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                                                               Grade Scale

                                                                    100-99        A+
                                                                     98-94        A
                                                                     93-90        A-
                                                                     89-87        B+
                                                                     86-84        B
                                                                     83-80        B-
                                                                     79-77        C+
                                                                     76-74        C
                                                                     73-70        C-
                                                                     69-67        D+
                                                                     66-64        D
                                                                     63-60        D-
                                                              59.9 & below        F
                                                               Satisfactory       S
                                                        Needs Improvement         N
                                                                Incomplete        I

                                                           Yearly Recognitions

                                                          (for high school students)

In-class recognitions will be m ade on t he last day of school. T he students with both semester averages of at least 3.25 receive B Honor
Society recognition. Any student with both semester averages of at least 3.75 receives A Honor Society recognition. Any student with a
grade lower than a C in any subject is ineligible for honor roll. An Honor Society key chain is given to each student achieving this honor.

American A ssociation of Christian S chools al lows O pen Door Christian A cademy t o r ecognize s tudents as m embers of t he American
Christian Honor Society. Criteria for this is that students will be in good standing with the school, to have outstanding Christian character,
and to have maintained a GPA of 3.75 for the school year. Certificates are presented to these honor students.

Other recognitions from the Columbia River Soccer League, the Valley 10 League, and t he Casco District 1 League ar e presented to the
upper classmen. Juniors maintaining a 3.25 GPA for five semesters and having earned a letter in a varsity sport are recognized as Scholar
Athletes and are presented with a certificate. Seniors maintaining a 3.25 GPA for seven semesters and having earned a letter in a varsity
sport are recognized as Scholar Athletes and are presented with a certificate.

The Oregon School Activities Association recognizes Seniors who have achieved a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or better for eight semesters
and earned a letter in a varsity sport. These students are presented with the Scholar Athlete Award.
                                    Graduation Requirements
          COURSES                   GRADE                        SUBJECTS                 CREDITS
                          Math          9th      Algebra 1                                       1
              (4 years required)       10th      Algebra 2                                       1
                                       11th      Geometry                                        1
                                       12th      Pre-Calculus                                    1
                                       12th      Consumer Math                                   1
                Social Studies         10th      World History                                   1
                                       11th      American History                                1
                                       12th      Government / Economics                          1
                        English         9th      English 1 / Fundamentals of Literature          1
                                       10th      English 2 / World Literature                    1
                                       11th      English 3 / American Literature                 1
                                       12th      English 4 / English Literature                  1
                        Science         9th      Physical Science                                1
                                       10th      Biology                                         1
                                       11th      Chemistry                                       1
                                       12th      Physics                                         1
           Physical Education       9th & 10th   P.E.                                            1
                                    9th & 10th   Health                                          1
            Foreign Language           11th      Spanish 1                                       1
                                       12th      Spanish 2                                       1
                            Bible       9th      Old Testament Survey                            1
(1 credit per year for 4 years)        10th      New Testament Survey                            1
                                       11th      Bible Doctrines                                 1
                                       12th      World View / Bible Study Methods                1
             Career Education          11th                                                     .5
                       Speech          11th                                                      1
                     Computer           9th      Computer 1                                      1
                         Music          9th      Music Essentials                               .5
             Christian Service      9th – 12th   (3 of 4 years, .5 credit per year)            1.5
        (offered occasionally)       10th-12th   Computer 2, 3                                   1

Regular attendance is essential to successful class work. If in the opinion of the administration, absences become
excessive and unnecessary, parents will be asked to correct the problem, so as not to inhibit the student’s progress,
or to withdraw the child from school. Any high school student who misses more than

                                           12 days for a 5-day a week class

                                           10 days for a 4-day a week class

                                           8 days for a 3-day a week class

                                           6 days for a 2-day a week class

                                           4 days for a 1-day a week class

in the semester will receive an incomplete and will have to make up the credit at a later time in order to
graduate. Students should not look at these days as “cuts” or days that may be missed for personal enjoyment. The
generosity shown in the number of absences allowed should only pertain to unusual and rare situations of a
prolonged illness or emergency. Students that have a casual attitude about attendance not only hurt themselves
academically but also create more work for the teachers and slow down the overall progress of the class.

Senior “skip day” has never been a sanctioned tradition at Open Door Christian Academy. The school is very
generous in allowing seniors time out of class for senior pictures and for their senior trip, therefore any additional
unauthorized time out of the classroom would be unacceptable. If in spite of our policy a senior chooses to
participate in a “skip day”, they will receive a zero for the day on all assignments and/or tests even if they have a note
from home excusing their absence. Hopefully seniors and parent will work with us in discouraging senior “skip day.”

Open Door Christian Academy operates on a “closed campus” principle. Except for juniors and seniors who may go
to lunch off campus if they have parental approval, no one is to leave school property during school hours
without permission from their parents and the principal or his delegated appointee. Off campus lunch
privileges may be revoked if students are not back in class on time or if the privilege is in other ways abused. Any
student who leaves without permission will be considered truant and will be dealt with accordingly.

