestals and full and partial arches. There are white benches,
to-be in decision making on the        In fact gift cards are highly           screens, lampposts, easels for photographs and table placement,
home front.                          recommended in wedding                    lighted ficus and palm trees, wicker flower stands and aisle stands
  What used to be termed the         planning circles as a can't-go-           and candles of every description and size.
"bridal registry" is now more        wrong gift choice. Couples are              Envelope boxes look elegant, while beautifully trimmed or plain
aptly thought of as a couple's       reminded that when they                   boxed gift registries and cake servers are among a wide variety of
wish      list,    thoughtfully      register at their choice of retail        accessories.
assembled and presented to           outlets that they must have the             There are serving containers and pieces for beverage and food
make gift-giving easy for            "will accept gift cards" box              service, tablecloths and napkins, linens for table skirting,
wedding guests.                      checked on their registry.                chocolate fountains and all the miscellaneous items that make an
  Sometimes a couple feels that        Gift cards are so versatile as          event special and organized.
sending out gift list sources        you can save any you might get              And accessories are not just for the tables at the party. There are
with wedding invitations is          at showers or before your                 cushions to be carried by the ringbearer, garters for the bride, and
                                     wedding to combine with those             wedding and social stationery.
gauche or presumptuous, but in
                                     from the wedding to buy a big               Though Party Shoppe is mainly a rental facility, many of the
fact most guests will want to
                                     ticket item or some of the                wedding items can be purchased.
give a gift, and will do so with
                                     things still remaining on your              When the party is at home, her staff will deliver the items and
or without guidelines.
                                     registry.                                 set everything up.                                                 ❖
  Jacqueline Llewelyn-Bowen,
author of Debrett's Wedding            A good quality department
Guide -Debrett's is the last         store registry is ideal for couples
                                     just starting out as it can
word in British etiquette,
                                     provide endless choices for
entertaining and peerage --
refers to guidelines of this type
                                     everyday and special occasion                                                          Your
                                     necessities for a comfortable
as helpful to guests. She goes
on to explain,
                                     first home. Remember big-                                                           Wedding
  "If you really don't want to
have a list, it's worth putting
                                     ticket items like appliances and
                                     furniture, as they are often the                                                      Gown
                                     types of things parents,                                                                       Deserves
something in the invitation to
                                     grandparents and other family
let people know that their
presence is all you want. Be
                                     members like to pool together                                                            Special
                                     to purchase.
prepared though. Most people
will buy you something anyway,
                                       Another primary registry to                                                         Treatment
                                     consider, a multi-purpose home
and you may even offend older        centre. You could consider this                                                 Make your dress last
or more traditional guests."         a "his and hers" listing with                                                as long as the memories
  Wedding planning and               everything imaginable to
"starting out" can be stressful                                                                                             As a Certified Master
                                     transform, decorate, update or
and weighty with all the                                                                                                   Drycleaner we are the
                                     renovate a first home.                                                                recognized experts for
tensions of decision-making.           Every couple is totally unique                                                cleaning and preserving the
But some psychologists see the       and every registry or wish-list                                                             most delicate of
preparation of gift lists as a       should reflect this, indeed                                                                          dresses
chance for the couple to get         celebrate it! Think about this
home building off to a positive      as a couple. Are you camping
start as it is a sharing of ideas,   fanatics? -think camping gear

tastes, dreams - and for family,     from specialty stores. Are you
friends and wedding guests           wine buffs? - your favourite
their first snapshot of you as a      wineries will register your                   MANOR
                                                                                   CLEANERS LTD.                             REID
couple.                              preferences.                                                                         COLONIAL CLEANERS
  Stella McCartney is said to          If your material needs are few,            10 LOCATIONS IN NIAGARA               3 LOCATIONS IN NIAGARA
                                                                                  HEAD OFFICE - 23 NIHAN DR.        HEAD OFFICE - 6595 DRUMMOND RD.
have asked guests for trees for      perhaps you might want to ask                     ST. CATHARINES                        NIAGARA FALLS
their country home as wedding        guests to donate money to your                    905-934-8484                       905-356-7711
gifts.                               favourite charity..              ❖
                      S   P R I N G   B   R I D E S   2009

                                                             Quality Parkway Hotel
                                                              Convention Centre
                                                              327 Ontario Street
                                                                St. Catharines
                                                                 Show Times:
                                                              12 noon-5pm, Daily

                                                                 Fashion Shows:
                                                               1:30 & 3:30, Daily

                                                                 Tickets $10.00
                                                                  at the door

     Over 130 Wedding Professionals to help you plan your wedding!

