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									the city at a glance

                interesting st. catharines
In 1808, the name “St. Catharines”              The 1975 Rush song, ‘Lakeside Park’       St. Catharines is home to Brock University
appeared for the first time on a survey,        was based on Neil Peart’s memories of     (established 1964), which is located on the
named after Robert Hamilton’s wife.             summer celebrations near his family       Niagara Escarpment. Brock is the only
                                                home in Port Dalhousie.                   university in Canada that offers an Honours
The Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) was                                                         Bachelor of Science in Oenology and
named after King George VI and Queen                                                      Viticulture. In 2005, Brock had the
Elizabeth who visited in 1939. This                                                       pleasure of hosting a wine tasting, in
marked the first time that a reigning                                                     which Canadian wines outperformed
British Monarch had visited Canada.                                                       the best French wines.
Salt springs were discovered along the                                                    St. Catharines was the final destination
Twelve Mile Creek. This resulted in                                                       of the Underground Railroad. Harriet
St. Catharines becoming a premiere site                                                   Tubman, Rev. Anthony Burns and John
for health spas, as the mineral waters were                                               Brown all have links to St. Catharines.
well known for their medicinal properties.                                                St. Catharines was the first location in
Montebello Park was St. Catharines’ first                                                 the world to have a working interurban
parkland, and was designed by Frederick                                                   electric streetcar route, which ran
                                                                                          between the downtown and Merritton
Law Olmsted in 1887. He later went on
                                                                                          and was eventually extended to Port
to create New York City’s Central Park.
                                                                                          Dalhousie in the North and Thorold
Lakeside Park ‘s Carousel, which was built                                                to the South. It was decommissioned
around 1900 in Rhode Island, housed an          Martindale Pond is home to the annual     in the 1960s, and the right-of-way has
1867 organ whose calliope music still           Royal Canadian Henley Regatta. This       since been converted to parks and trails.
dances in the air near the sandy beach.         world-class event brings over 3,000 men
                                                                                          The REO, the first car to travel across
For just a nickel, you can still ride the       and women from over 150 rowing clubs,
                                                                                          Canada from coast-to-coast in the fall
                                                and is the largest event of its kind in
beautifully hand-carved animals.                                                          of 1912, was made in St. Catharines.
                                                North America. This venue was also the
St. Catharines official nickname, “The          site for the 1970 and 1999 FISA World     In the 1920’s, Gideon Sundback put
Garden City,” is a result of its 1,000 acres    Rowing Championships, and will host       St. Catharines on the fashion map when
of beautiful parks, gardens and trails.         the 2010 FISA World Rowing Masters.       he invented the zipper.

      st. cathar es celebrities
    •	 Steve	Bauer	- former pro bicycle racer     • Alexisonfire members Dallas	Green,    •	 Dick	Pound	- former International
    •	 Brian	Bellows	- former NHL forward           Wade McNeil, and Chris Steele            Olympic Committee Vice-
       with the Minnesota North Stars and         •	 Stan	Mikita	- NHL Hall of Famer         President and current chairman of
       Montréal Canadiens                                                                    the World Anti-Doping Agency
                                                  •	 Anna	Olson	- celebrity chef and
    •	 Marilyn	Bodogh	- 2 time World                 host of ‘Fresh’ on FoodNetwork       •	 Ron	Sexsmith	- singer/songwriter
       Curling Champion                           •	 Walter	Ostanek	- Grammy award        •	 Dave	Thomas	- actor/comedian
    •	 Ed	Burtynsky	- photographer                   winning polka king                   •	 Buffy	Williams	(nee. Alexander) -
    •	 Gerry	Cheevers	- former NHL                •	 Neil	Peart	- author and drummer/        Rower who won Bronze at the
       goaltender with the Toronto Maple             lyricist of Rush                        2000 Summer Olympic Games
       Leafs and Boston Bruins                    •	 Andrew	Peters	- NHL forward with     •	 Richard	Wright	- author
    •	 Howard	Engel	- author                         the Buffalo Sabres
    •	 Linda	Evangelista	- supermodel

                                                                                                             you’re in... now what?

              enterta ing st. cathar es
After a long day of meetings, strategizing or competitions, you’ll want to know that there are a wide range of options
available to you and your groupin St. Catharines - you’ll find it all. Tourism Services can help facilitate any of the
options listed below.

