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									                                                                                                       2011 Conferences
                                                                                                                Target   2011 Cost (exhibit                        Estimate                                               2011
               National                                                                                         Programs space & registration                      and                                                    Activity       Activity
   Portfolio   Organizations:      Date:                   Venue:       Website:             Audience:          :        fees):                       Ad:          Actuals  Activity Notes:                               Status        Type

               Global                                                                        global                                                                           Note on 05/06/11 already missed the
               Infrastructure                                           http://www.cg-       infrastructure                                                                   2011 conference. Plan to look into
 1 IME         Leadership Forum    January 19 - 21, 2011                la.com/global2       executives         IME                                                           for 2012.                           No Activity           none

               Massachusetts                                             ption=com_cont                                                                                       Is there time for reception? No, there
               Municipal                                                 ent&task=sectio Local                                                                                are conference receptions each night
               Association Annual                       Boston, MA       n&id=15&Itemid Government                                                                            and scheduled breakfasts in the
 2 S&L         Conference         January 21 & 22, 2011 (Hynes)                     =221 Officials              S&L, ESD     Booth = $2000                                    morning. Will not be attending.             No Activity   none
                                                                                                                                                                              For 2012 - Book program ad to
                                                                     http://www.cof.o                                                                                         incorporate ESD and NP portfolio. Not
               2011 Family                                           rg/events/confer                                                                                         necessary to attend every year. Get         Attended +
               Philanthropy                                          ences/2011fam/i Family                                                                                   booth occasionally to build                 full page ad in
 3 Nonprofit   Conference              January 23, 2011 New York, NY         ndex.cfm foundations               Nonprofit    $1225 - Registration                             awareness.                                  program book Attend | Ad
                                                                     http://www.wefo business and
               World Economic                            Davos,       rum.org/en/inde government                Global,      No opportunity to                                Jane provided a list of HKS
 4 Global      Forum               January 26 - 30, 2011 Switzerland            x.htm executives                ESD          attend or exhibit                                representatives who attended.               No Activity   none
                                                                                                                                                      1/2 page in
               Rhode Island                                                                                                                           brochure with
               League of Cities                                         http://www.rilea Local                  Hassenfeld                            booth                   For 2012 - Book program ad. Chris N. Jen G. and
               and Towns                                Providence,     gue.org/site/ann Government             for S&L,                              number =                has booked booth for 2012. Good to Jasleen
 5 ESD/S&L     Convention              January 27, 2011 RI                ual/index.html Officials              DGP, CCS $990=booth                   $400          $396.00   send two people to this event.       attended             Attend

                                                                                             Those looking to
               2011 Global                                              http://www.rego      form
               Corporate                                                nline.com/Checki     partnerships                                                                     Jane attended. 2010 feedback -
               Citizenship                                              n.asp?EventId=8      with gov, ngos,                                                                  Good networking event for SMPD, not
 6 SMPD        Conference              February 2, 2011                 66114                corporations.                                                                    a recruitment event.                 Jane attended Attend
                                                                                                                                                                              Stephanie sent info to Jane. 700
                                                                                                                             $529 - Registration                              attendees. No affordable sponsorship
               Washington                                               http://www.nonp                                      $15-$35 - Netwokring                             opportunities. Very Corporate event.
               NonProfit                                Washington,     rofitfederation.or                                   Event                                            Our list vendor has access to the
 7 Nonprofit   Conference          February 17-18, 2011 D.C                   g/node/157 Nonprofit              Nonprofit    (nonprofit+commercial)                           attendee list.                       No Activity   none
                                                                                           Health and           LiC, NPLI,
               Public Health                                                               Emergency            PMNO,
               Preparedness                                             http://www.phpr Management              SMREA,                                                        Sent 2500 LiC one pagers for bag
 8 ESD         Summit              February 22-25, 2011 Atlanta, GA     ep.org/index.cfm professionals          Online       $1095=Booth                                      insert. Will try to get participant list.   Bag Insert    Bag Insert

                                                                                                                 Ad Space
                                                                                                                 $125.00 - Full Page Ad
                                                                                                      Athens     $75.00 - half page ad
                                                                                                      NGO,       $50.00 - 1/3 page ad
               2011 NGO Global                                          http://www.ngoc               W&P, ESD, $25.00 - Listing Only,
               Forum for Women:      February 22 - March United         sw.org/en/event               LID,       organization name with                                       We will look in to for 2012. We will
 9 Global      Beijing +15                       4, 2011 Nations, NY       s/2010-forum Women in NGOs FIPED, PTP slogan in B&W                                                plan to do an ad.                           No Activity   none

                                                                                                                                                                              Jane will be contacting Dutch about a
                                                                                                                                                                              ticket to the Social Enterprise
                                                                                                                                                                              Conference. If she is unable to get a
                                                                                                                                                                              ticket for Saturday, Chris N. will
                                                                                                                                                                              purchase her a ticket for Sunday’s
                                                                                                                                                                              events. We were told to contact them
                                                                         http://socialente                                   $110 - General                                   in late October/early November
               Social Enterprise                           Cambridge,   rpriseconference.                                    Practitioners                                    regarding advertising. They sold out
10 I&E         Conference                  March 5-6, 2011 MA                         org/                      Nonprofit    $80 - Alumni & Faculty                           super early.                          Attended            Attend

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        1 of 17
                                                                                        Federal, State,
               American Society                                                         and local
               for Public                                                               government                                                                            Degree Programs has attended this
               Administration                                          http://www.aspa officials - 1000+                                                                      event in the past. Should look in to
               Annual (ASPA)                                           net.org/2011conf Large academic                                               Full page =              bookin an ad. It is not necessary to
11 All         Conference              March 11-15, 2011 Baltimore, MD          erence/ presence         All              Exhibit Booth = $1225      $1315                    attend.                                 No Activity   none

               National                                                    aweb.org/index.
               Emergency                                                  php?option=com
               Management                                                 _content&view=
               Association Mid                           Alexandria,      article&id=97&It Homeland             Esd,                                                          Sent ESD brochures to be displayed      Sent          Brochure
12 ESD         Year Conference         March 21-25, 2011 VA                      emid=209 Security              Comtax                                                        (complimentary).                        Brochures     Display
                                                                                                                          Registration = $250
                                                                          http://www.rego      Higher                     before March 1st
               2011 NEA Higher                                            nline.com/Regist     Education                                                                      Chris N. registered Terry for the
               Education                                 Boston, MA       er/Checkin.aspx?     Faculty and                Registration =$300                                  conference. This pass can be shared.
13 Skills      Conference              March 25-27, 2011 (Park Plaza)     EventID=881937       Staff            CLHE      after March 1st                                     REMOVE FOR 2012.                        Attended      Attend

                                                                           oms/taxation/ge                                                                                   Horace will not attend this year. Chris
                                                                          n_info/tax_confe Policy makers,                 No registration fee :                    Estimated sent out ComTax brochures to be
                                                         Brussels,          rences/tax_foru experts,            ComTax,   Registration Deadline is                 Cost      displayed at no cost. Have attendee Sent               Brochure
14 ComTax      Brussels Tax Forum    March 28 - 29, 2011 Belgium           m/index_en.htm stakeholders          Global    March 18, 2011                           $2800     list, it contains email addresses.      Brochures      Display

                                                                                                                                                                              Donna and Christie were not able to
                                                                                                                                                                              get on the agenda and don't see that
                                                                                                                                                                              as an option in the future. They will
                                                                                               SES - GS-15 or                                                                 continue to build a relationship with
                                                                                               above, and                                                                     this organization. Christie McQueen
               Executive Women                                                                 presidential               Registration before                                 and Erica Lane attended. Not a great
               in Government                                              http://www.exec      appointees                 2/15/2011 = $250                                    event, but would be good to maintain
               Annual Summit and                                          womeningov.org       (Women),                                                                       presence in the future and attend,
               Training                                  Washington,          /events-and-     women moving     W&P, ESD, Registration after                                  but we were not allowed to display
15 All         Conference                 March 29, 2011 D.C                   activities/72   into SES         Federal   2/15/2011 = $350                                    brochures.                            Attended        Attend