Visit for full show details!
                                                                                          S   P R I N G                B     R I D E S         2009
Company Name                                  City              Phone #         Website                      Booth #           Company Name                                 City               Phone #          Website                       Booth #

Advantage Music & Vision-AMV                  Stoney Creek     905-318-2882                          42     Mills Music & Entertainment                   Fonthill           905-341-2248             Booth E
AccessorLee/LoriLocks                         Grimsby          905-309-1160                         88     Moments To Remember                           St. Catharines 905-935-9332                    3
Aexian Studios                                Pelham           905-892-7544                           81     Moores Clothing For Men                                          877-MOORES-6               55-56
Aleksandra Jewellery                          Thorold          905-325-2775                    102      Moores Clothing For Men                       St. Catharines 905-688-4381               55-56
Amy Sky - EMI Recording Artist                                                                  16     Moores Clothing For Men                       Niagara Falls 905-353-0030               55-56
Amy Sky - Arbonne Independent Consultant                                              16     Nature's Tapestry                             Ridgeville         905-892-9059                                              68
Angelique's Weddings & Events                 St. Catharines   905-937-0355               44     Nerses Photo Studio                           St. Catharines 905-682-7112                        85
Avenue Studios                                Niagara Falls    905-357-1374                     59     Niagara Classic Cars & Cabs                   Niagara-On-The-Lake905-262-0005                 21
Ballett's The Wedding Specialists             St. Catharines   905-682-0404                         72     Niagara Parks Commission                      Niagara Falls 905-371-0239               12
Best Western Beacon Harbourside Inn           Jordan           905-562-4155                         36     Niagara Spirit Limousine Service              Fort Erie          905-894-9943                  20
Best Western Cairn Croft Hotel                Niagara Falls    905-356-1161                       70     Niagara Wedding                    Fonthill           289-820-7516               61
Blakes                                        Welland          905-732-2922                                         23-24      Niche Catering 1 Event Design                 Hamilton           905-297-2233                       9
Body, Mind and Pole                           St. Catharines   905-380-2460                     34     Old Port Travel                               St. Catharines 905-937-1461               26
Bridal                               Burlington       905-689-8706         front door     Old Stone Inn                                 Niagara Falls 905-357-1234                      79
Bright Smiles                                                  905-308-2886                                           65A      Patricks DJ Sound & Lighting                  St. Catharines 905-685-4514                         69
Brighter Smiles Inc.                          Niagara Falls    905-328-6321                                       82 & 83      Party Connection                              Niagara Falls 905-374-2641                      1
Canadian Niagara Hotels                       Niagara Falls    905-374-4444               96     Party Niagara                                 Niagara Falls 905-356-7666                                              Booth C
Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum             Mount Hope       905-679-4183                       100      Party Shoppe                                  St. Catharines 905-641-4407                                                  48
Casablanca Winery Inn                         Grimsby          905-309-7171 76 & 77             The Perfect Wedding Guide                     Toronto            416-752-6634                      front door
Chocolate Collectibles                        St. Catharines   905-934-8022             18     Penisula Lakes Golf Course                    Fenwick            905-892-8844                      Booth A
Cinemagic -Wedding Films                      Grimsby          905-658-8210                   Booth D      Picasso's Salon Spa                           St. Catharines 905-641-4941             46 & 47
Club Roma Banquet & Conference Centre         St. Catharines   905-682-7621                          93     Picasso's Salon Spa                           St. Catharines 906-684-7427             46 & 47
Coopers Travel                                Welland          905-735-8008 30     Picasso's Salon Spa                           Niagara Falls 905-354-1234             46 & 47
Divine Designs                                St. Catharines   905-685-3434                                             66     Pinewood Niagara Builders                     Niagara Falls 905-262-2222             75
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DJ Dominoes Disc Jockey Service               Niagara Falls    905-356-9797                                             69     Quality Parkway Hotel and Convention Centre St. Catharines 905-688-2332                     Booth F
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                                                  S   P R I N G   B   R I D E S   2009

