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									Efficiency Without
Compromise ™ in Data
Center Power

Lately: Efficiency Equated Only to Energy


                 Data Center
   Input Power                      Output

Data Center Managers Face Opposing
Critical Infrastructure Objectives

Highest                Capital/Operational
Availability                      Savings

Better to: Equate Efficiency to the
Lifecycle of a Data Center
 Def: Ability to produce an output with a minimum of effort, expense, or waste

                                                                How can
                                                             in each cycle?

Top Data Center Issues

    Fall 2005                  Spring 2008          Spring 2009            Fall 2009
   Heat Density                 Heat Density         Heat Density          Availability

  Power Density                Power Density          Efficiency       Adequate Monitoring
    Availability                    Availability                          Heat Density
 Space Constraints          Adequate Monitoring       Availability          Efficiency

Technology Changes                  Efficiency      Power Density        Power Density
                                                   Space Constraints    Space Constraints
Adequate Monitoring

 Source: Data Center Users’ Group
Efficiency without Compromise Supports
a Dynamic Critical Infrastructure
                                  Availability is a measure of the overall uptime of the data
                                  center. Managing availability requires balancing the costs of
                                  losing access to information or services against installing and
                                  managing an infrastructure that supports a predetermined level
                                  of uptime.

    Maintainability                                                                                        Efficiency
Maintainability is an expression                                                                 Now more than ever, energy efficiency
which conveys the ease and risk of
maintaining the power distribution
                                                         Dynamic                                 is key to any data center. Because
                                                                                                 certain power distribution
system while minimizing, or even                          Critical                               configurations and equipment
                                                                                                 selections are more efficient than
eliminating, the need to shutdown IT
equipment for maintenance and                         Infrastructure                             others, choices are necessary to
service.                                                                                         balance between the fundamentals of
                                                                                                 availability and efficiency.

                                 Adaptability is an expression of the power system design’s ability
                                 to accommodate future changes in equipment, layout, and loads.
                                 Acceptable design is a balance between initial cost and the
                                 potential cost of implementing future changes while continuing to
                                 meet the other goals of the data center.

Liebert NXL UPS
 Reduced Design and Deployment Time
   – Engineered for friendly generator and
      utility interface
   – Available in N+1 and 1+N configurations
   – Easy cable access for faster wiring
 Reduced Operating Cost
   – Intelligent Eco-mode provides up to
      97% efficiency
   – Front access only (saves space, easy to
 Reduced Downtime
   – Integrated battery monitoring options
   – Redundant components – fans, power
      supplies and communications cards
   – Superior dynamic performance and
      input fault current capability

NXL Operating Modes
   Double Conversion Operation

   AC Input          Static Switch

               Rectifier             Inverter

   AC Input


   Intelligent Eco-mode Operation
                                                •   Inverter stays in Idle
                                                •   Bypass source is monitored
   AC Input          Static Switch              •   Load harmonics profiled
               Rectifier             Inverter   •   Learns off-peak times
                                                •   3+% efficiency gain
   AC Input


Emerging Power Distribution
  50A and greater panel board breakers
  125A and 150A branch breakers
  Running out of capacity before running out of pole
  400A – 42 pole Panelboards
    – 80% & 100% Rated Mains
  480V – 42 pole Panelboards
  Busway distribution
  Larger PDUs
    – 450kVA, 800kVA, 1000kVA
  Higher ampacity I-Line panelboards
    – Today up to 1200A
  Arc Flash
    – Site arc flash analysis being treated like fault analysis
  Finger safe panelboards

Liebert NX
 40 kVA to 200 kVA, 480V, 0.9output pf
  Capacity Models
         • 40kVA, 60kVA, 80kVA, 100kVA, 120kVA
         • 160kVA, 200kVA NEW
  Softscale Models
         • 40kVA → 60kVA → 80kVA
         • 80kVA → 100kVA → 120kVA
         • 140kVA → 160kVA → 200kVA
  Parallel-able for capacity or redundancy
         • up to 4 modules; 40 kVA redundant to
          600 kVA redundant
  Parallel like or unlike capacity modules
        • Change your growth increment as your
          plans change
        • Mix and match modules with nearest
          rated model
               » 140 kVA + 200 kVA
               » 80 kVA + 120 kVA
               » 40kVA + 80kVA
Power Distribution Busway
                       Easy / quick installation
                            – Tool-less mounting to Knurr Racks
                            – “Plug-n-play” bus plug / rack PDU
                       Change management
                            – Hot swappable bus plugs
                               • No interruption to other loads
                               • Safe / user replaceable
                       Compact size
                            – Replaces multiple power cables
                            – 100, 225 & 400A ratings
                       Reliability: Proven 60 year design

Rack PDU Family – Managed Systems
     Liebert MPH - Managed Rack PDU
 – Remote & Local Management in “Fixed” Design
 – Capabilities: Branch Monitoring &/or Receptacle
 – Global Platforms & Broad Range
   • 38 SKU’s: Vertical & rack form-factors
   • Power Input: 15A/1Ph to 30A/3Ph
   • Output / Receptacles: 27X or 9X NEMA, IEC & Combinations
 – Monitoring Interface – MPX Based
  (Rack PDU Card)
   • Leverage MPX monitoring & control architecture:
    Consistent experience & Single platform for support / upgrade
   • Display, Sensors, Sibling, Upgradeable