               Tax Conference on                                          ud.info/conferen                                                                                    Inquired about
               Double Tax                                                  ces/double-tax-                                                                                    sponsorship/participation, but it was
               Treaties in Latin                                          treaties-current-                                                                                   out of our price range. No response
               America - March      March 31, 2011 - April Sao Paulo,     developments-in-Young Tax                                                                           when asked about displaying
16 ComTax      2011                              1, 2011 Brazil            latin-america/# Lawyers              ComTax    Registration = $1050                                brochures. Try again next year.         No Activity   none

                                                                                                                                                                              No affordable sponsorship
                                                                                                                                                                              opportunities available. Appears to be
                                                                                                                                                                              a very profit centric event. John
                                                                                           Federal HR                                                                         Williams attended. Costs will be
                                                                                           Professionals                                                                      covered by the Federal budget. Less
               Annual HR and EEO                                          http://www.fedh and                             Booth = $4095                                       expensive registration options are
               in the Federal                              Washington,     rconferences.co employment law Federal,        Registration = $1445       Full Page =              available. John recommends
17 Federal     Workplace                   April 4-6, 2011 D.C                         m/ practitioners   ESD                                        $2995                    attendance in the future.              Attended       Attend

                                                                                                                                                                              Must be a member of Regulatory
                                                                                           global                                                                             Affairs Professionals Society. Yearly
                                                                          http://www.raps. regulators,                                                                        membership is $185. We are already
               Regulatory Affairs                                         org/PersonifyEbu leaders,                                                                           a member of the Regulatory Affairs
               Professionals                               Vancouver,     siness/Default.asthinkers and         SMREA,                                                        Professionals Society. Look into ads
18 SMREA       Society                     April 7-8, 2011 Canada          px?TabId=1785   innovators           ESD       Registration= $915                                  or other participation in 2012.       No Activity     none
               APA's 2011                                                                  officials
               National Planning                                          http://www.plan interested in                   Registration = $995                                 Exhibiting application need to be
               Association                                Boston, MA      ning.org/confere community                      Booth = $2500 (10x10                                submitted by March 7th. Look at
19             Conference                April 9-12, 2011 (Hynes)                     nce/ planning                       space)                                              having presence for 2012.               No Activity   none

                                                                                                                          Booth = $3,000                                      Booth has been reserved and ad will
                                                                                                                          Attendee badge lanyard                              be printed in the program booklet.
                                                                                                                          = $2,500                                            Jane and Terry will be attending. LCD
                                                                          http://www.cof.o                      PMNO,     Bag Insert = $1,500                                 display used to show attendees online
               Council on                                                 rg/events/confer                      Online,   Full page ad = $1,000 Complimentar                  programs. This was very successful
               Foundations Annual                         Philadelphia,   ences/2011Annu                        ESD,      1/2 page ad = $500     y ad with                    and Terry has provided feedback and Exhibit + 2
20 Nonprofit   Conference               April 10-12, 2011 PA                   al/index.cfm Nonprofit           Athens                           Exhibit                      future suggestions.                   staff           Attend

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    2 of 17
                                                                     utm_medium=pr          Senior Level
               Women's                                               omo5&utm_cam           Executives -                                                           Keep an eye on it for 2012 and due to
               Leadership                                            paign=WomensL          120 attendees is                                                       the exclusive audience, it may be
21 All         Conference             April 12-13, 2011 New York, NY eadership_2011         2010                            Registration = $2500                   worth the price at some point.        No Activity       none
               Nati'l Conf on
               Corporate                                                                                                                                           Jane is establishing a relationship
               Community                                Philadelphia,   www.uschamber. Community                                                                   with this organization. She is
22 ESD         Investment             April 12-14, 2011 PA               com/bclc/events Investors             ESD          Registration = $750.00                 attending.                                Attended      Attend

               2011 National
               Association of                                           http://www.com Community
               Planning Councils                        Alexandria,     munityplanning.o Planning                                                                  No one attended in 2011 - Keep an
23 Nonprofit   Conference             April 15-17, 2011 VA                           rg/ Practitioners         S&L, ESD                                            eye on it for 2012.                       No Activity   none
                                                                                                                                                                   Bag insert was reserved and sent.
                                                                        http://www.nfbp                                                              1/2           Degree programs is holding a
               National Forum for                                       a.org/i4a/pages/i                                                            page=$2000,   reception. Stephanie received
               Black Public                                             ndex.cfm?pageid Black Public                        Registration = $723      1/4           confirmation of this too late to send
24 All         Administrators         April 16-20, 2011 Chicago, IL                =3451 Administrators.       All          Bag insert = $300        page=$1000    staff.                                    Bag Insert    Bag Insert
                                                                                          African                           Not sure - How much                    Good Event, Mahlet was given
               African America                                                            American                          was the registration                   complimentary table to display
               Fed Exec Training                        Newport          http://www.aafe Government                         (refer to Christie and                 brochures in 2010. Christie and
25 Federal     Workshop               April 18-20, 2011 News, VA                   a.org/ Officials            Federal      Leticia)                               Leticia attended.                         Attended      Attend

                                                                                                                            Registration = $1295
                                                                                                                            Booth = $600                           Christie is working with this
                                                                                                                            Back Cover Ad = $1000                  organization. Chris N. booked the
               Training Officers                                        http://www.train                                    Full Page Ad = $550                    booth. Christie will attend. David King
               Conference Annual                                        ingofficers.org/in                   Federal,       1/2 page Ad = $310    Full Page        will attend the Monthly Luncheon on       Exhibit + 1
26 Federal     Consortium                May 1-4, 2011 Hershey, PA            stitute.html Training Officers ESD            1/4 page Ad = $220    $550             March 8th.                                staff         Attend
                                                                                                                                                                   Stephanie inquired about bag
               AEO (Association                                          http://www.aeo                                     Exhibit = $1000                        stuffer/displaying brochures, but
               for Enterprise                                           works.org/index. nonprofits,                        (includes 2                            nothing less than $1000 level sponsor
               Opportunity)                            Washington,      php/site/page/sa microenterprise,                   registrations)                         is available. Program ads only
27 FIPED       National Summit           May 2-4, 2011 D.C                   ve_the_date 700 attendees    FIPED             Registration = $650                    available for sponsors.                   No Activity   none
                                                                                                                                                                   No exhibiting opportunities.
               Chicago                                                  http://chicagomi practitioners,                                                            Sponsorhips levels exceed $1,000. No
               Microfinance                                             crofinance.com/i academics,                                                                individual program ad space is
28 FIPED       Conference                  May 6, 2011 Chicago, IL      ndex.shtml       industry leaders FIPED             Registration = $75                     available.                                No Activity   none

                                                                                            cials, Corporate
               International Crisis                                     http://www.icrco    Communicators,
               & Risk                                                    mmunication.co     Government
               Communication                                            m/registration.ht   Affairs                         Registration = $345                    Chris N. sent an email on 4.1.2011 to
29 Online      Conference             May 10-11, 2011 Orlando, FL                     ml    Professionals    S&L, ESD       Exhibiting = $1750                     request pricing for exhibiting.       No Activity       none
               Stanford Social                                                              nonprofit
               Innovation                                               http://www.gsb.     leaders,
               Responsible Supply      Dates TBD as of                  stanford.edu/ser    policymakers,                                                          How many attendees? No 2011
30 Nonprofit   Chain Conference                4.11.11                                 /    academics                                                              information posted 6.17.11                No Activity   none