                                                                                                                   Photos: David Haskell, Mill Pond Studio

         By MOLLY HARDING                       hair and dress," advises Haskell. "The           lightness to it that adds beauty. The classic
                                                trends may be important this year, but you       shot of one person sitting and one standing

      o much of a wedding budget is spent
                                                have to look at how they will appear in          behind is done."
      on things that go away, says David
                                                years to come, when your grandchildren are         Haskell is participating in more and more
      Haskell of Millpond Photography
                                                looking at them."                                destination weddings, discounting his
Studio. In the end, the gowns and flowers
                                                  That's why it's important to choose styles     clients for the travel costs and producing
and food are all forgotten by the guests, and
                                                that are right at this time, but will remain     fantastic panoramic photography. The
with the excitement of the day, 90 per cent
                                                lovely.                                          background for wedding photographs is
of brides don't even remember the details of
                                                  The photographic technology should also        huge, he says. But couples don't need to go
their big day.
                                                be considered, he says. Black and white          somewhere exotic to produce that kind of
  That's why good photography is so
                                                photos will best portray the actual details of   photographs.
important, he says, and that's why couples      the photo, while colour gives a lifelike view.     The landscape at Millpond Photography
should make sure these things are all             "But just adding a little colour is not a      Studio has been especially developed
recorded.                                       good idea, as it ends up looking like a bad      through the years to provide amazing
  The photographs are their memories and        '80s video. Rather, the photography should       backdrops, and if the weather is not
will be an important keepsake for the           be timeless and classic - but that doesn't       conducive to outdoor shots, the studios
couple's children. They're even more            mean it has to be stodgy."                       indoors can double very well.
important for their grandchildren, who may        Haskell loves to mix what he calls               When you're selecting a venue for
not have known their grandparents in real       "editorial" and classic portraiture in his       wedding photography, Haskell says there
life, but who can come to know them             wedding albums. He grew up in the                are several things couples should consider.
through their wedding album.                    industry with his father, Preston, so has the      "The main one is accessibility. Is there a
  Though a huge part of Haskell's work is       training to know exactly how to obtain the       bathroom? Suitable parking? A place where
commercial and international, weddings are      best results from the shooting to the            someone can rest? Is there an indoor facility
a very special area, he says. And he offers     production.                                      if the weather is bad? Can nibbles and
some tips to ensure your wedding                  "Taking 500 pictures to get one good one       coffee or soft drinks be served? These
photography will be a lasting and cherished     is not the way it should be," he says. "When     things are all important, because you don't
memento.                                        the pose is right, I get the picture and move    know how long you might be there, and
   "In planning the wedding, a bride has to     on to the next one. Though a portrait            people need to be comfortable."
be careful not to choose a faddish style of     picture should be classic, there can be a          Doing your homework includes knowing
S   P R I N G   B   R I D E S    2009