Adaptive Rack PDU’s
Liebert MPX - Hardware Structure
 Power Rail Chassis (PRC)                            Local Display (BDM)
 • Power & communications bus                        • User mount in rack space
 • Multiple lengths                                    or remote
                                                     • Cable connected

                                   Power Entry Module (PEM)
                                   •   Versions: Variable & Fixed Capacity
                                   •   15-60amp / Single-Three Phase
 Receptacle Modules (BRM)          •   15/30amp cordset upgradeable
 • Versions: Basic Monitoring or   •   Monitoring capabilities
   Receptacle Management           •   via RPC (Rack PDU Card)
 • NEMA & IEC Receptacles
 • Branch circuit protection

Sitescan / Nform / Vista
 Improve Design, Planning and Management
   – Optimize asset and capacity management
   – Critical infrastructure monitoring and predictive analysis
   – Open or closed architecture
 Reduced Operating Cost
   – Measure and track energy usage
   – Forecast future needs
 Reduced Downtime
   – React to problems before they happen
   – Establish routines to maintain availability
   – Keep systems operating efficiently

       Liebert SiteScan and Nform delivers

 Creating a Dynamic Critical Infrastructure demands that
  you deliver Efficiency without Compromise
   – Eco Availability
   – Flex Capacity
   – High Density
   – Infrastructure Management
 Your design expectations and equipment selections
  have a significant impact on how you deliver uptime to
  your internal and external customers
 Once the data center is live, how you manage that
  resource is critical

Global Engineering and
Manufacturing Presence

                    Binghamton, NY                                    Nove Mesto, Slovakia
                     Ohio – Delaware,                 Tognana,
                     Columbus, Ironton                Italy                                       Emerson Network
                       Boca Raton, FL                                                             Power China
Mexicali,   Reynosa,
Mexico      Mexico                                                             India

                                      Brazil         Liebert North America
                                                     Liebert Europe
                                                     Surge (CCC)                                       Australia
                                                     Asia Pacific*
                                                     Emerson Network Power China*
        *These entities manufacture Liebert products as well as other Emerson Network Power products
Emerson Network Power
Wherever you need us…
We have multiple representatives and distributors in every major location around the world.

NORTH AMERICA                          EMEA                                                   ASIA
Canada                                 Austria                                                Australia
Mexico                                 Benelux                                                Bangladesh
United States                          Britain                                                China
                                       Croatia                                                Hong Kong
                                       France                                                 India
                                       Germany                                                Indonesia
                                       Hungary                                                Japan
                                       Italy                                                  Korea
                                       Nigeria                                                Malaysia
                                       Poland                                                 New Zealand
SOUTH                                  Russia                                                 Philippines
AMERICA                                South Africa                                           Singapore
Argentina                              Spain                                                  Thailand
Brazil                                 Sweden                                                 Taiwan
Chile                                  Switzerland                                            Vietnam
                                                                                  Worldwide Service

Emerson Network Power
                                                                            230 Service Locations
                                                                            2087 Service Field Engineers
                                                                            549 Technical Support / Response

Global Services                                                             3000+ Global Service Team

      NORTH AMERICA                               EUROPE                                         CHINA
79    Service Centers                       34    Service Centers                         29     Service Centers
558   Service Field Engineers               245   Service Field Engineers                 533    Service Field Engineers
246   Technical Supports                    80    Technical Support                       121    Technical Support / Response

      SOUTH AMERICA                                                                  ASIA-PACIFIC
37    Service Centers                                                          51    Service Centers
454   Field Service Engineers/Technicians                                      297   Service Field Engineers
68    Technical Supports                                                       34    Technical Support /Response
Liebert STS2, S610, NXb, PPC, FPC,
NXL Reliability Summary July 2010
Product         Operating Hours        Mod. MTBF        Sys. MTBF

(Cur # Units)   Oct 00 – Jun 09        Code 14          Code 15

                                       Unfiltered       Filtered
                  Transfer To Bypass
                                             Critical Bus Failure
STS 2 (3,220)    93,821,400 Hrs.        815,838 Hrs.    7,217,031 Hrs.

S610 (6,408)    371,308,080 Hrs.          45,655 Hrs.   1,657,625 Hrs.

NXb (2,243)      61,994,352 Hrs.        185,058 Hrs.    2,384,398 Hrs.

PPC (10,786)    715,655,928 Hrs.       2,377,594 Hrs.   9,416,525 Hrs.

FPC (1,158)      15,724,512 Hrs.       5,241,960 Hrs. 15,724,512 Hrs.