                                                                                                                                                                   Malcolm Sparrow typically speaks at
                                                                                                                                                                   this event, but he did not attend in
                                                                        http://www.healt                                                                           2010. Previously Health and Safety
                                                                        handsafetyontari                                                                           Canada. Revamped org structure.
                                                      Mississauga,      o.ca/bundles/con                       NPLI, LiC,                                          More workplace focused, may not be
               Partners in                            Ontario,          ference2011/ind Health and             ESD,         Exhibits = Free                        as relevant.
31 ESD         Prevention 2011        May 17-18, 2011 Canada            ex.asp           Safety Officials      SMREA        Registration = $590                    Malcolm is not attending in 2011.         No Activity   none

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           3 of 17
                                        Not holding annual                                                                                                      Ran a full page ad in 2010. Connect
                                         conference, rather                                                                                                     with Latino Caucus Fellowship.
                                           they are holding                                                                                                     Participate in some way. Terry will
                                           regional one day                                                                                                     try again to get in touch with contacts
                                      workshops in CA, FL,              http://ihnonline.                                                                       there for information. Email was
               International          TX and AZ - no dates              org/calendardeta Hispanic Local                                                         submitted on 4.18.2011 to find out
               Hispanic Network      have been finalized for            il.asp?id=2147& Government                                             Full page =      when the other regional workshops
32 All         Conference                        workshops              pageno=1          Officials                                            $500             are being held.                         No Activity   none

                                                                                                                                                                In 2010, SMREA brochures pdf
                                                                                                                                                                included on each flash drive that was
                                                                                                                                               Flash drive      distributed to attendees. Do this
                                                                                                                                               PDF = $300.      again in 2011. Donna is working to
                                                                        http://www.insp     Inspectors                                         (We should       get on agenda. Should attend this or
               Association of                                           ectorsgeneral.or    general and     ESD,                               try to do this   Fall conference, not both. Can do ad
               Inspectors General                                       g/mc/page.do?si     professional    Federal,                           again in         at other event. John Willliams          Exhibit + 1
33 Federal     Spring Conference          May 18-20, 2011 Chicago, IL   tePageId=50853      staff           S&L        Registration = $375     2011)            attended and exhibited.                 staff         Attend
                                                                                                                       Registration = $180 for
                                                                                                                       symposium only
               National Tax                                                                                            $205 for Symposium
               Association Spring                                                       180 Federal,                   and State/Local Tax
               Symposium/Americ                                        http://www.ntan State and Local                 program                                  Horace attended and brought back
               an Tax Policy                              Washington, et.org/events.ht Tax                  ComTax,    Lowest sponsorship =                     attendee list to be used in ComTax
34 ComTax      Institute                  May 19-20, 2011 D.C          ml               Professionals       ESD        $1500                   N/A              marketing.                              Attended      Attend
                                                                                        investment                                                              Lowest cost sponsorship option was
                                                                                        vehicles,                                                               $3500 in 2010. Should pull list of
                                                                                        microfinance                                                            speakers from website. Possible to do
               Global Microfinance                                     http://www.micr institutions and                                                         reception? Stephanie contacted Jay
               Investment                                              ofinancecongress industry            FIPED,                                              Rosengard, he is not attending nor
35 FIPED       Congress 2011              May 25-26, 2011 New York, NY .com/            stakeholders        ESD        Registration = $1800                     are other faculty.                    No Activity     none
                                                                                         corporate and
                                                                                         foundations -
                                                                                         grant makers -
                                                                                         Public grant-
                                                                                         charities,                                                             NEW FOR 2011. No exhibiting
                                                                                         National and                                                           opportunities and only members of
                                                                                         regional                                                               the EFC can have access to the
                                                                                         foundations and                                                        delegates list prior to the conference.
                                                                        http://www.efc.b corporate                                                              2012 Conference will be held in
               European                                                 e/AgaConference funders. 1,000 Online,                                 No               Belfast. Even though we will not be
               Foundation Center                          Cascais,      /Pages/AGAandC people attended PMNO,                                   Advertising      attending - please keep on the list for
36 Nonprofit   Week                       May 26-28, 2011 Portugal      onference.aspx   in 2010.        ESD           Registration = $2,050   Opportunities    2012.                                   No Activity   none

                                                                                            current LILA
                                                                                            Chair members:
                                                                                            twenty Chief
                                                                                            tion officers
                                                                                            from global
                                                                                            such as 3M,
                                                                                            Boeing, Cisco,
               Harvard's 5th                                            http://www.even     Johnson&Johnso
               Annual Learning                                          ts.harvard.edu/p    n, McKinsey,
               Innovation                                               rofile/form/index   Novartis, the US                                                    Brought to our attention by Jenn
               Laboratory (LILA)                           Cambridge,   .cfm?PKformID=      Army, and WL                                                        Lerner. Rebecca attended and
37 ESD         Summit                         June 2, 2011 MA           0x544178107         Gore.            LDM                                                brought brochures.                      Attended      Attend

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      4 of 17
                                                                                                                                            $1200 or
                                                                                                                                            e provides
               14th Annual                                                                                                                  housing on
               Emergency                                                                           LIC, CLHE,                               a first      Possible faculty
               Management                                          http://www.train                NPLI and                                 come first   presence/presentation? Horace will
               Higher Education                      Emmitsburg,   ing.fema.gov/em                 potentially                              served       attend, Chris N. has booked a 1/2
38 Skills      Conference             June 6-9, 2011 MD            iweb/edu/        400-500 people SMREA       Exhibiting is free           basis)       table for display/brochures.             Attended      Attend

                                                                                                                                                         Smallest Sponsorship opportunity is
               Aid and                                                              High level                                                           available for $1500 (small table top
               International                                                        officials for                                                        for brochure display). Another option
               Development                           Washington,   http://www.aidfo Humanitarian     LiC, NP                                             that is available is a booth for $3000.
39 Nonprofit   Forum                 June 8-9, 20011 D.C           rumonline.org/   organizations    portfolio    Registration = free                    Jane attending.                         Attended       Attend

                                                                                                                  Registration fees:
                                                                                                                  Individual Conference
                                                                                                                  $295.00, Individual
                                                                                                                  Banquet $175.00, Ind.
                                                                                                                  &Conference $470.00,
                                                                                                                  Banquet table of 10
               Asian American                                                                                     $1750.00
               Government                                                          Federal                        Exhibit opportunities
               Executives Annual                     Arlington,    http://www.aage Government        Federal,     call (703)416-4100 for                 Donna and Horace attended banquet
40 Federal     Training                  June 9,2011 Virginia      n.org/          Executives        ESD          pricing                                and reserved table of 10.                Attended      Attend

                                                                                                                                                         Sent 500 APL brochures to
                                                                                                                                                         conference for bag stuffer and did 1/4
                                                                                                                                                         page ad for $1,000 in 2010. Will do
                                                                                                                                                         again in 2011.
               Association of                                                       Executives       APL, L21,
               Leadership                                          http://www.2010 involved in       S&L,                                                Exhibiting tables are available for
               Professionals 2011                                  leadershipconfer Community        Online                                              $1,000. We do not need to attend.
41 APL         Conference            June 9-10, 2011 Dallas, TX    ence.com/        Leadership       Programs     Registration = $750                    Plan to have presence in 2012.           No Activity   none

               Mid-Year                                                            Staffers, Federal
               International                                                       Officials with a               Registration = $125
               Association of                                      http://www.iaem role in                        (includes housing and
               Emergency                             Emmitsburg,   .com/events/Mid homeland          LiC, S&L,    lunches for Friday and
42 Skills      Managers              June 9-11, 2011 MD            Year/intro.htm  security          other ESD    Saturday)                              Horace attended in 2011                  Attended      Attend

