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Replacing Pella Roto Casment Operator

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                                                        Published 8/19/2011

              Changing or Replacing Your Pella Roto Casement Operator
                                            By Jessica Kinkade

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Tools Needed:
   – Putty knife
   – flat pry bar
   – needle-nosed pliers
   – screwdriver

   1. Open the window.

   2. Using the side latches on the side of the screen, gently remove the screen.

   3. Remove crank handle by loosening the set screw.

   4. Carefully pry off the plastic cover that the crank sits in.

              All About Doors & Windows     |   1901 Cherry St. Kansas City, MO 64108-1714                                                        Published 8/19/2011

   5. Remove the sill cover. This is the piece of wood that is covering the roto operator mechanism. It
      is held in by upward-pointing shank nails, and can be carefully removed using a putty knife and
      a flat pry bar. Carefully ease the knife and pry bar in between the sill and window frame, and
      gently pry upwards. Start at one end of the sill and work across the frame, loosening a little of
      the sill at a time until the whole thing can be removed.

   6. Now the nails must also be removed. You won't be able to easily re-install the sill cover if you
      leave the nails in. The nails are most easily removed with needle-nosed pliers. Bend the nails
      back and forth until they give and slide out.

   7. Remove the existing roto operator. There are four screws holding the main mechanism in place
      on the base of the window frame and three affixing the arm of the operator to the sash (moving
      pane) of the window.

             All About Doors & Windows     |   1901 Cherry St. Kansas City, MO 64108-1714                                                         Published 8/19/2011

   8. Install the new roto operator in the exact same position, using the same number of screws.
      Check to see how the window operates. You may need to adjust the arm piece on the sash by
      loosening the three screws, moving the arm forwards or backwards and re-tightening the

   9. When you are sure that the sash is closing properly, open the window and reinstall the wood sill
      cover. There is a groove in the wood cover that the operator arm should slide into when the
      window is closed. Sill cover should snap tightly into place in the window frame without nails or
      screws, but screws can be inserted in the screen groove for extra restriction if necessary. These
      will be hidden by the screen when it is replaced.

   10. Replace the operator cover by carefully snapping it back in place over the sill cover.

   11. Replace the crank handle by reinstalling the screw.

   12. Replace the screen the same way you took it off. This should cover all, if any, screws used to
       hold the sill cover in place.

             All About Doors & Windows     |   1901 Cherry St. Kansas City, MO 64108-1714                                                              Published 8/19/2011

**NOTE: Pella's operators changed slightly in 1999. The old-style, which was made from 1967-1993
has a different connecting arm than the new-style. The installation process is the same for both, but if
you're switching from old-style to new-style, you may have to adjust the arm and sash screws multiple
times before correctly positioning it.**

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