NXL (184)         1,160,352 Hrs.        128,928 Hrs.     580,176 Hrs.
Top Data Center Manager Concerns
  Rank      Spring 2008               Spring 2009           Fall 2009          Spring 2010

   1        Heat Density              Heat Density         Availability
                                                                             Infrastructure Mgt
   2       Power Density           Energy Efficiency                           Heat Density
                                                        Infrastructure Mgt
   3         Availability                                 Heat Density          Availability
                                   Infrastructure Mgt
   4                                   Availability     Energy Efficiency    Energy Efficiency
         Infrastructure Mgt

   5     Energy Efficiency           Power Density       Power Density        Power Density

 Top 5 have remained the same
 Increase in importance of Monitoring / Infrastructure Mgt
   – Insight and control over other issues
 Fight between efficiency & availability

                  Availability and Energy Efficiency Are High Priorities
                   Efficiency Without Compromise Is being Demanded
         Data Center Users’ Group Survey
Liebert AC Power
Trends & Strategies
 Trend                                                          Liebert Solution
                                   Liebert APM

              High-Efficiency      Liebert NX
                 Products          Liebert NXL

                                   Liebert/Chloride Trinergy

 Energy                            Softscale
Efficiency                         Intelligent Eco Modes
             Features Improving
                                   Intelligent Paralleling
                                   TP1 (Energy Star) Rated Distribution Transformers

                                   Distribution Voltages (415/240V vs. 240/139)

                 Services          Data Center Power & Cooling Assessments

                                   400A Panel Boards w/ 100% Rated Mains

Increased    Increasing Power      Busway Solutions
 Density       Requirements        MPX – up to 60A Power Strip

                                   575V NXL

              Partnerships &       Universal Switchgear Program
 System         Materials          Large Systems Design Guide
              High Availability    Development of 1+N for Large Systems
                Topologies         Modular Systems with Internal Redundancy

             Existing Products     Flywheel Systems

Renewable                          Solar – ENPC: Solar Controller, EP: Solar Inverter;
 Energy                             DOE Funded Smart Grid Research
               New Products
                                   Wind – ENPC: Wind Converter
        Emerson Network Power: The global
        leader in enabling Business-Critical Continuity
                                             Fire Pump Controller
 Automatic Transfer                                                     Surge Protection

                                                                           Uninterruptible Power
                                                                            Supplies & Batteries
                                                                                                   Integrated Racks
Perimeter Precision
     Cooling                                                              Cold Aisle

         Row Based
      Precision Cooling                                                                                          Rack Power
                                                                                           Rack                 Distribution Unit
                      Precision Cooling
                                                                                                                KVM Switch


                                             Power Distribution Units
               Data Center
Power Solutions
In-the-Rack Products
                        GXT3G 0.5-20kVA UPS
                          – True double conversion
                          –   Highest efficiency in class

                        MPH (managed) Rack-PDU
                          – Intelligent Monitoring & Control
                          – Global platform with broad
                              range of options

                        MPX (adaptive) Rack-PDU
                          – Truly adaptable 3 Phase Strip
                          – Intelligent Monitoring & Control
                          – Local display available
Power Solutions
In-the-Rack Products
                        APM 15-180kVA scalable UPS
                          –   208V: 15-90kW Options
                          –   400&480V: 30-180kW Options
                          –   Highest power density UPS
                          –   Unity Power Factor
                          –   94% Efficient

                        APM Battery System
                          – Configured with the UPS

                        APM MBC
                          – Integrated bypass with
                              distribution options
Power Solutions
In-the-Row Products
                       NX 80-200kVA UPS
                         – 1+3 Paralleling Capacity
                         – Up to 600kVA with redundancy
                       NX BDC
                         – In line bypass and distribution
                         – 480/208V Alternatives
                       NCD PDU
                         – Replaces PPC, FPC, RDC, FDC
                       Battery cabinet with front terminal
                         – Increased performance
                         – Smaller footprint
                       NX Bundles
                         – UPS, PDU, and DC Storage
Power Systems
In the Room Products
                        Emerson Network Power gear
                          – Produced by ASCO
                          – Breaker neutral design
                        NXL 250 – 1,100kVA
                          – Replaces 610 and HiPulse
                        NCD PDU
                          – Replaces PPC, FPC, RDC, FDC
                        STS2 100 to 1000A
                          – Continued capacity expansion to
Liebert NXL
 250kVA/225kW 400&480V
 300kVA/270kW 400&480V
 400kVA/360kW 400&480V

 500kVA/450kW 400 & 480V

 625kVA/563kW 400V
 625kVA/563kW 480V&600V

 750kVA/675kW 480V&600V
 800kVA/720kW 400V
 1100kVA /1100kW
Liebert NXL
Enterprise-Scale UPS Protection for Medium/Large Data Centers
 Advanced Global UPS Platform
 Robust design allows operation at
    100% load under a “Stack-up” of
    simultaneous conditions without
   First large UPS to be tested and UL
    Listed to UL 1778 4th Edition
   Up to .90 leading power factor load
    performance at nominal conditions
   Allows clearing of downstream electrical
    faults through high overload capacity
   Modules are withstand labeled
What’s New in NXL
                                                         750kVA Efficiency at Resistive (PF=1), Capacitive (PF=-0.9) and Inductive (PF=0.9) Load Accurate to 0.005

 Employs latest generation

                                                    0              100           200            300          400           500           600              700
                                                                                                                                                                Load (kW)

