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Critical Systems Monitoring


									   Critical Systems Monitoring:
Innovative Strategies for Effective
   Infrastructure Management
Emerson Network Power: The global
leader in enabling Business-Critical Continuity

                                                        Emerson Technologies

                                                       Uninterruptible Power
                                                       Power Distribution
                                                       Surge Protection
                                                       Transfer Switching
                                                       DC Power
                                                       Precision Cooling
                                                       High Density Cooling
                                                       Racks
                                                       Rack Monitoring
                                                       Sensors and Controls
                                                       KVM
                                                       Real-Time Monitoring
                                                       Data Center Software

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Emerson Network Power –
An organization with established customers

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Presentation topics

• Emerson Network Power overview
• “Improving Availability, Capacity Management and Energy
  Efficiency Through Integrated Monitoring and Management,”
  Matt Zieg, Manager, Product Marketing, Liebert Monitoring ,
  Emerson Network Power
• Question and Answer session

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  Matt Zieg
  Manager, Product Marketing
  Liebert Monitoring
  Emerson Network Power

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• The growing importance of monitoring and management
• Improving availability by increasing MTBF and decreasing
• Enabling effective capacity management
• Enhancing efficiency to reduce costs
  Top data center issues

                                        Spring            Spring         Spring    Spring    Spring
                                        2010              2009           2008      2007      2006
                                       ranking           ranking        ranking   ranking   ranking
Adequate monitoring /
data center management                    1                    3          4         6         4
Heat density (cooling)                    2                    1          1         1         1

Availability (uptime)                     3                    4          3         4         5

Energy efficiency                         4                    2          5         3         7

Power density                             5                    5          2         2         3

  Source:   Data Center Users’ Group      6                    6          6         5         2

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Today’s data center

• Businesses use IT as a source
  of competitive advantage
• IT demand outpacing supply
• High density zones of 10 kW or
  more per rack
• “Right sized” spaces
• Higher turns of technology
• Need for higher IT utilization leading to virtualization and cloud
  computing initiatives
• Higher consideration for efficiency
• Pressure to react to business and IT needs while maintaining

                           © 2010 Emerson Network Power
   Pressures driving the need for improved
   planning and decision-making
                                                                                              External forces
                                                            Geographic                         changing the
                                                                                             business climate
                                                          New technologies:
                                                          virtualization, cloud
                    Interdependent applications
                    and functions


             Reduced costs
             and staff
                                                                               Efficiency and
                                                                               green initiatives
                    Higher densities
  Business and                                                      Higher end-user
technology forces                                                   demand
 pressing on the
   data center

                                         © 2010 Emerson Network Power
 What is infrastructure management?

  An integrated set of tools, products and services that help data center
  managers manage change and complexity while controlling cost and
                         optimizing performance.

  Data Center
     Services            Assessment Services                 Remote Management

  Management                                                     System management,
     Software                                                        planning, process

    Monitoring                                               Data acquisition, trending,
     Software                                                  and alarm management

Communication                                                  Sensors
   and Sensor

  Data Center                      Critical                            IT
 Infrastructure                Infrastructure                    Infrastructure
                              © 2010 Emerson Network Power
Data collection is critical to infrastructure

•   UPS
•   Battery system
•   Cooling
•   Leak detection
•   Backup generator
•   Surge protection
•   Switchgear
•   Pumps and chillers
•   Power distribution / branch

                            © 2010 Emerson Network Power
Assessments provide a baseline and
identify areas for improvement

• Identifies site-specific requirements
• Identifies unwanted hot spots which
  degrade equipment and data
• Reduces operating costs and the
  likelihood of equipment failure and
• Facilitates data center capacity
• Provides actionable information

                          © 2010 Emerson Network Power
Assessment case study


• Computer networking organization
• Data center
   – 9,300 sq. ft.
   – More than 3 MVA power
   – Mixed-use building
• 73% space savings                                       After:
   – Added new high density cooling
   – Added variable speed fans in air                         Partition
• 18% energy savings                                      High-Density

                           © 2010 Emerson Network Power
         Improving Availability by
Increasing Mean Time Between Failure and
     Decreasing Mean Time To Repair

              © 2010 Emerson Network Power
Decreasing mean time to repair and
increasing mean time between failure

         Break-fix, non-performance-based monitoring
    Up                Down     Up                            Down

            React!    Repair                      React!            Repair

                      Proactive monitoring
    Up                Down     Up                            Down