                    where you want to go and that the venue has the facilities you and the
                    photographer need, and specifying the family member who will make
                    sure everyone is there. This could be part of the duties of the best man
                    or maid of honour.
                      Haskell also suggests that the shots of the couple and extended
                    family be taken right after the ceremony, so everyone can relax.
                      As part of his responsibilities to the couple, Haskell offers wedding
                    packages that include a free engagement portrait and has some
                    impressive collections and albums to illustrate his work.
                      Albums are very important once again and should be sturdy and
                    impressive enough to last through the ages, he says. But most
                    importantly, they should contain acid-free matts and paper or they
                    will eventually eat away at the photos.
                      No responsible photographer will offer you a disc with all the photos
                    and leave you to choose from those, Haskell says.
                      "We retouch and finish them professionally, then when we present
                    them to the couple they're the quality we are looking for. Then we put
                    them together, so the craftsmanship shows the couple at their best.
                       "The pictures are there for record keeping, and more than anything
                    should focus on your portraits," he advises. "Children's shots are
                    always fun to have in a book. But if you spend too much time focusing
                    on Uncle Joe, you run the risk of not having enough time for your
                    own portraits.
                      "We shoot and we move on and get as many different poses as
                    possible. We try to mix traditional portraiture with editorial shots and
                    usually have on average 30 to 40 large prints in the average magazine
                    style or coffee table book."
                      He also provides a disc with all the pictures you want to see but
                    wouldn't buy for your album. The discs are great for gifts.           ❖

                                  Dining Lounge
                                  est. 1966

                       Featuring A Magnificent View Of The Welland Canal

                            Make Your Day Special
                                Call For Bookings • 905-684-5484
                      535 Queenston St. • St. Catharines •
                                                 S   P R I N G    B     R I D E S                                    2009

Take a good look at that
Thrifty, frugal, cautious, penny-wise, economical . . .
. . . any way you put it, no bride really wants to hear
these words being associated with her dream wedding.

By STACEY ANN VERNON               what is strictly a want. To some
  Beau Monde Productions           of us a need may be a live band
                                   and for others this could be a

         wedding is supposed to
         be glamourous, alluring   want. It will definitely differ
         and enchanting, a day     from couple to couple and
that you've looked forward to      family to family.
for years as the one day that         This can be a daunting task
you can go all out. However, in    but will help out in the long run
these times, the 'B' word tends    with the organization of your
to pop up more often then we       budget. Remember, it is your

                                                                            Photo: David Haskell, Mill Pond Studio
care not Bridezilla...   wedding. Keep in perspective
BUDGET!                            what is important to you and
  So how can you achieve your      your fiancé!
dream wedding while still            3) Write Your Budget Down!
focusing on being budget           After you and your fiancé have
friendly?                          decided on a budget that you
  1) Establish what your overall   can handle, you need to
budget is. To do this you need     formalize your budget. Giving
to find out who is contributing     your wedding planning team a
to your wedding:                   visual of what your budget is
  -Just Your parents?              and as time goes by where your
                                   budget stands will definitely          see where they went, what                         your guest list! Instead of
  -Just his parents?
                                   contribute to keeping you on           professionals they used and                       reaching for those 400 or so
  -Just you and your fiancé?
                                   track.                                 what deals they achieved. The                     guests, why not have a more
  -Both sets of parents?
                                     You can work with an Excel           information you will gather can                   intimate affair? Scan your guest
  -Close relatives?
                                   spreadsheet, or for those of us        be priceless.                                     list over and over and over
  Establishing where your
                                   who aren't computer savvy,               Of course we don't all have                     again until you are completely
wedding fund is coming from
                                   make a Bristol board display of        the time to shop around these                     satisfied with those you have
before you start spending is
                                   your wedding budget and                days, with our busy schedules,                    invited.
incredibly important. If you
                                   expenses. This will also help          but there are many ways that                        6) Save the Date: Another
don't your budget may spin out
                                   with keeping track of what             you can do your research in one                   area where costs can be
of control quicker than you can
                                   tasks you have still complete.         spot. For example, the Internet
say I DO!                                                                                                                   tastefully cut is by switching the
                                     Always ensure that you are           is an indispensible tool. Many
  2) Where's the money? Before                                                                                              day of your wedding. Many
you book or buy anything, sit      documenting your spending              wedding shops and boutiques
                                                                                                                            banquet halls have lower prices
down with your fiancé and          along the way, just like you           are on-line and this gives you
                                                                                                                            on alternative days and having
decide what areas of your          would with your day-to - day           the opportunity to get around
                                                                                                                            a wedding on a Friday or
wedding are most important         spending. You can achieve this         and see your options in the
                                                                                                                            Sunday is becoming more and
and where you are going to         by keeping a notebook with you         comfort of your own home.
                                                                            Definitely saves you on travel                   more popular.
invest the most money.             at all times, so if you're out and
                                                                          expenses!                                           Overall you want to ensure
  Take the time to list            about and see something that
                                                                            Another way to reduce your                      that you are not sacrificing the
everything that you've always      you 'have to have' for your
                                                                          travel expenses is to visit a                     total image of your dream
dreamed of having on your          wedding day, you can ensure it
                                                                          Wedding Show. All the                             wedding, but at the same time
special day, then go over your     will be tracked for your budget.
                                                                          wedding professionals from your                   ensuring that you are being
list and prioritize what is most     4) Be an Educated Bride! The
                                   best way to do this is to ensure       area are in one spot! Not only                    smart about your budget. You
important and requires the
most resources and what should     that you are researching all           will you save on gas, but you                     want to make sure that when
be filtered to the bottom of your   your options. Your best outlets        will also save time, which in                     you are saying your vows...for
list.                              for research can be your friends       this day and age is worth more                    richer or are not
  You and your fiancÈ must         and family. Ask around.                than money.                                       already at the latter part of your
really be able to sift through     Network. Talk to those who               5) An Intimate Affair: The                      vow before you even walk back
and identify what is a need and    have recently been married and         biggest cost of your wedding is                   down the aisle.                 ❖
                                                  S   P R I N G      B   R I D E S   2009