Because ODCA is a “closed campus” and our facility space is very limited, we discourage students inviting guests to
visit for the day. Please contact the school office to prearrange for friends to visit in special circumstances. Non
ODCA students may come to chapel from 12:45 to 1:30 PM but must check in at the office. They are not to come to
lunch or other classes, and they are expected to abide by the school’s dress code during their visit.

A student who has been absent from school or from a class should report to class. For the absence to be excused, a
note, phone call, or e-mail from the parents will need to be received by the school office within two days. After two
days, a detention will be issued for the unexcused absence.

Students late to school (after 8:25 a.m. for high school; 8:30 a.m. for jr. high) should go straight to class. For the
tardy to be excused, a note, phone call, or e-mail from the parents to the school office must be received within two
days. After two days, a detention will be issued for the unexcused tardy. For high school students, three tardies to
class in a quarter will result in a detention and for each tardy thereafter.
Early Dismissals
Students needing to be dismissed early for any reason must bring a written note (or a phone call) from their parents
the day they are to be dismissed. If a junior or senior does not return from lunch, the parents should phone the
school that same day to confirm to the office that they are aware the student is not returning to school. The student
must not leave the school without notifying the office even if they do not have a note.

Sports Program
                 To participate in the sports program of ODCA, a student must observe the following:

                       Having no more than one failing average (59.9 or below) in his/her classes at
                        any time.
                       Having good Christian character both on and off the court/field/track.
                       Having a good attendance record in all classes.
                       Keeping a current school sports physical exam on file in the school office.
                        (required every two years for high school athletes)

If by game/meet/match day, a s tudent has three detentions or more in one week (served or unserved) that student
will be suspended for one game/meet/match.

If a student is absent from school all day because of illness, he/she cannot participate in the game/meet that day. A
student must be present in school for at least three academic periods (that does not include lunch, chapel, and P.E.)
in or der t o play i n t he gam e or par ticipate i n t he m eet t hat day . F or M onday games/meets, a s tudent s hould be
present for at least two academic periods. Junior high and elementary students need to be in class for at least one-
half of the day.
Other Guidelines

Articles Prohibited
Cigarettes, al coholic bev erages, narcotics, k nives, guns, ex plosives/fireworks of a ny k ind, l ighters, r adios,
CD/iPod/Mp-3 pl ayers, a nd m agazines and bo oks i nconsistent w ith s tandards of goo d C hristian l iterature a re no t
permitted o n s chool pr operty or at s chool activities. Students m ay not c hew gum w hile a t s chool a nd on school
premises. S ports team members are not allowed to listen to Mp-3/iPod devices during practices/games/or school
sanctioned events.

Church Attendance
Students are r equired t o f aithfully at tend a nd b e ac tively i nvolved i n t he s ervices of a l ocal, B ible-believing, Ne w
Testament church. T he school and the church are inseparable in their ministries. W ith the consistent cooperation
and support of the church, the school and the home are essential for the full development of Christian character in
the student. Only students coming from homes where church attendance is a priority and where all three institutions
are in agreement will be considered for enrollment. Any student that will not be actively involved in the church is
forfeiting a vital part of his or her Christian education and may be asked to withdraw.
Disciplinary Guidelines

     Enforcing rules of a discipline code can often be a difficult and thankless job. O.D.C.A. assumes that
the parents and students have chosen our school because they like what they see and want the results that
discipline brings. We also assume, therefore, that the administration has the complete trust and confidence
of the parents and students to carry out the necessary discipline to achieve high quality in a Christian
school. The administration, therefore, will strive to do what we think is best for both the individual student
and the student body according to biblical principle and spiritual discernment.

     Open Door Christian Academy is not a corrective institution. Consequently, students cannot be
enrolled with the idea that we can reform those with behavior problems. Only students who want to be in
our school and who show consistent Christ-like behavior are enrolled.

     Believing that discipline is necessary for the student as well as the entire school, regulations are
established and enforced in accordance with the Christian principles as set forth in the Scriptures. To
achieve effective results, full cooperation from both students and parents is expected. Parents are
encouraged to consult with the school about any matter that concerns the welfare of the student.

     Please recognize that the school has reasons for all rules, and every effort is made for these rules to
be enforced without partiality. Please support the administration and call the appropriate individual in the
school for the facts if you have a question. Realize that children often report information with an emotional
bias and may not have all the facts to give proper perspective. Please give the school the benefit of the
doubt that we love these students and are doing what we perceive to be best for them and the school.

     At O.D.C.A, discipline is maintained with a firm, consistent manner and is tempered with love. Our staff
maintains standards of behavior through kindness, love, and a genuine regard for the students; however,
when disciplinary action becomes necessary, it must be carried out in the context of good judgment and
understanding. Students are reminded that the Lord Jesus Christ holds us to very high standards, and that
discipline is a part of the Christian life (Heb. 12:5-11).

     O.D.C.A. expects that its students live above reproach, showing respect to God, country, family,
faculty, and fellow students. Constructive suggestions are always welcomed, but a bad attitude that
manifests itself with constant griping and murmuring will not be allowed.

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