Let Us Wine & Dine You
•	   Savour award-winning wines along
     Niagara’s Wine Route rimmed
     with vineyards. Learn about the
     history of winemaking at the only
     wine museum in Canada, all while
     experiencing the flavour of Niagara
     Wines, or learn how to plant and
     tend for your own grapevine.
•	   Experience a private guided tour of
     lush orchards and roadside markets.       Four Fabulous Seasons                           A Blast From The Past
     Sample a variety of produce created
     by local farmers and enjoy Farm-to-
                                               to	Explore	                                     •	   St. Catharines is home to the world’s
                                                                                                    largest in-land water system. Visit
     Table delights during your visit.         •	   Winter offers the unique opportunity
                                                                                                    Lock 3 and marvel as giant ships slip
                                                    to experience Icewine at one
•	   Create culinary delights in a gourmet                                                          through the locks within an arm’s
                                                    of our icebars. Learn the art of
     cooking class lead by internationally                                                          reach of the raised viewing platform.
                                                    creating beautiful indoor and
     renowned Chefs, or simply sit back                                                        •	   Re-live the simple life with a tour of
                                                    outdoor arrangements with basket
     and enjoy a product demonstration                                                              a19th century restored Grist Mill. Or
                                                    demonstrations at local heritage
     that you can take home to impress                                                              enjoy the tranquility of Decew Falls
                                                    homes and farms.
     your friends and family.                                                                       perched atop the Niagara Escarpment
                                               •	   Spring starts off sweet with the                and adjacent to the walking paths of
•	   Visit one of Ontario’s oldest enclosed
                                                    maple syrup harvest and brings                  the Bruce Trail.
     Farmers’ Markets. Open year round
                                                    sticky treats. Enjoy Canada’s sweet
     and featuring local baked goods,                                                          •	   ““Follow the North Star” exhibit
                                                    nectar and tour the time honoured
     fresh cheese, farm-raised meat, crafts,                                                        chronicles the harrowing journey of
                                                    traditions carried through to this day.
     flowers and much more.                                                                         runaway slaves via the Underground
                                               •	   Summer catches us in bloom with                 Railroad at the St. Catharines Museum.
•	   Feast on a bounty of Farm-to-
                                                    fields, parks, homes, and vineyards             Every season brings a new interactive
     Table cuisine in one of our many
                                                    alive with colour. Stroll the shores            exhibit that’s fun for the whole family.
     outstanding restaurants, or perhaps
                                                    of Lake Ontario and cruise the
     a catered picnic in beautiful
                                                    streets of Port Dalhousie, our quaint      The Two Faces of Art
     Montebello Park.
                                                    harbourside village. Visit the two         •	   Visual: Rodman Hall Arts Centre is
                                                    historic lighthouses, fine restaurants,         a majestic former estate that is now
                                                    and boutique-style shops, or take a             home to a significant collection of
                                                    ride on a historic carousel – still only        Canadian Art. Peruse the Art Reference
                                                    5 cents!                                        Library, enjoy the Gallery Shops, or walk
                                                                                                    through the 10 acres of gardens in the
                                               •	   Some say Fall, we say Harvest, where
                                                                                                    heart of the city.
                                                    our farmers’ best offerings are on
                                                    display in the markets, restaurants,       •	   Performing: Brock University Centre
                                                    and stores for all to savour. This              for the Arts showcases internationally
                                                    is the best time of year to take a              acclaimed musical artists and theatrical
                                                    hike! Short Hills Provincial Park is            productions. The Theatre in Port offers
                                                    735 hectares of rare plant species,             live theatre paired with delicious meals.
                                                    wildlife, and exotic vegetation                 Music lovers will appreciate the sounds
                                                                                                    of Niagara’s own world-class orchestra,
                                                    dressed in all of autumn’s splendour.
                                                                                                    the Niagara Symphony.r

outside the conference room

             indulg g in st. cathar es
din g and enterta ment
We have fabulous restaurants to suit every taste and budget – from family diners to
British-style pubs, bistros, cafes, pizza parlours, national chains, and fine dining. For
a good night out you’ll find live bands, dinner theatre, cinemas, and more.

restaurant/ catering guide
                                                     wheelchair access

                                                                                                          licensed premises

                                                                                                                                                parking available
                                                                                        groups accepted

                                                                                                                              family friendly
                                       price range

Below is a snapshot of the
restaurants in St. Catharines and
some of the facilities they offer.