                                                                   http://www.wefo                                                                       Try to find alums and send brochures.
                                                                   rum.org/en/even   CEOs and board-                                                     LKY and YGL? Amy will see if anyone
                                                                   ts/WorldEconomi   level executives                                                    from the Rajawali Foundation is
               World Economic                        Jakarta,      cForumonEastAsi   of WEF member                                                       attending. Is anyone from HKS
43 Global      Forum on East Asia   June 12-13, 2011 Indonesia     a2011/index.htm   companies        Global      Registration = $6400                   attending?                            No Activity      none

                                                                                   250 Senior
                                                                                   state tax                      Registration = $590
                                                                   http://www.taxa administrators                 Golf tee sign ad = $350
               Federation of Tax                                   dmin.org/fta/me and private                    Exhibit = $1500,
               Administrators                                      et/meetdate.htm sector            ComTax,      Brochure room drop =                   No participation below $3k
44 ComTax      Annual Meeting       June 12-15, 2011 Omaha, NE     l               representatives   ESD          $3000                                  sponsorship in 2010.                     No Activity   none

                                                                   http://www.eden- Colleges and
                                                                   online.org/eden. Universities that
                                                     Dublin,       php?menuId=53 offer online         Nonprofit
45 Nonprofit   EDEN Conference      June 19-22, 2011 Ireland       0                programs          Portolio    Registration = $782.00                 We will not be participating in 2011.    No Activity   none

                                                                                                                                                                                                                5 of 17
                                                                                                                                                                  Run in conjuctions with CPL. Worked
                                                                                                                                                                  with Owen Andrews in CPL to get
             International                                           http://www.bus.                                                                              complimentary attendance at opening
             Association for                                         umich.edu/Confe                                                                              reception and brochures on literature
             Conflict                                 Istanbul,      rences/IACM-     scholars and        LDM, MN,      Registration Fee                          table in 2010. No participation in
46 ESD       Management                July 3-6, 2011 Turkey         2011             practitioners       ESD           $575.00                                   2011. Consider for 2012               No Activity      none
                                                     Richmond,                        student affairs                   Registration Fee
             2011 National                           Virginia        http://www.naca professionals                      $570.00
             Leadership                              University of   .org/Events/Page and other                         Could not locate exhibit                  Sent APL brochures for bag stuffer
47 APL       Symposium               July 7-10, 2011 Richmond        s/nls.aspx       educators           APL           opportunities                             (complimentary) in 2010.                 No Activity   none

                                                                     public/MainHall.a                                                                            Alisa and Leticia attended in 2010 -
                                                                     spx?sortMenu=1                                                                               traffic was slow & recommend do not
                                                                     01000&exp=7%        Appointed and                                                            do booth in 2011. Consider
             National                                                2f11%2f2011+9       Elected State    SLNP,                                                   involvement in 2012 (July 13-17,
             Association of                                          %3a46%3a53+A        and Local        ESD,          Have to register for                      2012
48 S&L       Counties (NACO)        July 15-19, 2011 Portland, OR    M                   Officials.       ComTax        account                                   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)            No Activity       none

                                                                                                                        Registration Fee:
                                                                     http://www.nobl                                    Exhibit opportunity on
                                                                     enational.org/ind                                  first come first serve
             Nat'l Org of Black                                      ex.php?option=c                                    basis: In-line booth
             Law Enforcement                                         om_content&vie                                     $1,700.00, Corner
             Execs Annual Conf                                       w=category&lay CEO and senior SLNP,                booth $2,000.00,                          1/2 page ad in program in 2010. Bag
             and Exhibition                          Lexington,      out=blog&id=31 law enforcement Federal,            Independent/Small          1/2 page =     insert (1000) done & digital sign for Bag insert &    Bag Insert |
49 S&L       (NOBLE)                July 16-20, 2011 Kentucky        &Itemid=78        officials    ESD                 Vendors $1200.00           $1,000         EE to be displayed during conference. digital signage Digital Sign

              2011 NARUC                                             http://summer.n                                    Registration = $510.00
              Summer                                                 arucmeetings.or Federal Officials S&L,             No exhibiting                             Pass on summer meeting and plan to
   Federal/S& Committee                              Los Angeles,    g/registration.cf & State         SMREA,           opportunities are                         attend Annual Conference in
50 L          Meetings              July 17-20, 2011 CA              m                 Regulators      SMG, SEF         available                                 November (85)                      No Activity         none

                                                                                                                        Registration Fee:
                                                                                                          SMREA,        $625.00 Exhibit                           SHO representatives typically have a
                                                                     http://astho.org/                    SLNP          opportunity: Non-Profit                   booth. NACCHO overlaped with SHLI
                                                                     index.php?templ                      (State        member= $1,000.00                         in 2010, no attendance. Do not
                                                                     ate=2008_astho- state and            Health        for a linear booth                        attend in 2011 and wait for combined
             NACCHO Annual                           Hartford        naccho_meeting. territorial public   Officials),   $1,200.00 for a corner                    ASTHO/NACCHO meeting in future
51 SHO       Conference             July 20-22, 2011 Connecticut     html              health agencies    NPLI, LiC     booth.                                    year.                                No Activity       none

                                                                                                                                                                  Exhibit hall is open to public, so not
             National Council of                                     http://www.nclr.                                                                             worthwhile for booth. Jane attended
             La Raza Annual                          Washington,     org/section/even Hispanic Public                   Registration Fee:          Full page ad   in 2010. Jane attended in 2011. NP
52 All       Conference             July 22-26, 2011 D.C             ts/conference/   Officials           All           $650.00                    = 2300         and WP brochures sent.                   Attended      Attend

             Community                                                                                                  Registration fee                          Robyn attended in 2010. Good
             Involvement                                                                                                $1895.00                                  professional development
             Conference                              SanFrancisco, http://pac.org/c      Corporate                      Could not locate exhibit                  opportunity, but not right audience
53 SMPD      (conference board)     July 28-29, 2011 CA            onferences/ccic       Grantmakers                    info.                                     for Exec Ed.                             No Activity   none

             ALEC (American                                          http://www.alec.
             Legislative                                             org/AM/Template Veteran and                        Registration fee:ALEC
             Exchange Council)                       New Orlean,     .cfm?Section=An Newly elected                      member/Non-member          Full page ad   NEW FOR 2011. Consider for July 25-
54 S&L       Annual Meeting         August 3-6, 2011 Louisiana       nual_Meeting     state legislators S&L, ESD        $700.00                    = $1500        28, 2012 Salt Lake City, UT         No Activity        none

                                                                                                                                                                  Terry and Jin attended and exhibited
                                                                                                                                                                  and a small reception was held in
                                                                                                                                                                  2010. Plan on one registration and a
             National                                                                                                   Registration fee=                         reception for 2011 - however, due to
             Conference of                                           http://www.ncsl. State               SLNP,         Advanced by July 8,                       timing and staffing, decision was
             State Legislatures                      San Antonio,    org/annualmeeti Government           ESD,          2011=$895.00, On-                         made to pass on this conference in
55 S&L       (NCSL)                August 8-11, 2011 Texas           ng/              Officials.          ComTax        site=$995.00                              FY11 and revisit in FY12.            No Activity       none

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         6 of 17
                                                                                                                       Registration fee:
                                                                                                                       $1195.00 Exhibit: Table
                                                                                                                       top package: one
                                                                                                                       10x10 booth space,                                                                   Booth &
                                                                                                                       one 6" draped              Full page ad=                                             furniture
                                                                                                            Federal/M $1895.00                    $1050.00,       Christie and John W. attended this        booked ,
                                                                                                            N,         Floor Package: One         Half page       event in 2010 and presented at            showcase
                                                                        http://www.fedc                     ComTax,    20x10 booth space,         $550.00         Exhibitor Showcase. Booth reserved        booked.
               FDR Annual                                Palm Desert,   onferences.com/ Federal HR          ESD,       Two 6" draped tables       Quarter page    and paid for 2011. Exhibit showcase       CMcQ & John
56 Federal     Conference              August 8-11, 2011 California     fdr/agenda.html Professionals       Trade, IME $2495.00                   $285.00         ($1000) booked for 2pm on 8/9.            W. attending.   Attend