                                                            Performance Degradation
   Proactive Action      Planned Repair
                                                                   and Repair

                             © 2010 Emerson Network Power
  Alarm and event management
Generator Operation

Power Distribution

UPS System

                      © 2010 Emerson Network Power
Trending to protect availability

• Detect changes in systems
• Data on pre-alarm conditions
  help identify the cause of the
  problem, not just the symptom

                         © 2010 Emerson Network Power
Monitoring to document ROI and increase uptime

• Reduce hot spots
• Branch circuit protection
• Staff efficiency
• Proactive vs. reactive
• Failure prediction
• Planned work vs.                                       rapid
• All resulting in: increased uptime

                          © 2010 Emerson Network Power
Langan Engineering and Environmental Services

• Environmental engineering firm
  Elmwood Park, NJ
• Area susceptible to sags and
• Remote monitoring alerts IT staff
  to disruptions 24/7/365

                          © 2010 Emerson Network Power
Enabling Effective Capacity Management

              © 2010 Emerson Network Power
Anticipating capacity needs

• Server procurement takes
  only a few weeks
• UPS and precision cooling
  procurement and deployment
  can take six months or more
• Trending helps to predict
  capacity needs and prevents
  infrastructure from inhibiting

                          © 2010 Emerson Network Power
Trending to anticipate growth

                    © 2010 Emerson Network Power
Thoughtful power design

• Strategic deployment of power system
• Prevent stranded capacity

                        © 2010 Emerson Network Power
Benefits of improved capacity management

• Improve resource utilization
• Extend the life of existing
• Delay capital expenditure
• Shut down unnecessary units
• Deploy additional servers
  within a rack, taking
  advantage of the efficiencies
  of high density

                         © 2010 Emerson Network Power
Enhancing Efficiency to Reduce Costs

             © 2010 Emerson Network Power
Data center energy consumption model
5,000 sq. ft. data center

                            © 2010 Emerson Network Power
Measuring PUE

                © 2010 Emerson Network Power
Using monitoring tools to improve efficiency

                                                        Integrated Control Solution
• Cooling
   – Share data to team                                         Fan Speed
                                                              Control Sensors
     multiple units
   – Manage compressor load,


     dehumidification and
• Power

   – UPS and PDU
     optimization, management
     and control
                                                             Unit Control Sensor

                         © 2010 Emerson Network Power
Controlling cooling infrastructure to
match room conditions

• Fan speed follows return air temperature
• Energy savings based on a single 10HP motor
• Savings based on a 10 cent cost per KWh

    100%        100%            8.1KWh                 0% ($0 / yr)
    90%         90%             5.9KWh                 27% ($1,931/ yr)
    80%         80%             4.2KWh                 48% ($3,477 / yr)
    70%         70%             2.8KWh                 66% ($4,682 / yr)
    60%         <60%            1.8KWh                 78% ($5,587 / yr)

                        © 2010 Emerson Network Power
      Too much / not enough air flow

Variable Fan Speed

                                                           Not Enough Flow = Hotspots


    Too Much Flow = Waste of Energy                                                     A
                                          Variable Fan Speed



                                  © 2010 Emerson Network Power
Even distribution of air flow

                                                     Fan Speed
                                                   Control Sensor

                                                                    75-80 F

    Variable Fan Speed

                                                                    72-75 F

                                                                    70-72 F

            Temperature Control

                                  © 2010 Emerson Network Power
Fluctuating loads requires constant management of
data center capacities

                                                              Server Utilization in
• Even in a virtualized                     100             Virtualized Environment
  environment, data center
  utilization remains below 25%
  for large parts of a day
• Leveraging UPS intelligence
  can increase efficiency while
  maintaining availability
                                                  0                     12                     24h
                                                          Source: McKinsey & Company
                                                   “Revolutionizing Data Center Efficiency,” 2008

                         © 2010 Emerson Network Power
Intelligent paralleling allows for
“automatic phase in” of capacity

      % Load

     3 Units @ 25% Load Each = 90% Efficiency
      % Load

     2 Units @ 38% Load = 92% Efficiency

                        © 2010 Emerson Network Power

• Monitoring and infrastructure management tools and
  strategies enable organizations to achieve key business
   – Improving availability
   – Improving capacity management
   – Improving energy efficiency

                         © 2010 Emerson Network Power

             Matt Zieg,
             Manager, Product Marketing
             Liebert Infrastructure
             Management and Monitoring
             Emerson Network Power

      © 2010 Emerson Network Power
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