 Beacon Harbourside
 2793 Beacon Blvd. (Best Western)
 ph: 905-562-3133

 Coffee Culture
 ph: 905-397-5124

 East Side Marios
 332 Ontario Street
 ph: 905-682-1117

 Golden	Griddle
 2 Dunlop Drive (Comfort Inn)
 ph: 905-641-0640

 In Piazza
 3530 Schmon Pkway (Four Points)
 ph: 905-984-8484

 JJ Kapps Backyard BBQ
 327 Ontario Street (Quality Hotel)
 ph: 905-685-3307

 Perkins Family Restaurant
 89 Meadowvale Dr. (Howard Johnson)
 ph: 905-688-1646
                                                                                                                                                                      Cost - Budget       Wheelchair Access
 Spice of Life
 12 Lock Street
 ph: 905-937-9027                                                                                                                                                     Groups Accepted     Parking Available

 Vecera Restaurant & Wine Bar                                                                                                                                                             Reservations
 2 North Service Rd. (Holiday Inn)                                                                                                                                    Cost - Moderate     Recommended
 ph: 905-934-8000
                                                                                                                                                                      Licensed Premises
 Wrigley’s	Field	Sports	Bar/Grill
 89 Meadowvale Dr. (Howard Johnson)
                                                                                                                                                                      Cost - Luxury
 ph: 905-934-7751

 Little Shop of Lobsters              A great alternative to dining out - prepared seafood to go lets you
                                                                                                                                                                      Family Friendly
 8 Lake Street                        enjoy picnic in the park, or a night in. Little Shop of Lobsters also
 ph: 905-937-9991                     offers event catering and more.

                                                                                                       outside the conference room

shopp g                                          Fairview Mall                                      Port Dalhousie Business Association
                                                 285 Geneva Street, St. Catharines                  201-17 Lock Street, St. Catharines
                                                 Ph: 905-646-3165                                   Ph: 905-937-4783
You’ll find great shopping in the
city including antique and boutique              Newly renovated, Fairview Mall offers over
                                                 60 retail shops and services including Zellers,
shops, local area souvenirs, home
                                                 Zehrs, Chapters, Future Shop, SportChek,           Enjoy this quaint harbour front village, the
made clothing, local artisans, as well                                                              home of the first three canals, which sits
                                                 LCBO and Winners. Enjoy a tasty meal in our
as large shopping outlets with all the                                                              along the shores of Lake Ontario. Port is
                                                 Food Court, Swiss Chalet or Shoeless Joe’s.
most popular brand name stores.                                                                     home to several wonderful restaurants, live
                                                 Easily accessible from the QEW exit at Lake
You’ll want to bring home a little                                                                  theatre, wonderful shops, marina, original
                                                 Street in St. Catharines.
                                                                                                    Looff Carousel, and a lush history.
piece of St. Catharines!
                                                 Pen Centre
                                                 221 Glendale Avenue, St. Catharines
Downtown Association                             Ph: 905-682-8645
12 Ontario Street, St. Catharines                peninfo@thepencentre.com
Ph: 905-685-8424                                 www.thepencentre.com
                                                 With 180 stores and services and 1 million
                                                 sq. ft. of shopping fun, the Pen Centre is
Downtown St. Catharines offers a unique          home to the most popular stores and brands.
shopping experience, casual to fine dining       Call us for customer service or group tours.
with the best selection of cultural cuisine to   Easily accessible from the QEW via Highway 406
tempt any palate; all surrounded by a historic   at Glendale Avenue in St. Catharines, the Pen
ambiance second to none.                         Centre is just 20 minutes west of Niagara Falls.

                                          5 Senses 4 Seasons
                                          Taste rich blackberries, soft buttery finish with toasty undertones – add
             or 905-641-1030              a wine tasting to your conference or event

            3290 Ninth Street
                                          Smell fresh herbs and delicate aromas of Windows on Rockway – full
              St. Catharines              dining room and catering
              ON L2R 6P7
                                          See breathtaking views, broad rolling valleys and great towering pines
          rockway@niagara.com             – an ideal venue for any event
                                          Hear the dimpled ball drop into the cup – all work and no play?
                                          Touch the heart of someone you love – trust your wedding plans to us
                                          Reward your 5 senses at Rockway Glen.