                                                                                                                       Registration fees:
                                                                                                                       Regular Rate Non-
                                                                                                                       Member $725.00, On-
                                                                                                                       Site non-member
                                                                                          professionals                Exhibit opportunities:
                                                                                          from nonprofits,             Non-member/Non-
                                                                                          government,                  profit organization
                                                                                          corporate, and               Single table top-
                                                                                          philanthropy,                $1,220.00, Double
                                                                        http://www.inter U.S. funders of               table top $1,320.00,                       New for 2011. Need to build               Jane
               InterAction Forum                         Washington,    action.org/forum- international    Nonprofits, Booth Pipe and Drape       Full page =     awareness with this organization.         registered to
57 Nonprofit   2011                   August 10-12, 2011 D.C            2011              projects         ESD         $2,020.00                  $1000           Jane to attend & check out event          attend.         Attend
                                                                        ption=com_cont                                                                            Sent kcards in 2010 ($250), but
               Annual Florida                                           ent&task=view&i                                                                           couldn't confirm receipt with the
               Nonprofit                                                d=208&Itemid= Nonprofit            Nonprofits,                                            organization. In 2011 brochure            Brochures       Brochure
58 Nonprofit   Conference                August 11, 2011                177               leaders in FL.   ESD                                                    display booked - need to ship             shipped         Display
                                                                        p?sid=3 ||
               NGAUS - National                                         nline.com/pdf/N                                                           Full page       Brochures sent to this event for
               Guard Association                                        GAUS_prospectu                     ESD , S&L, Registration                B&W $995 -      display in 2010. No staff attendance Brochure
               of the United                             Milwaukee,     s_and_app_PRIN                     NIS,        Fee:$330.00                Half Page       in 2011, revisit in 2012. Brochures to shippment          Brochure
59 S&L/ESD     States                 August 27-29, 2011 WI             T.pdf             National Guard Federal       Exhibit Hall only:$75.00   B&W - $650      be sent for display in 2011.           calendared         Display

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Dave Brown to
                                                                                                                                                  1 page :                                                  attend and
                                                                                                                                                  $2500           Sent materials to Dave Brown to           bring NP/NGO
                                                                                         800 participants                                         ½ page :        bring to event in 2010. Dave is           brochures.
                                                                                         -international   Global,      Registration               $1250           attending in 2011 - will ship 200         Brochure
               Civicus World           September 10-11, Montreal,       http://www.civic civil society    ESD, EE      fee:$500.00 | Booth        ¼ page :        NP/NGO brochures & JL business            shippment     Faculty |
60 Global      Assembly                           2011 Canada           usassembly.org organizations      Online       $1500                      $625            cards to hotel.                           calendared    Brochures

               Advancing                                Reagan                                                                                                    SMREA brochures as bag insert in          Jane to
               Government                               Building and                                                                                              2010. Multiple other conference ops       attend. Bag
               Accountability                           International                   450+                SMREA,                                                available with AGA if this is an org of   insert.
               (AGA) Internal                           trade center,   http://www.agac Government          ESD,       Reg. Fee:$675.00 until                     interest. See (90). Bag insert booked.    Brochure
               Control and Fraud       September 15-16, Washington,     gfm.org/fraud_h finance             ComTax,    August 30 when they    Bag insert -        Jane confirmed she will attend 7/28.      shippment       Bag insert |
61 SMREA       Conference                         2011 D.C              older/index.htm professionals       S&L, ESD   increase by $100.00    $200                Registration info passed to Allie 7/25.   calendared      Attend

               American Public                                                            Public Works
               Works Association                                                          Directors, City
               (APWA)                                                                     and County                   Registration fee $835 |                    Jane determined we should have
               International Public                                     http://sites.apwa Engineers,                   | Exhibit Space:        Ad space           relationship with organization, but not
               Works Congress          September 18-21,                 .net/congress/20 Infrastructure     SLNP,      $24/square foot (1st    starts at          worthwhile to exhibit/sponsor.
62 S&L/ESD     and Exposition                     2011 Denver, CO       11/home.aspx      Managers          ESD, IME   100 square feet)        $2000              Remove from tracker for FY12            No Activity       none

                                                                                      1500 economic
                                                                                      professionals -
               International                                                          small domestic                                                              Degree programs had booth in 2010 -
               Economic                                              http://www.iedc companies who                                                Full            IFED brochures and Kcards were
               Development                                           online.org/annua want to get                                                 Page=$750       sent. Dana from Degree says it was
               Council Annual          September 18-21,              lconference/inde involved in           IFED, ESD, Registration: $895 |       Half            not a good match and will not be
63 Global      Conference                         2011 Charlotte, NC x.html           global markets        LID        Exhibit Space: $2,200      Page=$500       attending in 2011. Pass for 2011    No Activity           none

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            7 of 17
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Kristi and
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Erica. Erica
                                                                                                                                                                                                     looking into
                                                                        http://icma.org/                                                                       Terry and Stephanie attended and      booked.
                                                                        en/conference/w                                                                        exhibited in 2010 and a reception was Reception
                                                                        elcome ||                                                                              held. Booth #208 is reserved for      invite to be
               International                                            http://s19.a2zinc                                                                      2011 and reception should be held.    sent.
               City/Country                                             .net/clients/ICMA                            $17.50 per sq foot | 4                    Kristi & Erica to attend. Reception   Shippment
               Management                                               2011/ICMA2011/ Government                    passes included in                        should be held and attendees to       calendared -
               Association (ICMA)      September 18-21, Milwaukee,      public/e_Login.a Executives;                 registration & program                    organize with invite assistance from  need brochure
64 S&L         Annual Conference                  2011 WI               spx               Staff.           SLNP, ESD listing                                   Alisa.                                request       Attend

                                                                                                                                                               Jane attendee in 2010 and Full page
                                                                                                                                                               ad booked for online programs. For       Bag insert
                                                                                                                                                               2011, plan was to exhibit at CoF         reservations
               Fall Conference for                                                                                                                             Annual Conference in spring and          submitted
               Community                                             http://www.cof.o                                                                          attend this event and do a bag insert.   8/3/2011.
               Foundations                                           rg/events/confer                                                                          Skip attendance. Application for bag     Need to get
               (Council on             September 19-21, San          ences/2010fall/in                                                         Bag Insert      insert sent - emailed organizer 8/19     shippment
65 Nonprofit   Foundations)                       2011 Francisco, CA dex.cfm           Foundations         Nonprofit    Registration $1200     $1500           to check on status.                      details         Bag Insert

                                                                                                                                                               Per input from Donna, not worthwhile reception, will
                                                                                                                                                               to do separate reception for EE.       let marketing
                                                                        http://www.cbcfi                                                                       Degree Programs is attending. Donna know if any
               Congressional          September 21 - 24, Washington,    nc.org/ALC/index                                Registration: $100 |   $500 - 2000     to follow up. Email sent to Dana       assistance is
66 Federal     Black Caucus                        2011 D.C             .html            Black legislators Federal      Exhibit Space: $2000   per day         copying Donna 7/14/11                  needed.         Reception
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Bill Ryan
                                                                                                                                                                                                      presenting 2
                                                                                                                                                                                                      sessions & will
                                                                                         governance                                                            A full page ad for EE Online was in    bring
                                                                                         experts, board                                                        the conference program in 2010.        materials.
               BoardSource                                              http://www.boar members, chief                                         Sponsorship     Emailed organizer re: ad costs 7/11. Need to get
               Leadership Forum        September 22-23,                 dsource.org/blf/ executives, and Nonprofit,     Reg. Fee: $700 |       starts at       i. Bill Ryan presenting 2 sessions and shippment       Faculty |
67 Nonprofit   2010                               2011 Atlanta, GA      default.asp      senior staff    ESD            Exhibit Space: $1500   $2500           will bring brochures.                  details         Brochures