is important on your big day

         bit of shimmer on the cheeks and more gloss on the lips,
         eye makeup that is more neutral and natural, that's how
         a bride can achieve a more natural look on her wedding
day. Eyeliner can still be worn but should give a softer look, for
simplicity is very much the key with bridal makeup.
  Just as there are bridal consultants to help with clothes and
wedding plans, there are bridal consultants to helps brides select
cosmetics for that all-important day. Shopper's Drug Mart
consultants even do the makeup for brides and their attendants.
  An analysis of the skin to determine skin tone, colouring,
condition of the skin and any imperfections, can determine
what skin care treatment and cosmetics are needed to bring out
the bride's natural beauty and add a glow on that special day.
  There are products to hide imperfections and disguise existing
skin conditions, and the consultant will help you put together a
small makeup kit to take along on your honeymoon and keep
those imperfections hidden.                                     ❖
                                                                                                             Photo: David Haskell, Mill Pond Studio

            We’ve Got The Ballroom For You!
            B R I D A L S H OW E R S • W E D D I N G S • E N G A G E M E N T PA RT I E S

                                                                    With 125 spacious rooms and over
                                                                      17,000 sq. ft. of conference space,
                                                                       nothing is too big or too small to
                                                                  suit all your needs. In-house wedding

                                                                         consultant. Customized menus.

        Parkway Convention Centre at The Quality Hotel • 905-688-2324 • 1-877-688-2324
        3 2 7 O n t a r i o S t r e e t • St. Catharines-Niagara • Vi s i t o u r w e b s i t e : w w w. q h p a r k w a y . c o m
                                                   S   P R I N G   B     R I D E S   2009