  IGBTs and advanced inverter              90.0%


  logic with active harmonic               70.0%

  control                                  60.0%


                                   % Eff

 Optimized energy efficiency              30.0%

  with better performance at low           20.0%


  loads                                      0.0%
                                                    0%                   20%              40%                60%                 80%               100%

 Digital control technology
  provides precise drift-free
  regulation of system
 Improved color touch screen
  HMI to reduce risk of human
 Liebert NXL                                          Static
               Rectifier                   Inverter


                                                       Static Switch
                           Input Filter                Backfeed CB, BFB
                           w/ disconnect
Liebert NXL

                     PWM inverter
12-pulse rectifier
NXL Controls and User Interface
 State of the art all digital (DSP based) control
   – Active harmonic cancellation  Improved waveform fidelity
   – Discrete sliding mode control  Improved dynamic performance
   – Pulse by pulse current limit  Improved transient overload
   – Battery management  Improved time remaining prediction
   – Generator Friendly  Stable generator operation
   – Interface to auxiliary DC source  Flywheel

 User Interface
   – Color graphics, touch screen display
   – Automatic or manual configuration
   – User friendly Navigation menus
   – Easy access to Metering and Status data
   – Real Time Mimic one-line display with
     System view
   – User programmable external device
   – Metering
   – Interactive Startup Screens
   – Help screens provided
Continuous-Duty Bypass
Static Transfer Switch
 Draw-out continuous rated static
   – Redundant path via optional
      wrap-around circuit breaker
   – Should bypass breaker open
      when UPS is in bypass, static
      switch will carry load
 3000, 3200A, 4000, 5000A
 Withstand rated at 200kA for both
  480 and 600 V
 Redundant fans with fan failure
Emerson Network Power Switchgear

 Robust breaker neutral design
  – Plated copper bus at 1000A per square inch
  – All bus joints are full overlap
  – Glastic barrier between the main bus and side
    cover on end sections
Transformer Based –vs-
    Transformer Free Design
Characteristic                       Transformer Free          Transformer Based

AC-AC Double Conversion Efficiency   96% Range                 93% Range

Eco Mode Efficiency                  Up to 99%                 Up to 98%

Ground Fault Protection Coordination External or Incremental   Inherent

Arc Flash Mitigation                 External or Incremental   Inherent

> 480 volt ratings for high power Additional External          No Additional External
density                           Xformers Required            Xformers Needed
Reduction in Common mode noise       No                        Yes
and EMI
Rectifier Resiliency IGBT vs. SCR    Lower                     Higher

High Resistance Ground               No                        Yes
Chloride Trinergy UPS
 Industry’s highest operational efficiency
 415/240 voltage system
 Systems up to 3.6 MW
   – Modules up to 1200kW
 Unity power factor rating
   – Can handle leading PF loads
     without de-rating
 State of the art input and output
   – Low Input Current Distortion, less than 3%
   – High Input Power Factor, 0.99 over full
     operating range
 Robust overload capability
   – 125% for 10-minutes, 150% for 30-seconds
Chloride Trinergy Layout
Modular, Serviceable Design

 Simplified Installation
 Full front-access
 Concurrent maintainability
Trinergy Dynamic Operating Modes
             VFI Mode - Dual Conversion           >95% efficiency
             Maximum Power Control:
             Chloride Trinergy automatically chooses this configuration
             whenever the electrical environment needs to be fully
             conditioned in order to supply the best power quality to the

             VI Mode - Line Interactive        96-98% efficiency
             High Efficiency & Power Conditioning:
             Chloride Trinergy automatically chooses this configuration
             whenever the load requires power conditioning without the
             need for double conversion mode, using only the necessary

             VFD Mode – Static Bypass            99% efficiency
             Maximum Energy Saving (Digital Interactive/VFD):
             Chloride Trinergy automatically chooses this configuration
             whenever it detects that the mains energy supplied is of an
             ideal quality and there is no need for conditioning.
Trinergy Modularity
Horizontal & Vertical

            Dimensions of Modularity
Trinergy Circular Redundancy
 Optimum energy management
  when operating with partial loads
  provides energy cost savings in
  any installation where frequent
  variations of load occur
 Here’s how it works
   – Special logic detects the number
       of modules needed to supply the
       load while maintaining the
   –   The modules not needed work in
       a special standby mode that
       ensures the reliability of the
   –   A special algorithm checks that
       each module operates in
       standby mode for the same
       amount of time                    50%
        • Same ageing of modules
                                         25%      25%
                                           UPS Load
Liebert NXL & Chloride Trinergy
        LIEBERT NXL                    CHLORIDE TRINERGY
       480 or 575 Volts              415/240 Volts (480 V future)
       On-Line Efficiency                 Highest Efficiency
     Central (switchgear) or       Distributed Bypass Static Switch
Distributed Bypass Static Switch         (in each UPS module)
      Transformer-Based                   Transformer-Free
      On-Line Operation                  Dynamic Operation
   Scale in Large Increments          Scale in Small Increments
  Module Level Redundancy              Core Level Redundancy
   Wye, Delta, & HRG Utility                 Wye Utility
    Separate Utility Sources             Single Utility Source
Factory Witness         • 37 Test Stations
Test Capability
                        • 4x4 – 5K Amp Test Bays
 12 MW Utility Feed    .       (16 Stations)