              18 Hole Golf • Winery & Museum • Dining & Banquet • Golf & Dine Packages


                                      good company
                                         St. Catharines is a city that loves to celebrate, and we invite you to join in!
 St. Catharines has extensive            Whatever time of year you visit, you’ll have a fabulous selection of festivals
 experience in hosting conferences,
                                         and events to choose from.
 meetings, tours, and sporting
 events of every size and duration.
                                         Niagara Folk Arts Festival                          Niagara Wine Festival
 The following is a short list of some   Ph: 905-685-6589 ext. 236                           Ph: 905-688-0212
 of the recent events that were held     www.folk-arts.ca                                    www.niagarawinefestival.com
 in St. Catharines. We’re proud to       In 2009, Canada’s oldest cultural festival          Join our ‘Wine Country’ celebration of
 say they were all great successes.      celebrates its 41st Birthday! The festival has      Niagara’s internationally acclaimed grape
 Contact us today, and join in their     grown from its first colourful affair in its        and wine industry. More than 100 events
 great company.                          infancy to a 17-day cultural extravaganza.          including; winery tours and tastings,
                                         Ethnic dances, music, pageants, food, and           concerts, Niagara cuisine, wine seminars,
                                         customs are plentiful at individual club open       outstanding entertainment and one of
 Conferences & Conventions
                                         houses throughout the City, culminating             Canada’s largest parades. Selected as
 • Great Lake St. Lawrence Mayors’                                                           Ontario’s Cultural Event of the Year for three
                                         with a weekend showcase of Canadian talent
   Conference                                                                                years in a row.
                                         in Montebello Park. Don’t miss: Ambassador’s
 • World Canals Conference               Dinner/Dance, Open Houses, and Folk Arts
 • Congress of the Humanities &          in the Park on the last weekend. Celebrate
   Social Sciences “Learneds”            being Canadian with top-notch artists,
                                         international foods and family programs.
 • Ontario Plumbing Association
            DMF Ad
 • Seaway Marine Conference
 • Lions Convention
 • Anglican Synod Conference                                                                 Niagara Icewine Festival
                                                                                             Ph: 905-688-0212
 Sporting Events                                                                             www.niagarawinefestival.com
 • AE Silverstick Hockey Tournament                                                          For ten days in January the Niagara region
 • Bantam Girls National Fast Pitch                                                          is transformed into a wintry wonderland,
                                                                                             celebrating one of Canada’s most cherished
 •		 CHAOS Girls Hockey Tournament                                                           products, Ontario Icewine. From Gala
                                         Niagara New Vintage Festival
 • World Rowing Championships            Ph: 905-688-0212                                    evenings, ornate ice bars and Icewine dinners,
                                                                                             to roasting chestnuts, decadent dessert
 • World University Games                www.niagarawinefestival.com
                                                                                             pairings and educational winery tours along
 • Ontario Senior Games                  Join more than 30 Ontario wineries at one           Niagara’s famed wine route, the 15th edition
                                         of Canada’s premier spring events, as we            of the Niagara Icewine Festival offers plenty
 • Ontario Games for the Physically
                                         present the first taste of Niagara’s award-
   Disabled                                                                                  for every taste. Join the celebration.
                                         winning wines. Enjoy tours, tastings and
 • Canadian Junior Lacrosse              special events all celebrating the first taste of   Winterfest
   Championships                         Ontario’s newest wines.                             Ph: 905-688-0212
 • Canadian Junior Curling                                                                   Winterfest in the Square: A celebration of the
   Championships                         Dragon Boat Festival
                                         Ph: 984-8880                                        Icewine Festival set in Market Square. Join us
 • Regional Ontario Baseball             www.stcatharinesdragonboat.org                      for an evening of wine, culinary and arts.
                                         The City of St. Catharines Museum presents
 • National Powerlifting                 the 10th Annual Dragon Boat Festival. Get
   Championships                         involved or be a spectator on the waters of
 •		 John A MacDonald Hockey             the Historic Henley as Dragon Boat teams
     Tournament                          from Niagara and beyond compete for a day
                                         of family fun and competition. Call for more
 •		 Nike Bauer
                                         information or to register your team.


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