does not have to be stressful

     f a wedding is planned          book stores. They will be             would like their input in your       If one of you lives in another
     properly, it can be a stress-   detailed, keep you on course,         wedding plans.                       town, notice has to be sent to
     free day where everything       and should leave nothing to           First things first:                   that newspaper, too.
goes smoothly and is a pleasure      chance. Make sure the one you         • Discuss and set a budget,          As soon as possible:
to remember.                         choose has a section for guests       determine the style of wedding       • Discuss the number of guests
  Family and friends or a            and their addresses, which you        you want, and when and where         your budget will allow and start
professional wedding planner         can use for sending thank-you         it will be.                          to draw up a list. If the parents
can help immeasurably.               and Christmas cards.                  • Book a venue for the wedding       of bride and/or groom are help-
  If you are hiring a wedding          Here is a general guide to help     and reception. If the wedding is     ing pay for the wedding, they
planner, the details that so         you keep on top of the details.       to be at a popular place and a       should be given the privilege of
often get left to the last minute    You can adapt it to your needs,       popular time, such as a              suggesting those members of
will be carried out on time and      but make sure you keep it             Saturday in the middle of            the family and close family
with expertise and care. This        where you can see it and              summer, you will need to secure      friends they would like to
gives you more time to attend        consult it weekly, checking off       the date right away. If you          attend. If the couple is footing
to other things.                     completed details, so you can         choose an off-time and month,        the entire bill, it is courteous to
  Wedding planners are familiar      see the progress you are making       such as a Thursday in March,         still ask parents for input when
with every aspect of a wedding.      in your planning.                     you may be able to reserve your      it comes to guests. This way,
They know who can best                 As time goes on and the big         professionals with just a few        you will avoid offending family
provide what you need at prices      day nears, check your guide           weeks notice.                        members, and you will not for-
geared to your budget.               daily to ensure nothing is            • Select your photographer. If       get any.
  If you prefer to plan things       forgotten and the professionals       you don't have a favourite or a      • If you are using a professional
yourself, you can always ask for     involved in your wedding have         good referral, shop around and       wedding planner, book an
the help of family members and       the information they need.            select one that is suited to your    appointment right away.
close friends with the many          As soon as you are engaged:           personalities, your needs and        • Book your florist and photog-
time-consuming details. Then         • Announce the happy event            your budget. Have an                 rapher. Select musicians - live
pick up a good wedding planner       to both families, letting them        engagement photo taken and           or DJ -- and church organist
book or video. There are             know your where and when you          send it with your engagement         and/or soloist. You don't need
several to choose from in local      want to marry and whether you         notice to your local newspaper.      to know all the details at this

                                                       Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

                                                                                     GRANTHAM PLAZA       905-937-8833
                                                                                      (at Scott & Vine)
                                                  S   P R I N G   B     R I D E S   2009