 2MW Generator w/ATS   • 1x7 – 3K Amp Test Bay
                        .       (7 stations)
                        • 1x8 – 4K Amp Test Bay
                        .       (8 stations)
                        • 2x3 – 4K Amp Test Bay
                        .       (6 stations)
Factory Witness Test Capability
Standard Tests                            Optional Tests
   1)    Verification                         1)    PDU Short Circuit
   2)    Dielectric (Hi-Pot)                  2)    Internal Fault Testing
   3)    System Configuration                       •    SCR, IGBT, Caps, Breaker, SS
                                              3)    Unbalanced Loads
   4)    DC Functions
                                              4)    High Non-linear Loads
   5)    Transfers
                                              5)    Battery Transient
   6)    Parallel Module Tests
                                              6)    Flywheel Performance
   7)    Full Functional Tests
                                              7)    Burn-in / Heat Run / High Ambient
   8)    Full-Load, Overload, Step-Load
                                              8)    ATS Transition
   9)    Transient Tests
                                              9)    Run on Generator
   10)   Integral Switchgear Tests            10)   Downstream Static Transfer Switch
   11)   Maintenance Bypass/Interlock         11)   Circuit Breaker Certification (NETA)
   12)   Ancillary Transformer Loading        12)   High Resistance Ground
   13)   Load Bus Sync System                 13)   Harmonic Analysis
   14)   Extended Load Bus Sync
   15)   PowerTie System Tests
   16)   Monitoring Options
                                                            Engine             Cooling
Traditional Dual Bus, 2N
                                                            Generator                     Feed to
                              Service     Surge                             Input
                               Feed     Suppression
                                                                          Switchgear       UPS
          UPS A




                           PDU:   RDC/                                     RDC/

                                                          Racks                 PDU:

                          PPC/FPC FDC                                      FDC PPC/FPC
                                                      Multiple Rows

                 Dual Buss = twice as many power cables
STS2 vs PDU Transformer Ratings
                                          Primary (480v)
Transformer kVA/kW   STS2        Inrush
                     Amps         Spec
       800           1000A        5x           960
       450           600A         5x           540
       300           400A         5x           360
       225           400A         8x           270
       150           250A         7x           180


                      Input #1                       I-Line

                                 STS                   or

                      Input #2                       Branch

STS2 vs PDU Transformer Ratings
Transformer kVA/kW   STS2         Inrush
                                           (208v) Amps
                     Amps          Spec
       800           2000A         5x         2220
       600           1600A         5x         1665
       450           1200A         5x         1250
       300           800A          5x         835
       225           600A          8x         625
       150           400A          7x         415

                       Input #1                      I-Line

                                   STS                   or

                       Input #2                      Branch

STS2 Construction
 100A – 600A:                  800A – 1000A:
  –   Single frame section       – Two sections with Shipping split
  –   Draw-out E-box             – Fixed E-box
  –   100% rated                 – 100% rated
  –   Fuseless
                                 – Fuseless
  –   Convection cooled
      w/ heatsink fans           – Fan cooled w/ heatsink fans
  –   100A – 250A                – 800A – 1000A
       • 30”W Frame                  • 84”W Frame
  – 400A – 600A
       • 38”W Frame
Without Optimized Transfer Downstream
Transformers Can Cause Large Saturation
Current During Automatic Transfers
  With the sources out of sync a transfer by the switch can produce
   intolerable current flow from the source into the transformer primary
   which may result in opening a feeder CB to the switch.




                                                             10- 12 times
        Can cause input CB to
          STS to trip open
      Liebert Optimized Transfer
          Selects the best time to pulse on the alternate source & let the wave
              shape of the alternate source manage the transformer flux and current

               OUTPUT VOLTAGES

Preferred Source                    Pulsed on as needed to manage transformer flux
                       All off                                                       –A
               A-                                                                    +B
 Alternate     B+
 SCR firing                                                                          -B
               C+                                                                    +C
               C-                                                                    -C
              SCR Status, ON/OFF

               SWITCH OUTPUT
     Optimized Transfer Should Do More
     Than Just Balance the Flux

Output                                                               Output
Voltages                                                             Voltages

SCR             OUTPUT GOES TO                                       SCR
Firing          ZERO FOR AN                                          Firing
Signals         EXTENDED TIME                                        Signals
 Xfmr                                                                Xfmr
 Fluxes                                                              Fluxes

   Competitor unit uses a flux balance   Liebert’s STS2 Optimized Transfer
   method without disturbance            minimizes the voltage disturbances
   minimization. THEY JUST DELAY THE     while maintaining transformer flux
   TRANSFER (CALLED PHASE                             balance
Cyberex DIR Transfer
Two-Stage Distribution