               International Public                                     2011%20IPMA-       Human resource
               Management                                               HR%20Internatio    professionals,
               Association for                                          nal%20Conferen     assessment                                          brochure
               Human Resources                                          ce%20%2526%        practitioners,                                      display $400
               (IMPA-HR) Training                                       20Expo/Register    and key                                             | Bag insert:   A bag insert sent in 2010. No            Brochure
               Conference and          September 24-28,                 %20to%20Atten      decision                     Registration: $600 |   $1500 | Full    attendance in 2011, but revisit in       display to be   Brochure
68 ESD         Expo                               2011, Chicago, IL     d                  makers.        ESD           Exhibit: $2200         page ad $800    2012. Proceed with brochure display      booked          Display

                                                                                          including CEOs,
                                                                                          directors, board
                                                                                          members. Held
                                                                                          in assoc with                                                        Jane reports more like EE training
               SSIR Fall                                                                  Association of                                                       than conference. Not good
               Conference:                                              http://www.ssire Fundraising                                                           promotional opportunity, but may be
               Partnering for          September 27-28,                 view.org/npinstit Professionals    Nonprofit,                                          good for professional development for
69 Nonprofit   Impact                             2011 Stanford, CA     ute               (AFP)            ESD          Registration: $1195                    staff                                 No Activity        none

               Management                                               http://www.nem
               Association                                              aweb.org/index.
               Emergency                                                php?option=com                                                                         Looks like an event very heavy on
               Management Policy                                        _content&view=                                                                         committee meetings. New for 2011 -
               & Leadership                               Des Moines,   article&id=98&It Homeland                       Registration $575 |                    do we want to send someone to            Decision        Decision
70 ESD         Forum                  October 4 - 7, 2011 IA            emid=303         Security          ESD, LiC     Exhibit: $3000                         check it out?                            needed          needed

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        8 of 17
                                                                                            600 key local
                                                                                            leaders, elected
                                                                                            and appointed,
                                                                                            across all
               29th Annual                                                                  municipal
               Convention and                                              http://programs. departments,
               Exposition of the                                           ccm-             from 169 towns
               Connecticut                                                 ct.org/Plugs/ann and cities                        Registration Fee not yet no                  New for 2011 . Pass as conflicts with
               Conference of                              Hartford         ual-             throughout the                    available | Exhibit      information         Maine Conference Jane was already
71 ESD         Municipalities             October 5, 2011 Connecticut      convention.aspx state.            ESD, SL          $1,695                   available           planning on attending                   No Activity     none
                                                                                                  600 municipal
                                                                                                  officials are
                                                                                                  expected to
                                                                                                  including city
                                                                           http://www.memun.      and town
                                                                           org/public/news/con    managers,
                                                                           vention/11conventi     councilors,
                                                                           on/exhibit/index.htm   selectmen,
                                                                           l|                     public works
               75th Annual Maine                                           http://www.memun.      directors,
               Municipal                                                   org/public/news/con    finance                                                                  New for 2011. Jane plans to attend to
               Association                                                 vention/11Conventi     directors, clerks           Registration: $100 |                         help cultivate Libra relationship &   Jane to
72 ESD         Conference              October 5 - 6, 2011 Augusta, ME     on/index.html          and assessors     ESD, SL   Exhibit $1000-1500                     n/a   check out attendance                  attend.           Attend
               Vermont League of                                         blogs/town-                                                                                       New for 2011 . Pass as conflicts with
               Cities and Towns                                          fair/exhibitor-                                                                                   Maine Conference Jane was already
73 ESD         2011 Town Fair             October 6, 2011 Killington, VT information/                                                                                      planning on attending                   No Activity     none

                                                                                             Grant Writers
                                                                                             Grant Managers
                                                                                             Grants Officers
                                                                                             Financial                                                                     Small event focused on tactical grant
                                                                                             Officers                                                                      processed. NEW FOR 2011.
                                                                           http://grantprofe Any level of                                                                  American Association of Grant
               American                                                    ssionals.org/Ho experience,                                                 Full page           Professionals changed their name to
               Association of                             Las Vegas,       me/tabid/37/Def beginner to       Online,          Reg. Fee: $799.00        $500 Half           Grant Professional Association. Pass
74 Nonprofit   Grant Professionals      October 5-8, 2011 NV               ault.aspx         expert.         ESD              Exhibit: $1700.00        Page $250           in 2011 and consider next year          No Activity     none

                                                                                                                                                                           Christie and Kristin attended. Booth
                                                                                                                                                                           reserved for first 2 days of
                                                                                                  Inspector                                                                conference in 2011. Note: discounts
               Association of                                              http://inspector       generals and     ESD,                                                    are fairly easy to obtain. Determine if
               Inspector Generals                          Williamsburg,   sgeneral.org/fal       professional     Federal,                                                another staff member besides
75 SMREA       Fall Conference       October 12 - 15, 2011 VA              l2011/                 staff            S&L                                                     Christie is needed.                     Detail needed   Detail needed

                                                                                                                            Registration fees:
                                                                                                                            (per person, exl. Vat) 3
               Women's Forum for                                                                                            or 4 delegates,
               the Economy and                                                                                              Eur/USD=$3,000.00
               Society Global                            Deauville,        http://www.wom                                   (per person, excl.vat)                                                                 pursue bag
76 W&P         Meeting                October 13-15,2011 France            ens-forum.com/                          W&P, ESD Min. 5 delegates                               Complimentary Bag stuffer in 2010.      stuffer again   Bag Insert

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   9 of 17
                                                                                                                        Registration; $425.00.
                                                                                                                        Each exhibit booth will
                                                                                                                        be $1000.00.
                                                                                                                        Exhibitors are provided                   Police Officers not a priority group,
                                                                                                                        8x10 exhibit booth,                       but Hispanics are. Standard
            HAPCOA - Hispanic                                                                                           table & two chairs.        Bag insert =   sponsorship opportunities available.
            American Police                                            http://www.hapc Police, Sheriffs,                Exhibit fees includes      $500, Full     Bag insert done in 2010.Attend in
   SMREA/S& Command Officers                                           oa.org/conferenc police           SMREA,         registration for two       page ad =      2011 to get more information on         Decision       Decision
77 L        Association              October 16-20, 2011 Norfolk, VA   e38              superintendents S&L, ESD        individuals.               $1000          event.?                                 needed         needed

               Association of                                                           Independent
               Charitable                                                               Funders and                                                               NEW FOR 2011. Exhibit/Ad
               Foundations Annual                        BMA House,    http://www.acf.o Charitable grant Nonprofit,                                               opportunities do not appear to be       Decision       Decision
78 Nonprofit   Conference               October 18, 2011 London WC1    rg.uk/conference makers           ESD            Registration = £250        N/A            available . MORE INFO NEEDED            needed         needed
                                                                                          (Council of
                                                                                          Governments is
                                                                                          our nation’s
               Council of State
                                                                       http://www.csg.    serving all three
               Governments                                             org/2011nation     branches of                                              need to        Have never attended or participanted
               National                                                alconference/d     state                       Registration = $525 |        contact for    before. Was new in 2010. MORE INFO Decision            Decision
79 S&L         Conference           October 19 - 23, 2011 Bellevue, WA efault.aspx        government.)      SLNP, ESD Exhibit = $1,500             more info      NEEDED                               needed            needed