time, but you do need to ensure     tionery. If you want to make          details with photographer,
everyone is available on that       your own, check out stationery        florist, caterer or banquet man-
date.                               stores to see what they offer in      ager.
About six to nine months            the way of materials. If you do       • Appoint someone to keep
• Gowns for the bride and her
                                    not have a wedding planner
                                    book or video with your guests
                                                                          track of responses from guests
                                                                          and co - ordinate seating            ON YOUR
attendants should be selected
and the groom's and grooms-
                                    listed, make sure to keep a list
                                    of guests safely, so you can use
                                                                          • Schedule the rehearsal for up      WEDDING
men's attire booked with your
local bridal salon.
                                    it when sending thank-you
                                    notes and cards.
                                                                          to a week before the wedding
                                                                          and buy attendants' gifts, to be
• Talk about the honeymoon (if      • If you're planning a honey-         presented at this time time.
the groom is keeping this as a      moon trip overseas, make sure         • Write thank-you notes as gifts
surprise, check to see he has       passports are in order. Get any       arrive and give them to your
                                                                                                               • Get to the beauty
made all the arrangements).         vaccinations you might need.          maid of honour or a family
                                    • Order wedding rings, if you         member to mail later when you          parlour in good time
• Discuss household items you
would appreciate as wedding         didn't select them when buying        leave on your honeymoon.               to have your hair,
gifts and register your large and   your engagement ring. This is         Many couples prefer to send a          makeup and nails
small choices at favourite          especially important if you are       wedding photo as a thank-you,          done.
stores. This makes it much easi-    having them custom designed.          and this is a thoughtful way of
er for guests to select items you   • Select and order your wed-          thanking people for their gifts.
                                                                                                               • Give the best man
would enjoy at a price they can     ding cake.                            But courtesy requires the
                                    • Discuss the wedding ceremo-         thank-you to be sent within            the rings in sealed
• Arrange transportation of the     ny with the minister and              three months after the wed-            envelopes.
bridal parties to and from the      requirements such as premarital       ding.
ceremony, especially if you are     counselling.                          There's just a week before the       • Give a designated
intending to have a horse and       • Meet with musicians and             wedding:                               person an envelope
carriage or other non-tradition-    select the music.                     • Check final details again             containing contracts
al mode of transportation.          • Discuss with the mothers of         • Have a trial run of makeup
                                    the bride and groom what they                                                and phone numbers
Arrange transportation for out                                            and chosen hairstyle with your
of town guests or elderly rela-     will wear, with emphasis on           salon.                                 of professionals
tives.                              colour and style, so they will        • Put honoraria for clergy,            you've hired, in case
• If you have already booked        complement each other.                organist and any others in             of a dispute.
the caterer, check to ensure        Knowing the colour is impor-          sealed envelopes.
there's no other equipment you      tant when you select the flow-         • Give the final count to cater-      Ushers should be at the
may need. When it comes to          ers they will wear.                   er and deliver to him or her the
                                                                                                               appointed wedding
audio visual equipment, most        With just two months to go:           place cards, cake knife and
hotels do not keep powerpoint       • If you are planning a pre-          toasting glasses.                    venue 30 to 45 minutes
equipment on site but will be       wedding day at the spa, make          • Give your wedding agenda to        before the ceremony
happy to have you bring it in.      the appointment now and also          the photographer and videogra-       begins, and the groom
• Check local hotels for accom-     book appointments for a trial         pher, preferably with a list of      should arrive 20
modation and special discounts      run of your wedding day hairdo,       special people you would like to     minutes before the bride.
for block booking out of town       as well as wedding day hair and       be included in photos and the
guests.                             makeup appointments for your-         name of someone who will
• Decide on table favours for       self, the bridal party and the        locate them for you. Make sure       Mothers of bride and
your guests. Local stores have a    moms.                                 that person knows those who          groom are seated
wonderful variety and are           • Make final decisions on the          will be needed for photos and        immediately before the
happy to let you in on what's       reception menu and setting.           remember to introduce your           wedding party processes
trendy and what's not. Some         Discuss food and wines, the bar       helper to the photographer.          into the church. Flower
stores and custom businesses        and who will look after it, and       • Leave a honeymoon itinerary
                                                                                                               girl and ring bearer
will make these up to your          set a time for a trial tasting of     with family in case of emer-
specification. If you intend        suggested reception foods.            gency.                               come first, then the
making them yourself, set aside     • Address and mail invitations        • Brief ushers about special         bridesmaids and maid or
time each week to get them          to arrive in people's homes           seating arrangements.                matron of honour, and
done, so you are not rushing at     about six weeks prior to the          • Pack a kit of small items you      last of all the bride and
the last minute.                    wedding date.                         may need for emergencies on
                                                                                                               the person or persons
With four to six months left:       • Go for fittings for the gowns.       the big day, such as a sewing
                                    With a month to go:                   kit, safety pins, extra stockings,   who will hand her in
• Complete your guest list,
order invitations if you are hav-   • Have final fittings and             clear nail polish and tissues.       marriage to her groom.
ing them done professionally,       arrange pick up or delivery of        Give it into the safekeeping of
select a guest book if you are      your gown.                            your maid of honour to take to
using one, as well as other sta-    • Once more, confirm all              the church and reception.       ❖
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                                                                                         CEREMONIES • RECEPTIONS • BRIDAL SHOWERS
                                                                                          REHEARSAL DINNERS • FAREWELL BRUNCHES
                                                                                                GUEST ACCOMMODATIONS
                                                                                              DÉCOR & FLORAL • SPA SERVICES

                                                                                               4 WINDWARD DRIVE, GRIMSBY, ON L3M 4E8

                                                                                               TOLL FREE: 1-877-446-5746 OR 905-309-7171
            Diamond Cutter ~ Gemologist ~ Manufacturer                                          Email:
            268 Geneva St. (opposite Fairview Mall) 905-937-7340                          w w w. c a s a b l a n c a w i n e r y i n n . c o m

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