      UPS                  PDU

            126 Poles

RDC                RDC   RDC     RDC
Two-Stage Distribution Adds Pole
Capacity and Reduces Under Floor Cabling
                                      Two-Stage Distribution
 Traditional Single-
 Stage Distribution                                    Power
                 Distribution                          Voltage Transformation,
                 Unit                                  Monitoring and
                 Voltage Transformation,               Subfeed Output Breakers
                 Monitoring and
                 Branch Circuit Breakers

                 126 Poles

      IT Loads                                             168 Poles Each

                                            To Racks
Liebert FPC (150-300kVA)

                    Four 225 amp in-line
                    Two 24” panelboards

  Double sided limits you to 3 400 amp or MC breaker
  Now available by SFA with single sided 1200 amp I-line
Liebert Bottom Exit FDC
                        Wide-open access channels.
                        Vertical compartments with
                         individual hinged access covers.
                        Service without exposing the
                         wiring of the other three
                        Panelboards
                            4 x225 amp in-line
                            2x 225 or 400 amp ABB          2x400 amp amp
                            2x400 amp 250v or 600v
                            2x600 amp 250v or 600v
                            42,66 or 84 pole (600V)
                            42, 54, 72 or 84 pole (250V)
80% rated 225A Panelboard at 208v =65 kVA
Remote Distribution Cabinet
                          One Floor tile
                          4 x 42 poles
                          Single or dual input
                          6.5” vs 4” gutter
                          N & G bottom bus
 Wire Room With 120/208 3ph
 1pole 120v 20 amp
 2 pole 208v 20-60
 3 pole 120/208v 20-
  60 amp
     120, 208 or both
      by changing
      Power Strip

  Allows changing rack from 120 to 208 or to 3-phase without
   rewiring facility
  Simply change the Power Strip and plug into existing 120/208
   3-phase receptacle
      Strip configuration determines output voltage
 Individual Branch Circuit Amps, kVA etc
 Up to 60 amps via Epoxy strip w #6 wire, individual CT above
 ModBus output with optional local display
 No side access required with SqD. Side access needed for GE
PDU Transformer Efficiency


                                                       300 kVA K20
                                                       300 kVA STD
                                                       300 kVA K20 TP1
                97.00                                  300 kVA STD TP1


                        15% 25% 35% 50% 65% 75% 100%
                                  % LOAD
         2N System Efficiency Example
         750kVA Utility Cost Comparison
                                                                          Brand E       Brand E       Liebert NXL     Liebert NXL
                                                                           System A      System B      System A         System B
                                                          Module kVA              750           750             750            750
                                                                  kW              675           675             675            675
                                                               % Load            40%           40%             40%            40%
                                                                  kW              277           277             274            274
                                                  Efficiency @ %Load            91.8%         91.8%           91.9%          91.9%

                    UPS                 UPS         Total Utility Cost: $     528,507                 $     522,042
                  System A            System B                            Non TP-1      Non TP-1      Liebert TP-1 Liebert TP-1
                                                                          System A      System B        System A     System B
                                                      PDU kVA (total)          675kVA        675kVA          675kVA        675kVA
                                                     PDU Losses (kW)              6.9           6.9             3.8           3.8
                                                 Total PDU Losses (W)            13.8                           7.7

     (3x) PDU A          (3x) PDU B
                                                                             Brand E                      Liebert
                                                                            System                        System

                                                    Total Utility Cost:       528,507                       522,042
                                                      Yearly Savings:                                 $       6,465

            Rack                Rack
            PDU                 PDU

  Various Distribution Voltages
           600VAC   •UPS      600V        •PDU   208/120V   •Rack

           480VAC   •UPS      480V        •PDU   208/120V   •Rack

           415VAC   •UPS    415/240V      •RDC   415/240V   •Rack

           480VAC   •UPS    480/277V      •RDC   480/277V   •Rack

           600VAC   •UPS      600V        •PDU   240/415V   •Rack

           480VAC   •UPS    415/240V      •RDC   415/240V   •Rack

                    Efficiency improvement ???
Isolation Transformers At The PDU
 Single point ground, separately derived source with safety
  ground closer to the load reduces susceptibility to
  lightning and other transients
 Only requires a 3 wire system to the PDU input
 Provide impedance which reduces available fault currents
  ~ and Arc Flash potential at distribution points
 Size – PDU’s with transformers can be larger
 Transformation losses …However…today’s TP-1
  transformers are typically 98.5% + efficient
 Higher weight and cost
A Fresh Look at the 400-415v System
 Modern Power supplies are wide ranging 208v to 240v
    – Higher voltage equates to higher efficiency – about 0.3% gain
 Line to neutral connection – 230/400 or 240/415v
    – Can be transformerless saving energy-1-3% gain, plus cooling savings
    – Fault current HAS been a major concern if transformerless
       • 480 or 600v to 240/415 v with Auto (efficiency) or Iso. (aic and N-G)
       • Historically, vendors supplied pieces and parts, but not an end-to-end solution
          for 400-415V in North America.
    – Neutral fault path and neutral noise are concerns with transformerless
    – No Rack PRU balancing issue
 Line to Line connection – 120/208 and 127/240v
    – New copper TP-1 Transformers have 1.5% losses
    – Fault current is controlled by the transformer
       • Panels, breakers, power cords, rack PDU and servers rated for fault current
          (aic) are readily available
    – Neutral fault path and neutral noise are from server to isolation transformer only
   Short Circuit Considerations (Historical)
   4500 kVA                           4500 kVA                         4500 kVA
   34.5 kV –                          34.5 kV –                        34.5 kV –
   480/277        X                   480/277      X                   415/240    X
   Z >= 6.25%                         Z >= 6.25%   Isc ~ 86,705A       Z >= 6.25%        Isc ~ 100,272A
                      Isc ~ 86,705A
                  UPS                            UPS                             UPS
                SYSTEM                         SYSTEM                          SYSTEM
                  X                                X                               X
                          Isc ~ 80,982A                   Isc ~ 80,982A                   Isc ~ 91,740A

