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                                                                                                       Updated:                                  5/4/11 RH

ADDRESS                      DATE        REASON FOR CONDEMNATION               VBR REHAB DEMO ACTION                                             COMPLY BY

                                                                                                       CHECK FOR VBR/VACATE-
1010    Adams Ave 2C      12/30/2010   FIRE DAMAGE                             YES     YES    NO                                                 5/17/2011
                                                                                                       registered VBR

                                                                                                       DEMO ORDER ISSUED 11/21/08 -
                                                                                                       Property transferred to First Baptist
                                                                                                       Church of Salisbury 5/26/10 - letter
 513        BOOTH ST        12/15/06   LACK OF MAINT & DISREPAIR               YES      YES    YES     received 8/10/10 from church -will           5/15/11
                                                                                                       demolish when monies are available -
                                                                                                       reissued demo order 12/6/10-
                                                                                                       registered VBR 2/8/11.

 627      DECATUR AVE        12/6/10   FIRE DAMAGE                             YES      YES     NO     VACATE ORDER ISSUED                          5/13/11
                                                                                                       CITATIONS ISSUED FOR FAILURE
                                       UNSAFE STRUCTURE - PARTIAL                                      TO REGISTER VB - court hearing
 311      DELAWARE AVE       8/20/10                                            NO      NO      NO                                                   5/1/11
                                       COLAPSE                                                         scheduled. Dismissed @ court.
                                                                                                       Owner deceased.
                                                                                                       MUST HAVE LICENSED
                                       ELECTRICITY FAULTY - USE OF                                     ELECTRICIAN INSPECT BEFORE
 504      DELAWARE AVE       11/9/10                                            NO      NO      NO                                                  3/14/11
                                       EXTENSION CORDS                                                 ISSUING A PERM CO. public hearing
                                                                                                       scheduled 3/14/11.

                                                                                                       COURT SUSPENDED FINE. FINE
                                                                                                       PAID issued new citation for failure to
 1123      E CHURCH ST       8/27/09   NO WATER                                YES      NO      NO                                                   6/2/11
                                                                                                       submit rehab - sent to court and
                                                                                                       holding for date. Foreclosure.

                                                                                                      VERBAL REHAB WITH TOM
                                                                                YES             YES
                                                                                                      property transferred to new owner
                                       FIRE DAMAGE (condemn issued to Robert     by            closed
 511      E ISABELLA ST      1/12/09                                                    YES           bldg permits aquired and rest comp             2/3/11
                                       Stanger) new owner is George Nichols    prev.          per new
                                                                                                      date on original owner condemn per
                                                                               owner           owner
                                                                                                       CHECK FOR VBR. Wrote citation for
 803       FEDERAL ST        2/2/11    FIRE DAMAGE                              NO      NO      NO                                                   6/6/11
                                                                                                       ISSUED 10 DAY BOARD UP AND
                                                                                                       IMMEDIATE VACATE ORDER-board
 641      FITZWATER ST      12/19/10   UNSAGE STRUCTURE                        YES      YES     NO     up done. Vbr due. Spoke to Megeda            7/28/11
                                                                                                       2/2/11-reg VR 2/2/11. REHAB
 505        HAMMOND ST        4/5/11    NO ELECTRIC, NO WATER             NO     NO    NO   property is vacant. Issued vbr            8/312011
                                                                                            BPI INVOLVED WITH CASE AS
                                                                                            WELL- in the process of being sold to
 701        MADISON ST       11/30/10   BOARDING HOUSE - UNLAWFUL USE     YES    YES   NO   Remax of Ocean City. Submitting a         5/12/11
                                                                                            rehab plan soon. Registered VBR.
                                                                                            Reset 30 days.
                                                                                            COURT HEARING - placed on stet
 150         MARKET ST       10/31/08   ELEC, LACK OF MAINT & DISREPAIR   YES    NO    NO   11/1/11 - recheck 5/1/11 for new          11/1/11

                                                                                            CHECK FOR VBR. Citation written for
 1110       N DIVISION ST    12/28/10   FIRE DAMAGE                       NO     NO    NO   failure to provide vbr. Check for          6/6/11
                                                                                            rehab. Wrote citation for vbr & rehab

                                                                                            NEEDS RE-INSPECTION (business
                                                                                            is closed) citations issued for failure
601/603   N SALISBURY BLVD    6/3/10    FIRE DAMAGE                       NO     NO    NO                                             6/30/11
                                                                                            to submit Rehab & reg VB - court
                                                                                            hearing scheduled
                                                                                            COURT HEARING - dismiss due to
                                                                          YES               foreclosure - mailed copies of letters
 610         PEARL ST        12/21/09   LACK OF WTR (vacant) foreclosed    by    NO    NO   to bank/Saxon Mortgage - waiting on       4/15/11
                                                                          bank              response from Bank. No response.
                                                                                            Sent new letter
                                                                                            VBR PAID 3/1/11 - CHECK FOR
 320      POPLAR HILL AVE    2/25/11    FIRE DAMAGE                       YES    NO    NO                                             4/25/11
                                                                                            Citation written for failure to submit
 501      POPLAR HILL AVE    10/19/09   FIRE DAMAGE                       YES    NO    NO   rehab plan. Court scheduled for            5/2/11
                                                                                            Need to obtain new permits - reset
 600        S PARK DRIVE     6/30/09    FIRE DAMAGE                       YES    YES   NO                                              3/1/11
                                                                                            comp date per Tom
                                                                                            CHECK FOR VBR. Wrote citation for
 206        TILGHMAN ST      1/21/11    NO WATER                          NO     NO    NO                                              6/6/11
                                                                                            vbr. & rehab
                                                                                            CHECK FOR VBR. Registered VBR
 408       VENTON PLACE      2/25/11    FIRE DAMAGE                       YES    NO    NO                                             5/16/11
                                                                                            3/2/11. check for rehab plan

                                                                                            COURT HEARING- dismissed
                                                                                            foreclosure - reset comp date to
 108       W ISABELLA ST     1/13/10    WTR DAMAGE, NO HEAT, WTR, ELEC    YES    NO    NO                                              5/1/11
                                                                                            check ownership status. Attempting
                                                                                            to contact Safeguard Properties
                                                                                            PROP. TRANS. 9/28/10- issued new
                                                                                            condemn letter to new owners - no
                                                                                            vbr citation issued 1/3/11- BPI - Steve
                                                                                            issued stop work order for not having
                                       UNSAFE FOR HUMAN OCCUP, MAINT &
 660       W MAIN ST        11/30/10                                     yes    yes   NO    permits - citation issued for failure to   4/25/11
                                                                                            register VBR-VBR registered 1/25/11-
                                                                                            check rehab.citation issued for failure
                                                                                            to submit rehab plan. rehab received
                                                                                            3/23/11. Voided citation per Tom

                                                                                            Extension granted to 12/16/2010 for
                                                                                            forclosure status - bank registered
 209   W PHILADELPHIA AVE    8/9/10    NO WATER OR ELECTRIC               by    NO    YES                                              5/1/11
                                                                                            VBR - Dan mailed copies of letters to
                                                                                            Bank/Selene Finance.


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