                                                                                                                        Registration fee: On
                                                                                                                        and after Aug. 25, 2011-
                                                                                                                        On-site & online only is
                                                                                                                        Exhibitor fees: inline   Full Page ad
                                                                                                                        booth=$1900.00 per       $2500
                                                                                                                        10x10 (add 100.00        (smallest
               International                                          http://www.theia Law                 SLNP,        premium for corner       option),
               Association of                                         cpconference.org Enforcement         ESD,         space) Island Booth:     Lobby column     No activity 2010. Pass in 2011. Keep
80 S&L         Chiefs of Police          Oct. 22-26,2011 Chicago, IL  /                Professionals.      SMREA        $24.50 per sq. ft        wraps $1500      on tracker for 2012                     No Activity    none
                                                                                       grant making
                                                                                       institutions are
                                                         Albuquerque, http://www.nfg. focused on
                                                         New Mexico                    urban and rural
                                                                      org/sites/Annua low- and
               Neighborhood                              Regency      lConference/in moderate-             Nonprofit,   Reg. Fee= $695.00
               Funders Group                             Tamaya       dex.php?ht=d/ income                 Online,      Could not locate exhibit                                                     Decision            Decision
81 Nonprofit   Annual Conference     October 25-27, 2011 Resort       Home/pid/282 communities             ESD          opportunity                               NEW FOR 2011. MORE INFO NEEDED needed                  needed
                                                                                                                                                                                                     is Ron or
                                                                                                                                               1/2 page           Bag insert sent in 2010. Erica and attending?
               International                                                                                                                   B&W $650,          Jane attended. For 2011, continue  Does this fit
               Leadership                                              www.ila-                                                                ban insert         APL bag stuffer and provide Ron    into Robyn's
               Association Annual                        London,       net.org/conferen Leadership                                             $600 (2009         Heifetz with brochures before his  travel              Decision
82 APL         Conference            October 26-29, 2011 England       ces              professionals      APL          Registration = $510.00 prices)            presentation.                      schedule?           needed

                                                                                                                                                                                                         Jane and Mike
                                                                                                                                                                                                         M. to attend -
                                                                                                                                                                                                         revisit in next
                                                                                                                                                                                                         check in.
                                                                                                                                                                  Jane and Ty attended and exhibited in Check with
                                                                       http://www.inde                                                                            2010. Jane & Mike to attend in 2011. Laura
                                                                       pendentsector.or   Nonprofit CEO,                                        Full page adv.    Jane to attend public policy insitute. Johnston in
               Independent                                             g/annualconfere    senior execs,                 Registration fee: $1800 $900              Book booth & video exhibit. Reception Hauser to see
               Sector Annual               October 30 -                nce/2006/index.    and scholars     PMNO,        | Exhibit ops not yet   Half page         to be held - need day/time and         if they're
83 Nonprofit   Conference              November 1, 2011 Chicago, IL    html               (about 700)      Online       posted                  $700              venue.                                 attending       Attend

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        10 of 17
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Erica to attend
                                                                                                                                                                                                     with and
                                                                                                                                                                                                     either David
                                                                                                                                                                                                     King or Kristi.
            National League of                                                      Local                                                                   Kristi attended and held a reception     Erica to look
            Cities (NLC) /                                         http://www.nlc.o Government                    Registration: $625 |                      in 2010.                                 into reception
84 S&L      Congress of Cities   November 8-12, 2011 Phoenix, AZ   rg/events/coc    Officials.       SLNP         Exhibit: $1700                                                                     options         Attend
                                                                                   Over 2500
                                                                                   planning and
                                                                                   private industry
            Annual                                                                 contingency
            International                                                          planners, and
            Association of                                         http://www.iaem contract
            Emergency               November 12-17, Las Vegas,     .com/events/ann services                       Exhibit booth
85 ESD      Managers                          2011 NV              ual/intro.htm   providers.       ESD           10x10=$2,300.00

            Association of                                                                                                                                  Stephanie is sent SMREA brochures
            Regulatory Utility                                                       1200+ State                                                            to display (complimentary). Have not
            Commissioners                                                            and Federal                                                            attended recently. Jane volunteered
            (NARUC) Annual          November 13-16, St. Louis      http://annual.nar Regulatory      SMREA,                                 Not currently   to attend. Need to determine if other
86 SMREA    Convention                        2011 Missouri        ucmeetings.org/ executives        ESD, S&L     Not currently available   available       staff should go as well.              Need Decision Need Decision

                                                                                                                  Before March 31, 2011
                                                                                                                  = $650.00
                                                                                                                  Between March 31st -
                                                                                                                  June 30th = $750.00                       Amy and Stephanie both inquired
                                                                                                                  After July 1st =                          about sponsorships and sending
                                                                                                                  $850.00                                   brochures - very expensive and will
                                                                                                                  Website indicated that                    not accept bag stuffers in 2010. Try
                                                                   http://www.micr                                more information on                       again in 2011 to participate.
                                    November 14-17, Valladolid,    ocreditsummit.or nonprofits,                   exhibiting will be                        Investigate for 2011. Contact FIPED
87 FIPED    Microcredit Summit                2011 Spain           g/news/          microenterprise FIPED         coming soon 2.3.2011                      alum in Spain.

                                                                                                                  One day=$719.00                           John Williams attended. Possible
            Excellence in                                                                                         Two days=$1380.00                         reception for DGP alums in 2011?
            Government                              Washington,    http://www.exce Federal                        Entire                                    Additional 1 day conferences in May
88 DGP      Conference            November 17, 2011 D.C            lgov.com/       Managers          DGP, ESD     Conference=$1724.00                       and July.

                                                                                                                                                            Horace was able to secure
            National Tax                                                                                                                                    complimentary brochure display via
            Association Annual                                    http://www.ntan                                                                           his contacts at the organization in
            Conference on            November 17-19, New Orleans, et.org/events.ht Tax               ComTax,                                                2010. Note on 5/6/11 no information
89 ComTax   Taxation                            2011 Louisiana    ml               Professionals     ESD                                    N/A             was posted for the cost of exhibit&reg
            Massachusetts                                         http://www.mac
            Conference for                                        onferenceforwom
90 WP       Women                   December 8, 2011 Boston, MA   en.org/

            Shared Strategies
            for Homeland                                           www.sharedstrat safety and
            Security               December 13 - 16,               egiesconference. security         LiC, NPLI,                             Full page ad
91          Conference                         2011 Denver, CO     com              professionals    NIS, ESD                               = $1000         NEW FOR 2011.

                                                                                                                                                            Stephanie has signed up for mailings
                                                                                    microfinance                                                            to receive further information in
                                                                                    practitioners,                                                          2010. For 2011, email alumni in the
                                                                                    policy makers,                                                          area for current address information
                                                                   http://www.asia financiers,                                                              before sending brochures.
            Asia Microfinance                                      microfinanceforu academics and                                                           Note: as of 05/05/2011 no info. has
92 FIPED    Forum 2011                                             m.org/           advocates        FIPED                                                  been yet posted for 2011.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  11 of 17
           Asian                                                                      friends,
                                                                  http://aapip.org/   colleagues,
           Islanders National                                     news/2010/08/       social justice                                                NEW FOR 2011.                  Note:
           Philanthropy                                           aapip2010sum        advocates and                                                 there is no information yet posted for
93         Summit                                                 mit/                philanthropists                                               for 2011 as of 5/6/11.
           Microfinance                                           http://v3.moody
           Impact and                                             s.com/microsites                                                                  Complimentary bag insert - FIPED in
           Innovation                                             /miic2010/index.                                                                  2010.                 Note on
94 FIPED   Conference 2011                                        html                                    FIPED                                     05/06/11-no new event yet posted
           Other Potential

           Government                                                                           2220+
           Accountability                                                                government
           (AGA) Professional                                                                 financial
           Development                                            http://www.agac       managers and
           Conference &          July 28 - August 1, San Diego,   gfm.org/confere       accountability
95         Exposition                          2012 CA            nces/future.aspx        professional                                              New for 2011/12
           The Latino
96         Convention                                N/A                                                  All                                       Unable to find 201 info (or 2009 info)
           Veterans Affairs HR                                                                                                                      Unable to find information on this
97         Conference                          N/A N/A                                                                                              event.
           Global Outlook                                                                                                                           Unable to find information on this
98         2010                                                                                                                                     event.
99         Conference                                                                                     Trade                                     Variety of events annually.