                  X       Isc ~ 73,022A            X      Isc ~ 73,022A            X       Isc ~ 80,262A

            X             Isc ~ 56,659A       X           Isc ~ 56,659A       X           Isc ~ 59,016A
300 kVA                          300 kVA
480V –                           480V –
           PDU                               PDU                             PDU
208/120V    X                    240/139V     X                               X
Z >= 4%                          Z >= 4%
                      Isc ~ 17,913 A                   Isc ~15,524 A                   •Isc ~ 59,016 A
        208 Volt                           240 Volt                        415 Volt
       Distribution                       Distribution                    Distribution
Short Circuit Considerations (Historical)
  208/120 & 240/139 Volt Panels
    Rated at 250V
     – Type NQ
     – Available to 22kAIC
  480/277 & 415/240 Requires
    Panels Rated to 600V
     – Type NF
     – Series rated with main CB at
         • 35,65 and 100kaic
     – Physically larger
     – More costly (10-25%)

Are your Rack PDU and servers rated for this high AIC?
Voltage Selection Impacts
UPS System Capacity

5000 Amp System                   UPS System Voltage
                           415V          480V           600V
Max. Bus Capacity         3590 kVA     4152 kVA        5190 kVA

 Maximize your investment in breakers and gear with
  higher UPS System voltages
 The higher the chosen voltage - the greater the potential
  capacity – 15% to 25%
Fault Current--Arc Flash Considerations
 Arc flash?
   – Bolted vs. arcing faults
   – Significant incident energy released during the arcing event and is
      considered the “arc flash hazard”
 NFPA 70E-2004 “A flash hazard analysis be done in order to protect
  personnel from the possibility of being injured by an arc flash”
 Determination of required PPE - Personal Protective Equipment
 Calculation of incidence of energy
   – Ampere rating of over current protective device
   – Operating time of the device
   – Available fault current is key!!!
Distribution Voltage Pros & Cons
                                     PROS                                         CONS
 480 – 208/120      Most commonly accepted application            2-3% transformation energy loss
                    Reduced aic – fault curent                    208V requires 2 pole breaker
 600 – 208/120      Uses standard 240V panelboard & breakers      Reduces the number of poles
                    N-G bond at PDU
 480 – 400/230      N-G bond at PDU( iso)                         0.5 to 1.3%% transformer energy loss
                    Higher energy efficiency                      Can’t power 120V equipment
 600 – 400/230      Higher energy density                         More circuits due to1-pole
                    Higher UPS capacity - kVA                     N-G bond (auto) at service entrance
                    Reduced aic – fault current
 480 – 480          No transformation energy losses               Can’t power 120V or 240V equipment
                    No neutral required (unless 277V loads)       Requires 480V panelboard & breakers
 480 – 480/277                                                     Few servers at 480V & 277V
                                                                   Higher aic – fault current at load
 480 – 415/240      No transformation energy losses               N-G bond at bypass transformer
                    240V load requires 1 pole breaker             Requires 480V panelboard& breakers
                    More useable pole spaces                      Requires UPS Maint Bypass Xfmr
                    Higher energy efficiency                      Higher aic – fault current at load
 415 – 415/240      No transformation energy losses               Can’t power 120V equipment
                    Reduced cooling load                          Requires 480V panelboard& breakers
                    240V load requires 1 pole breaker             Needs different approach to fault
                    More useable pole spaces                       current management

                    Higher energy efficiency                      N-G bond at service entrance

                    Save cost and weight of transformers in       Increase cost of full neutral and higher
                     PDUs                                           ampacity – lower system kVA
 Solving the 415V AIC Issue
    3250 kVA                               3250 kVA                           • AC Distribution panels
    34.5 kV –                              34.5 kV –                               • Lighting panels
    480/277                                415/240
    Z >= 5.32%       X                     Z >= 5.32%       X                      • Exposed buss (arch flash)
                          Isc ~ 73,480A                          Isc ~ 84,989A     • AIC of UL approved “touch
                                                                              • Rack PDUs
                   UPS                                    UPS                      • AIC may exceed safe design
                 SYSTEM                                 SYSTEM
                                                                                • Introduce impedance such as
                                                                                inductor or transformer
                                                                                       •Disadvantage efficiency
                                                                                       •Advantage grounding and
                                                                                       fault management (tx)
                                                                                • I-Line Panels offer higher AIC
300 kVA
480V –                                                                          (100k) and safer design
            PDU                                    PDU                          • Higher AIC capable RPDU’s
Z >= 4%
                 X                                      X
                          Isc ~ 17,576 A                         Isc ~ 56,144 A
           RACK                                   RACK
                         Isc < 5kA                              Isc ~ 10-12kA

      208 Volt                              415 Volt
     Distribution                          Distribution
DCM Global Rack
 Design intent of DCM was
  to develop common look
  for Row Based Products
 42U 1100mm depth is the
  standard for all ENP Row
  Based Products
   – CRV pictured alongside
 Defines Badge location,
  centerline of display,
  handle location, paint
  color and texture
 Fits nicely into Container
DCM Overview
 Also Available in Other Sizes
 Family of Product Sizes
   – 24U-Typically for branch applications
   – 42U-Even on casters, rolls through standard doorway
   – 45U-7’ rack, lines up with standard Telco racks
 24”, 28” and 32” widths
 40”, 44” and 48” depths
DCM Rating
 Fully Compliant with EIA 310
 ISTA Transit testing: Verified with 400 lbs
 Weight Load testing: Verified to over 2400 lbs
 Seismic Version: (IBC 1.5 and OSHPD
 Anchoring) passed the test at 1100 lbs
Traditional Deployment: Racks Only
Add Liebert MPH / X Rack PDUs
Add MB Bus Power Distribution
Liebert MB - Overview

   Key Features:
–   5’ &10’ Plug-in (12 plugs per 10ft)
–   200% Neutral or IG
   Construction
–   2 Piece steel enclosure
–   Air insulated Tin Plated Copper bus bars
   Available Ratings
–   100, 225, & 400Amp (Tin Plated Copper)
–   22 and 35kAIC fault currents
–   Fusible Bus Plugs: 30A – 60A
–   Circuit Breaker Bus Plugs: 15A – 60A
     – 30 AMP = 8KW / RACK
     – 60 AMP =17 KW / RACK
Liebert MB – Bus Plugs
 300
                         Flush mounted

                         For dual power strips on single
                         bus use two plugs on Hi-density

  Drop Cord
  with Receptacle
  or Hard Wire
Liebert MB – Installation

Installed High Density in dual A-B bus design
Liebert MB – Installation
                             Elbow used to turn
                             bus and put
                             attachment box
                             behind drop ceiling

Liebert MB – Installation

Dual Bus Design
with A bus front
facing and B bus
rear facing
Emerson Network Power
    --Global Rack PDU Family--

 Knürr DI Strips   Liebert MPH   Liebert MPX
     Basic          Managed       Adaptive
   Rack PDU’s      Rack PDU’s    Rack PDU’s
Emerson Network Power
    --Global Rack PDU Family--

  Aggregate to receptacle monitoring  Load Oversight
  Metering Accuracy +/-1%  Assured Performance
  Max Operating Temp. 55C / 131F  High Density Application
  Controlled Receptacles – NC Relay  Power Persistence
  Branch rated circuit breaker protection  Assured Protection
  Temp./Humid. Sensors (opt.)  Oversee Envir. Conditions
“Traditional” Data Center Thinking
Focuses On Functional Layers

        Emphasis Has Been on Optimization
               Within Each Layer
Optimizing Within a Layer
Creates Information Gaps

    Bridging the Gap is Key to Increasing Total
             Reliability and Efficiency
Virtualization Has Created a
Dynamic Applications Environment
 Previous approach to Computing Today’s approach to Computing
                                      App1    App2    App3   App4   App5    App6
  App1     App2    App3    App4

   IT       IT      IT      IT                 IT         IT         IT
  Infra    Infra   Infra   Infra              Infra      Infra      Infra

   Physical Infrastructure                   Physical Infrastructure
          Dynamic Load on a Static Physical Infrastructure
Exposing A Critical Gap in
Data Center Operations
 No tools today to                              App

  synchronize the        App   App   App   App     App     App      App     App

  virtualization          1     2     3     4       5       6        7       8

  automation with the
  physical layer
 Results in potential
  overloading and                 IT         IT                 IT           IT
                                 Infra      Infra              Infra        Infra
  subsequent outages
 Does not allow                 X
  optimization in                            X
                             Physical Infrastructure
     Dynamic Relationship Between Physical and IT
               Infrastructure is Needed
 Infrastructure Management
                                      Create visibility, access & contol
                                         at the rack & device levels
                                    Secure, ubiquitous access and control
                                               to DC devices

                                    KVM Switch    Serial Console   Service Processor
                                                                       Manager         PDU

                                     Rack Distribution Unit           Network

Flexible Planning and Design of                                                              Modeling, planning, tracking and
   Infratsructure components                                                                      complexity reduction

 Best of breed solutions to          End-To-End Suite Of
 major data center components
                                     Integrated Solutions

                                    Utilize Services for onsite expertise,                       Aperture, AMIE, DS View 3,
                                           solutions assessments                                         Nform, Site Scan
Critical Infrastructure Equipment

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