           International Tax                                      o.aspx?lang=3&t
           Dialogue Global                                        itleID=10214&bo Tax                     ComTax,
100        Conference                    TBD 2011 Egypt                dyID=10217 Professionals           ESD                                 N/A   Event information TBD
                                                                                    Reps from
                                                                                    associated with
                                                                                    the UN
                                                                   http://www.un.o Department of
           DPI/NGO Annual                                          rg/dpi/ngosectio Public                Athens
101        Conference                    TBD 2010                     n/conference/ Information           NGO                                 N/A   Event information TBD
           The Conference                          onference-
102        Board Events                        TBD board.org/

                                                                                   It brings
                                                                                   together the
           The Good Deal                                                           investment                       Email sent to find out
           Social Investment                                      http://www.good-community with                    prices and when the
103        Conference                          TBD                    dealsuk.com/ philanthropists                  next conference will be

           Academy of                                                                 erences_www-
104        Cultural Diplomacy                  TBD                                    2010_timetable
           Raps Annual
105        Conference 2011                     TBD

           Conference of                                          ongo.org/index.p
106        NGO's                                                   hp?what=events

                                                                                                                                                    This organization used to send a
                                                                                                                                                    person to S&L every year. Do they
                                                                                                                                                    have any conference activity?
           Women Executives                                                                                                                         Research - is membership available,
           in State                                                                                                                                 conference, etc - how can we get
107        Government                                                                                                                               involved.

                                                                                                                                                                                             12 of 17
                                                                                                                                         Have to apply to be invited.
      Least Developed                                                                                                                    Kotterhaus University is hosting an
      Countries                                                                                                                          event in Istanbul in June. Robyn will
108   Conference                                                                                                                         check and see if these events line up.

                                                                                                                                         Short, clear, project presentations of
                                                                                                                                         the Top Infrastructure Projects in
                                                                                                                                         Latin America (also accessible online
                                                                                                                                         after the Forum), 15 Pre-scheduled
                                                                                                                                         private meetings with project
                                                                                                                                         presenters and event sponsors, 10
                                                                                                                                         Topical workshops and roundtables,
                                                                                                                                         Multiple networking opportunities,
                                                                                                                                         Participant contact information,
                                                                                                                                         Cocktail opening reception and
      Latin American          May 4th – May 6th, Rio de           http://www.cg-                                   registration costs    Breakfast and lunch on 2nd and 3rd
109   Leadership Forum                    2011 Janeiro, Brazil        la.com/lalf9                                 $495.00               day.
      Global Financial
      and Economic                                               http://www.adbi.
      Crisis: Fiscal Policy                                       org/event/3402.
      Issues after the                                           global.financial.e
110   Crisis                  January 19, 2011 Tokyo                conomic.crisis

111                                                                    ndex.shtml

                                                                 com/eventdetails     Industry
                                                                     /0/3724/6th-     Executives,
                                                                       Annual-US-     Financial
                                                                           Power-     Sponsors,
      6th Annual U.S.                                                 Renewable-      Investors and
      Power & renewable                                                  Finance-     Banking           ESD &      $2200.00 (Excluding
112   Finance Conference                                          Conference.html     Community         SMRE       Hotel)

                                                                 com/eventdetails government
                                                                     /0/3590/5th- agencies,
                                                                    Annual-Latin- concessionaires
      5th Annual Latin                                           American-Energy-and developers,
      American Energy &                                            Infrastructure- lenders, private EE Online,
      Infrastructure                                                      Finance- equity firms and ESD,       $2300 (Excluding
113   Finance Forum                                                   Forum.html lawyers            SMRE       Hotel)

                                                                                      Local and state
                                                                 http://www.euro      financiers,
                                                                  moneyseminars.      investors,        ESD,
                                                                 com/eventdetails     construction      SMRE, EE
                                                                  /0/3921/Infrastr    companies,        Online,
                                                                     ucture-West-     engineers,        IME,
      Infrastructure West                                                 Finance-    lawyers and       FIPED,     $1999 (Excluding
114   Finance Program                                                  Forum.html     insurers          S&L        Hotel)
      The Center for                                             tivephilanthropy.
      Effective                                                   org/index.php?p
      Philanthropy                                                     age=2011-
115   Conference                                                        conference

                                                                                                                                                                                  13 of 17
Donna's Sales Travel

April 26 - business visits
April 27 – SMG Reunion in evening (daytime visits will be scheduled)
April 28 – SEA Dinner in evening (daytime visits will be scheduled)

May 25 – business visits
May 26 – SEF Reunion in evening (daytime visits will be scheduled)
May 27 – business visits

June 8 – business visits
June 9 – AAGEN Conference – all day
June 10 – business visits
Conference                                  Contact
AAGEN                                       Bel Leong-Hong
AGA - Advancing Government Accountability   Jerome Bruce
Business Civic Leadership Center            Caitlin Codella
Boardsource                                 Zachary Hotchkiss
Brussels Tax Forum                          Patricia
Council on Foundations                      Liz Williamson
Federal Dispute Resolution                  Valery Snisarenko
HAPCOA                                      Mary Banks
ICMA                                        Barry Sacks
IHN                                         Lupe Morin
International Leadership Association        Josh Tarr
Independent Sector                          Yolanda Cozart
Inspectors General - Spring                 Fred Palm
Inspectors General - Fall                   Robert Joyce
IPMA-HR                                     Elizabeth Kirkland
NACO                                        Barry Sacks
NARUC                                       Michelle Malloy
National League of Cities                   Craig Baker
NCSL                                        Leann Hoff
National Emergency Management Association   Karen Cobuluis
NFBPA                                       Yvette Harris
NGAUS                                       Kelly Marshall
NOBLE                                       Kimberly Hodges Ross
PHP Summit                                  Jennifer Leo
RI League of Cities                         Denise Arrighi
Training Officers Annual Conference         Melissa Bates
Email                                            Phone
bel@kaiglobal.com                                301-948-1682
jbruce@agacgfm.org                               (703) 684-6931
ccodella@USChamber.com                           202-463-5508
zhotchkiss@BoardSource.org                       (202) 776-7925
lwilliamson@mckinley-advisors.com                202.333.6250, ext. 310
vsnisarenko@lrp.com                              1-800-515-4577, ext. 6412
barry@corcexpo.com                               1.312.265.9642
jtarr@ila-net.org                                301.405.5218
Rjoyce@panynj.gov                                (973)565-4349
EKirkland@ipma-hr.org                            (703) 549-7100, ext. 243
barry@corcexpo.com                               1.312.265.9642
craig.baker@jspargo.com                          703-679-3942
leann.hoff@ncsl.org                              303 856 1426
kcobuluis@csg.org                                (859) 244-8143
jleo@conferencemanagers.com                      (703) 964-1240 x21
denise@rileague.org                              401-272-3434
Melissa.Bates@hhs.gov                            703-235-0297
Alternate Contact   Alternate Email        Alternate Phone

Ada Phillips        APhillips@agacgfm.org 703.684.6931, x310

Heidi Capati        capah@cof.org

Aaron Brooks        abrooks@nobleatl.org

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